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Episode 36: "Biracial or Bye Rachel?" - A Conversation About Biracial Identity w/ Dr. Sarah Gaither

With the rise of interracial relationships and marriage, discussions centered around biracial children and identities have received increased attention within the media and among researchers and policymakers. Today, we seek to gain a better understanding of biracial identity research by interviewing Dr. Sarah Gaither, an Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University and expert on biracial and social identities, interracial interactions, racial categorizations, and...


Episode 35: "Mama's Gun" - Black Motherhood Representation w/ Dr. Marlo David

Mothers are central figures in black American life, literature, and culture. However, dominant images of black motherhood in the media often draw on negative stereotypes that pathologize black mothers and women more generally. Today we take a look at the various representations of black motherhood in the media by interviewing Dr. Marlo David—the director of African American Studies and an associate professor of English and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Purdue University. We begin...


Episode 34: "Affirmative (In)Action?" - A Conversation w/ Dr. Julie J. Park

In recent years, affirmative action has re-emerged as a hot topic in the world of higher education. However, debates about race and affirmative action in higher education are often clouded by myths and misconceptions. Today, we focus on the facts and have an open conversation about diversity on college campuses by interviewing Dr. Julie J. Park, an associate professor of education at the University of Maryland, College Park. We begin by discussing the importance of racial diversity in higher...


Episode 33: "Welcome to Krip-Hop Nation" - A Conversation About Black Disability Issues w/ Leroy F. Moore Jr.

In the United States, more than 40 million Americans live with a disability. Comprising 25% of the adult population, the black community has the second highest prevalence (behind Native Americans) of individuals with disabilities across all racial categories. Despite the size of the disabled population and shocking reality that individuals with disabilities experience violent victimization at over twice the rate of individuals without disabilities, discussions about ableism and violence...


Episode 32: "They Got Black Folk There?!" - A Conversation About History and Afro-Latin American Culture w/ Dr. Beau Gaitors

With the rise of Afro Latino stars such as Cardi B and Amara La Negra, more attention has been given to the culture and experiences of black people outside of the United States and Africa. Today, we add to the conversation by focusing on Afro-Latino history and culture. We interview Dr. Beau Gaitors, an assistant professor of history at Winston-Salem State University in the Department of History, Politics, and Social Justice. We discuss the differences between race and ethnicity (16:46), his...


Episode 31: "Cold as I.C.E." - A Conversation About Immigration w/ Rawan Arar

Given the contested nature of immigration policy and reform, discussions about immigration and refugee migration are often muddled by myths, misconceptions, and prejudices. Today we hope to address misinformation about immigration and immigrant families by interviewing Rawan Arar, a Ph.D. candidate in Sociology at UC San Diego and a researcher at the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies. We begin by discussing the current state of immigration and refugee settlement in the US (18:40),...


Episode 30: "Soul Thieves" - A Conversation About Cultural Appropriation w/ Drs. Brown, Terry, & Robertson

Cultural Appropriation has been a hot topic in recent years. Debates about cultural appropriation often center around questions related to what it means to appropriate another’s culture and whether we can apply the term to black Americans and other people of color. Today, we tackle this topic from multiple angles by interviewing Bowie State University Professors Dr. Tamara Brown and Dr. Diarra Robertson as well as Dr. David Terry, a professor Morgan State University. We begin by having a...


Episode 29: "Sippin Tea with BhD" - A Conversation About Current Events

In this episode, Ty and Daphne use a critical lens to discuss current news and events related to entertainment, politics, and social justice. We begin the conversation by focusing the latest news in popular culture, including top movies for the end of 2018 and 2019 (6:15), whether the Tekashi69 incident was a publicity stunt (10:19), CthaGod rape allegations (15:34), the fine line between funny and offensive in comedy (23:44), and the recent casting shake up on Real Housewives of Atlanta...


Episode 28: "Community Justice For All" - A Conversation About Harvard's Houston Institute w./ Dr. David Harris

Far too often, communities of color are left out of policy discussions and decisions that directly affect their livelihoods, opportunities, and well-being. Today, we focus our discussion on how to incorporate and nurture voices within communities of color as a strategy to achieve justice by interviewing Dr. David Harris, Executive Director of the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice at Harvard Law School. During the interview, we discuss the promise and potential of...


Episode 27: "Trapped in a Vice" - A Conversation About Juvenile Justice and Delinquency w/ Dr. Alexandra Cox

An estimated 2.1 million youth under the age of 18 are arrested in the United States every year. Although the overall rate of youth involved in the juvenile justice system has declined in recent years, more than 1 million cases flow through juvenile courts annually. Today, we focus our attention on learning more about juvenile delinquency and justice by interviewing Dr. Alexandra Cox, a criminologist, lecturer at the University of Essex, and author of Trapped in a Vice: the Consequences of...


Episode 26: "Change They Can't Believe In" - A Conversation About Tea Party Politics and Trump w/ Dr. Christopher Parker

Over the past 10 years, the United States has seen a rise in a new brand of conservatism focused on making America great again, a slogan which harkens back to a time that was only great for straight, white, Christian men. Today, we examine the factors that have contributed to the rise in reactionary politics by interviewing Professor Christopher S. Parker, professor of political science and co-author of Change They Can’t Believe In - The Tea Party and Reactionary Politics in America. We...


Episode 25: "College?!...How Sway?" - A Conversation About College, Prestige, and Future Employment

Today, we revisit our conversation about higher education by addressing a listener’s question about the economic value and affordability of a college degree for middle-class families. We begin the conversation by discussing whether institutional prestige matters for getting a job and earnings (25:37), what employers are truly looking for in potential employees (28:00), and the particular fields where school name matters (29:36). We then discuss lifetime earnings by degree type (32:06) and...


Episode 24: "You Better Preach" - A Conversation About Religion and The Black Community w/ Dr. William Hart

The black Christian church has long been a cornerstone of African-American family life, political activism, and social change. However, in recent years, some social activists have called into question the relevance of the black Christian church in the lives of millennials and the continuing fight for freedom. Today, we tackle this topic by interviewing Dr. William David Hart, a professor at Macalester College whose work examines the intersection of religion, ethics, and politics. During this...


Episode 23: "Prison B.A.E. (Boom And Effects)" - A Conversation About Mass Incarceration w/ Dr. Sara Wakefield

Seldom do conversations about mass incarceration highlight the impact of the criminal justice system on the children and families of individuals who are imprisoned. Today, we shed light on the relationship between parental incarceration, child well-being, and the intergenerational transmission of disadvantage by interviewing Dr. Sara Wakefield —an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Rutgers University. We begin by clearly defining and shedding light on the issue of mass incarceration...


Episode 22: "Gotta Have My Pops" - A Conversation About Fatherhood w/ Our Dads

In celebration of Father’s Day, Ty and Daphne discuss parenthood with two very special guests—their fathers. Mr. Irving Penn (Daphne’s dad) and Mr. Cornelius Connor (Ty’s dad) discuss their feelings on becoming fathers (22:08) and the joys of fatherhood (24:00). We then have a conversation about what they find/found most difficult about being a dad (26:14), the mistakes they made as first time fathers (35:15), and their biggest fears related to their children (43:05). Mr. Connor and Mr. Penn...


Episode 21: "The No Freedom League (NFL)" - A Conversation About Black Athletes and Protest w/ Dr. Arthur Banton

The recent NFL national anthem policy has sparked a number of conversations about the status and treatment of black athletes in professional sports. Today, we are joined by Dr. Arthur Banton, an assistant professor of History at Tennessee Tech University and scholar of media and culture, to discuss the state and role of the black athlete in current and historical protests. We begin by discussing the history of black protest in athletics (20:40) and how the current atmosphere of professional...


Episode 20: "Game of Loans" - A Conversation About Student Loans and For-Profit Colleges

The United States is currently facing a student loan crisis. At almost $1.5 trillion, student loan debt is impacting the health, wealth, and happiness of millennials, especially black millennials who are more likely than their white counterparts to default on their student loans. Today’s episode addresses the various reasons black Americans are disproportionately impacted by the student loan crisis, including the lack of generational wealth (21:35), limited information about college...


Episode 19: "This is America" - A Conversation About Gun Control & Policy

In the past 5 months, more U.S. students have been killed in school shootings than U.S. military personnel serving in combat operations. Following each devastating mass shooting, victims and survivors are offered thoughts and prayers. BhD wants to go beyond thoughts and prayers and discuss how we reached this point in regard to gun violence and the barriers to making change to our system. We begin by discussing our own experiences with guns (16:00), the right to bear arms (20:45), and how...


Episode 18: "Get Ya Baby, Black Mom, Get Ya Baby"- A Conversation About Pregnancy for Black Women w/ Dr. Nicole Sparks

Statistics indicate that black mothers and infants in the United States are more likely than their white counterparts to die from pregnancy-related causes. Given that this trend remains consistent across all education and socioeconomic levels, some commentators and scholars have attributed the black-white disparity in maternal health outcomes to the lived experience of being both black and a woman in America. Today, we unpack this issue by interviewing Dr. Nicole Sparks, a third-year OB/GYN...


Episode 17: "Mama, You Know I Love You" - A Conversation About Motherhood w/ Our Mamas

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Ty and Daphne discuss the joys and struggles of motherhood with two very special guests—their mothers. Mrs. Francine Connor (Ty’s mom) and Mrs. Myra Armstrong (Daphne’s mom) discuss their feelings about becoming mothers and how they dealt with nervousness (28:54), provide advice to first time mothers (38:58), and discuss mistakes they made as first time mothers (46:08). Mrs. Connor and Mrs. Armstrong also share stories about Ty and Daphne’s funny and naughty...