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Buddies Without Borders is a podcast hosted by Stevie Jackson and Christopher Royce

Buddies Without Borders is a podcast hosted by Stevie Jackson and Christopher Royce


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Buddies Without Borders is a podcast hosted by Stevie Jackson and Christopher Royce




BWB 11: Pterodactyl

On episode#11, Stevie mixes up Betties Buckley and Broderick, Chris goes multiple levels deep on Inception, and the two discuss the opposite of face-blindness, "where have I seen that actor before?" Plus film contraptions, fast food kitchen design, dinosaurs, and more!


BWB 10: Welcome to Stoneybrook

On episode#10, take a trip through Stoneybrook, CT, for a conversation about all things Baby-Sitters Club! Chris & Stevie discuss friendship, perfecting adaptation through attention to detail, fashion as identity, and how representation matters. Plus: coming of age stories, dapper comedians, twins, & more!


BWB 9: Waffle Situation

On episode#9, Chris & Stevie delve into the art & science of cooking & baking, including preparing meals in batches, embracing mistakes, international snack foods, & more! Check us out on the Friday Night Movie podcast!


BWB 8: The One with the Creative Geography

In episode 8 of Buddies Without Borders, Stevie and Chris discuss Stevie’s penchant for geographical continuity on television and how it led to her taking the WB backlot tour not once but twice! Then they discuss the history of Gunther from Friends before taking a hard left turn into the land of true crime. Double sided houses! Real and fake baristas! Mandatory photos! Unsolved murder! It’s a big bag of weird in here.


BWB 7: That's Not Susan Saint James

On episode#7: Twitter pranks, hug suits, a Halloween costume, Cinema Americana (not a real term) & more! Plus: do TV wives have names?


BWB 6: Satisfied

On episode#6, Chris & Stevie take a deep dive into Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'Hamilton: An American Musical'! They discuss the propulsive lyrics, the powerful performances, music, set design, costumes, & more... they will never be satisfied! This episode contains spoilers for U.S. history!


BWB 5: Say Hello to Your Friends

On episode#5: the battle of wits has begun! Stevie's memory is put to the test with a quiz about the Babysitters Club book series in anticipation of their upcoming Netflix adaptation. The stakes? If Stevie wins, we will watch the series and review it on the pod... Listen to find out who will be victorious!


BWB 4: Don't Call Me Shirley

On episode#4 of Buddies Without Borders, Stevie & Chris try (and mostly succeed) to provide a respite from current events in the form discussing comedy! They cover Hannah Gadsby’s Douglas, Monty Python, & Airplane!, and shout out the work of Beth Reidmiller and the music of Lynzy Lab. LINKS! -’A Scary Time’ by Lynzy Lab -Hannah Gadsby – Douglas -Can I Pet Your Dog? -Monty Python and the Holy Grail -Airplane! Friend of the Show Beth Reidmiller: -Sit, Stay, Sketch -Anatomy of...


BWB 3: The Scully Effect

On episode#3 of Buddies Without Borders: tigers, candy, women running around in power suits solving crimes, & more! Plus, Stevie won Kimmy Schmidt, and Chris tries to broaden his cinematic horizons.


BWB 2: The Illusion of Coworkers

In the second episode of the new incarnation of the podcast, Chris & Stevie chat about podcasts of the pandemic times, working from home, and more! Thanks for listening, Buddies!


Introducing Buddies Without Borders!

Hello, Internet Friends! Welcome to episode#1 of the new version of our podcast: Buddies Without Borders! This show will be very similar to The Talent Crush Chat Show: it will still be us, Stevie & Chris, chatting about pop culture and media, but with a broader view of culture and society in general as seen from our respective places in the world (geographic and otherwise.) As we continue our respective isolations, we talk about the phenomenal wordplay of the movie Clue, the sheer tonnage...


TCCS 25: Take It Sleazy

In a pre-pandemic conversation, Chris & Stevie chat about the finales of The Good Place & BoJack Horseman (be warned there are many spoilers!) and much more!


TCCS: Pandemic Edition

In this special bonus episode, Stevie & Chris check in from their respective isolations to chat about the news, social distancing podcasts, live instagram shows, & more!


TCCS 24: Chat of the Jedi

On episode#24, Chris sits down with his longtime friend Joe for an in-depth discussion of the creation and editing of Chris’s fan-fiction/novelization project ‘Redux of the Jedi.’ They discuss Jedi philosophy, character arcs, Star Wars fandom, and more! • The music at the end of the episode is ‘Vader’s Redemption.’ Check out Charity Navigator


TCCS 23: Stevie Goes Solo

With Chris off sick, Stevie solo hosts this mini-episode and brings in some friends to keep it interesting. In an informal chat with her writing-producing partner, Joan Macbeth, and composer and sound designer Jean Tejkel, the ladies talk about career journeys and get into some behind-the-scenes of Honestly Charlotte.


TCCS 22: Shameless Self-Promotion

Episode#22 is a Very Special Episode! Chris & Stevie interview EACH OTHER about their work and their histories as creative people, covering everything from early adventures through upcoming projects! Stevie's website! -Honestly Charlotte - Chris's website! -Redux of the Jedi ... Please consider supporting your local food bank or Amnesty International.


TCCS 21: Invisible Prop Book

In episode #21 of The Talent Crush Chat Show, Stevie and Chris discuss the proper order of holiday celebrations (no overlap!) before diving into a veritable vat of comedy. They cover Stevie’s attendance at a live taping of Comedy Bang Bang, Chris’s enjoyment of Josh Gondelman’s book Nice Try, the wonders to be discovered up Schitt’s Creek, and whether comedy specials - or really any two things - should be compared. Plus much more! Pictures of the cast and theatre of the CBB show in...


TCCS 20: Too Few Cooks

It's our 20th episode! Chris & Stevie chat about comic books, auteur filmmaking, the pink tax, all kinds of podcasts (that you can listen to AFTER you finish this one) and much more! Visit https://talentcrushchatshow.tumblr.com for show notes and more! Please consider supporting Heifer International and the Detroit Creativity Project.


TCCS 19: Don’t Take Away My Tom Hanks

On episode#19, Stevie and Chris talk about a wide variety of things including (but by no means limited to) fake brand names, scary movies, Fleabag, Unbelievable, GLOW, Geena Davis, Between Two Ferns, and why Tom Hanks might make a perfect Bond Villain. Please consider supporting Oxfam and the Center for Science in the Public Interest.


TCCS 18: All Kinds of Crime

On episode#18, Chris & Stevie eschew their regular format for a wide-ranging chat about geography & demonyms, the show Party Down, Brigid Quinn novels, Pete Holmes’ book Comedy Sex God, and much more! They take a take a detour through the myriad Law & Order series(s) and then ask, ‘Where’d you go, Bernadette?’ Please consider supporting Conservation International & Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres