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Film Stand Ins? Did any TV shows actually end well? Why are we talking about Netflix yet again?

We're talking about Netflix again because in 2019, who isn't? But more so because of their decision to purchase the Paris Theater in Manhattan, New York. The Paris Theater is a single screen cinema which Netflix has taken over to exclusively showcase some of their feature films like "Marriage Story." Bola and Hugo also talk about stand ins, the position on set that both of them have performed many a time whereby the crew light and use another person while the actor rests and preps...


The Eternal Sleep movie

Bola and Hugo discuss Hugo's screenplay and forthcoming film, "The Eternal Sleep." They also delve into what it means to dream, what dreams are and some personal experiences they've had in their own dreams. The Eternal Sleep's premise: Set in New York City in 2010, The Eternal Sleep straddles the questions of life after death and the moral choices individuals can make about their own lives. The film revolves around an eccentric neuroscientist trying to find out whether we can stay alive in...


Cancel culture? Why the Terminator and Charlie's angels remakes/sequels flopped... And Vancouver's Eastside Culture Crawl

Bola and Hugo touch on the oddities with the Jeffrey Epstein "suicide" and Prince Andrew's responses as well as our views on what is now described as "cancel culture," its nuances and revisionist approaches to older television and cinema in the light of modern culture's evolution. There's also some praise given by Bola about Vancouver's Eastside Culture Crawl, a mixture of art, film and sculpture put on every November in the city. We also follow up on a previous discussion about reboots...


The Broken English Podcast on Movie Reboots, Film Remakes and Franchises, Movie Industry vs Business

Bola proclaims how sick he is about the modern trend of movie reboots, movie remakes and franchises as he and Hugo discuss aspects of the movie industry vs the movie business. They don't entirely agree... Also discussed is Hugo's disdain for laugh tracks and their view on the TV show "Package Deal." Check out and support the indie film company you're about to fall in love with, possibly... Maybe. It's your choice, okay?


"Parasite" or Gisaengchung by Bong Joon-Ho and beyond...

On the same day Evo Morales steps down as Bolivian president (or so we hope) amidst ongoing turmoil and protests in the country, we discuss what we think of "Parasite" or "Gisaengchung" by Bong Joon-Ho and sewn effects/layers in writing screenplays as well as a respective writer's forethought into a production's initial steps. We also skate around discussing the Marvel Cinematic Universe, why some films that should become hits don't and more. As always, check out and...


You've got to start somewhere... 'They' say.

So start in a trendy coffee shop in Vancouver, BC named "Breka bakery." A crowded place with good coffee but one cash register and one espresso machine making you queue up to wait for your caffeine. Eventually you'll receive it and can record your nostalgic trek into the physical media of your childhood and spend time pondering and complaining about the modern movie theatre experience. In this episode Hugo and Bola finally get the podcast underway, beginning the Broken English...