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Nationally unrecognized critics Jon and Sean talk about life in Oklahoma City as well as movies, television, and (not) much more! You might not be a bro, and you might not be an Okie, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy Brokies!

Nationally unrecognized critics Jon and Sean talk about life in Oklahoma City as well as movies, television, and (not) much more! You might not be a bro, and you might not be an Okie, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy Brokies!
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Nationally unrecognized critics Jon and Sean talk about life in Oklahoma City as well as movies, television, and (not) much more! You might not be a bro, and you might not be an Okie, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy Brokies!






Pet Sematary sucked... Also talks on Lion King, Hellboy, and local artist Tony Thunder!

Brokies saw "Pet Sematary" and it was a no-go. I mean, they went. But they would not go again. Like... no-go, you know, bro? Anyway, the Brokies also talk about the new shit-ass Lion King trailer that Sean is excited about, and they also talk about Hellboy which Jon may be too optimistic about. It's a contentious episode. Don't miss it.


Monthly Movie Madness - April Edition (Part 2)… Also talks on Joker trailer!

This episode is pretty awesome. Just sayin. Brokies finish off the discussion on Monthly Movie Madness – April Edition. There’s some good ones, there’s some shitty ones. What can ya do? Well, I’ll tell ya. Go see the good ones. Anyway, check out the new episode. Brokies also talk about that new Joker trailer. And it looks real tight. Alright, later.


Monthly Movie Madness!!! Brokies Discuss April Movie Releases (Part 1)... Also Twilight Zone

It’s time for Monthly Movie Madness! That’s right everyone, Brokies kick the month off by highlighting all the upcoming films of April. They did this last month too, but this time it’s even better! Ya know why? Let me tell ya… Ya see, the Brokies are doing the April update in a super awesome two-part episode. You read that that right. They got a crap load of a films to talk about, so buckle up! It’s going to be a great month, everyone. Tune in...Oh yeah, they also talk about Twilight Zone....


Postmortem Report on March Movies... Also Discussions on Brightburn, Scary Stories, Beach Bum & Diane

Well that’s a wrap, folks. A wrap on March Movies, to be exact. Brokies break it down for ya, so you don’t have to! Isn’t that nice? It’s like a public service or something. You should probably pay us, but nah, we’ll do it for free ;)… Tune in now for an exceptionally sensual episode of Brokies, where the dudes not only give a postmortem report on March, but also talk about stuff like Brightburn, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and also ones that are playing now! Like Beach Bum and Diane....


Let’s talk about Us... Also, The Act, Robocop, and The Favourite.

Yo yo yo what up Brokies!? Get ready for another special episode! Hold on to your butts! Yeah, that’s right, Brokies are finally talking about Us. The movie - not like us as a collective, but as a movie. Ya know, bro(kie)? That’s about it really. Oh yeah, Brokies also talk about movies that are currently streaming! Tune in for a big ass discussion on Us, and a small ass discussion on The Act, Robocop, and The Favourite.


Brokies interview cast members from local show "5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche"... also movie & TV talk

Hold on to your seats, everyone. We’ve got a crazy good episode this time around. Do ya know why?! Because we have special guests, that’s why! Two amazing cast members of the local (OKC) show, “5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche” join us on the podcast! It’s kind of a big deal. Ya see, we made it to the big leagues! Brokies are officially acting like locies (locals)! So that’s tight. We have a couple other cool segments in the episode, so check it out!


Examining Quentin Tarantino's career in preparation for Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. Plus talks on Highwaymen, Yesterday, and Toy Story 4

What up pimps?! And hoes. Yes, we can’t forget about the hoes. #metoo. Anyway, the Brokies are at it again! Except for this time they are having a VERY special episode! How come it’s “VERY” special, bro? Well… let me tell you. Ya see, the Brokies talk about one thing, in particular: Quentin Tarantino. That’s right! The dudes basically give an entire career breakdown of Tarantino and talk about the overall vibes they are feeling for his upcoming flick, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The...


Good news for James Gunn! Also talks on Triple Frontier, Widows, and cool local stuff in OKC!

Hey there Brokies! How's goes it? Good I hope. If not, we have a very special edition of Brokies that will cheer you up. Ya see, we are the cutting edge of film and local news. You'll certainly hear it from us far after you heard it from someone else. And that's great! We're here to reiterate the point. Ya see? Don't see this movie, see! Don't go to this restaurant, see! Yeah, see! Sorry, got carried away in my Humphrey Bogart voice again. Anyway, watch the episode. It's a good one, see!


Discussions on Chris Nolan, Damien Chazelle, Letterkenny and a Bohemian Sequel?!

As we promised, this episode is extremely special because we originally promised to host a special guest, but we're not actually going to do that! Huzzah! The ol' switch-a-roo!... Just kidding. Our special guest actually had to cancel due to personal stuff. But the Brokies make up for it by providing an abundance of general positive vibes! Yeah! That's the spirit! Now grab some freakin earbuds and tune in for discussions on the new shitty Aladdin trailer, Damien Chazelle's general...


Episode 10 Celebration! Plus talks about Mark Hamill, The Late Night Trailer, and Bill & Ted!

What up Brokies! Yeah, we've made it big time. We are on Episode 10 now. The Brokies celebrated hard. It's a big thing, ya know. Not only have the Brokies been podcasting for a month now, but they have made it all the way to episode 10. Which is real. Real. Real tight. Anyway, check out this episode, where they talk about the "Late Night" trailer as well as the "Bill & Ted" sequel! Oh yeah, and they also talk about Mark Hamill saying some shit about "Star Wars". Whatever. I'm super zoned out...


March Movie Releases! Also, Hellboy Flips and Alita Flops...

That's right ladies and gentlemen, it's time to talk about March Movie Releases! The special segment where they talk about what movies are coming out this spankin new month! Woohoo! Makes me wanna go slap a butt! Anyway, listen to the episode! The boys talk about movies coming out this month, which ones they'll see, and a couple other things like that new Hellboy trailer and the demise of Alita. Yeah... Anyway, gotta go! #BFL


Discussions on Man - Rocketman and Irishman! Also Dark Phoenix

What up dudes? I mean, Brokies! Yeah. This episode is going to be pretty tight. The dudes are done talking about the Oscars and are switching gears to current events. Such as the Rocketman & Irishman trailers! Yeah dude. It's going to be pretty tight. General positive vibes all around, really. So tune in to Brokies, put out a vibe, and sit tight for movie discussions!


Last of the Oscar Talk, Bro

On this sensational episode of Brokies, the dudes talk about what went down at the Oscars. Who won what? Who had a good speech? Is Bradley Cooper goo goo over Gaga? Who cares?! Well, you're going to have to listen to find out! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride with the Brokies!


Oscar Predictions: Part 2

Okay so last episode was VERY SPECIAL because it was it was the first time that the Brokies ever dun did an Oscar Predictions Show! However, this show is EXTREMELY SPECIAL because not only do the boys pick back up where they left off from the last episode (Part 1), but they also have a special guest! Holy crap! Brokies have special guests? Yeah, I suppose so! Well that's tight. Anyway. Gotta go! Watch the episode, Bro(kie)!


Oscar Predictions: Part 1

On this fascinating episode of Brokies, Sean and Jon dive deep into the 2019 Oscar Nominations and talk about who they THINK will win, not who they WANT to win. Mostly because, you know, they didn’t watch half the movies that were nominated. But that’s okay, because Sean and Jon (mostly) know what they’re talking about! Yeah! So tune in and listen to the boys rant about their typical bullshit in this SPECIAL TWO-PART OSCARS EDITION of Brokies! Boom!


February Movies

This super special episode of Brokies features Sean and Jon talking about what movies will be released this month! Yeah, they're a little behind considering the month is halfway over, but that's okay. They'll do better next month because Brokies ALWAYS strive for a more general positive vibe.


Most Broticipated Movies of 2019: Part 2

Well this episode is basically the same as the last one, but it's way better because Jon gets to talk about his most anticipated movies of 2019 instead of Sean. Sean does a quick review of the Grammy's and then the Brokies dive right in! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the general positive vibes. Peace.


Most Broticipated Movies of 2019: Part 1

Jon interviews Sean on what his most anticipated movies of 2019 are! It's going to be real tight. But it will be more tight when the next podcast comes out, which will feature Sean conducting an interview with Jon. Yeah, so listen to this one, and then anxiously await Part 2 of the franchise... I mean, series. Or whatever...Bye!


Welcome to Brokies!

Sean and Jon kick the series off with a punch in the face! Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson face punches, in particular. Yeah, they talk about "Hobbs and Shaw", they talk about "Pet Sematary", and they talk about a whole bunch of other nonsense. Tune in to Brokies and enjoy discussions on movies, television, and whatever else is important in the Brokie Bro's lives. And remember, you don't have a to be a bro, you don't have have to be an Okie, but you can be a Brokie.