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Episode 47: "Violence in the Lives of Black Women" - with Dr. Carolyn West

Over the past year, the #MeToo movement has created important dialogue around sexual assault and the culture of silence that enables sexual abuse and violence to thrive. Today, BhD joins the conversation and focuses explicitly on sexual assault and violence in the black community by interviewing Dr. Carolyn West, an award-winning author and Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington. During the interview, Dr. West provides insight into what constitutes sexual assault (23:40),...


Episode 46: "Sippin Tea w/ BhD Vol 4" - A Conversation w/ Dr. Shana Hardy

For today’s episode, Ty and Daphne welcome a special guest, Dr. Shana Hardy, a Pharmacology/ Toxicology Reviewer at FDA. Together we discuss Shana’s background, pop culture, politics, and current events. After catching up with Ty and Daphne (00:30), we learn more about Shana, her work with the FDA* (7:48), and the implications of her work for public health (9:54). We then have a conversation about her research on cancer metastasis (13:10), the relationship between lifestyle and cancer...


Episode 45: "Crook County" - Racism in the Courts w/ Dr. Nicole Van Cleve

In recent years, policymakers, activists, and the mainstream media have given increased attention to racial disparities within the criminal justice system. However, some skeptics have raised questions about whether statistics highlighting racial disparities are a result of racism or some other cause. Today, we provide insight into the role of race, racism, and discrimination in shaping legal outcomes by interviewing Dr. Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve, an Associate Professor at The University of...


Episode 44: "Innovative Justice" - Procedural Justice w/ Judge Victoria Pratt

Research on procedural justice suggest that when court users perceive the justice process to be fair, they are more likely to comply with court orders and to follow the law in the future— regardless of whether they “win” or “lose” their case. Today we have an in-depth discussion about the implications of procedural justice by interviewing Judge Victoria Pratt, a nationally acclaimed judge and professor at Rutgers Law School whose TED Talk, How Judges Can Show Respect, has over one million...


Episode 43: "Black Elephants in a Room" - Black Republicans w/ Dr. Corey D. Fields

What images come to mind when you think of black Republicans? Uncle Tom? The sellout? Kanye West in a MAGA hat? Today we complicate those images by interviewing Dr. Corey D. Fields an associate professor of Sociology at Georgetown University and author of Black Elephants in the Room: The Unexpected Politics of African-American Republicans. In the interview, we discuss the history of African Americans in the Republican Party (33:40), myths and misconceptions about black Republicans (38:20),...


Episode 42: "Sippin Tea w/ BhD - Vol. 3" - A Conversation w/ Jamiere Abney

For today’s episode, Ty and Daphne welcome a special guest, Jamiere Abney, Senior Assistant Dean of Admission and Coordinator of Outreach for Opportunity & Inclusion at Colgate University. Together they use a critical lens to discuss issues in higher education, politics, and current events. We begin the conversation by focusing on college access (11:26), diversity outreach and recruitment (14:50), and affirmative action (17:15). We then discuss survivor guilt/survivor’s remorse (26:51) and...


Episode 41: "The Black Detour" - Black Media and the Community w/ Jay Colby

With the proliferation of fake news and negative images of people of color in the media, Black news outlets are now more important than ever. Today we highlight the work of The Black Detour, an up-and-coming media outlet aimed at empowering and informing black people, by interviewing the founder Jay Colby. In the interview we discuss how he developed the platform and grew his audience (22:40) and advice he has for others interested in telling stories that matter (26:34). We also grapple...


Episode 40: "Releasing Prisoners, Redeeming Communities" - Prisoner Reentry w/ Dr. Anthony C. Thompson

Discussions about criminal justice reform often center around the record size US prison population and the over representation of people of color in prison. Rarely do we have conversations about the inevitable release of incarcerated individuals and how their release impacts the receiving community. Today, we tackle this discussion with Professor Anthony C. Thompson, author of Releasing Prisoners, Redeeming Communities: Reentry, Race, and Politics. We begin by defining reentry (24:40) and...


Episode 39: "Pause...Now Let's Talk" - A Conversation about the LGBTQI Community w/ Dr. Lourdes Dolores Follins

The increased representation and visibility of Black LGBTQI individuals in the media has opened up dialogue about the issues they face within the black community and society as a whole. Today, BhD contributes to the conversation by interviewing Dr. Lourdes Dolores Follins, a black queer psychotherapist and behavioral scientist who has taught about, conducted research with, and written about same-gender-loving and LGBTQI people of color since 1999. We define “LGBTQI” for our listeners...


Episode 38: "The Key Resource" - Real Estate Investing w/ Kendra Barnes

For most Americans, owning a home is a major factor in the accumulation of wealth. However, research indicates that there exists large gaps in the rate of homeownership between black and White Americans. Specially, more than 70% of white households own their own homes compared to 45-percent of Black Americans. Today, we focus on how to close that gap by interviewing Kendra Barnes, a real estate investor and founder of The Key Resource, a company and community geared toward helping...


Episode 37: "Sippin Tea w/ BhD Vol 2" - A Conversation w/ Shemariah Arki

For today’s episode, Ty and Daphne welcome a special guest, Shemariah Arki, an educator, activist, and doctoral candidate at Northeastern University whose research focuses on mothering in the wake of #BlackLivesMatter. Together they use a critical lens to discuss current news and events related to entertainment, education, and criminal justice. We begin the conversation by focusing on the latest news in popular culture, including the Serena Williams and the US Open (15:17), the Nicki...


Episode 36: "Biracial or Bye Rachel?" - A Conversation About Biracial Identity w/ Dr. Sarah Gaither

With the rise of interracial relationships and marriage, discussions centered around biracial children and identities have received increased attention within the media and among researchers and policymakers. Today, we seek to gain a better understanding of biracial identity research by interviewing Dr. Sarah Gaither, an Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University and expert on biracial and social identities, interracial interactions, racial categorizations, and...


Episode 35: "Mama's Gun" - Black Motherhood Representation w/ Dr. Marlo David

Mothers are central figures in black American life, literature, and culture. However, dominant images of black motherhood in the media often draw on negative stereotypes that pathologize black mothers and women more generally. Today we take a look at the various representations of black motherhood in the media by interviewing Dr. Marlo David—the director of African American Studies and an associate professor of English and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Purdue University. We...


Episode 34: "Affirmative (In)Action?" - A Conversation w/ Dr. Julie J. Park

In recent years, affirmative action has re-emerged as a hot topic in the world of higher education. However, debates about race and affirmative action in higher education are often clouded by myths and misconceptions. Today, we focus on the facts and have an open conversation about diversity on college campuses by interviewing Dr. Julie J. Park, an associate professor of education at the University of Maryland, College Park. We begin by discussing the importance of racial diversity in...


Episode 33: "Welcome to Krip-Hop Nation" - A Conversation About Black Disability Issues w/ Leroy F. Moore Jr.

In the United States, more than 40 million Americans live with a disability. Comprising 25% of the adult population, the black community has the second highest prevalence (behind Native Americans) of individuals with disabilities across all racial categories. Despite the size of the disabled population and shocking reality that individuals with disabilities experience violent victimization at over twice the rate of individuals without disabilities, discussions about ableism and violence...


Episode 32: "They Got Black Folk There?!" - A Conversation About History and Afro-Latin American Culture w/ Dr. Beau Gaitors

With the rise of Afro Latino stars such as Cardi B and Amara La Negra, more attention has been given to the culture and experiences of black people outside of the United States and Africa. Today, we add to the conversation by focusing on Afro-Latino history and culture. We interview Dr. Beau Gaitors, an assistant professor of history at Winston-Salem State University in the Department of History, Politics, and Social Justice. We discuss the differences between race and ethnicity (16:46), his...


Episode 31: "Cold as I.C.E." - A Conversation About Immigration w/ Rawan Arar

Given the contested nature of immigration policy and reform, discussions about immigration and refugee migration are often muddled by myths, misconceptions, and prejudices. Today we hope to address misinformation about immigration and immigrant families by interviewing Rawan Arar, a Ph.D. candidate in Sociology at UC San Diego and a researcher at the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies. We begin by discussing the current state of immigration and refugee settlement in the US (18:40),...


Episode 30: "Soul Thieves" - A Conversation About Cultural Appropriation w/ Drs. Brown, Terry, & Robertson

Cultural Appropriation has been a hot topic in recent years. Debates about cultural appropriation often center around questions related to what it means to appropriate another’s culture and whether we can apply the term to black Americans and other people of color. Today, we tackle this topic from multiple angles by interviewing Bowie State University Professors Dr. Tamara Brown and Dr. Diarra Robertson as well as Dr. David Terry, a professor Morgan State University. We begin by having a...


Episode 29: "Sippin Tea with BhD" - A Conversation About Current Events

In this episode, Ty and Daphne use a critical lens to discuss current news and events related to entertainment, politics, and social justice. We begin the conversation by focusing the latest news in popular culture, including top movies for the end of 2018 and 2019 (6:15), whether the Tekashi69 incident was a publicity stunt (10:19), CthaGod rape allegations (15:34), the fine line between funny and offensive in comedy (23:44), and the recent casting shake up on Real Housewives of Atlanta...


Episode 28: "Community Justice For All" - A Conversation About Harvard's Houston Institute w./ Dr. David Harris

Far too often, communities of color are left out of policy discussions and decisions that directly affect their livelihoods, opportunities, and well-being. Today, we focus our discussion on how to incorporate and nurture voices within communities of color as a strategy to achieve justice by interviewing Dr. David Harris, Executive Director of the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice at Harvard Law School. During the interview, we discuss the promise and potential of...