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Hear what two dudes have to say about everything in this world that actually matters.

Hear what two dudes have to say about everything in this world that actually matters.
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Hear what two dudes have to say about everything in this world that actually matters.




Coin Operated 218: Skype from COL

This week we Skype with our good Julian in Colorado. We talk about BTS, Weed and concerts we have gone too. We also talk about the way Netflix have been killing anime remakes especially with Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop going to suck.


Coin Operated 217: Skype from NY

We are back. Technically half back, as Brian is joined by Luisa. The two talk about NYC and the things they have done so far. They talk about Broadway, NYC over all and buying Flower. So join in as we bring in a a few guest hosts until Cody is back on track with his Technology.


Coin Operated 216: A tale of Toys

This week episode we countinue from last week and talk about the Funko world. Brian gets on his soap box and preaches about it. We also talk about a few other things that i honestly forgot as this was recorded over a month ago. But it is a good episode i promise!


Coin Operated 215: Return of the Cuddles

This week we give you Part 1 of a two part adventure. Since things have changed we decided to start February off right with an episode of us catching up with what we have done. We talk about the Fyre Documentary on Netflix We talk about video games, Disney and everything in-between Brian talks about the Toxic Funko Community and explains why its bad and good. Also Brian ran a 5K and talks about it.


Coin Operated 214: Dr. Bunny Christmas

This week we have are some what annual Christmas special. We talk about movies and traditions and what we are going to be doing. We also Celebrate Cody becoming a Doctor. It really was a Christmas Miracle. Enjoy out new sponsors and have a happy holiday and Merry Christmas


Coin Operated 213: Better Late then Never

This week we give the long awaited episode that has been sitting in the works for a few weeks. Fixed some audio issues and made sure everything is good. We talk about Stan Lee and some other news. Enjoy


Coin Operated 212: New Beginnings

This week we finally were able to record a new episode. We talk about what we have been doing. Brian talks about his move and covering New York Comic Con. Brian also talks abot the mayhem that is BTS. Cody talks about his adventure of becoming a doctor and the struggle to get there. He talks about some of the things he has been up to since the last recording. Christine makes a special Nick like appearance. She helps clarify the difference between BTS and American boy bands. Come join us...


Coin Operated 211: Happy Little Trees

This week we talk about Trees. We also talk about Bat Wang and some other current events that everyone else talks about. We decide that we are not going to be one of those episodes that we just analyze everything nerdy or geeky. We give this talking about whatever comes to mind a trick and it worked.


Coin Operated 210: Return of the Matt

This week we have special guest Matt from Hard at Work. We go over how to expand the networks and just some of the things podcasters do to get their names out there. We also dive into the current events and video games that we are playing or supposed to be playing. This is a very self deprecating episode, which translate to one of funniest ones.


Coin Operated 209: A Farewell to Julian

This episode is a bit bitter sweet as we record with our good friend Julian but also say Farewell as he moves to a new adventure. So we mostly just recap and talk about a few things that has been going on. We wish him luck in his new journey. And Brian tries to make other people see Teen Titans Go!


Coin Operated 208: Old and Operating

This week Cody starts his trip and we have B-Man from Old Titans fill in for him This is a first because B-Man has never been on a podcast with no rules. We discuse the Titans trailer and things we noticed from SDCC from Thursday. We talk all over the board about star wars, Marvel, DC and Comics. Enjoy as someone is as uptodate about things as Brian is.


Coin Operated 207: Not So Prime

We return after a hiatus. We recap why we haven't had any episodes for a few weeks and catch up. We introduced Funko updates from Brian. We talk about Amazon Prime day and how it works and why it sucks this year. We also touch upon current events and the world up. We recap with how Octo-Path travelers is the greatest game/demo idea of all the time.


Coin Operated 206: The Roasting of Nick

This week we read texts messages from a conversation about movies and how we have different views on Fallen Kingdom. We also get personal and reveal some inner secrets like what not to say to Louann in the morning and how Cody gets when he is off his meds. We keep up and talk about video games especally how Nintendo decided to handle the Octopath Travler demo.


Coin Operated 205: E3 and Video Games

This week we recap E3 and talk about video games for once in a long time. Cody created a game and Brian failed. Some of the games we are looking for are Tunic, Sable, Megaman 11, Kingdom Hearts 3, Cathrine and many more. Brian brings up the Sony controversy concerning Fornite and cross platform use. Over all we talk about our name sake VIDEO GAMES


Coin Operated 204: Megacon and Toxicity

This week we record our reaction to Megacon and boy is it a doozy. We also attack the toxicity of the Fandom we love especially the crap that was done to Kelly Marie Tran from Last Jedi and Daisy Ridley from Force Awakens. We are also working on going back to our roots by doing panels again. Hopefully we will be at AFO doing our thing,


Coin Operated 203: We are Back At it Again

This week we reunite and talk about why we took a bit of a break. Also we are going to be at MEGACON Orlando! So check out our social media for updates on what we are doing and who we get to interview. Cody talks about his adventure in Austin and hanging out with his cousin (which he forgot to record with). He goes on and talks abut why he is there. Brian then talks about how he ended up in Seattle and the fun things he stuck up his bum. He talks about being there for Beer week and how...


Coin Operated We Ruin Infinity War

For real we RUIN Infinity War. We SPOIL infinity War. Last warning we go over the whole movie including theories on the movie. So join us as we discuse Infinity War and spoil, ruin, give away the entire movie.


Coin Operated 202: Because We Got High

This week Brian and Cody Recap 4/20. Brian recaps Record Store Day and the adventure of camping out for exclusive vinyls. Nick also joins the episode and recap how episode 200 was amazing when we have structure or specials they are the best episodes. We introduce our new sponser Naked Zebra for all your clothes need. Cody really wants Brian to fight Chris Hardwick and they come up with a skit where Brian gets beaten up.


Coin Operated 201: Brian Challenges the World

This week we realize we just did 200 episodes and hit a sophmore slump. Brian complains about everything for no reason especially with "A Quite Place" "Ready Player One" and Chris Hardwick. Mostly Brian and Cody go back to their roots and talk about the week they had. Movie Reviews include "A Quite Place" "Reday Play One". Also how good Movie is or was. They also review viedo games. Not very good but they tried.


Coin Operated 200: Part 2

This Week we give you Episode 200! It was so massive we had to break it up into two parts. We bring in new guests like Byron and old favorites like Julian and Hard at Work Matt. Part 2 brings you a new game we stole from TESD and answers the cliffhanger we left off on in Part 1. We bring the rematch we have all been waiting for between Nick and Julian Thanks for coming along and sharing in this adventure with us and we look forward to episode 300 in the future. New Intro by...