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HBD @TattoosNLipstck & Concept Moon Magazine Feat. @ConceptMoon

Brandon, Creator of Concept Moon Magazine, flew all the way from his job in Saudi Arabia to Dallas to chop it up with us about the current and future state of the magazine. Also Senae and Mike surprised Causha for her birthday and had EVERYONE pull up for this week's episode. Follow our our Social Media handles: @BlanimePodcast @ConceptMoon @UnbotheredMike/@MikeIsUnbothered @Senae_/@_Senae @TattoosNLipstck


35. Cannon Busters Review Feat. @SQ_AnimePod

The Greatest Anime Podcast Collaboration PART 2!!!!!! Sorry for the delay! Keith & Janice of the Strange Quirk for Anime Podcast joined us again to review Lesean Thomas' Netflix Original anime "Cannon Busters" and give our thoughts everything from the intro/outro music, each of the 12 episodes, the characters, and what this means going forward for black anime creators. Follow us on Twitter/Instagram: @BlanimePodcast @SQ_AnimePod @UnbotheredMike/@MikeIsUnbothered @Senae_/@_Senae...


34. The Sacred Ointment

Well well well. After a relatively slow week in anime, Funimation found themselves in a bit of a pickle with leaked audio from the english voice actors of the Dragon Ball franchise. Mike, Nae, and Causha give their thoughts on the debacle that hit the timeline Friday morning and how it may affect the beloved anime going forward. Follow our our Social Media handles: @BlanimePodcast @UnbotheredMike/@MikeIsUnbothered @Senae_/@_Senae @TattoosNLipstck


33. Designer Artillery Feat. @eeedesu & @Jmuthafuccin4

This week we were joined by UdonDaDon and J4 of Dallas TX's own Greyspot Syndicate. Along with rapping they love anime and incorporate it into their lyrics. We chop it up about their current anime shows they're watching, what made them decide to become a hip hop artists, and may more. Check out their album "Designer Artillery" on Soundcloud. Follow us on Twitter/Instagram Mike: @UnbotheredMike/@MikeIsUnbothered Causha: @TattosNLipstck Senae: @Senae_/@_Senae Udon: @eeedesu/@udondadon J4:...


32. "I Do Condone Throwing Hands"/Anime Fest 19 Feat. @TeamGodPunch

We finally get to attend the very anticipated Anime Fest in Dallas and lets just say we go through something we've never had to deal with before upon arrival. We also linked with @TeamGodPunch (@RespectMyElders & @YIN_Designs) and get their thoughts on the convention and whats coming up for their manga God Punch. This week we had some minor drama that we wanted to address to our listeners tune it for that heated discussion. Intro Music By: @SLICKARUDI_ Follow us on Twitter, IG, & Facebook...


31. Who Beat Who Ass?? @Feat. @CallMeLeek & @Where_YouBen

This week we were a bit all over the place we had the return of Causha and Ben and Malik pulled up for some heated anime debates, dicussing Meg the Stallion cosplaying on Paper magazine, anime that we wished would come back, and many more. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @UnbotheredMike @Senae_ @TattoosNLipstck @CallMeLeek of @worstgen_pod @Where_YouBen of


30. Black People Made Anime Mainstream?? Feat. @Where_YouBen

In Causha's absence we called our boy @Where_YouBen up to fill in to discuss a few topics we've seen floating on the anitwitter timeline this week featuring upcoming anime movies, Naruto debates, best anime theme music, and the black influence in anime. Please check out Ben's comic "Fiasco" where you can cop at Follow us on twitter, Instagram, and Facebook: @BlanimePodcast @UnbotheredMike @Senae_ @TattoosNLipstck


29. Underrated & Ghetto

After last week's debacle with Causha at the end of the episode we discuss Causha's top 10 of all time anime list and why she chose them. We also have an in depth conversation about 5 anime that we each think are underrated and why people should check them out. We apologize ahead of time for the GHETTO shit that occurs while we record this week's episode. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram @BlanimePodcast Follow our personal pages: @UnbotheredMike, @Senae_, & @TattoosNLipstck.


28. Spring Recap Feat. @CallMeLeek

We called our boy @CallMeLeek up to join us this week to discuss his Top 10 Anime & Manga list, our initial thoughts & expectations on Fire Force & Dr. Stone, our final grades on the primary shows that concluded the spring anime season, and this week's antics from Blanime's twitter page. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, & IG @BlanimePodcast Follow our personal pages @UnbotheredMike, @Senae_, @TattoosNLipstck, & @CallMeLeek.


27. Trivia Night

This week Causha prepared a Blanime trivia game for Mike and Senae to compete in to test their knowledge on anime that they've watched and previous episodes. Also we celebrate the Tuxedo Mask Kelly being arrested and check in to see how our Binge Challenge is going so far. Follow our podcast on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @BlanimePodcast. @UnbotheredMike, @Senae_, @TattoosNLipstck


26. 6 Months Later

This episode marks our 6 month anniversary since Mike and Senae recorded episode 1 and 2 drunk off mimosas in early January. We play a few clips from previous episodes and recollect some of our highlights from the past year. We also will be hosting a anime get-together for everyone that listens and wants to meet us. As always, Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram @BlanimePodcast We are @UnbotheredMike, @Senae_, & @TattoosNLipstck


25. AKON 2019

We recorded this week's episode directly after getting back from AKON 2019 at Fair Park in Dallas, TX. Causha did her second cosplay and talked about her experience as Todoroki Tootie. Mike - @UnbotheredMike Senae - @Senae_ Causha - @TatoosNLipstck FB, IG, Twitter - @BlanimePodcast


24. A Strange Quirk for Blanime Feat. @SQ_AnimePod

This is probably the biggest anime crossover since the Lupin the Third and Conan the Detective Movie. Blanime calls in @StrangeKeith & @QuirkyJerk from the Strange Quirk for Anime podcast. We chop it up over current anime shows, a controversial character inOne Punch Man, Men vs Women, cosplaying, and our upcoming conventions. Follow us on FB, Twitter and IG @BlanimePodcast Mike - @UnbotheredMike Senae - @Senae_ Causha - @TattoosNLipstck Follow Keith and Janice @StrangeKeith and @QuirkyJerk....


23. Anime Brunch & Concept Moon Magazine

This week we recap our time at the Anime & Trap Music Brunch we attended. We also go over a few newly announced anime movies and chop it up with Brandon Didley, the creator of online magazine Concept Moon. BONUS: Mike gets into it with Causha's cousin Shaila at the end of the episode. @UnbotheredMike @Senae_ @TattoosNLipstck


22. God Punch Feat. @RespectMy Elders & @YIN_Designs

This week we got to sit down with Team God Punch. An upcoming manga created by writer, Patrick Thomas and artist Ayinde Hall. The project drops on June 23rd, 2019!!!! Please check in out on the Web Toons application. You can find them at @RespectMyElders and @YIN_Designs on Twitter. You can subscribe to the podcast on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @BlanimePodcast.


21. We Are Back!!!

After 2 Long Weeks, the gang is byke!!!! Mike, Senae, and Causha give a recap of our mini hiatus while discussing One Punch Man, Attack on Titan, Fruits Basket, and our current and upcoming anime selections. Please check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @BlanimePodcast. Our Personal Pages: @UnbotheredMike, @Senae_, @TattoosNLipstck. Our monthly anime article at All links to podcast are found at


Church Announcements!

Quick church announcements for this week! Follow us on IG, Twitter, Facebook @BlanimePodcast. Cop our merch in the link below. Check out our anime round up article in @UnbotheredMike @Senae_ @TattoosNLipstck


20. Fiasco Feat. @Where_YouBen & @Long_Live_Shane

We got to sit down with local comic creators Ben Ajayi & Bradley Thomas to talk with them about their upcoming comic "Fiasco" Issues 1 & 2 that drop on 05/20/2019. The story centers around Matt Johnson, a young black teenage coming of age into manhood that discovers something extraordinary about himself. We also discuss Ben and Bradley's Top 5 Anime, their thoughts on Avengers Endgame, and who wins a one on one between Jiren and Broly. Follow us at @BlanimePodcast on Facebook, Twitter, and...


19. Glenco Feat. @FreshPrinceG23

This week we had our very first official exclusive interview with an up and coming cartoon/anime creator from Dallas, TX with his self titled show called Glenco. Be sure to check it out when it drops in a few months. You can follow him @FreshPrinceG23. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @Blanime All links to the podcast are available to Twitter for the hosts: @UnbotheredMike, @Senae_, @TattoosNLipstck Instagrams: @MikeIsUnbothered, @_Senae,...


18. Dream Con W/ @KingVader Interview

Whew! Where do we start??? The Blanime podcast traveled to Waco, TX to attend the @Dream_Convention the anime and gaming event hosted by @RDCWorld1. Mike and Nae got to meet black content creators and different artists from all over the country. We even got to do a short interview with the famous YouTuber @KingVader. Special shout outs to all the different people we got to meet and interact with featuring @KingVader, @RDCWorld1, @tutweezy_, @longbeach_griffy, @ozzyoz_da_vyrus, @cknightart,...