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Living On A Prayer.

This week Ann, Becky and Dan take a look at the Fair Labor Standards Act, minimum wage, tipped minimum wage and the practice of tipping in the US. We debate whether or not tipping should be banned in service industries. We also attempt to budget living off of $1040.00 per month. (0:00) F**k Olive Garden! (4:15) Midterm Election Recap. (9:23) Correction to EP62: Work That Poll. (10:12) Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). (14:49) Tipped Minimum Wage. (32:12) Automatic Gratuity. (36:16) Minimum...


Work That Poll. (Go Vote!)

We're dropping a day early in order to remind people that tomorrow is election day! Although voting isn't a requirement, it's a responsibility that should be taken seriously. No, Ann isn't really MIA because she disagrees with voting she was actually out campaigning all week! Whenever she's not on Dan makes up a new reason why. (0:18) Go Vote! Dan and Becky share their views on voting and why it's important. (13:37) Key races to keep an eye on. (19:05) People who intentionally don't vote....


The Grand Finale.

This week in episode 61, Ann, Becky and Dan discuss how to prepare for the death of a loved one. We're not talking preparing emotionally, that's nearly impossible. We are talking about practical things you should do leading up to, and in the days after the death of a loved one. Ann explains how to track down any life insurance policies, how to find bank accounts and gain access to them, as well as what happens to assets. The conversation takes a turn into a recurring theme here at Black Law...


NCAA: Not Compensating Any Athletes.

This week Ann returns from her trip abroad to rejoin Becky and Dan to debate whether or not NCAA student athletes (mainly football and basketball) should be paid. We also discuss why student athletes aren't allowed to be compensated or have endorsements. (1:43) Dan's Monologue Mutha.... (14:30) This week's podcast recommendation: The Podcast Brothers (15:49) Why can't student athletes be compensated? Should they be able to? (47:39) What are the penalties if a student athlete is caught...


I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency).

This week since Ann is still out of the country, Becky and Dan are joined by Paul from Charlotte to discuss life saving measures. Since last week was Fire Prevention week, we talk to Paul about his former profession as a Firefighter/EMT. Paul shares some things people can do when they're faced with emergency situations such as fires and medical emergencies. There are seriously a TON of gems in this episode. (2:35) Fire Safety. (29:23) This Week's Podcast Recommendation. (30:26) Medical...


Coming of Age.

Episode 58: Coming of Age. This week Ann, Becky and Dan discuss the ages of majority and consent. (0:00) Intro. (1:42) The Age of Majority. (11:56) Juveniles Charged as Adults. (27:18) The Impact of Juveniles Charged as Adults. (30:17) Are We Too Soft on Children? (34:12) The Age of Consent. (44:20) The Pied Piper. (50:52) Ask an Attorney. Remember if you enjoy the show, subscribe, rate, and tell a friend to tell a friend! You can find us on social media at: Twitter IG



This week after getting the Panera Bread Head jokes out of the way, we have a serious conversation about Bill Cosby, child molestation, and Brett Kavanaugh. Sadly most of us know, or know of someone who has been affected by the dispicable act of child molestation. (1:48) Panera Bread Head. (8:25) The Bill Cosby verdict. (15:36) Child Molestation (ChoMo). (32:04) Child Molestation Facts. (53:33) Brett Kavanaugh (recorded prior to the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing). (63:18) Roman...


Cruel and Unusual: Punishment by Death and Injury.

This week our intent was to discuss wrongful death in jail/prison but the episode took a turn almost immediately. Becky decided to try an edible prior to recording and well... it really kicked in 30 minutes into the show. We still managed to drop a few gems here and there. (0:00) Random DID Observation. (1:15) Intro. (2:59) Wrongful Death in Prison. (11:14) Darren Rainey and Terrill Thomas. (26:41) Points of Failure? (29:59) Suicide in Prison. (33:36) Who can you sue? (44:15) Game Time....


The Broken Windows Theory

Ann, Becky and Dan have a discussion about the Advancement Project’s recent report titled We Came to Learn. A Call to Action for Police Free Schools. It’s an excellent read and we encourage everyone to check it out here: (0:00) Hey I’m Back! We’ve all pretty much recovered from being sick! We also took a few shots at Paul for one of his outtakes from last week's episode. (2:54) The Advancement Project’s report. Last week the Advancement Project...



This week all 3 of us were sick with flu like symptoms. Dan's immune system is like Wolverine, so he was the least sick at the end of the week. This week Dan on Cold and Flu Drugs is joined by Paul to try to coherently discuss gentrification and its effects on low income communities. We mainly focus on the areas we've personally witnessed gentrification like DC, New Orleans, and Charlotte. We also give some great tips for fighting gentrification like dressing up as gangs and hanging out on...


Rewind! A Year End Review.

Do you know what today is? It’s our anniversary! Well kinda… technically our anniversary is September 5th but in keeping with our regular Tuesday releases, today we celebrate! In mid 2017 Dan came up with the idea to create a relatively unique podcast that there appeared to be an open lane for. He pitched a legal podcast for the culture to Ann who was immediately onboard with the idea. Not very many people in our community have access to free legal advice or an attorney that can relate to...


Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice.

This week Ann, Becky and Dan discuss their views on abortion and briefly take a look at Roe v. Wade. Ann who is extremely pro-life responds to pro-choice posts from a debating website. (0:00) Intro Is it our Anniversary or nah? (3:39) Roe v. Wade (12:26) Fetal Viability. (14:31) Dan's views on abortion. (16:54) Ann's views on abortion. (27:57) Becky's views on abortion. (30:03) Incest. (31:47) The Debate. Ann responds to pro-choice posts on a debating website. (64:28) Ask an Attorney....


Juvenile Hell.

This week Becky, Dan and Paul discuss the juvenile justice system and how minorities and children of poor families are often targeted by law enforcement and the judicial system. Dan shares his experience spending 3.5 years in juvenile detention centers and group homes for an infraction that didn’t fit the time. Ann is absent because she had a vasectomy this week. (0:00) Outtake. Becky wanted to know why Dan didn’t have any adult supervision as a pre-teen/teen. Dan explains what life is like...


Racism: The Collaborative.

We are joined by Paul from Charlotte, Ronnie, Ty, and previous controversial guest, Keisha (from the Racial Integrity episode). We’re also joined by #PodernFamily members Ralph, Justice, CJ aka Haize, and Chaunice to discuss our views on the origins, current state of, and possible solutions to racism. We also discuss our views on the use of the "N-word." (0:00) Welcome (Yes, we're regressing). (1:55) Ann’s Shower Thought. (3:42) Definitions/Dan’s Monologue. (8:33) Paul from Charlotte....


The Justice Gap.

This week Ann, Becky, and Dan discuss the Justice Gap and class actions. The Justice Gap refers to low-income people being unable to obtain legal representation, especially in civil matters. Class action lawsuits are when a plaintiff sues someone on behalf of a group of people that have been wronged in the same way. If successful a class action settlement is usually split among the group, but the attorneys get majority of the settlement. (0:00) Amateur Hour. (Don’t mind us, we’re not...


Bonus: Monthly Mental Health Checkup.

This episode is a follow-up to the bonus episode, I Am Anxiety. We’re going to try to have these conversations once a month with the focus on Black men’s mental health. There is no legal content in this episode. (0:00) BTS (2:51) Poem: “Blessed” by Dan in 2013. (4:36) Introduction. (5:01) Dan’s Encounter with the Police at his Office. Two police officers came into Dan’s office after hours and didn’t announce their presence. Dan startled the officers and they pulled out their weapons and...


Florida, Man.

This week we discuss Stand Your Ground laws. Markeis McGlockton (a black man) was murdered by Michael Drejka (a white man) in a convience store parking lot over a parking dispute. Markeis' girlfriend Brittany Jacobs and their children were waiting in their car, parked in a handicapped parking spot when Drejkas approached them. Drejka started harassing Brittany. The commotion caught Markeis' attention, who came to Brittany's defense by shoving Drejka who appeared to be a threat to his family....


Legalize Marijuana.

This week Ann, Becky, and Dan are joined by regular guest Paul from Charlotte and new guest Jeremy from Wisconsin to discuss the legalization of marijuana. Though legal in 45 states to some extent, the Federal Government continues to refuse legalizing marijuana. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has pledged to enforce federal anti-marijuana laws. (1:33) Pre-Production. (2:40) Paul’s opening thoughts on weed. (4:33) Weed Laws. (14:24) Marketing to Kids. (19:43) A Gateway Drug? (22:25) Weed in...


Copyright Infringement.

In response to a listener's email we explain copyrights, copyright infringement, and Fair Use. Although we use extreme examples to drive the point home, just remember to be cautious and protect yourselves at all times! (7:57) What is a Copyright? (11:11) Unregistered Copyrights. (13:11) Can you use copyrighted material? (17:16) Infinity Stones (Permission). (19:42) Common Myths. (20:31) Parody. (22:00) Fair Use. (30:00) Incidental Inclusion. (33:08) Trademarking/Copyrighting Common Phrases....



Question: What do blackmail, herpes, vaginal branding, starvation, and rubber cow utters on women’s breast have in common? Answer: NXIVM (2:21) NXIVM (pronounced nexium) Those unfamiliar with the title may be wondering what the hell it means. It’s pronounced “nexium.” (4:50) What is NXIVM? NXIVM is an underground sex cult led by Keith Raniere, disguised as a multi-level marketing company. NXIVM has been making headlines lately because actress Allison Mack and cult leader Keith Raniere have...