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We talk about all things related to table top gaming - board games, miniature games, card games, and gaming adjacent things like painting and puzzles. If you want to help me make the podcast better, you can show your financial support at the following link:


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We talk about all things related to table top gaming - board games, miniature games, card games, and gaming adjacent things like painting and puzzles. If you want to help me make the podcast better, you can show your financial support at the following link:








S6E3 - Danielle Reynolds

Danielle Reynolds is a game designer and host of Game Design Unboxed Podcast. We talk about her new job news at Wise Wizard Games, designing games, and working full time in different parts of the board game industry. Games mentioned in this episode: Herstory, Tiny Towns, Watch Mojo: A Super Fan Top 10 Party Game, eBay Buy it Now, Sushi Go!, Cluckle, Stargazers, Secret Clue: Animals. Support the show


S6E2 - Durdle Games

Durdle Games is the design moniker of Jason Hager and Darren Reckner who are also local to the Cincinnati region. We talk about game design, Unmatched, and game designers they admire. Their recent game design Unmatched Adventures: Tales to Amaze from Restoration Games is the first cooperative version of the extremely successful Unmatched series. They also have another to be renamed deduction game signed with Weird Giraffe Games. We also talk dream IPs like Demolition Man and Exo Squad. Games mentioned in this episode: Libertalia, Unmatched, Block by Block, Cockroach Poker, Pit, Monopoly, Uno, Elder Scrolls: Legends, Magic the Gathering, Innovation, Glory to Rome, Impulse, Mottainai, Sleeping Gods, Adventures of Robinhood, War Chest, Undaunted, Sniper Elite, Resist, Burgle Brother 1 &2, Fugitive, Now Boarding, Paperback, Ticket to Ride, Splendor, Lost Ruins of Arnak. Support the show


S6E1 - Jason Matthews

Jason Matthews is one of the designers of Twilight Struggle. This is the best selling war and historical game of all time. He is also a recent director on the board for The Game Manufacturer's Association. We talk about board games and war gaming, researching for games, The Library of Congress, Lizzo, and what he looks forward to in the hobby. Finally, we talk about why he prefers the term "conflict-simulation" versus war game. Games we talk about in this episode: Twilight Struggle, Twilight Struggle: South Asian Monsoon, Twilight Struggle: Red Sea - Conflict in the Horn of Africa, Votes for Women, First Monday in October, High Treason: The Trial of Louis Riel, People Power: Insurgency in the Philippines 1981-1986, Brazil: Imperial, Civilization.


S5E8 - Heather O'Neill

Heather O'Neill is the co-owner of 9th Level Games ( and a game designer. She also serves as Managing Director for Unpub ( We talk about her new game - Dreams of Yesterday from Weird Giraffe Games, game design and advice she would give to newer game designers. Games mentioned in this episode: Venture Society, Dreams of Tomorrow, Dreams of Yesterday, Splendor, Return to Dark Tower RPG, Meeple Party, Powered by the Apocalypse. Support the show


S5E7 - Keun Ahn - Shadows: Heroes and Monsters

I talk with Keun Ahn about making his game Shadows: Heroes and Monsters and how he ran the Kickstarter and fulfilled the game. We also talk about moving to the U.S. from South Korea and how board games changed how he looked at gaming and social time. We also get to talk about his favorite convention experiences at smaller conventions in the Midwest. Games mentioned in this episode: Puerto Rico, Chinatown, Spirit Island, Munchkin, Magic the Gathering Support the show


S5E6 - Cake of Doom - Amar & Pearl

In this episode we talk with new designers Amar and Pearl about their forthcoming game - Cake of Doom. We discuss what influenced them, sweet treats, and how the community influenced their game design focus. Games mentioned in this episode: Cake of Doom, Bites, Brass, Monopoly, Codenames, Scroll, 7 Wonders, Earth Rising, Pugs and Mugs Support the show


S5E5 - Tory Brown - Votes for Women

We talk with designer Tory Brown about her upcoming game Votes for Women, what games influenced her, and why it's hard to design a game about contemporary issues. Votes for Women is a game from Fort Circle Games. Games mentioned in this episode: Votes for Women, 1960: The Making of a President, Watergate, World's Fair 1893, Stonewall Uprising, First Monday in October, Ticket to Ride, Targi, Patchwork, and Wingspan


S5E4 - Dave Thompson - Everlore

Dave Thompson is a local to Cincinnati game designer. He is also the author and artist. We talk about the years it took to create his game and the reasons he created a game where everyone can feel welcome at the table. Games mentioned in this episode: Everlore, D&D, Pathfinder. Support the show


S5E3 - Emma Larkins

Emma Larkins is the designer of Abandon All Artichokes, Squabblin Goblins, and Starry Night Sky. We talk about her design work, future projects, kindness in games and what has influenced her as a designer. Does she really hate artichokes? We find that out too. Games mentioned in this episode: Abandon All Artichokes, Squabbling Goblins, Starry Night Sky, Heartcatchers, And then We All Died, Ticket to Ride, Sushi Go, Cat Lady, Fantasy Realms, Wingspan, Kites, Split the Loot, Have You Had Enough Cheese? Support the show


S5E2 - David Jack Thompson

I got to sit down with David Jack Thompson during AcadeCon 2022 in Dayton, Ohio and discuss his games, games that have influenced him, and gaming with his family. We also talked about whose brain he would pick from history. Games mentioned in this episode: Undaunted: Stalingrad, Resist, Pavlov's House, By Stealth and Sea, Armageddon, Switch and Signal, Soldiers in Postmen's Uniforms , Ticket to Ride, A Few Acres of Snow, Arctic Scavengers, Dominion, Advanced Squad Leader, Watergate, 13 Days, Ginomorpod, 2050 A.D., Dune Imperium, Lanzerath Ridge, Ethnos, Bliztkrieg, War Chest, Zheng He, Under Falling Skies, Warp's Edge, Dire Alliance, Final Girl, and Night Witches


S5E1 - Matt Molandes

Matt Molandes is Marketing and Communications Director for Kolossal Games, Grail Games, Maple Board Games, Editions Matago, and does Community Management for Brotherwise Games. He is also a great guy to hang out with and play games as he has a large personal collection. In this episode we talk about some of his current favorite games, what is going on related to fulfillment, shipping, game production, and the back end of crowdfunding. Games mentioned in this episode: Artisans of Resplendent Vale, Vagrant Song, Welcome to (Your Perfect Home), Nice Buns, Roll Player Adventures, Frosthaven, Lost Empires, Silicon Valley, Western Legends (Big Box), Stormlight Miniatures, Chicken, Tapple, Twilight Struggle, Twilight Imperium, Twilight Inscription, Wonderland Wars, Honeybuzz, Flamecraft, Quacks of Quedlinburg, Roads and Boats, Overboss, Almanac, Crystal Peaks, Almost Innocent, The Magnificent, Revive, Kinfire Chronicles, Kemet, Cuphead, Forgotten Waters, Super Mega Lucky Box, and Mansions of Madness, Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth, Monster Cafe, Wavelength, and Taverns of Tiefenthal . Support the show


S4E10 - Corey Andalora - Explosion in the Laboratory

I talk with game designer Corey Andalora about his upcoming game - Explosion in the Laboratory from Weird Giraffe Games. We also discuss gaming in Vermont, game design, and games he enjoys. Games mentioned in this episode: Explosion in the Laboratory, Mission Control: Critical Orbit, 27 Panic, Capital Vices, Stunt Kites, Fire in the Library, Quacks of Quedlinburg, Cubitos, Can't Stop, Creatures and Cupcakes, Rove, Tussie Mussie, Sushi Go, Gizmos, Imhotep, Studies in Sorcery, Tumbletown, Lost Ruins of Arnak, Lords of Waterdeep, Blood on the Clocktower, True Facts, and RoboRally.


S4E9 - Age of Inventors - Vasilis & Vanton

Vasilis and Vanton are co creators of the new game Age of Inventors. We talk in depth about their upcoming game from Meeple Pug and how it plays. I pop quiz the guys on Marie Curie, and we also talk about games that influenced them. Games mentioned in this episode: Age of Inventors, USS Freedom, D&D, Magic the Gathering, Scythe, Oversell, 7 Wonders, Takenoko, Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy, Avalon the Resistance, Coup, Bang, Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery Support the show


S4E8 - Shake that City - Mads & Kåre

I talk with with co-designers Mads Fløe, Kåre Torndahl Kjær about their experience designing together and games they enjoy. Shake that City is their upcoming game published by AEG. We also talk about the board gaming community in Denmark, and the good and bad of designing a game during the pandemic. Games mentioned in this episode: Shake that City, Terraforming Mars, Cascadia, Copenhagen, Drop It, Karuba, Nova Luna, and Patchwork.


S4E7 - Dan Hughes - Coraquest

We talk about the Muppets, being a parent, and games in this episode. Dan is the co-creator of Coraquest, with his daughter Cora. He is also a regular contributor to the Dice Tower, and has had several podcasts including Sporadically Board with Mike and Dan. Games mentioned in this episode: Coraquest, Village Green, Akropolis, Kingdomino, Nmbr9, Railways of the World, Wingspan, Calico, Next Station: London, Mr. Cabbagehead’s Garden, Carnegie, Battle Lore, Memoir 44, Turing machine, Bolt Action, Heroes of Normandy, Flames of War, Undaunted


S4E6 - Jim Dietz - The Dietz Foundation

We talk with Jim Dietz - founder of the Dietz Foundation and former owner of Jolly Roger Games about games, educational games, helping kids read, family, Spinal Tap, and life. Games mentioned in this episode: Supercharged, Free at Last, 1979: The Revolution in Iran, Littoral Commander, A House Divided, Civil War, Paths of Glory, The East Front, Dominion, Elder Sign, Codenames, Vietnam 1965-1975, Fury of Dracula, Civilization, Wallenstein, Axis and Allies, Until the Last Sun, Stonewall Uprising, The Sacred Band, Parsec (RPG), Swashbuckler (RPG), and Hue.


S4E5 - Jeff Grossman - Cuba Libre/Battle of Perryville

We talk with local designer and librarian Jeff Grossman about his work on Cuba Libre, his upcoming game about the Battle of Perryville, and his experiences in gaming and game design. Games we talk about in this episode: Cuba Libre, The Dark Summer: Normandy 1944, Wilderness War, Labyrinth: The War on Terror, Andean Abyss, Nevsky, Almoravid, Falling Sky, Henry: The Agincourt Campaign, Inferno, Gloomhaven, Puerto Rico, Grand Austria Hotel, Dune: Imperium, 18xx, Blind Sword series, Dawn of the Zeds, Settlers of Catan, Wingspan.


S4E4 - Phil Walker-Harding - Joey Games

We talk with game designer and publisher Phil Walker-Harding about his new publishing company Joey Games, what he values in game design, Australian treats, and his current and upcoming games. We also spend some time discussing why sustainability in publishing is personally important to Phil. Games mentioned in this episode: Barenpark, Imhotep, Imhotep Duel, Sushi Go!, Gingerbread House, Llama Land, Busy Beaks, Scribbly Gum, Pass the Party Food, Kosmos - Adventure Game Series, Voyages, Sprawlopolis, Tussie Mussie, Dungeons and Dragons, Marvel Super Heroes RPG, Near and Far, Museum Suspects, and Explorers.


S4E3 - Kara Centell-Dunk - Descent: Legends of the Dark

We talk with Senior Designer at Fantasy Flight Games, Kara Centell-Dunk who has worked on projects like Mansions of Madness, Journeys in Middle Earth, and Descent: Legends in the Dark. We talk about game design, writing, immersion in games, and trying to create an experience for players. We also spend some time talking about Kara's other hobbies near the beginning of the episode. Games mentioned in this episode: Patchwork, Legacy of Dragonholt, Monopoly, Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Thunderstone, Munchkin, Arkham Horror 2nd Edition, Power Grid, Netrunner, A Mending, Welcome to the Moon, Tomb, Twilight Imperium 4th Edition, and Fog of Love. Support the show


S4E2 - T. Caires - Birds of a Feather

We talk with Chief Operating Officer of Snowbright Studio, T. Caires, about sustainability in games, what they enjoy playing, and their story of gaming. We also talk about the launch of Snowbright's re-release of Birds of a Feather. Games mentioned in this episode: Descent: Legends of the Dark, Betrayal on the Hill, Birds of a Feather, Le Havre, Feast for Odin, Lisboa, Black Angel, Patchwork Express, Monopoly, Risk, Hearts, Spades, Abandon all Artichokes, Star Wars Destiny, Kabuto Sumo, Skulls of Sedlec, Circle the Wagons, Strategy, Dominion, Race for the Galaxy, Ascension, Dungeons and Dragons, Steam, Kings of Air and Steam, Arkham Horror, Dice Masters, and Quarriors! Support the show