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C19 Legendary Leftovers Top 5 - Ep 11

You can find us on TwitterRyan - @greenegeekZack - @z4ck38Together - @commandersocial Twitter contest: to the cause here: Vegas RotisserieMike Condon for the music and editingThanksCommander Contender - 1:24@dpkrausejr- 5:04@MothershipGames- 5:50@GavinVerhey- 35:05@CommandersBrew- 35:39@zack_stella- 35:39Ep 11 Community Spotlight:513.2Commander...


Gencon Commander 19 Previews - Ep 10

ThanksMike Condon for the music and editing@dpkrausejr- 1:40@MothershipGames- 2:50@izzymedrano- 31:22Ep 10 Community Spotlight:301.5Commander Rules! Topic - Gencon Commander 19 PreviewsCommander Social Intro and Outro Theme Raindrop by Declan DP Agreement 2.0 Music promoted by Audio Library - Battle of...


Commander Rotisserie Draft - Ep 9

ThanksMike Condon for the music and editingPatron @chrisvondoom1 @chrisvondoom1- 1:01@MothershipGames- 1:43, 27:23@edhrec- 10:20, 29:35@danaroach- 22:05, 34:36@CMDRCentral_Max- 22:05, 29:18@CCOPodcast,@CCOBrando,@dpkrausejr,@GingerJ0E- 22:05@scryfall- 43:15Ep 9 Community Spotlight:706.12Commander Rules!What is the Vegas RotisserieDefine what a rotisserie draft isIt’s on TwitterIt’s for Charity - Supporting Dell Children’s Hospital - So Ryan tells me he has this...


Top 10 Commander Skills - Ep 8

ThanksMike Condon for the music and editingIntern TH Elliot@BentzMr- 1:27@GingerJ0E- 2:30@chrisvondoom1- 4:28@danaroach- 4:56@OrzhovDunn- 4:56@CCOPodcast- 9:38@MothershipGames- 41:14@commandcast- 43:24@lsv- 43:55@edhrec- 45:46@CMDRCentral_Max- 47:49@earthdyedred- 50:13Ep 8 Community Spotlight:What it’s all about - Ryan Check out the Draft live here: donating to the cause for Dell Children’s Hospital...


A1 Bold Predictions for Commander 2019 - Ep 7

Thank audiencePlease remember to like and subscribe and tell a friendPlease check us out on Patreon: special patron of the week is Phil Delcuca of Commanderin’ Fame!This month we are doing a Patron only contest for a Core 2020 bundle brought to you by Mothership Books and Games (‎and To be entered become a patron by July 31st!Mike Condon for the music and editingThanks@ketjak-...


Lands! Not Just for Mana - Ep 6

Patreon page: you!!!!!!We will be giving away a Core 2020 Bundle to lucky patreon member. At the end of July, any patron will be eligible to be entered into this drawing.Mike Condon for the music and editingThanks@commandcast- 1:56@MondoNews- 4:25@danaroach- 5:15@edhrec- 20:21, 35:18@archidekt- 35:37@CMDRCentral_Max- 45:50Ep 6 Community Spotlight:406.3Commander Rules!Define: Lands that have an effect other than generating mana.We love these cards because they...


Core 2020 Set Review - Ep 5

We have a Patreon! Condon for the music and editingThanksSpecial thanks to Joe Hoffman (@GingerJoseph17)We will be giving these cards away via twitter, so make sure to follow us to find out more details.Mail day!@danaroach- 3:23@royalglavor,@MTG_Lexicon - 4:23@CMDRCentral- 4:35@EDHRECast- 4:35, 56:05@GingerJoseph17- 6::29@CMDRCentral_Max- 26:24@MothershipGames- 1:05:49Ep 5 Community Spotlight:Disclaimer: We are reviewing these cards in the context of...


Azorius Superfriends - Ep 4

ThanksMike Condon for the music and editingIntern TH Elliot - Helping with the deck we’re talking about this episode@jumbocommander- 0:59, 28:29@danaroach- 2:15@alyankovic- 2:49@MothershipGames- 6:43, 23:56@CommandersBrew- 8:32@archidekt- 26:29@PVDDR- 52:04@fivewithflores- 52:23@StarCityGames- 52:31Ep 4 Community Spotlight:Zack Game one - a player kept recurring wasteland and strip mine to destroy most of my lands. Lost to another player’s voltron’ed up commander, who also went on to win the...


Commander Social Spellbooks - Ep 3

ThanksMike Condon for the music and editingIntern TH Elliot Brainstorming lunch. Out of the corner for vorinclex@Pattapit- 2:02@snoobic- 6:25@jumbocommander- 7:02@TolarianCollege- 7:02@edhrec- 8:45@MTG_Arena,@blakepr- 17:39@goberthicks- 30:23@CommandersBrew- 39:04@Marshall_LR,@lsv- 51:13@BWWings- 52:05Ep 3 Community Spotlight:OathbreakerRyan - Ashiok / EntombZack - Wren and Six / Crop RotationGame one - Ryan got Sire of Stagnation and Sheoldred out. Zack killed with Ulamog, the Ceaseless...


Commander Horizons Secret Lists - Ep 2

ThanksMike Condon for the music and editing@royalglavor,@MTG_Lexicon- 1:04, 6:19@MothershipGames- 1:22, 6:19@andyhullbone- 2:01@mtgcommander- 5:12@JasonEAlt- 41:50@PVDDR- 46:33Ep 2 Community Spotlight:London Mulligan starts with Core 2020.Rules Committee Tweet: NewsGame 1Ryan - GontiZack - AyliTH - TatyovaElliot won with Baloth triggers for days, and cast Vorinclex like 3 times, with Sword of Feast and Famine as well as...


Commander Social Begins - Ep 1

ThanksMike Condon for the music and editingRichard Garfield - 17:57@danaroach- 32:38@MothershipGames- 45:46@scryfall- 47:27Ep 1 Community Spotlight:309.2Read 901.3Commander Rules!Magic Hero origin storiesRyan - Bitten by a radioactive Magic Card, and gained the ability to sense what my opponents were thinking, as well as block creatures with FlyingTell the story of when I first started playing1994, at the age of 15. Taught to play by JonathanMy dad learned how to play, to make sure that the...


Game Show Extravaganza - Ep 100

ThanksMike Condon for the music, editing, life coaching and mixed nutzIntern TH Elliott for getting all the party decorations.@edhrec- 13:49, 37:32@JasonEAlt- 15:26, 19:35, 53:38@danaroach- 45:49@Starbucks- 54:05@GavinVerhey- 1:04:33Ep 100 Community Spotlight:720.3Commander Rules!Price is RightGuess the Price of a staple EDH cardRyan and Zack answer questions from a Judge Quiz QuestionsGuess the percentage of decks a card shows up...


The Saline Solution - Ep 99

ThanksMike Condon for the music and editingThanks to our Intern, TH Elliot@MTG_Arena- 10:28@MothershipGames- 10:28@JasonEAlt- 22:18@snoobic- 22:45@edhrec- 29:19@dpkrausejr- 55:45@queervidual- 55:45Ep 99 Community Spotlight:602.5a (Read main rule first, 602.5)Commander Rules!Define: SaltinessLet’s be honest: Everyone gets Salty sometimes, it’s nearly impossible to avoid. But maybe by investigating the way we feel, we can get salty less often, and perhaps handle the times when we do get salty,...


Drafting for fun and profit - Ep 98

ThanksMike Condon for the music and editing@Marshall_LR,@lsv- 6:42, 21:34, 33:23@ChannelFireball- 21:34,33:23@karsten_frank- 21:34@MothershipGames- 33:19@MTG_Arena- 58:32Ep 98 Community Spotlight:Talk about Big Jon winning, narrowlyLeague Update:Explain what draft isGet 3 sealed boosters boosterPack 1, Open pack, select a card, pass the remaining cards to your leftPack 2 same, but pass to the rightPack 3, same, pass to the left againCrack-a-packIt’s a great way to get new cards (Value!)It’s...


Quiz Time - Ep 97

ThanksMike Condon for the music and editing@Greg_Weisman- 10:50@Marshall_LR- 16:25@CMDRCentral_Max- 27:50@BrainstormBrew- 29:53Ep 97 Community Spotlight:Link to Forum Post: rule 0Sub-topic: Update to the Commander Rules Rule 0: These are the official rules of Commander. Local groups are welcome to modify them as they see fit. If you’d like an exception to these rules, especially in an unfamiliar environment, please get the...


Tezzeret Tribal: Deck Tech - Ep 96

ThanksMike Condon for the music and editing@CMDRCentral_Max- 51:17Ep 96 Community Spotlight:Ryan played in 2 sealed leaguesOverall thoughts on the sealed format.Sub-Topic: #MTGWAR on ArenaDeck thesis:All the Tezzerets! (well, most of them) Lots of artifacts. Hidden commander: Tezzeret, Master of the BridgeActual Commander: Sharuum, the Hegemon stuff hereBecause Tezzeret is evil, we are gonna make this evil combo-yFull Deck...


Top 10 War of the Spark Cards - Ep 95

Top 10 War of the Spark Cards - Ep 95 ThanksMike Condon for the music and editing@CraigBlanchette- 4:04 8:23@CMDRCentral_Max- 8:23@commandcast- 19:38@JoshLeeKwai- 20:29@blakepr- 45:22@wizards_magic- 45:22Ep 95 Community Spotlight:Disclaimer: This is a secret listsecretRyansecretZackMain Topic - Top 10 Cards for Commander from War of the SparkThank everyone for listening. You can always leave us a review in the iTunes store.You can...


War of the Spark Previews: Week 2 - Ep 94

ThanksMike Condon for the music and editing@commandcast- 17:53@commanderinmtg- 26:22@indusconcept- 30:28@deschampsart- 49:03Raymond Swanland- 50:38Jaime Jones- 55:51Ep 94 Community Spotlight:Main Topic - War of the Spark Previews (Week 2) Friday - April 5th Evolution SageMobilized DistrictMassacre Girl Tomik, Distinguished Advokist Monday - April 8th Ral, Storm ConditParhelion II Kasmina, Enigmatic MentorCommand Zone video - Feather, the...


How to Upgrade Your Deck - Ep 93

ThanksMike Condon for the music and editing@jumbocommander- 5:39, 40:13@MothershipGames- 7:41@quailancer- 15:35@SBMTGDev- 17:25, 41:28@CommandersBrew- 41:48@TCGplayer- 19:20@Card_Kingdom- 19:40@edhrec- 38:53@scryfall- 39:31@TheManaSource- 41:00@CraigBlanchette- 43:27@ghirapurigears- 43:52Ep 93 Community Spotlight:Played at Mothership last night, and met up with a Listener, Ben, who drove all the way in from San MarcosAlso got to play with Alden, who Ryan had played with beforeGame 1Zack...


War of the Spark Previews: Week 1 - Ep 92

ThanksMike Condon for the music and editing@MothershipGames- 1:17Link to video: 4:19@GavinVerhey- 9:03, 20:57@SebMcKinnon- 11:08@Cathaoir1- 31:50@jfwong- 41:16Ep 92 Community Spotlight:Disclaimer: We are filming this on April 4th, so we can only talk about cards that have been released so far (Including our own!)Note: Individual card links not available on Gatherer yet, so check out the full list so far here:...