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EP46: Bachelor Scandals, Reality TV Divorce, & Internet Trolls

Kail updates Lindsie on the current status w/ Chris. Kail put an offer on a house & says why change is hard. Kail shares her luggage packing philosophy--“as long as you change your panties, you’re fine." They discuss Mac Miller & his secret girlfriend. They debate the latest Bachelor in Paradise scandal & how social media ruined the show. Lindsie talks about her divorce playing out on tv & why she thinks you shouldn’t be on reality tv unless you’re willing to be vulnerable. Hear whether...


EP45: Pregnancy Kicks & Being Friends w/ The Opposite Sex

Kail & Lindsie talk about being parents w/ preschoolers on the 1/2 day schedule & balancing it w/ work. Kail talks about being overwhelmed w/ life. They talk about Halloween costumes & how they choose. Lindsie talks about feeling pregnancy kicks & why this freaked her out. They talk about running on empty & if it's possible to overdose on caffeine. They discuss dreams for your children & how their dreams don’t always align w/ yours. They talk about being friends w/ the opposite sex & whether...


EP44: Fear, Killers, & Kail's Twitter War

Kail & Lindsie talk about how hard it is to plan to do anything with friends when you have kids. Kail talks about her Twitter War w/ a cast member. Lindsie tells us a story about a woman that was eaten by an alligator, the Madden shooting, & a man who killed his daughters & wife. They talk about Chelsea DeBoer’s newest addition. They discuss caropool & how much howework is required of kids these days. Plus, they answer Instagram questions.


EP43: Finding Kail’s Mom, Getting Sideswiped & Gunshots at a Red Light

Kail reveals how she got sideswiped & why her trolls think she bought Chris a car. Lindsie talks about Jackson's adjustment to (& struggle w/) school. She found dog poop in her washing machine & tells how it got there. They talk about how people can't get away w/ anything due to Direct Messages. They discuss why they're interested in other couples' dynamics. Kail updates us on the search for her mom & how she’s feeling. They follow up on the intern who staged a murder & Lindsie talks about...


EP42: Teen Mom OG’s Tyler & Catelynn Baltierra, Addiction, & Counseling

Kail & Lindsie catch up w/ Tyler & Catelynn Baltierra from Teen Mom OG! Tyler & Catelynn discuss their new cast mate. Tyler gives an update on where Butch is today. Kail shares how addiction causes her to be angry & asks advice on reconnecting w/ her mom. They discuss how difficult it is to parent your parent. Lindsie talks about expectations on relationships & how people don’t all have the same abilities, & how she was forced to deal w/ emotions after having marriage issues. Lindsie says...


EP41: Teen Mom Casting, Radio Lunchbox, & Opposites Attract

Kail & Lindsie discuss how they're opposites, but work so well together. They chat w/ Radio Lunchbox from The Bobby Bones Show & why Lindsie thought Bobby Bones was tweeting her. Lunchbox tells why he's a Teen Mom fan & why he wanted to be on the Real World. They discuss why certain girls were picked to be Teen Moms. Lunchbox talks about the girls on the show that he does & doesn't like. They talk about Instagram, what they're doing to get on Bobby’s good side, & why controlling...


EP40: Teen Mom OG’s Maci Bookout McKinney, Shark Tank, & Baby Fever

Teen Mom OG's Maci Bookout McKinney talks about social media, marriage, & her kids. Maci updates us on her adoption plans. They discuss their feelings on Bristol Palin joining the cast, the live video Farrah posted at the vet, & what is going on with Ryan. Maci reveals what we can expect for the new season. They discuss Javi’s timeline & how messy it was. Kail reveals why she hooked up w/ Javi. Lindsie talks about crying on camera & Kail explains why she cries at everything.


EP39: Sixteen and Pregnant's Lindsey Nicholson, NICU Babies, Adoption and Kail's Stomach Bug!

Today, the ladies are joined by special guest, Lindsey Nicholson from Season 4 of Sixteen and Pregnant. They talk about the girls that were on her season, and where they're now. Lindsey updates us all on life, and shares details on her NICU twins. She also tells us what it's like to leave your babies at the hospital whilst going home completely empty. They talk about the very unfortunate staph infection & how the chance of survival is so low. Lindsey's husband felt defeated when the doctors...


EP38: Filming Reality TV, Bristol Palin, & Diaper Drama

Kail talks about single mom struggles & a day in her world w/ 3 boys. They discuss what it's like being on reality tv & how things come across wrong because of the stress of being a mom & working. They talk about Bristol Palin Teen Mom OG & how they think it will affect the show. Kail talks about a new show on E! & why she cannot relate to it. Lindsie reveals why Jackson now wants a sibling. Kail talks about how lonely it is not having a family & how she loves that her boys have each other....


EP37: Justin Bieber Engagement, Teen Moms OG, & Guest Jemmye from the Challenge

Kail & Lindsie talk about Kylie Jenner on Forbes & have a debate over Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin. Find out who is team Selena & who is team Hailey. They chat w/ Jemmye from MTV’s The Challenge about getting buried alive, gameplay, & twitter beefs! They talk about whether they'd go on The Challenge. They reveal how they feel about Teen Mom OG. They talk about a scandal w/ a CaraMaria & a guy from Bachelor in Paradise. Plus, Lindsie tells a story about a possible ghost in her house


EP36: Tough Love, MySpace Memories, & Fish Pedicures

Kail & Lindsie talk about giving their kids tough love. Kail describes the struggle of taking family pictures. They take it back to middle school & talk about their Myspace profiles. They discuss how they bag everything for Goodwill & never take it in. Find out why Kail is looking for a job, but Lindsie thinks it’s a phase. They talk about fish pedicures & why they're scary. Lindsie reveals a scary snake encounter she had. And they discuss declining fertility rates. Go to


EP35: Setting Traps, Private Investigators, & More Babies

Lindsie reveals why she wants to hire a private investigator. Kail talks about why she might get a breast reduction. They talk about a weird sexual statistic you wont believe. Both say it has never happened to them. They debate whether sexual videos are really that popular. Kail & Lindsie bought a website for their merch, which leads to a funny story about a man in China. Lindsie talks about having second thoughts about wanting another child. They theorize what their kids do w/ their dads...


EP34: Tabloid Rumors, Subway Murder, & Guests Lincoln & Isaac

Kail & Lindsie welcome Isaac & Lincoln. They talk about frogs in Kail’s pool & how she’s convinced someone put them there. Kail talks about someone from Teen Mom releasing crickets into someone’s apartment & wonders if there’s a correlation? Lindsie talks about recent tabloid rumors about her. Lindsie talks about a murder case at Subway & she tells a story about her neighbor cutting his grass w/ scissors. They talk about being emotional & how some times things bother them more than they...


EP33: Kail's Trip to Europe, Kate Spade, & Poor Life Choices

Kail talks about Europe & Lindsie reveals why she fears traveling to foreign countries. Find out why Lindsie took tons of Kraft Mac & Cheese to Hawaii. They weigh in on Kate Spade's suicide. If you know someone who needs help or you yourself need help, call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK. They discuss the murder of JonBenet Ramsey’s Forensic Psychiatrist. Kail talks about poor life choices &. Lindsie talks about how she prioritizes things.


EP32: Fan Follow-ups, Dad Babysitting, & Childhood

Kail talks about her invite to the MTV Movie Awards. We talk about dads “babysitting” their own kids, husbands or bfs with bad manners, & Jackson’s expectations for his future wife. Lindsie reveals how homeownership changed her. They talk about how they were raised & how they are raising children. Lindsie talks about being a conflicted meat eater & Kail talks about the 2 meals she remembers her mom making. Lindsie talks about a woman in Britain whose doctor took our her ovaries without...


EP31: Javi & Girlfriend Expecting, Future of Coffee Convos, & Infertility

Kail & Lindsie talk about Kail going on a dating show! Lindsie thought Kail was undercover dating her friend, tune in to hear more! They discuss the new episode of Teen Mom 2 & Javi & his girlfriend expecting! Lindsie talks about a nail experience & how she wants to open a salon. They discuss the future of Coffee Convos. Plus, Kail & Lindsie welcome guest Megan Smalley to talk about infertility. Tune in to hear this amazing story! If you want to follow Megan’s podcast to hear more about...


EP30: Playboy Model Suicide, Amphitheater Accident, and School Shooting

Kail & Lindsie return home from New York City! Lindsie talks about how sad it is that Toys R Us is closing all their stores & how it’s a favorite past time. If you got a direct message that asked you if you liked medical equipment, would you be afraid? They talk about a horrific story of a former Playboy model while they were in the city last week. Kail talks about being in dark places in her life & how she wishes that she could help people understand that things will get better. Tune in for...


EP29: Adoption, Kail's Dating Show, & Sperm banks

This week Kail & Lindsie were in NYC for the Teen Mom Reunion & interview w/ Chelsea Houska DeBoer! They talk about the baby on the way, Aubree becoming a DeBoer, & Adam’s current situation. Do Chelsea & Cole EVER fight? They talk about recreating the Simple Life & want to know who would be interested in watching? They talk about the time Kail was going to find a match on Farmers Only. Lindsie talks to Chelsea about being a child from the 1st marriage & her adoption story. They talk about...


EP28: Kail's Date, Kylie Jenner's Baby Daddy, & Lindsie's Stalker

Kail & Lindsie talk about how excited they are for NYC, podcasting w/ Chelsea, & Teen Mom Reunion! They discuss Kail's date she's being shady about. Lindsie feels like the show has turned into Gossip Girl! Lindsie talks about her e.Coli scare when she thought she was dying. They discuss a crazy gel manicure story. Hear why the “choking game" is a terrible trend. Lindsie talks about her stalker trying to add her on Facebook. They disagree on the Kylie Jenner baby daddy rumor, who thinks the...


EP27: Teen Mom 2 Premiere, Reunion Mystery Guest, & An Almost Kidnapping

Kail & Lindsie talk about the premiere of Teen Mom 2 & the Javi & Briana dating story. Kail reveals how Lux got his name & Lindsie talks about naming Jackson & why she couldn’t wait to do it.They discuss how there will be behind the scene footage of the podcast on Teen Mom 2. Lindsie is glad baseball season is over. Kail reveals why she has a mystery person for the reunion, but won't say who it is! They discuss Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian, dating websites, & Mackenzie McGee’s scam podcast...