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15: Jon Rua

Imagine a world where your dancing at Phish shows attracted attention for the right reasons! My guest this week is a dancer, choreographer and original Hamilton cast member whose become friends and a frequent collaborator with the band. I originally met Jon Rua 3 years ago after he hosted all four members of Phish backstage at the Broadway musical Hamilton. On this episode of ‘Binge Talking’ we chatted about everything he’s been up to since, including helping Trey and Mike choreograph the...


14: Sign O' The Times with Steven Jurgensmeyer

[Steven Jurgensmeyer]( Boston based Creative Director, Designer and Filmmaker sits down with Steve Lacy to binge on his new project [“ Sign O’ The Times Rock ‘N’ Roll Billboards of the Sunset Strip."](


13: For Vibration with Glenn Schloss

Binge Talking is feeling the good vibrations coming from our latest guest Glen Schloss. Musician, producer, percussionist, keyboardist, co-founder of the award winning music company Flavorlab, and chief drum officer of the Nyack drum circle called For Vibration. Glenn has a lot going on. He exudes positivity and his dream one day is to blow the lid off Madison Square Garden with the biggest drum circle you have ever seen. Until that dream is realized Glenn performs for Steve and the BT...


12: The Power of PMA with John Joseph

PMA Positive Mental Attitude best describes today’s guest John Joseph. John is a NYC hardcore music pioneer (Cro Mags), author, plant-based vegan triathlete and all-around Renaissance (Mad)Man! John’s endless stamina is evident in this episode, which clocks in at well over an hour. **The subject matter and language is definitely adult, so be forewarned.** John will also be appearing in my upcoming “When NY Rocked” Music Special airing Thurs July 5 at 10:30PM on Fox 5 in NYC. Profane and...


11: Film Director Baltasar Kormákur

Icelandic filmmaker Baltasar Kormakur’s new film ‘Adrift’ documents the harrowing survival tale of a couple stranded by a massive storm in the Pacific in the early 80’s. On this episode of ‘Binge Talking’, we delve into how the film, which stars Shailene Woodley, perfectly illustrates how many amazing stories have yet to be told simply because they weren't told from the perspective of a male lead character. We also dive into why he is not on social media and how achieving financial success...


10: A Special Mother's Day Binge: Steve Loves His Mom

Have you called your Mother recently? With Mother’s Day this weekend, I decided to call my retired Mother for this week’s episode. After initially screening our call from BTHQ, she took our call on our third attempt. We get into why she’s so glad she retired from teaching before parents could email teachers and students had cellphones. We also get into why I wouldn't bring her to a Phish show and she admits to being somewhat baffled by my obsession with music since neither her or my father...



As I’m writing this intro, I’m listening to ‘Shadow of Your Love’ which is one of the bonus tracks off the soon-to-be released deluxe re-release of Guns n Roses’ landmark debut ‘Appetite for Destruction’. To break down the highly-anticipated (and brilliantly hyped) announcement today, I talked to one of the most knowledgeable able GN’R fans I’ve ever encountered, music writer Matt Wake. If you consider yourself a true die-hard, make sure to follow him on twitter @matthewbwake.



Would Steve Lacy survive one day living in 1980's NYC ? Steve talks about his experience touring the lower east side with lead singer of the Cro-Mags John Joseph.


7: NYC Jam Gal Jenn Bernstein

Today’s guest is someone who is a beloved (and omnipresent!) presence in New York City’s live music scene. From the days of her mid-aught’s live music blog (NYC Jam Gal) to her current role as a Contributing Writer at High Times Magazine, Jenn Bernstein is never far from where the fun is. Oh, and she hit all 17 Phish shows at YEMSG in 2017.


6: Spongebob Squarepants, TMNT, Paw Patrol & Nickleodeon's Pam Kaufman

Today’s guest on ‘Binge Talking’ is Pam Kaufman, the Chief Marketing Officer and President of Nickleodeon Global Consumer products. In keeping with the general theme of my podcast, she is someone I became friends with indirectly through ‘Phish twitter’. She has a fascinating story about her path to a major job at the helm of some of the world’s most popular television shows (Paw Patrol, Spongebob Squarepants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and Social Media accounts. Did you know Spongebob has...


5: Holly Finigan: Nantucket Blackbook

[]( guest this week is Holly Finigan, who many of you will likely know from her wildly succesful, stylish and informative Instagram account @nantucketblackbook. In a world full of fraudulent social media influencers and experts (puke!), Holly is one of the few people whose advice rings entirely true to me. We discuss how she was able to walk away from the insane gobs of money she would make bartending in...


4: Binging on social media with Marianne Garvey

What more fitting topic on this Valentine’s Day than our love/hate relationship with Social Media? For this episode of ‘Binge Talking’ Steve enlisted the help of his fellow Howard Stern Superfan Marianne Garvey to sift through all the annoying things people post in the never-ending search for likes, retweets and folos. We also dive into the highly-charged topic of cellphone privacy within the bounds of marriage. Enjoy!


3: Binge Talking with: Anna Gilligan Lacy

In this episode of Binge Talking, Steve is joined by his wife Anna Gilligan to answer the question ‘what’s Anna been up to?’ Steve and Anna also delve into what it’s like to be a ‘Phish widow’, their mutual love of Instagram and why she refuses to be shamed any more for loving Bravo TV! This is a deeply personal and wildly amusing episode of Binge Talking so clear 25 minutes and dive in.


2: Jefferson Waful : Lighting Director for Umphrey's McGee

Jefferson Waful has been lighting director for Umphrey’s McGee for the past ten years. In that time, he and the band have developed a rare chemistry that has propelled them into one of the most-popular touring acts in the jam band world. I caught up with Jefferson when he was in town for Umphrey’s 20th anniversary shows at the Beacon and learned about all the preparation it takes to allow him to be ‘in the moment’ during the show.


1: Jimmy Webb

‘I NEED MORE’ isn’t only the name of Jimmy Webb’s awesome Lower East Side rock ‘n roll boutique: it’s also this legendary New Yorker’s approach to life! In the four decades since he moved to New York City as a teenager without a penny to his name, Jimmy, who counts a veritable whose who of rock royalty among his closest friends, has the scars and stories to show for a life lived in pursuit of his big city dreams. In the first episode of Season 2 of Binge Talking, Steve is thrilled to chat...


9: Season 1 Recap

Social media, dogs, art, GN'R, tattoos, Howard Stern, Ozzy, street photography... we covered alot of ground in the first season of 'Binge Talking w/ Steve Lacy. In case you weren't able to listen to each of our first 8 episodes, I've gone through and pulled out some of my favorite moments from Season 1. Thanks to all of my guests. To everyone who checked us out, we'll be back with new episodes soon. Until then, enjoy some of our greatest moments from this past season.


8: Tattoo Artist Chris Torres

Tattooing is an ancient art form that is as popular as ever. That can be good and bad for people who make their living as tattoo artists. On this week's episode of 'Binge Talking', Steve sits down with native-NYC tattoo artist Chris Torres who shares colorful stories about his indoctrination into the world of tattooing, his mixed feelings about being on the TLC show 'NY Ink' and why its probably best to not facetime someone when he's in the middle of giving you a tattoo.


7: Artist Jim Mckenzie

Some people were just destined to be an artist. That certainly is the case with NYC-area artist Jim McKenzie. Steve started following McKenzie on Instagram a few years ago and watched his follower count balloon after he posted a clip meticulously documenting the making of his sculpture "The Scarecrow" went viral. On this week's episode of 'Binge Talking' the two only-children sit down and talk about why he left Brooklyn, basically quit his day job to focus on art full-time and how his...


6: New York Dog Trainer Shelby Semel

If you want your dog to be a good boy (oh yes he is) it doesn't happen by accident. They need training. As Steve found out when he and his wife got their beloved doodle Ryder, the right way to deal with a pooch is often the opposite of how you might think. In this week's episode of Binge Talking, Steve sits down with his trainer Shelby Semel for the ins and outs of owning a dog in the city.


Mark "Weissguy" Weiss Rock Music Photographer

Mark Weiss has been one of the most-renowned music photographers for four decades and counting. Not only did he capture countless bands (GNR, Motley, Van Halen) from the very beginning of their careers, he's maintained those relationships to the present day providing him with an enviable level of access to some of the most legendary artists alive. On this episode of 'Binge Talking' he shares stories of his improbable career; everything from being arrested as a teen for selling KISS pictures...