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Brawlin’ with Philly D - Ep69

Brawlin’ with Philly D - Ep69 ThanksMike Condon for the music and editingTiffany for the logo/iconPhil DeLuca for guest hostingSpecial Thanks@commanderinmtg 00:05:06@RaddestNick- 00:06:15@JoshLeeKwai- 00:09:15, 00:34:06@commandcast- 00:09:15@GavinVerhey- 00:18:31, 00:24:52, 01:06:40@CommandersBrew- 00:36:36Ep 69 Community Spotlight:General discussion about how we are all finding Brawl.How is Brawl Similar to...


MTG Arena and GRN Prerelease - Ep 68

ThanksMike Condon for the audio engineering bad-asseryVanessa for joining the team and stepping up and most likely editing this episodeTiffany for the logo/iconArena is now in open BetaThe timing of this was Excellent! (with pre-release weekend)Last wipe ever (presumably): “There are currently no plans to perform another wipe at the end of Open Beta. General (Basic Info RE: MTG Arena)”Hooray for starting over.Ryan played through the tutorial.Was a...


GRN Previews: Part Deux - Ep 67

ThanksMike Condon for the music and editingTiffany for the logo/icon@zack_stella- 00:11:45Ep 67 Community Spotlight:Disclaimer: We are only talking about cards that we think are deece++ in Commander, and we are not going to mention cards that we already talked about in last week’s episode. So, if you don’t hear your favorite card here, chances are we talked about it last week Citywide Bust Crush Contraband Dawn of HopeWhite Devious Cover-Up Drowned SecretsBlue Midnight Reaper Severed...


Guilds of Ravnica Set Review Part 1 - Ep66

Guilds of Ravnica Set Review Part 1 ThanksMike Condon for the music and editingTiffany for the logo/icon@commanderinmtg00:01:4200:14:35 00:31:03@GLHFMagic- 00:47:13@MegTheWolff- 00:47:13@MelissaDeTora- 00:49:10Ep 66 Community Spotlight:Disclaimer: These are the cards previewed as of 9/17Image Gallery for all Guilds of Ravnica cards:...


MtG Accessories Review - Ep65

MtG Accessories Review ThanksMike Condon for the music and editingTiffany for the logo/icon@BCWSupplies00:14:2600:34:13@Card_Kingdom- 00:57:58@Cathaoir1- 00:55:4400:16:2500:27:0800:45:45@commandcast@commanderinmtg- 00:24:03Dragon Shield- 00:17:5700:11:5100:13:5200:15:10KMCMonster Deck Boxes- 00:28:43@MothershipGames- 00:27:4700:47:4200:51:41@MTGApps@mutility- 00:46:51@stanleytools- 00:31:12@StarCityGames-...


Brawlin' with Gavin Verhey - Ep64

Brawlin’ with the Gavster!!! ThanksMike Condon for the music and editingTiffany for the logo/icon@GavinVerhey00:04:4700:15:2700:30:00@commanderinmtg@NorrYtt- 00:15:10Gerritt Turner - 00:15:58@Grumpherys- 00:17:04@mturian- 00:17:04@Stranjak- 00:25:31@ChannelFireball- 00:25:31@MothershipGames- 00:39:51 00:52:37@zack_stella- 00:54:23 00:59:14Ep 64 Community Spotlight:Define Brawl for the...


Yuriko, the Tiger’s Shadow Deck Tech - Ep63

Yuriko, the Tiger’s Shadow Deck Tech ThanksMike Condon for the music and editingTiffany for the logo/icon44:36 - Vampiric Tutorcosts B, rather than 1B.Oopsies : Ryan’s deck is not tuned and only to be used as a reference.Pros - Gets around commander tax - dealing damage with expensive spells that you never castTends to turn into a game of “Archenemy” pretty quicklyCons - requires unblocked creatures - Having a handful of...


Found Decks - Ep62

Found Decks ThanksMike Condon for the music and editingTiffany for the logo/icon@commandcast- 00:12:15@jumbocommander- 00:12:15@HenryStukenborg- 00:12:59@UltimateGuard- 00:29:22@scryfall- 00:32:08@tappedout- 00:32:08Ep 62 Community Spotlight:Session one in the books. Big Jon is in the lead, with a whopping 10 points this first session. The most anyone got in the previous season was 8 points in a session. Kudos to you Big Jon!Ryan tells a story about being greedyLeague Update:Definition:...


Commander 2018 First Impressions - Ep61

Commander 2018 First Impressions ThanksMike Condon for the music and editingTiffany for the logo/ 00:01:33Ep 61 Community Spotlight:Ryan won season 4. Top 5 standings:33 - Ryan24 - Vanessa22 - Elliot20 - Peter17 - CJ… Zack had 10 points and came in 9thLeague Update: Commander 2018 DecklistsSubjective Reality - Played by RyanExquisite Invention - Played by ZackAdaptive Enchantment - Played by ElliotNature’s Vengeance - Played by IsaacGame 1 - Elliot pulled off...


Commander 2018 Set Review Part 2 - Ep60

Commander 2018 Set Review Part 2 ThanksMike Condon for the music and editingTiffany for the logo/icon@commanderinmtg- 00:15:19@GavinVerhey- 00:15:19Ep 60 Community Spotlight:00:46:24 - Myth Unboundis a 3cmc card not 4cmcOopsiesDisclaimer: We are talking about NEW, Non-Legendary, Non-Reprint cards this episode. If you want to hear our thoughts on the Potential Commanders from C18, check out our previous episode Boreas Charger Heavenly Blademaster Magus of the BalanceWhite Aminatou’s...


Commander 2018 Set Review - Ep59

Commander 2018 Set Review and Prediction Results ThanksMike Condon for the music and editingTiffany for the logo/iconSeb McKinnon- 00:05:12@commanderinmtg- 00:31:09@commandcast- 00:35:34Ep 59 Community Spotlight:00:46:37 - Mindslaveris Legendary, so not a great copy target00:48:34 - Survivors can’t block, so your opponents can’t run them into each other.00:53:26 - Door to Nothingnesscan’t be put in a U/R deckOopsies:Disclaimer: We are only talking about the Legendary Creatures and...


Commander 2018 Speculation - Ep58

Commander 2018 Speculation ThanksMike Condon for the music and editingTiffany for the logo/icon@MothershipGames- 00:13:15@MTGGoldfish- 00:14:23@scryfall- 00:29:03@ghirapurigears- 00:35:50@GavinVerhey- 00:44:06@RosewattaStone- 00:54:49Ep 58 Community Spotlight:New front-runner (Ryan) (only because Vanessa was gone)Ryan, Peter, and newcomer KarlCast Prophetic Boltusing Pyromancer’s Goggles(and then again with Kess, Dissident Mage) at KarlCast an 11 point Comet Stormthrough Pyromancer’s...


Commander 2018 Preview Card - Ep57

Commander 2018 Preview Card ThanksMike Condon for the music and editingTiffany for the logo/icon note: The sea turtle from Octonauts is Sandy, NOT SallyDisclosure: Wizards of the Coast gave us this preview content FOR FREE. Thanks!Gives Red (and Rakdos and to a lesser extent Izzet) some answers to problematic permanents (mostly enchantments)This card is awesome! If you are a newer player, or are scared of the “draw back”, you should give this...


MTG Arena Update - Ep56

MTG Arena Update ThanksMike Condon for the music and editingTiffany for the logo/icon@MTG_Arena@skoogiz- 00:01:24@MtgKaylesh- 00:46:38@ATXFestival- 00:55:51@RokuPlayer- 00:55:51Ep 56 Community Spotlight:NOTE: M19 is already out on MTG Arena, it wasn’t as of the time of recording this.General Thoughts now that we’ve gotten to play a lot more with ArenaFuse TimerAnimationsSideboarding - Competitive formatsMechanicsConstructedIs there a way to sort the cards NOT-alphabetical for a color,...


M19 Set Review - Ep55

M19 Set Review ThanksMike Condon for the music and editingTiffany for the logo/icon@manaburned- 00:23:36Ep 55 Community Spotlight:Disclaimer: We are gonna be talking about new cards (mostly)CJRed Sarkhan, Dragonsoul Doublecast Mistcaller Tezzeret, Artifice MasterBlue Vivien Reid Elvish RejuvenatorGreen Demon of Catastrophes Plague MareBlack Resplendent Angel Remorseful ClericWhite Arcades, the Strategist Vaevictis Asmadi, the DireGold Arcane Encyclopedia Desecrated TombArtifact...


GP Vegas Spectacular - Ep54

GP Vegas Spectacular Special SegmentWedge@themanasource from #AtraxaBowl (Bid by July 10th!)Mike Condon for the music and editingTiffany for the logo/iconThanks@ketjak-00:25:40, 00:38:34, 00:56:29@TheManaSource- 00:01:13@CCOPodcast- 00:02:10Dan Frazier- 00:12:33@tnielsentart- 00:13:55@WalkThePlanes- 00:14:03@LizDanforth- 00:15:22@zack_stella- 00:16:50@MtACast- 00:18:55@JoshLeeKwai-...


Pet Strategies - Ep53

Pet Strategies ThanksMike Condon for the music and editingTiffany for the logo/icon@HenryStukenborg- 00:05:26@TolarianCollege- 00:21:11Ep 53 Community Spotlight:Pros and Cons - Makes you ( your deck or playstyle ) strong in some areas and weak in others.ProsYou know your strategies wellYou probably have more funYour opponents know your strategies well.Pet cards, themes, etc lead to a homogenization of decks.Sticking to familiar areas of play can cause you to stagnate in skillConsCj -...


Counterspells in Commander - Ep52

Counterspells in Commander Thanks Mike Condon for the music and editingTiffany for the logo/icon Ep 52 Community Spotlight: @ketjak- 00:08:14@RKaneFerguson- 00:47:23 Main Topic - Counter Magic Does it draw aggro?Do you save it until something is literally going to kill you? How can you use counter spells to affect the politics of the game? Does this break the social contract?Is this any different than removal? Favorite Counterspells Cryptic Command Force of will Stifle...


Play More Interactive Cards! - Ep51

Play More Interactive Cards! ThanksMike Condon for the music and editingTiffany for the logo/icon@TheTokenOtaku- 00:04:23@Tequila_Nebula- 00:04:23@jrm5778- 00:04:23Ep 51 Community Spotlight:Ryan emerged victorious in the first session! Sweet Rise from the Tides+ Pyromancer’s Goggles+ Increasing VengeancewinLeague Update:Disclaimer: This is for casual-ish metas. This might not necessarily apply to more hard core CEDH (Competative EDH)Example: Having a zero-mana sac outlet ala Ashnod’s...


CJ’s Mairsil, the Pretender for League - Ep50

CJ’s Mairsil, the Pretender for League ThanksMike Condon for the music and editingTiffany for the logo/icon@dpkrausejr- 00:09:04@commandcast- 00:19:10Ep 50 Community Spotlight:Quick league summaryLeo, Henry, August, Peter, Isaac. Welcome!13 people showed up for the first sessionGeneral League Summary StatsAvg cmc 3.73Creature count: 35Cool thing about the deck: LOTS of tricks on one stick Tree of Perdition+...