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Discussions with award winning filmmakers examining the psychological dynamics within mediaworks.

Discussions with award winning filmmakers examining the psychological dynamics within mediaworks.


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Discussions with award winning filmmakers examining the psychological dynamics within mediaworks.






Best Psychology in Film Ep. 10 Dean Parker

Dean Parker, director of Call the Shot is featured and speaks about the best parts of interpreting a script and characters for an audience to enjoy. To learn more about Call the Shot, visit: or connect with Dean Parker on IG @deanparka.


Best Psychology in Film Ep. 9 Marcellus Cox

Marcellus Cox guested on Best Psychology in Film and discussed his film Mickey Hardaway, dreaming big and the importance of having support while pursuing one's passions. To learn more about Mickey Hardaway visit: or to connect with Marcellus Cox email:


Best Psychology in Film Ep. 8 Matt Crouch

Matt Crouch joined Best Psychology in Film to discuss his multi-award winning film, Fatherless. Fatherless depicts the effects of lacking a present father figure in the life of a young physicist in this sci-fi film. To learn more regarding Fatherless, visit Fatherlessmovie on FB or at


Best Psychology in Film Ep. 7 Chad Eric Smith

Chad Eric Smith shared regarding the inspiration and psychological influences of his short film, Rumination. Find Rumination upon Kweli tv and Amazon Prime and Chad Eric Smith at iamchadericsmith on IG and at


Best Psychology in Film Ep. 6 Lanre Olabisi

Lanre Olabisi producer and director discusses his short film, A Storybook Ending that depicts a black man who accidentally kills a white cop in self-defense and the cover-up sets off a chain reaction of deceit, blackmail, and murder. To learn more about A Storybook Ending, visit @astorybookending on Facebook.


Best Psychology in Film Ep.5 Joyce Gilliard

Joyce Gilliard from ISAFE! TV & Film discusses the importance of safety for cast and crew while working in the TV/Film industry. Her film, Daddy's Home, depicts these values. To learn more about ISAFETV & Film and Daddy's Home, follow Isafe_film on IG.


Best Psychology in Film Ep. 4 Craig T. Williams

Award winning screenwriter, Craig Williams, shares regarding current projects, upcoming work and the importance of having a social support within this industry. To learn more about Craig Williams, find him at www.redwallproductions and at redwallpro (FB, IG & Twitter).


Best Psychology in Film Ep. 3 Mike Brown

Mike Brown shares regarding his film, Thousand Lights of Sun, that depicts a young father's struggles and hostile encounter with police officials. To learn more about Mike Brown and Thousand Lights of Sun, follow on IG at MikeBrownFilm.


Best Psychology in Film Ep. 2 Victorious DeCosta

The film "Digging for Weldon Irvine" by Victorious DeCosta shares the life of music talent Weldon Irvine and his struggles with depression. To learn more about Digging for Weldon Irvine visit: or follow on IG at WeldonIrvinefilm. To view, a virtual showing will take place on Sunday October 18th. For more information:


Best Psychology in Film, Ep. 1: Aisha Densmore-Bey

Aisha Densmore-Bey discusses love, intimacy and ethics depicted in her award-winning short film, Room. The importance of vulnerability is highlighted in the ability to love, be close to others and create art. To learn more about ROOM, follow the @roomfilmshort on IG. ROOM will also be shown at the Roxbury International Film Festival virtually (@roxfilm on IG) on Saturday October 3rd, 2020 within the evening shorts titled: “Choices”.


Best Psychology in Film: Coming Soon

Best Psychology in Film Podcast engages with award winning filmmakers and discusses psychological factors within cinematic work. Coming Soon