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Preventable Consequences.

Fresh off of vacation Ann, Becky, and Dan discuss a recent case in Alabama where a pregnant woman was shot during an altercation and sadly lost her unborn child. Initially the expecting mother who was shot was charged with the death of her unborn child because she was said to be the aggressor. All charges have since been dismissed. Ann and Dan take different stances on who should be criminally liable in this case. (1:27) Stolen Medical Equipment? (9:21) Shoplifting Secrets. (14:38)...


Best Of: Ann

This week (while still on vacation) we've compiled some of Ann's favorite moments. These clips highlight the legal aspect of the show which range from Ann's time in law-school, taking the bar exam and working in Merrill Lynch's legal department. Ann then became a Solo Practitioner specializing in Civil and Family Law for over a decade. Much like last week this is a great opportunity for our newer listeners to become familiarized with our older episodes. (1:35) Episode 43: Lawyers Get Shot...


Best Of: Dan

While we're on vacation Dan compiled a few clips of his favorite moments from prior episodes. This is a great opportunity for newer listeners who may not have listened to our older episodes to be familiarized with previous topics (or for long-time listeners who may have forgot). As you'll hear, underneath all of the jokes and clowning around Dan is truly passionate about poverty and racial inequality. (2:11) Episode 51: Juvenile Hell. (4:59) Episode 63: Living On A Prayer. (9:14) Episode 49:...


Gone Fishing!

This week Dan and Becky talk about police questioning minors. Dan has been arrested numerous times as a minor and he’s never once had a parent or an attorney in any of his interrogations. He was often propositioned with what you’d hear on typical cop TV shows, “tell us what we want and you can go home.” Voluntarily offering information to the police in order to go home always comes at a price. Dan also talks about not knowing his rights as a young teen and not fully understanding the Miranda...


SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance).

Becky and Dan are joined by P From Charlotte (@PFromCharlotte) to discuss Social Security Disability benefits. For those of you who aren’t familiar with P, he’s a former firefighter who suffers from PTSD as a result of his time in the fire department. P was subsequently terminated because of his work-related disability. After years of fighting in court with an incompetent attorney P could not financially afford to fight the fire department any longer. Now P relies solely on Social Security...


Money Moves w/Jayden Hollywood

This week Ann and Dan are joined by accountant, credit repair specialist and fellow podcaster, Jayden Hollywood (@TheGreatJayden) to discuss financial literacy. It’s no secret that our community is plagued by wasteful spending and poor money management. The generations before us were financially illiterate for the most part and our generations inherited their poor money management skills and habits. We hope this episode offers a better understanding of finances. (3:34) Jayden’s Social Media...


Sweet Home Alabama.

In episode 90 Ann, Becky and Dan discuss The Alabama Human Life Protection Act which is a near-total abortion ban. We discuss the case of an Alabama father who is currently suing an abortion clinic for wrongful death. We also debate Planned Parenthood vs. Cassey. Dan strongly believes that mothers should have to notify fathers of a pregnancy. Ann believes it’s a mother’s choice whether she notifies the father of her pregnancy. (2:46) The Alabama Human Life Protection Act. (8:53) Key...


The Death Penalty (Lost Episode 2)

Lost Episode #2: The Death Penalty. In this episode Ann, Becky and Dan discuss the death penalty. There are currently 30 states in the US that still have the death penalty. We take a look at the number of people executed in the US and expected to see a much larger racial disparity in regards to Black people being executed. We also discuss the methods used to execute prisoners and how drug makers are refusing to allow their drugs to be used in executions. We also share our opinions on whether...


Death By Faith

WARNING: Some people with strong religious beliefs may find this episode offensive. It is not our intent to offend. Our intent is, and has always been to educate and entertain. This week Ann, Becky and Dan have a discussion about whether or not religion should be a defense in the death of a child. There are numerous belief systems that prohibit medicine or other forms of medical care. Parents who practice these religious beliefs are unwilling to, and often don't have their children treated...


Insurance Fraud.

Ann, Becky and Dan have a conversation about insurance fraud. Recently an acquaintance of ours filed an insurance claim for damage to their vehicle, Ann and Dan debate whether or not their acquaintance committed insurance fraud. Dan thinks so, Ann does not. Ann explains what insurance fraud is and we discuss some of the ways insurance companies are defrauded. (0:00) Behind The Scenes: “It Popped Out!” (0:54) Introduction. (4:09) Dan’s Music Knowledge. (6:41) Insurance Fraud. (17:43) Dan’s...


The Student Loan Crisis

This week Becky and Dan discuss the Student Loan Crisis. Becky shares her experience with student loans and her reaction once she realized that she’d be paying back over $100,000 for a $10,000 student loan over the course of 20 years. She also talks about still owing 70% of her loan after 12 years and why she hasn’t paid the remaining balance, even though she’s able to. Dan explains how some people take advantage of student loans by using them as income. He also shares why he is...


Well and Watered (feat. Jayda Atkinson)

This week we alter our format and subject matter to have a conversation with a close friend of ours, Jayda Atkinson. The purpose of this episode is to inspire! In addition to being the owner of Well and Watered and author of 2 books, Jayda has worked in the entertainment industry most of her life along side numerous big named acts. She has been featured on several TV shows like The Food Network’s “Chopped,” and Dr. Oz to name a few. She’s also a philanthropist, speaker, wellness coach,...


Anti-Vaxxer Movement (Lost Episode 1)

The Lost Episode. If you're listening to this episode, something went really wrong! In Ann's absence we're resurrecting an episode that was initially scrapped last year because of Ann's other absence. Becky, Dan and Paul discuss The Anti-Vaccine Movement, aka "Anti-Vaxxers." There's an ever growing number of people who refuse to vaccinate their children because of dangerous and purposeful misinformation, or even worse, Facebook Infographics and YouTube conspiracy theory videos. (2:51) Afro...


The Settlement.

This week Ann, Becky and Dan discuss settlements stemming from lawsuits. This episode was in response to AJ (@WhatWeGoneDo). AJ was interested in knowing if a settlement indicates an admission of guilt, especially in wrongful death claims. We explore topics like whether or not we think OJ murdered Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, the Rodney King beating, and our friend’s ongoing lawsuit with a hospital for nearly killing her with a botched surgery. (1:56) Thank You Mr. Jayden Hollywood! (8:38)...


Dear Entrepreneurs

Dear Entrepreneurs, This episode is for you (after you make it through the f*ery). Ann, Becky and Dan discuss entrepreneurship and what you should do to legitimize and protect your business. We focus mostly on Sole Proprietorship, meaning a business owned and operated by a single person. Ann explains why you should legitimize your business and which business structures are most common for these kinds of businesses. Seriously, if you own or are starting a business this is the episode for you....


Varsity Blues.

In episode 81, Ann, Afro Becky (not Aunt Becky) and Dan discuss the college admissions scandal that has been coined "Varsity Blues." Dozens of people face federal charges for bribery, paying proctors to correct answers, and even having their children photoshopped onto other athletes bodies in order to gain admission to colleges of their choice. This scandal is a clear case of affluent privilege and the disparity in sentencing when it comes to wealthy people (e.g. Paul Manafort). (0:18) Madam...


Black In America.

This week Ann, Becky and Dan have a discussion about racism in America in 2019. We look at the recent report from a UPS facility in Maumee Ohio where nooses, confederate flags, and stuffed monkeys in UPS uniforms were hung. We also take a look at the polital landscape with Virginia's Governeor appearing in blackface and Del Mary Ann Lisanti using "n** district" to describe a prominently black county in Maryland. Lastly we dive into why laws, like the Second Ammendment, don't apply to people...



This week with HBO's Leaving Neverland documentary making headlines, Ann, Becky and Dan discuss recanting statements and testimonies. In a lot of cases recanting a statement signifies perjury but typically the crime isn't prosecuted. We also discuss some of the reasons people recant statements like intimidation, feeling guilty, fear of retaliation, etc... We also give our initial thoughts on the Leaving Neverland documentary in which two men who previously testified that Michael Jackson did...


Attorney-Client Privilege.

This week Ann, Becky and Dan dive into Attorney-client privilege. Recently it's been debated whether or not Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen broke privilege by disclosing what may have been confidential information. We take a look at what attorney-client privilege is, what it's limitations are, and Ann's take on whether or not Cohen broke privilege. (1:08) Introduction. (6:14) Attorney-Client Privilege. (12:30) How Serious is Attorney-Client Privilege? (15:36) Sidebar: The Pharmacy...


Spousal Privilege.

This week Ann, Becky and Dan discuss Spousal Privilege (also known as Marital Privilege). Spousal Privilege essentially means that your spouse can not be compelled to testify against you in court. There are a few exceptions to Spousal Privilege which we also discuss. (1:06) Welcome! (1:56) Afro Becky's Hip Hop Knowledge. (7:03) Happy belated Valentine's Day? (8:51) Spousal Privilege. (20:50) Exceptions to Spousal Privilege. (32:12) Ask an Attorney. (35:42) In Closing... Remember if you enjoy...