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A weekly podcast discussing comedy, writing, geek culture, movies, tv, sports and more.

A weekly podcast discussing comedy, writing, geek culture, movies, tv, sports and more.
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A weekly podcast discussing comedy, writing, geek culture, movies, tv, sports and more.








S02 | E43 ‘Brown Bag Solution’| Diversity & Comics’ | The Orville | Gotham

Our Hero reluctantly dives into the latest comic book controversy involving Youtuber ‘Diversity & Comics, Mark Waid and a bunch of other comic book professionals and fans. Is there validity on either side of the argument or are we all just pissing in the wind? Meanwhile The Orville Episode 3 has Sal back on the bandwagon, Gotham season premier offers some interesting moments and more. Email YouTube...


S02 | E42 ‘Top of the Stack’

Our Hero dives deep into the current comic book pile to find the rare gems, the hidden treasures, the top of the stack of current comic book issues. This week -- Dark Ark #1, Super Sons #8, The Librarians #1 and Guardians of the Galaxy #1 - Spoiler Warning! --SPOLIERS-- Week of 09/20/2017 Dark Ark #1 (Aftershock) By Cullen Bunn [w] Juan Doe [a] Ryane Hill [l] Super Sons #8 (DC Comics) By Peter J.Tomasi [w] Jorge Jiménez [a] Alejandro Sanchez [c] Alw’s Dave [l] The Librarians...


S02 | E41 ‘Legacy Matters’

Sometimes the internet is a cesspool of evil and hatred, but sometimes it is cool especially when Howard Chaykin is on it. Meanwhile... Andy Tom asks our Hero about legacy characters, the Batman family and how it could be a model for Marvel to appease both longtime fans and new readers. Finally Sal gets into an article about ‘Podcasters of Color’ and their goals. Email YouTube...


S02 | E40 ‘Thanks for the Memories’

Sal gets a little dark in the first half of this episode as he rambles on about the future of Apple products and the possibility of directly implanting memories and experiences into your brain for a small fee. Why leave the house if you could simply experience someone else’s interesting life? Meanwhile...Rick and Morty lay a bit of an egg with the latest episode but our Hero still finds enough in ‘Morty’s Mind Blowers’ to babble for the rest of the episode. Email


S2 | E39 ‘Baby Driver’ movie review

Fast cars, bank robberies and a groovy soundtrack - Baby Driver is not your typical heist flick. With terrific performances, a quirky cast of memorable characters, terrific stunt driving and a breakout performance by a young star, Baby Driver was the surprise hit of the summer. Sal gets behind the wheel and dives in to Edgar Wright’s latest film. Email YouTube channelTwitter:@biggeekshowFacebook:/biggeekshowInstagram:/biggeekshowTumblr:biggeekshow.tumblr.comCall Us...


Big Geek Show S02 | E38 ‘Top of the Stack’ Weekly comic book reviews

--SPOLIERS-- Week of 09/13/2017 Made Men #1 (Oni Press) By Paul Tobin (w) Arjuna Sisina (p,i) Gonzalo Duarte (i) Saida Temofonte (c) Sacred Creatures #1 (Image Comics) By Klaus Jansen [w] Pablo Raimondi [w, p, i,c] The Realm #1 (Image Comics) By Seth Peck [w] Jeremy Haun [p, i] Nick Filardi [c] Email YouTube channelTwitter:@biggeekshowFacebook:/biggeekshowInstagram:/biggeekshowTumblr:biggeekshow.tumblr.comCall Us at (224) 801-GEEK Zombie Rock by...


Big Geek Show S2 | E36: A Little More Off the Top

While Rick and Morty always skirts the line between morose, absurd, and mind bending, I feel like this featured some of the more complex themes and a bleak reflection of our own world. THere is so much to talk about in this one episode that I decided to dedicate the full drive to breaking down all the intricacies of “The Ricklantis Mishap”. Email YouTube channelTwitter:@biggeekshowFacebook:/biggeekshowInstagram:/biggeekshowTumblr:biggeekshow.tumblr.comCall Us at...


Big Geek Show S02E35: We all Float Down Here

Our hero discusses Chapter 1 of Stephen King’s ‘It’ (no spoilers), analyzes the first episode of Seth MacFarlane’s new show The Orville -- is it the next Next Generation or another Andromeda? Meanwhile...Sal teases a discussion that he had online with writer Tim Seeley and a few thoughts on the unfortunate passing of comic book legend Len Wein. Email YouTube channelTwitter:@biggeekshowFacebook:/biggeekshowInstagram:/biggeekshowTumblr:biggeekshow.tumblr.comCall Us at...


Big Geek Show S02E34: Questioning Questions

Over his career, Frank Miller has uses swastikas and Nazi imagery time and again. Is it simply a way to push buttons or is there a point to it all? Street gangs and punks wore swastikas to shock the ‘normies’, but is Frank doing something else in his comic book work? Twin Peaks great art or nonsensical musings of a pompous con man? Great art asks us questions, but shouldn’t the questions be more about life than the art itself? Find out on another exciting adventure of the Big...


Big Geek Show S02E33: Top of the Stack

ToS - Week of 09/06/2017 Batman #30 (#27) (DC Comics) By Tom King (w) Clay Mann (p) Seth Mann (i) Jordie Bellaire (c) Jessica Jones #12 (Marvel Comics) By Brian Michael Bendis (w) Michael Gaydos & Javier Pulido (p) (i) Matt Hollingsworth (c) Astro City #47 (Vertigo Comics) By Kurt Busiek (w) Mike Norton (p) (i) Peter Pantazis (c) Email YouTube channelTwitter:@biggeekshowFacebook:/biggeekshowInstagram:/biggeekshowTumblr:biggeekshow.tumblr.comCall Us...


Big Geek Show S02E32: Gaming the System

The penultimate episode of Preacher’s second season is disappointing but that won’t stop Sal from talking about it. The makers of Bladerunner 2049 offer a short film to fill in the gaps but Sean McKeever isn’t having any of it while Sal thinks it may be the evolution of film as studios try and compete with Netflix. Meanwhile... did an unknown author game the NY Times Best Seller List? Find out on this exciting new episode of the Big Geek Show! Email YouTube...


Big Geek Show S02E31: Biggeekmania!

Sal digs into Beatlemania, the first CD player her ever saw, communes, hippies, yuppies, gospel singing, suppressing creativity, children being silly, parenting, telling lies, The Defenders, Netflix, Luke Cage, Danny Rand, and whether real life was the inspiration for Garth Ennis’ The Boys comic book. Email YouTube channelTwitter:@biggeekshowFacebook:/biggeekshowInstagram:/biggeekshowTumblr:biggeekshow.tumblr.comCall Us at (224) 801-GEEK Zombie Rock by Audionautix is...


Big Geek Show S02E29: Top of the Stack

First up a little additional talk about digital sales and the market as well as the glitch in the Matrix that is Tim Seeley’s Pigeon Person controversy. Then Sal digs into the spinner rack to see what the best comics of the week are. ToS - Week of 08/30/2017 Jimmy’s Basterds #1-3 (Aftershock) By Garth Ennis (w) Russ Braun (p) (i) John Kalisz (c) Email YouTube channelTwitter:@biggeekshowFacebook:/biggeekshowInstagram:/biggeekshowTumblr:biggeekshow.tumblr.comCall...


Big Geek Show S02E28: Do It Yourself

Sal delves deep into the problems with the direct market, how digital sales should be embraced, why publishers need you to pre-order books, the choke-hold Diamond distribution has on comics, and the ‘Love is Love’ controversy in the return of Nerd Rage! Email Usbiggeekshow@gmail.comTwitter:@biggeekshowFacebook:/biggeekshowInstagram:/biggeekshowTumblr:biggeekshow.tumblr.comCall Us at (224) 801-GEEK Zombie Rock by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license...


Big Geek Show S02E27: Sympathy for the Devil

— SPOLIER ALERT — Do you find it hard to make small talk? I do but I try anyway as I realize that our conversations are much too one sided. Once Sal gets over that he talks about Jack Kirby’s influence and legend on his 100th Birthday, art and his mediocrity, how Rick and Morty is not appropriate for an 11 year old, but he lets his son watch anyway, and the latest episode of Preacher with a strangely sympathetic Adolph Hitler. Email...


Big Geek Show S02E26: Cocks in the end.

— SPOLIER ALERT — Another season of Game of Thrones in the books. But first a little dirty talk about Jon Ronson’s latest audiobook ‘The Butterfly Effect’, then Sal gets into the meat of the Season Finale including the fantastic and the underwhelming. Cersei and Tyrion come to an agreement, Balesh chokes on his own lies, Jamie finally stands up for his honor, Daenerys and Jon Snow get Targaryengaged (heh) and the Great War begins just as the season ends. Honestly it was too much to talk...


Big Geek Show S02E25: Top of the Stack

ToS - Week of 08/24/2017 #1 Black Hammer #12 (Dark Horse) By Jeff Lemire (w) David Rubin (p) (i) (c) #2 Generations: Unworthy Thor & Mighty Thor (Marvel) By Jason Aaron (w) Mahmud Asrar (a) Jordie Bellaire (c) #3 Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #27 (DC Comics) By Robert Venditti (w) Rafa Sandoval (p) Jordi Tarragona (i) Tomeu Morey (c) Expanded Show notes available to our Patreon supporters! Email...


Big Geek Show S02E24: That’s Entertainment Pt. 2

Director of Kong: Skull Island Jordan Vogt-Roberts went on a Twitter rant earlier this week regarding online critics CinemaSins. Sal digs into his own views about criticism and what the goal of pop culture analysis should be, referencing shown like Twin Peaks, and Game of Thrones as well as the understanding of basic story structure. The Double-Feature includes analysis of the latest PREACHER episode (spoilers!) and a little Rick and Morty talk. Expanded Show notes available to our Patreon...


Big Geek Show S02E21: That’s Entertainment Pt. 1

Sal talks about a discussion he recently had with comic book artist gene Ha regarding the nature of entertainment and what makes a good tv show. He talks about Better Call Saul, Gene Ha getting mad at me, Twin Peaks, Game of Thrones, the changing nature of cable television, international markets, Netflix, On-Demand, criticizing the critics and whether ratings matter anymore. Expanded Show notes available to our Patreon supporters! Email...


Big Geek Show S02E22: Dick Jokes and Flaming Swords

— SPOILER ALERT — Sal says goodbye to his partner in crime and longtime podcasting companion Christopher Neseman, then a (not) Recap of S07E06 of Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall -- Jon’s hunting party heads north of the wall looking for a white walker to bring back to Cersei. A lot of walking and talking in between zombie bears, dick jokes, threats between siblings, flaming swords and a brand new toy for the Night King. Expanded Show notes available to our Patreon supporters! Email...