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Episode 99 We Free

As per usual, we spoke very freely this week on episode 99!!! What should we do for 100?? We got on our grown man business and spoke about taking dumps in public. A new #blackface character decided to put her face on the summer jam screen(16:11) Candace Owens decided to drag Kanye West into her BS known as #Blexit (23:00) A discussion was had about the hate crime that actually wasn't (37:35) Don Lemon finally decided to get on his nigga shit and call out the home grown, far right, white...


Episode 98 Oblivious

The great convo this week started off with fatherhood, which led into quite a few at-the-moment topics. We got into Megyn Kelly and her misguided blackface comments (18:19)as well as the black girl who identifies as white (36:35). Another #FloridaMan and his decisions to send bombs to prominent democrats (46:47). We also spoke on the new unrecognized terror threat which is the overlooked white man in America (55:58). A serious conversation about domestic violence (1:09:07) was also had......


Episode 97 The Victim

This week we took a second look into the Pusha T vs Drake beef (19:48). We also discussed T.I. sending shots at Trump by disrespecting Melania. The topic of legalized weed in Canada came across our radar including a story so fucked up, It was hard to believe at first (1:04:11). This was a very mellow episode, with a deep attention and detail discussed in most topics. We hope you all will continue to enjoy #BootlegCablePodcast and support the movement. As usual, "you not here for the facts,...


Episode 96 Super Powers

This week we gave our thoughts on Kanye's most recent white house visit (3:47) and briefly touched on voter suppression in Georgia. Vic Mensa supposedly dissed XXXTentacion in his BET Cypher verse (18:06) and Quavo talks about smashing Nicki Minaj on Huncho Dreams (24:43). Hurricane Michael did some damage to us down here in Florida, but are we cool with Will Smith being Genie in the new Aladdin movie? We got some other stuff off our chests and had a great episode as usual. Make sure to...


Episode 95 Confirmed

Killa Kel officially returned with a hilarious G Check on Pee Duble (1:10). After we took a 1 week hiatus, we're back this week to discuss bulletproof backpacks (11:37) as well as Brett Kavanaugh and his supreme court confirmation (25:17). We also discussed Bill Cosby getting sentenced since we missed it last week (38:19). A Black N' Mild Moment was in order for Lashonda Childs (RIP)(46:52) who was murdered by her abusive/controlling ex. On the hip hop side we discussed Nicki Minaj and her...


Episode 94 Just Friends

This week it seems as if Katt Williams and Kevin Hart are at each other's necks in this comedy game. Kanye out here walking these empty streets talking to his phone while Jay Z and Beyonce continue to live their best lives. We hear that Ernie and Bert are gay?? Naw, it can't be!! Thandie Newton's beliefs are stirring up the feelings in internet land while Lebron is out here showing what black excellence is supposed to look like. We definitely said a mouthful this week and cracked the 2 hr...


Episode 93 Leg Wound

Sorry we missed you!!! We took a week off, now we're back with a new episode. We jump off this week by talking about the anniversary of Tupac's death and the impact he had on the game. We talked about the Kaepernick situation with Nike and the spawn of memes across the internet. We also chimed in on Joe Budden's new show, State of The Culture as well as the Sway interview with Eminem. A reaction to the Eminem diss aimed at MGK was definitely a must. We bounced around with mostly music...


Episode 89 For Colored Folks

This week we addressed some comments made by fans of our podcast. We spoke about the new Nicki album, J. Cole, and other hip hop artists. We discussed the culture vulture named Lyor Cohen. Commented on the Trump and Kanye bromance, Skin bleaching, and more of the usual weekly police nonsense that goes on in the U.S. Enjoy!! We're back on track!! #BootlegCablePodcast "You not here for the facts, you here for the opinions!"


Episode 88 Petty Party

Another week, another episode in the bag. We talked Trump vs Lebron. We talked Travis Scott and his album cover controversy. EA Sports censor's Big Sean and our thoughts on the current season of Power. We also spoke about the new Venom movie. As usual, another dope/fun episode!! Hopefully you guys enjoy the slightly cleaner cable crew!! We still pull No punches!! #BootlegCablePodcast


Episode 87 Coin Toss

We talked about R. Kelly, Boonk Gang, and many more in this episode. We got a lil heavy in the politics with the whole trump tax situation. The coin toss arrest, rappers getting shot in their hometowns, etc. Lots of dope content as usual. Please subscribe, share with a friend, and support #BootlegCablePodcast Share and enjoy!!


Episode 86 Shake It Off

This week we get new beef from 50 Cent and Mayweather. Controversial Wiz Khalifa lyrics? Ciara stealing songs. Trump selling out the United States and becoming Putin's bitch. More cops being called on black folks for more stupid reasons. Lots to unpack in this episode... As usual, you will enjoy!! Hit us up across all social media. Share with a friend!! #BootlegCablePodcast


Episode 85 ValeDICtorian

Check us out on Youtube for full video of each podcast! We are also on iTunes and Google Play Music for you listening pleasure. Lot's of dope topics this week packed into a super dope/fun episode. Enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter. Don't forget to like our Facebook page. Enjoy!! #BootlegCablePodcast


Episode 84 Murica Strong

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Episode 83 American Tragedy

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Episode 82 Walk Good

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Episode 81 Let's Bey Real

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Episode 80 Deez Shoez Is Took

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Episode 79 Album Mode

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Episode 78 Mind Your Business

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Episode 77 Bron's Plan

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