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Ep 13: Black Magick

In the lucky thirteenth episode of CBW, Paul and Jay investigate Black Magick! Published by Image and written by Greg Rucka with art by Nicole Scott, this series follows the activities of Rowan Black, a Portsmouth PD detective who also happens to be a witch. Did the books cast a spell on the guys? Listen and find out!Enjoy the show!


Ep 12: Motor Girl

In this episode, Paul and Jay discuss Terry Moore’s latest series Motor Girl. Moore is truly one of the brighter stars in the modern comic book firmament and this work will no doubt be another masterstroke in his oeuvre. Join our hosts and maybe you’ll agree that there are too few apes in comic books these days! You can reach Paul on Twitter with @whospaul and complain about Paul to Jay on Twitter at @jayforgets.


Ep 11: Hockey and Superheroes: The world of Essex County

In this episode Paul and Jay bring an in depth discussion of Jeff Lemire’s Essex County Collected Edition to the table. Come listen as they attempt to unpack this graphic tour-de-force of family, alienation and redemption. And how the heck did Lord of the Rings come up?You can reach Paul on Twitter with @whospaul and complain about Paul to Jay on Twitter at @jayforgets.


Ep 10: What Would Punk Rock Jesus Do?

In the tenth episode of Comics In Black and White, Paul is again joined by the inimitable Jay Loving, founder of Bald Texans for Comics, and first-time guest Garrett Spellman, founder of the Comics For Garrett Foundation, to discuss the comic widely considered to be a seminal masterpiece, Punk Rock Jesus, written and drawn by Sean Murphy.There isn’t any Usagi discussion in this episode but there is always hope for the future!Beware of spoilers folks because CBW is about to go all punk on...


Ep 9: Lone Wolf and Cub Part 1

In the ninth episode of Comics In Black and White, Paul is again joined by the great Dennis Chandler to discuss writer Kazuo Koike and artist Goseki Kojima’s Lone Wolf and Cub. And of course there’s some discussion of Usagi Yojimbo. So buckle up and sharpen your sword because this one gets bloody! Be sure to stick around after the end for a little CBW After Dark! You can reach Paul on Twitter with @whospaul and you can reach out to Dennis on Twitter doesn’t really matter because he...


Ep 8: Poison Elves

Paul is joined by recurring co-host Dennis Chandler for this episode to discuss Drew Hayes' Poison Elves from Mulehide Graphics/Sirius/Ape Entertainment. What sets this book apart and why did they pick this book for the podcast? Listen in and find out!


Ep 7: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

What happens when two TMNT fanatics sit down to talk? Find out in this episode when Paul (@whospaul) is joined by Zach Bowden (@edsnotecomics). The two go way back to the 80s for this episode and cover all kinds of Turtle Power greatness. Plus, Fugitoid!!! You think you know something about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Wrong! But don’t worry, after this podcast you will be well on your way to TMNT enlightenment. So sit back and enjoy the seventh episode of Comics in Black and White.


Ep 6: Love and Rockets

In this episode, Paul is joined by Jay Loving to discuss Maggie the Mechanic, volume one of Jaime Hernandez' contribution to Love and Rockets. This episode also marks Michael Sparkman's debut as the podcast producer extraordinaire for CBW.


Ep 5: Back To Life

In this episode of Comics in Black & White Paul (@whospaul) is joined by fellow podcaster and friend Ronnie (@ronbar316) to talk about the rest of Rachel Rising. This is the first ever follow up episode where the guys dive back into the series to see if the rest of the issues were just as exciting and compelling as the first that Martin and Paul already talked about. Was the ending as good as they hoped for? Did the series keep their attention? What were some of their favorite characters...


Ep 4: Cerebus Vol 1

Welcome back to Comics In Black and White, the podcast that aims to explore the importance of black and white comics to the comic book industry. In this episode, Paul and Martin discuss the first volume of Dave Sims' epic, Cerebus which was first published in 1977. Will the boys enjoy this classic book or will they find the aardvark to be a stinker? Listen in to find out!


Ep 3: Rachel Rising

It's time for another episode of Comics In Black and White, the podcast that dives deep into black and white comics and their influence on the industry. On this episode, Paul and Martin put aside talk of animals to talk about Rachel Rising by Terry Moore! We dive deep into the first two volumes and briefly discuss the third so beware of spoilers!


Ep 2: Will You Be My Samurai?

Welcome back to Comics In Black and White, a podcast where we discuss some of our favorite all-time black and white comics and their impact on the comic book world. This week, Paul and Martin discuss Usagi Yojimbo Book 1: The Ronine and follow up the first episode with a discussion of Bone Vol. 2. If you are reading the books along with us, or pick them up after listening to this conversation, feel free to let us know on Twitter! For next episode, we'll be discussing at least the first two...


Ep 1: Out From Boneville

Welcome to Comics In Black and White, what will become a monthly podcast discussing some of our favorite comics from the black and white comics boom of the 80s and beyond. In this episode, Paul and Martin talk about Bone Vol 1: Out From Boneville and its significance in black and white comics and why maybe you should be reading it if you haven't already. If you enjoy the show, let us know by getting in touch with us on Twitter or via email and if you want to join the conversation, pick up...