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A minute-by-minute analysis of one of the most important comedies ever made. New episodes drop every Sunday night 8PM ET / 5PM PT. Support this podcast:

A minute-by-minute analysis of one of the most important comedies ever made. New episodes drop every Sunday night 8PM ET / 5PM PT. Support this podcast:


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A minute-by-minute analysis of one of the most important comedies ever made. New episodes drop every Sunday night 8PM ET / 5PM PT. Support this podcast:




Minute 64 - The Mulligan

Hello and welcome back to Cabin Boy Minute - Minute 64! Giant things are afoot this week, as we are introduced to Mulligan, played by the fantastic Mike Starr. As we navigate this scene of surreal domesticity, we use Mulligan as a vehicle to learn about pocket protectors, leprechauns, electric toothbrushes, word of mouth advertising, remote shop locations and even housewares! We also take the time to debate whether or not Trina and Nathanial consummated their relationship and the location...


Minute 63 - The Snake's Fur

Hello and welcome back to another episode of Cabin Boy Minute - Minute 63! Your continued listening is really paying off as this week is chocki full of valuable educational lessons. You get a Psychology 101 crash course in the evaluation of Nathanial's nascent confidence as well as a Biology 101 lesson as we discuss the co-evolution and morphogenesis of fur and scales. We round this all out with a revisit to our guiding quote, "Nothing so liberates the heart as when a fool awakes from his...


Minute 62 - The Metric System

Hello and welcome back to Cabin Boy Minute - Minute 62! What will we discuss this week? In fact, it has much to do with the metric system. We learn about the International System of Units, why the United States did not adopt the system, and talk about the greater societal and cultural implications of that refusal. We also touch on record players, dimmers, and the color red, and then discover a call-out to our poor lost Kenneth subtly placed within the scene. The multitude of Calli's arms...


Minute 61 - The Seven Contradictions

Hello and Welcome to Cabin Boy Minute - Minute 61! Get your pen and paper friends, this is some life-changing information here. In this week's minute, we provide you with the Answer Key for answering the three riddles of the island. That's right, you heard that right. We discuss how to properly greet your moon daughters and of course give detailed guidance on decoding the seven contradictions of Xereepa, Watcher of the Equator. All this, and we still find time to delve into a peppermint...


Minute 60 - The Calli featuring Comedian Chad Opitz

Hello and Welcome to Cabin Boy Minute - Minute 60! Ooooooooooh weeeeeeeeeee, in this week's minute, we are joined again by the hilarious Chad Optiz! We are rewarded for our journey by laying our eyes for the first time on the glorious six-armed blue-skinned goddess, Calli, played by Ann Magnuson. We dive deep into the origins of our cave welcome ditty and discuss the puppetry that was involved in creating our six-armed temptress, as well as, discuss the pros and cons of having that many...


Minute 59 - The Cliff Climb

Hello and Welcome Back to Cabin Boy Minute - Minute 59! In this week's minute we are actually climbing a cliff, we survey mountain botany and are aesthetically welcomed through the cave entrance. The tightrope walk of struggle and courage is overcome to get us to this point dear listeners. We get to the nitty gritty of what it takes to overcome fear and support this with the neuroscience of bravery. The little lighted sconces above our heads give us some "great" ideas for how to use...


Minute 58 - The Precise Directions

Hello and welcome back to Cabin Boy Minute - Minute 58! This week we consider Cappy and Skunk's advice to Nathanial and join him on his journey to the mountain of the island of Hell's Bucket. We learn a bit about pipe cleaning, caves and Zeus, but then a legend arises from the screenplay. We learn of Nathanial's travels through the tropical rainforest of the island and his encounter with the mythical lizard-lion! The excitement of this discovery drives us to imagine ways to recreate this...


Minute 57 - The All Thumbs

Hello and Welcome Back to Cabin Boy Minute - Minute 57! In this week's minute we try to elicit a response from Trina, give some sound romantic advice and express our frustrations of coordination. Another jam-packed episode that has us exploring the world of unlimited possibilities, determining the storied loves of Cappy's life and, of course, going deep on adding a whole lot more thumbs than one may know what to do with. And, as you've come to expect, you will hear a breakdown of gags per...


Minute 56 - The Double Dark Willies

Hello and welcome back to Cabin Boy Minute - Minute 56! This week we shake off the double-dark willies and join the crew as they encounter the island of Hell's Bucket. Things take a nautical shading as we learn about wolf whistles, the origins of the willies, what to call your boat servant and what you do with a shit load of gravel. We briefly alter our course to consult the screenplay and get a better understanding of the crew's motivations on the island. We are inspired (in spirit) by Jack...


BONUS - The Interview with Ann Magnuson (a.k.a. Calli the Six-Armed Goddess)

Hello and Welcome to a very special BONUS episode of Cabin Boy Minute! On this special episode we have the pleasure of speaking with none other than Ann Magnuson whom played the six-armed Goddess, Calli, in our beloved Cabin Boy. We talk about all things Ann Magnuson including stories from her early career, her take on the filming of Cabin Boy, in addition to, a multitude of various topics. It was a real treat to speak with her and we encourage you to look deeper into her full body of...


Minute 55 - The Hot Cup of Joe

Hello and welcome back to Cabin Boy Minute - Minute 55! This week's episode has us contemplating our demise, analyzing some interesting ways to defend ourselves with beverages and going deep into the potential underlying mechanics orchestrating the movements of our frozen foe. As always, we decide who wins the scene, come up with some video game ideas, give quantifiable measurements of gags confined within this minute and determine whether this minute is funny or not. Thank you again for...


Minute 54 - The Crazy Kid

Hello and welcome back to Cabin Boy Minute - Minute 54! We continue to analyze the crew's encounter with the ice monster (man? berg?) this week, and spend time considering Nathanial's behavior. Is he still a fancy lad? Why sidle past the monster? Is he brave or simply a crazy kid? We debate. In the spirit of making shit up, this minute provides fertile grounds for video game ideas, low-budget theatrical productions, and corporate training videos. We are also inspired to take advantage of...


Minute 53 - The Wink

Hello and Welcome to Cabin Boy Minute - Minute 53! In this week's minute, me make a new friend, delve into systems thinking and evaluate Ice Monster / human interactions. This action packed episode brings us into the coldest depths of your mind as we sail our way through your psyches by pushing you to the absolute zero of sanity. We systematically destroy your expectations by uncovering the hidden truths of eye expressions, Ice Mennonites and the dangers of sci-fi saturation under that rime...


Minute 52 - The Arf Arf Arf

Hello and welcome back to Cabin Boy Minute - Minute 52! Azure peak! Or is it? Questions abound this week on Cabin Boy Minute as the environment and opinions turn cold. Together we learn about icebergs, snow angels and a work of Hans Christen Andersen, but we stand apart when considering the quality of the acting and humor in this minute. We hypothesize that Bill Murray’s presence on set (as told in the commentary) may have rattled the cast in this scene. Thankfully your hosts are locked in...


Minute 51 - The Nice Shoes

Hello and welcome back to Cabin Boy Minute - Minute 51! In this week's minute we continue with our incessant babbling, we are startled by footwear and use Nathanial as a culinary device. We continue to analyze the confounding card game the crew engages in, as well as, come up with some truly workable Cabin Boy extensions to your lives including video game segments, theatrical production scenes and new retail products to look for in our collective ideal futures. And as always, we determine...


Minute 50 - The Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Hello and welcome back to Cabin Boy Minute - Minute 50! Rob and Scott call in from their very own personal echo chamber for another classic minute of Cabin Boy. Educational opportunities abound as we learn about carnival barkers, honor farms and pumpkin seeds (roasted, unroasted, their link to the Illuminati). Things also take a psychological turn as we discuss attendance in conversation, the sharing of feelings and psychosis. We are inspired to create new products in honor of the movie and...


Minute 49 - The 10 Millionth Time

Hello and Welcome Back to Cabin Boy Minute - Minute 49! On this week's minute we evaluate the timeframe it would take a man to be kissed millions of times, we discuss the implications and potential improvements on workplace affection while running the gamut in discussing everything from cheesesteaks to celestial objects to crows nests. As usual, we discuss who won the scene, determine gags per minute and decide whether the minute was funny or not. Thank you for joining us here in this...


Minute 48 - The Way Out of This featuring Todd Robert Anderson

It's another momentous week on Cabin Boy Minute as we are joined by the renowned writer, director, actor, producer and boating expert Todd Robert Anderson! Todd lends us his breadth of knowledge and quick wit as we explore this well-crafted minute, learning about barnacles, proper boat care and catapults. We consider the parallels between Cabin Boy and Apocalypse Now and appreciate Skunk's quick planning in a unique situation. Brian discovers an alternate version of Chocki's relationship...


Minute 47 - The Alley Cat Dance

Hello and Welcome back to Cabin Boy Minute - Minute 47! In this week's minute we discuss what type of dance Nathanial is performing to entertain the boys, learn a bit about the history of this legendary step and hopefully ignite your hearts and minds to light the stove of your soul. In addition, we engage in morose delectation by evaluating this performance in terms of it's carnival like nature and schadenfreude, as well as, expand our Cabin Boy video game, theatrical production and...


Minute 46 - The Salty Sea Talk

Hello and welcome back to Cabin Boy Minute - Minute 46! This week we are joined by a dear friend and fan of the show, Danielle! She will be providing a female perspective on the movie which had been sorely lacking until now. Together we discuss how Trina has handled herself and the crew thus far, suffer some salty sea talk, learn about omnibuses and pudding, give praise to the work done by Melora Walters and try to use Paps' behavior as a lesson for us all. We ask for an update to the...