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EP92: Sperm Donors, Motherhood Struggles, & Postpartum

Lindsie reveals how she caught Will w/ his “finsta." They welcome Jen Schwartz from Motherhood Understood to discuss mothers dealing w/ depression, anxiety & mood disorders. Jen talks about her struggle w/ motherhood. Kail discusses getting a donor & having a baby.They talk about the risk factors of postpartum & what can trigger it. Kail reveals she does crystal healing. Jen shares why she likes being a mom, but hates mothering. They give their theory on mom shaming.


EP91: Traveling with kids, Hawaii Drama, and Jail time

Kail is back from Hawaii! On this episode of Coffee Convos, Kail and Lindsie discuss the challenge of long flights with kids. Kail then explains all the drama filed Hawaii trip, the issues she faced with custody, and the arguments that followed. Kail weighs up the possibility of actually going to jail. Lindsie opens up about her anxiety, and the great amount of support she has received from listeners. Lindsie also shares a story about Jackson changing schools, and the happiness that...


EP90: Anxiety, Marriage Struggles, & Mom Shaming w/ Guest Kati Morton

Lindsie reveals her struggle w/ anxiety w/ licensed therapist, Kati Morton. They talk about how to identify anxiety & why Lindsie didn’t realize she had it until she became a mom. Lindsie discusses the struggle in her marriage after having Jackson. They talk about co-sleeping, confidence issues & helping yourself. They discuss sharing responsibilities with your significant other & needing validation.


EP89: Clearing Up Rumors, Apple Store Hell and Crazy Acrylics!

This week Kail & Lindsie talk about Kail leaving for Hawaii & finally having her phone fixed! They discuss the Apple Store, & why they would rather chop an arm off than take their kids there. Lindsie questions Kail about her nails & what made her make the switch to crazy long nails. They read listener messages, and share how great it feels to be a part of people's weekly lives. Lindsie addresses the family comments people make on her Instagram & why she thinks it’s crazy. They also chat...


EP88: Tarot Cards, Kail’s New House, & Going To Jail

Lindsie & Kail talk about tarot cards, manifesting, & Kail's decision to move. They reveal why Kail thinks she is going to jail. They talk about their struggles as moms & how kids are so loud & messy. Lindsie discusses Jackson getting grounded & why it’s hard for her. Kail talks about her kids being biracial, watching a movie about it & being concerned for her kids’ future. Lindsie talks about having a soft spot for the elderly & why she thinks that they should have more assistance.


EP87: Kail's Nudes, The Hills Reboot, & Love Don't Judge

Kail talks about not backing her phone up to the cloud because she’s afraid of nudes leaking. They talk about “Love Don’t Judge” on Snapchat & question what the appropriate age gap is. Kail finds out she's on Wikifeet & why she thinks the photos are unflattering. Lindsie talks about her first commitment with Will. They talk about The Hills Reboot & why they have concerns about it. Kail talks about her disastrous trip to Panama & why she ended up leaving early from unsafe conditions.


EP86: Online Dating, Abusive Relationships, & YouTuber Brittani Taylor

Kail & Lindsie welcome YouTuber, Brittani Taylor. Lindsie admits to being afraid of Kail's illness & suffocating in her sleep. They reveal how Brittani avoided sex trafficking. They discuss online dating & why you should trust your gut. Brittani talks about being a virgin at 31, her lack of sex education, her pregnancy, & being a victim of abuse. If you’d like to follow Brittani’s complete story, you can get her book, “A Sucky Love Story.” Lindsie shares her first date with Will & more.


EP85: Lindsie's Adoption Story, Sliding Into DMs, & YouTuber Domenick Flores

Kail & Lindsie talk to Youtuber Domenick Flores! Kail talks about the twitterverse & why she likes to meet other influencers Domenick shares how she found out she was adopted & how her mom used a Cabbage Patch Doll to explain the situation. She explains why she didn't want to find her biological mom until her adopted mom passed. Lindsie talks about being adopted as an adult & why it was hard. They talk to Domenick’s biological brother Jamal about his adoption.


EP84: YouTube vs. Reality TV, Spin the Bottle, & Surrogacy

Kail & Lindsie talk about PRIDE, why Kail would meet up w/ someone online, & how Youtube is the new reality tv. They welcome YouTuber Ragan Olivia to share her story w/ home insemination, searching for a donor, & surrogacy. And she talks about how she knew she was gay. Lindsie talks about never being able to co-parent & how she couldn’t handle another woman being involved. They talk about mom guilt & over-analyzing thing, & the struggle of maintaining friendships w/ non-parents.


EP83: Teen Mom Reunion, Dr. Pimple Popper, & Single Mom Struggles

This week Kail & Lindsie talk about Kail’s mystery illness. They discuss Jenelle & David & the Teen Mom Reunion. Kail reveals why she was upset over the half siblings comment & why Teen Mom is pushing Lauren on her. They talk about Dr. Pimple Popper & why Lindsie loves it! They discuss single mom struggles. They talk about an altercation at Burger King & someone taking a bath at Wendy’s. They talk about Iggy Azalea’s leaked nudes & why Kail would send pictures of her feet for money.


EP82: Teen Mom Special - Behind The Scenes!

On this week’s very special early release off Coffee Convos Podcast, Kail and Lindsie invite cast members, Jade, Tyler and Catelynn, to discuss all things happening on MTV’s Teen Mom. They're sharing all the details and inside scoop on what you can expect to see in future episodes of the show. Jade shares an emotional story about her parents, and the dysfunction that surrounds their volatile relationship, how drugs and alcohol have prevented her from having a normal family life. Jade also...


EP81: Therapy With Javi, Childhood Consequences, & People Pleasing,

This week Kail talks w/ therapist Kati Morton. Kail talks about getting therapy w/ her ex-husband, Javi, why her relationships haven’t worked, & how your childhood can affect you as an adult. Kail discusses the balance between her personal life, Teen Mom 2 & social media. She explains why she's misunderstood & a people pleaser. Kail talks about her first experience going to church. Kati explains why Kail is comfortable in unhealthy relationships.


EP80: Jenelle & Barb Teen Mom Feud, Gym Drama, &, Mugshots

Kail & Lindsie talk about how they make their lives hell every morning. They talk about the most recent feud w/ Jenelle & Barb. Lindsie talks about a stressful encounter at her gym. They talk about a woman hurting her husband over not thinking she’s pretty. They talk about why women are insecure & need reassurance. They talk about what they would want their mugshot to look like. They talk about what sacrifices you make as a mom & why we carry guilt.


EP79: Mom Shaming, Teen Mom News, & Airport Chaos

Kail talks about her crazy journey to LA & Lindsie discusses a fight she had w/ another parent. They talk about a McDonald’s employee getting fired for hitting someone w/ a cheeseburger & why it reminded Kail of Teen Mom 2. Kail talks about Lincoln’s vaccinations, & why she got in an argument w/ Javi about it. They talk about the backlash over vaccinations. They discuss Teen Mom & Bristol leaving. They talk about the story of a man throwing a boy from a mall balcony.


EP78: Teen Mom Reunion, Scammed in Mexico, & Postpartum Update

Kail talk about why she hasn’t been able to get her life together. Kail talks about getting ticketed for her dogs running away. They talk about the Teen Mom Reunion, & why she decided to go. Kail talks about why her kids were left out & how she is baited into fights. Kail talks about how MTV doesn’t capture her real life. They talked about the pictures of Leah & Jeremy & why they want them back together. Lindsie talks about her experience w/ postpartum OCD & why social media made it worse.


EP77: Married & Divorced, Stretched too Thin, & Rapid Fire w/ Special Guest Rico Hundo

Kail & Lindsie chat about what it was like for Kail when she was married & why her relationship with Javi is still love/hate! Lindsie talks about dating & what it looks like to teach men better life habits. Kail talks about why she thinks it would be difficult to live with someone again. They talk about their dogs & why they remind Kail of her ex-husband. They welcome Rico on to play a quick game of rapid fire from a man's perspective.


EP76: Relationships, Secret Apps, & Keeping It Fresh w/ Kati Morton

Kail & Lindsie talk about a parenting fear & why Jackson slept with Lindsie for days. They chat w/ licensed therapist & Youtube creator, Kati Morton about why Kail is single & talks about her relationship issues. They discuss friend support, “once a cheater, always a cheater,” apps cheaters use . They chat about being a mom & how hard it is to have sex after a long day. They discuss divorce being the norm. Lindsie talks about her journey with wanting baby number two!


EP75: Psychic Medium Kareen, Postpartum Depression, & Lying to Kids

Kail & Lindsie talk about American Idol & why Lindsie reminds Kail of “She Bangs.” They talk about being roommates, what bothers them about each other, & why Lindsie was going to call 911. Kareen discusses 2nd time motherhood, & why it's so different from her 1st time. They discuss postpartum depression, postpartum OCD, & getting help. They talk about the biggest struggles of marriage & why Will gets pissed off at Lindsie. They talk about why they are all afraid of waterparks, lying to your...


EP74: Abducted in Plain Sight, Advocates, & Lemons to Lemonade

Kail & Lindsie talk about fears of parents. They talk w/ Emily Kincaid, producer of Abducted in Plain Sight about the film. They talk about the story & producing a true crime documentary. Kail & Lindsie share the same feelings about the parents & their religion. They talk about the state of denial & how could it have been possible for the wife not to know. The hopes is to encourage victims to come forward. They talk about having the conversation with your kids to protect themselves.


EP73: Kail's Surprise Party, Do Not Google, & Vibrators

This week, Kail & Lindsie talk about their spring break plans & why she cancelled her cruise Lindsie talks traveling all-inclusive & why she’s a fan! Kail gives us all the details on her surprise party. They talk about embarrassment & when bullying starts. Lindsie talks about being freaked out about something she found & why you should never Google. Kail reveals a recent diagnosis. They talk about being roommates every six wks. Lindsie discusses her phone crashing & how scary it was.