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Young experts binge thinking on their careers, the issues they face, their lived experience of the intergenerational divide, and their philosophies and politics. Join us each fortnight as we think out aloud on this millennial life. We binge news and current affairs, working life, identity politics, political politics, personal philosophies, relationships and everything else. Get on board and get on our level.

Young experts binge thinking on their careers, the issues they face, their lived experience of the intergenerational divide, and their philosophies and politics. Join us each fortnight as we think out aloud on this millennial life. We binge news and current affairs, working life, identity politics, political politics, personal philosophies, relationships and everything else. Get on board and get on our level.
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Young experts binge thinking on their careers, the issues they face, their lived experience of the intergenerational divide, and their philosophies and politics. Join us each fortnight as we think out aloud on this millennial life. We binge news and current affairs, working life, identity politics, political politics, personal philosophies, relationships and everything else. Get on board and get on our level.






Episode 43 - Life and Death with Grace Wetherall

In our final episode for season 2, Caspar speaks with 32-year-old registered nurse Grace Wetherall. Grace works in a hospital intensive care unit (ICU) where she looks after patients in critical conditions with acute injuries often leading to death. Grace explains how people are more likely than ever to die in a hospital instead of in their own home. She outlines the difference between end of life care in ICUs versus palliative care, how hospitals can almost always keep us 'breathing' and...


Episode 42 - Refugees and Seeking Asylum with Hedayat Osyan

Caspar speaks with 26 year old Afghani refugee and social entrepreneur Hedayat Osyan. A former refugee from Afghanistan's Hazara ethnic minority, Hedayat came to Australia by boat when he was 17 after fleeing persecution by the Taliban. He now runs a small business and social enterprise called Nick Tiling Services. Hedayat started the business to provide decent work for refugees experiencing exploitation in the construction industry. Aside from secure ongoing work, they provide mentoring,...


Episode 41 - Video Games with Laura Voss

Caspar speaks with 28 year old CEO, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Harmonious Productions: Laura Voss. Laura is a video game developer who, along with her peers at Swinburne University, started her own independent games development company straight out of university. Harmonious Productions specialises in developing nonviolent and positive games that foster genuine interaction and teamwork between players. You can find them on Twitter, and their game Putty Pals is available to play on...


Episode 40 - Rock and Roll with Michael Lars Godde

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a legit rockstar? In this episode, Caspar speaks to 32 year old rock musician Michael Lars Godde. He has travelled the world playing original music composed with his two bands "Me" and "Other Animals" (Facebook, Instagram). Michael has shared stages with the likes of Portishead, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and has played festivals like Secret Garden Party and Big Day Out. Michael shares his experience in the music industry, along with why he prefers...


Episode 39: Tiny Homes with Molly Bryson

Come binge thinking with 29-year-old Tiny Homes enthusiast Molly Bryson. With a burning interest in design, fuelled by an unsustainable housing market and several YouTube sessions led Molly to build a Tiny Home with her partner. The only challenge? She had no carpentry skills. A wide ranging and, at times philosophical conversation covering sustainability, design, architecture, housing affordability gender stereotypes, the fear of getting things wrong, social media and appearances and the...


Episode 38: Writing for Comedy with James Colley

In this podcast, we bring you Caspar's conversation with 27 year old comedy writer, satirist and podcaster James Colley. James is a standup comedian, a writer on several well-known Australian comedy TV shows including 'Tonightly', 'Gruen', and 'The Weekly with Charlie Pickering'. He co-hosts the podcast 'Stop the Posts' and is creator of the podcast 'Nailed It'. He is the author of "Too Right: Politically incorrect opinions too dangerous to be published except that they were" and co-authored...


Episode 37: Mental Health with Vicki Smith

Caspar gets binge thinking mental health with 30-year-old psychologist Vicki Smith. Join them as they talk about the different types of psychologists, therapists and counsellors and where you might look for advice or help. Vicki describes the differences between psychosis, bipolar disorder, mania and schizophrenia, the line between hope and madness, and why people feel shame for seeking mental health services. Vicki is also host of her own podcast, Insane Ramblings. Listeners who need...


Episode 36: Direct Democracy with Dion McCurdy

Caspar speaks to 33 year old lawyer and social pioneer Dion McCurdy about NewVote, an online direct democracy platform. The two discuss Dion's faith in ordinary people's ability to solve difficult political problems, the case for direct democracy in Australia, and how these systems work in other countries like Switzerland, Spain and even the United States. Dion also explains the value of citizen juries, and shares his passion for reforming politics to make the world a better place. You can...


Episode 35: Community Development in Nepal with Bee Shrestha

In this episode, Caspar speaks with 25 year old community leader Bee Shrestha. Bee is the founder of a social enterprise called Guilty Pleasures, that teaches work skills and provides independent livelihood to trafficked women in Nepal. Bee also runs her own international development company and is an avid public speaker. She hosts public 'Talk Shows' in Nepal and Thailand that aim to break down taboos in social discourse, such as mental health, sex, gender and rape. Produced and edited by...


Episode 34: Physiotherapy and the Diversity of Pain with Jamie Wood

Caspar binges with his good friend Jamie Wood on life and work as a physiotherapist, small business owner, DJ, and avid bike tourer. After training in industrial design, Jamie shares his story in figuring out his passion in relieving pain and bringing joy to both people and for himself. He uses the four key pillars of his life to create this effect, whether its through rehabilitating children to walk again, getting the dance floor pumping at Splendour in the Grass, or through his personal...


Episode 33: The Struggle for a Sustainable Fashion Industry with Kate Mackay

Caspar binge thinks his way through the global fashion industry with designer and small business owner, Kate Mackay. After over a decade in the biz, Kate launched her own fashion label – Flared Fashion - in the last 2 years and has been met with great success in the Australian retro festival market. She makes custom pieces, designs and creates her own prints and uses her label to promote accessible and ethical fashion for self expression, with a tilt towards men’s fashion. Breaking down...


Episode 32: Interpreting and International Activism with Daniel Read

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you lived on a boat? What about if you spent your life working toward the idealistic goal of world peace? In this episode, we bring you Caspar's conversation with activist-interpreter Daniel Read. Dan lives in Japan, but travels the world working as an interpreter for a non-governmental organisation called Peace Boat - a cruise ship that blends education, tourism and activism together as a vehicle for change. Dan and Caspar discuss his...


Episode 31: #MeToo and Why Women Matter with Domini Marshall

Join Caspar in Episode 31 of Binge Thinking where he explores the journey of creative writer, filmmaker and social entrepreneur, Domini Marshall. The two binge on Domini’s passion for story telling, her struggle with work life suffering from bad managers, her mission to address women’s representation in the media, how her own experience with sexual assault led to the creation of her social enterprise, Her Words, and why she thinks empathy is the key to addressing our social and political...


Episode 30: Law and Order with Chris Orchard

Have you read Australia's constitution? Did you know that our political system is different to the British even though we inherited their laws? Why do you think the high court of Australia supported the government to conduct a postal survey for Marriage Equality and was that legal? Join Caspar as he binges with lawyer and life long political activist, Chris Orchard. Chris shares his journey growing up working class in Australia, finding political causes throughout his early twenties and deep...


Episode 29: Cultural Identity and Living the Double Life with Iori Forsyth

Almost half of all Australians are either born overseas or have at least one parent from another country. That's a lot of people who have had to come to terms with their dual identity. For some of us, the difference between these cultures is minor, but for others a mixed background makes you an outsider wherever you go. This episode Caspar speaks with 28 year old Japanese-Australian Iori Forsythe. Iori grew up in both Australia and Japan, and always struggled to reconcile this dual identity....


Episode 28: Animation, Digital Artistry, and Robots with Paul Fleer

Ever heard of a digital artist? Among other things, it's the kind of job where you get to work on marvel films and helps builds giant robots. Sounds cool huh? In this episode, Caspar speaks to 29 year old digital artist Paul Fleer. Paul has a background in architecture, but decided to swap careers early on to escape the rigidity of the industry. As a digital artist he creates visual effects alongside animators and engineers. He’s worked on blockbuster Hollywood films like Dr Strange, Alien...


Episode 27: From Banks to Jungles with Kristin Addis

Imagine walking away from a high-paying, but soul-destroying job to travel the world as a writer. It's the greatest gamble and the ultimate dream. This episode brings you the remarkable story of 31 year old Kristin Addis. Five years ago, Kristin left her job as an investment banker in California with a packed bag and a one-way ticket to Thailand. Today she runs a successful business as a travel blogger and Instagram influencer under the name "Be My Trave Muse". Caspar and Kirstin got binge...


Episode 26: Economic Booms and Busts with David Murakami

Have you ever wondered why some people work so hard but never see financial success? Are you confused about how an economy works? What industry will have the next big boom? And where will jobs be in the future? Binge Thinking returns for 2018 with 27 year old research economist David Murakami. Growing up in a working class family, David's interest in economics was shaped by seeing how his parents couldn't find financial success despite their best efforts. David shares his journey into...


Episode 25: Hospitality and Harassment with Rose Gaumann

Caspar binge thinks with Bar Manager and Anti-Sexual Harassment pioneer and leader, Rose Gaumann. Rose is the founder of Bars of the North, an initiative that combats sexual harassment in bar culture throughout Melbourne’s inner north.


Episode 24: No Business like Show Business with Johnathan Peck

In this episode, Caspar speaks with 29 year old professional actor Jonathon Peck. Johnathan binge thinks the life of a working actor, the differences between acting for stage vs screen, and the challenges, sexism, and rejection of show business. Johnathan's CV includes work on Neighbours and the 2016 film Lion. He will be appearing in the Melbourne Shakespeare Company's Much Ado About Nothing in December 2017. Produced and edited by Nina Roxburgh with music by Big Gigantic. Old friends...