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Episode 118 Prolific

Sometimes things don't have to be explained... Ya'll know what it is. #RIPNIP #NipseyHussle #HussleTheGreat


Episode 117 Aiight Then

Is J. Cole really going platinum without features? Legendary battle rapper Tech 9 passes away. Jay-Z's The Blueprint album has been added to the Library of Congress. Jussie Smollett gets all 16 of his charges dropped. Bobby Shmurda speaks on prison reform, Meek Mill, MLK, etc. Trump might get his wall after all. Killa got some shit he don't like. #Tech9 #DanielCeasar #TheBlueprint


Episode 116 Butt Hurt

We kept it very lighthearted this episode while we addressed a lot of the back lash from YelaWolf stans. We got into the whole #KodakBlack #YoungMa situation. Chopped it up about #guns in America amid the massacre in New Zealand (R.I.P. to those that lost their lives) We also touched a little bit on Errol Spence's 12 round domination of Mikey Garcia. As usual we had a good time on this episode. Check it out!! Enjoy!!


Episode 115 This Ain't About Music

Another week down, another dope ass podcast episode in the bag!! R Kelly out here racking up more evidence against himself. The internet is officially 30 years old this week. YBN Almighty Jay get assistance from J Prince on his recent altercation. Will Smith and Hollywood gets accused of colorism. Yelawolf puts all the prominent white rappers in his sights. Russell Westbrook is still on his Westbrook shit. We laughed, we joked, we had lots of fun!! Ya'll will too! #RKelly #MichaelJackson...


Episode 114 Neck Of The Woods

Offset says the old school need to be kissing the feet of the Migos. Kodak Black basically says he'd beat Lil Wayne's ass because Weezy is old. Lebron out here A&Ring 2 Chainz latest album. Momo telling kids to hurt themselves and their parents. Fubu is trying to make a comeback. Tristan Thompson got caught in the Woods and T-Pain is encouraging snitching. Just saying... Crazy episode!! Enjoy!! #JordynWoods #Snitch #MOMO


Episode 113 Biggs' Brother

This week's jambalaya was thoroughly prepared by your new favorite podcasters. A lot went on this week... From Robert Kraft getting arrested for solicitation. R Kelly's past is finally catching up to him and Jussie Smollett finally got exposed. The Oscars put some black excellence on display and Mal from the Joe Budden Podcast is catching major heat from past tweets. As usual, it's all here! #BootlegCablePodcast #JoeBuddenPodcast #Oscars


Episode 112 Gay Tupac

This week we got into a lot of topics... Among them were Floyd Mayweather and his "beef" with T.I. Jussie Smollett and his supposed lies about him racistly and homophobically jumped in Chicago. Blueface feat. Cardi B and the supposed black folk boycott of Gucci!! Another great episode in the bag fused with solid opinions on these current situations. We also spoke on going hard for Valentine's Day... Give us your thoughts!!! #GayTupac #JussieSmollett #Lies


Episode 111 Cancel Culture

Another super fun episode in the bag. We chopped it up with the homie @Jaycutta954 about quite a few topics. The Grammy's, Gucci, Dating... It's all here!! Enjoy!!


Episode 110 ICE Cold

Episode 110 ICE Cold by Bootleg Cable


Episode 109 Tory's Lane

Subscribe!! Share with your peoples and appreciate these these timestamps!! #ToryLanez #Gillette #Podcast Tory Lanez vs the world (7:07) J. Cole Middle Child (23:27) Best rappers under 30 year old? (29:13) DMX free from shackles (37:56) Ronnie and Shamari Devoe (42:43) Facebook merging all of its chat apps (52:27) Gillette adds to the pussification of America (1:02:18) Shit I don't like (1:28:29)


Episode 108 Impervious

Episode 108 Impervious by Bootleg Cable


Episode 107 Dem There

Second episode of the year and we were in rare form. Some would call it the zone!! Time stamps would do this episode no justice. Trust us!! We spoke on Dame Dash and his interview with Nick Cannon. Touched on some of the folks getting stray bullets from the R. Kelly situation. The government shutdown was definitely a topic. Let The White Kids Say Nigga made our day!! This was a very fun episode, Killa didn't want us to wrap. Have a beer, a soda, some water... Zone out and check it out in its...


Episode 106 The Predator

Happy New Year to all!! We've been gone for a couple weeks, but we back on that ass for another year. You're here for it and we definitely covered R. Kelly and all of his nastiness. (37:15) We spent some time on this topic, but we know that's what y'all came here for . We also spoke on the new 21 Savage album, J.Cole's dope verse. the government shutdown, and much more!! It's good to be back for another episode in 2019!! Good looks!!


Episode 105 Bruh

This week we served up a full platter! Last podcast of the year, late night recording, your favorite cable crew at our best. We spoke on Buju Banton and Dj Khalid, and also gave out some "... of the year" awards. Is this whole Cardi B and Offset situation a publicity stunt? Would you like to change Santa's gender? (38:05) Drop a comment with your thoughts! We dove into the Cyntoia Brown situation (1:08:38)... Free my dawg? We also spoke about a 16 year old girl being charged for murder and...


Episode 104 Bundle Of Sticks

Another week, another episode, another glimpse into the thoughts of your favorite podcasters. The main topic of discussion was Kevin Hart and the Oscars situation (8:04) Otherwise, it was a very slow week in hip hop news really worthy of discussion. We splashed in some things that might or might not have been caught by your radar and hopefully you enjoy!! As usual, you're not here for the facts, you're here for the opinions!! It's #BootlegCablePodcast


Episode 103 No Ceilings

Shout's to all the new subscribers!! We hope you enjoy the content. We covered a plethora of subjects this week, but put the main focus on a few. #MeekMill droped Championships on our head (10:57) and Jay Z dropped and incredible verse (26:20) plus his 1 tweet quota was met. We revisited the murderer known as #AmberGuyger (1:19:37) and also had some fun with man weaves (1:08:05). Another very interesting conversation this week. We know you'll enjoy!! #BootlegCablePodcast "You're not here for...


Episode 102 STOOPID

This week we discussed 6ix9ine getting locked up, Joyner Lucas vs Tory Lanez, The new Diplomats album, and Kim Kardasian's "newest" revelation. On the real world side of things, we discussed the unfortunate and tragic death of Emantic Bradford Jr. We also touched on the "Migrant Caravan" seeking to invade the US and GM laying off thousands of employees. Is Dwight Howard gay on the low? "... you're here for the opinions!!" #BootlegCablePodcast #6ix9ine #STOOPID


Episode 101 The Conneckt

Stay conneckted with your #BootlegCablePodcast men and follow us across social media!! Episode 101 was rocking as usual. We got into some Thanksgiving talk this week. How are you guys feeling about the Anderson Paak album? (14:20) Why is ghostwriting so looked down upon in the hip hop community? (26:24) Killa has a solution for that. Unfortunately the beautiful Kim Porter passed away this week. May her soul rest in everlasting peace. We got into Kanye West's donation to the family of...


Episode 100 Jordan Blue

Episode 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We did this podcast thing 100 times! How many things have you successfully done 100 times in your life? We're in the triple digits now and consistency is key. Now y'all gotta pay attention huh? We talked about a lot as usual and had lots of fun doing it. From the election in Florida to Nazi salutes by teens in Wisconsin... We discussed it all this week. We didn't forget about Jaden Smith and his new "boyfriend" Tyler The Creator. As usual, lots of laughs and lots...


Episode 99 We Free

As per usual, we spoke very freely this week on episode 99!!! What should we do for 100?? We got on our grown man business and spoke about taking dumps in public. A new #blackface character decided to put her face on the summer jam screen(16:11) Candace Owens decided to drag Kanye West into her BS known as #Blexit (23:00) A discussion was had about the hate crime that actually wasn't (37:35) Don Lemon finally decided to get on his nigga shit and call out the home grown, far right, white...