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Sexy Valentine's Day in the Edit Bay : Episode 88

Love is in the air! No wait...what IS that smell?... Join us for a sultry and romantic Valentine's Day episode all about our favourite love seasons (ones that we've both watched on the big screen and worked with on our small screens). Some links coming at you from this episode: Requiem for a Dream - Jay RabinowitzEditing Simple Conversationthe breakup scene from WhiplashTop 10 World Best Movie With Love Making Intimate Scenes - YouTubeTitanic - I'm FlyingRomeo+Juliet - Love at First...


2019 New Season Trailer

Nick and Josh are on their way back for a new season of the Command+Edit Podcast. Stay tuned for brand new content including interviews with all new guests, reviews of shiny tools of our trade and LOTS MORE! New episodes coming at you in January 2019! — Song used in this episode was Panko Breaded Pork Chops by Mikey Geiger on Soundstripe. Get royalty-free stock music from Soundstripe! Use the code COMMANDEDIT for 10% off! — Follow us on Twitter: Join...


All-Canadian Episode with Rhonda Thain : Episode 87

I recorded this episode with special recurring guest, Rhonda Thain, way back in December when Josh took off for his LA trip. But for some odd reason I've never gotten around to releasing it (that reason could be because I am a master procrastinator). So a thousand apologies to you for withholding this episode! But you're in for a treat because this one is JAM-PACKED with helpful words from Rhonda. We hit on some topics related to how to work better like: well as offering some...


Finding Your Path from Student to Professional Editor with Grace Novak : Episode 86

Josh interviews Grace Novak, a film student and freelance video editor, about her journey into the professional ranks. They discuss her networking strategies, what she is taking away from internships, how to adjust to the professional world, setting up a great website and demo reel, and much more. Links Mentioned: Grace's website Grace's Twitter Grace's reading challenge Saves Together Twitter (Grace's podcast/web series) Editing for Others vs. Editing for Ourselves (a post Josh wrote on...


How to Hustle Some Side Cash : Episode 85

In this episode we talk about some ways to create some side coin in addition to your typical bread 'n butter. It's nice to pad the bank account with some supplementary income. Here are some ideas of how you can do that. Creating stock video/audio while simultaneously filming for another project? Utilizing a parallel skillset like photography or motion graphics? Time to think outside the box and bring in some extra cash on the side. Here's what we talk about in this episode: Newest Adobe...


Welcome to 2018 : Episode 84

Good-bye, 2017! It's been real. Hello, 2018! Please be gentle. Welcome back to another year of Command+Edit, listeners! Thanks for returning. Josh and I play it light for this episode to bring you up to speed on what went down over the holidays and what's to come in the coming weeks for the show. This episode we get into: - This episode is brought to you by Studio Network Solutions and their EVO Shared Storage unit. Every EVO includes their easy to use media management software for...


An Editor's Christmas Wishlist : Episode 83

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, listeners! The holidays are upon us which means only one thing: year-end deadlines are looming for our many projects and we are all doomed! ... I mean...we get to ask Santa for what shiny new toys we could use for next year! Whether being gifted to us by a jolly fat man, our loved ones or just a little treat to ourselves for retaining our sanity this year, we all have some top requests on our list. What's on your list? More hard drives? Subscription...


Take the Money and RUN! : Episode 82

In this episode Nick and Josh discuss the most important topic when it comes to freelance video to get paid! Topics covered include what software and services they use to invoice, how they accept payments, how long it takes to get paid and whether you need to have an LLC in order to freelance. Useful links: Nick's WWII Documentary - No Roses on a Sailor's GraveFreshbooks QuickBooks Online --- This episode is brought to you by Studio Network Solutions and their EVO Shared...


Premiere Pro Tips That'll Save You Hours : Episode 81

Nick and Josh are BACK! In this episode the guys give a ton of useful, time-saving Adobe Premiere Pro tips that you may never have heard before. Some tips that we cover: PDF Viewer Plugin Useful links: Premiere Pro Feature Request FormHeretics Gets Canadian Theatrical Release --- This episode is brought to you by Studio Network Solutions and their EVO Shared Storage unit. Every EVO includes their easy to use media management software for organizing, tagging, and finding your media...


Small Business Tactics for Editors — An Interview with Editor Rachel Bastarache Bogan : Episode 80

Rachel Bastarache Bogan is a owner of Renegade Digital Post — a video editing company providing Hollywood-caliber services to filmmakers and content producers outside of Hollywood. In this interview, Nick and Josh find out Rachel’s strategies for working with new clients, how she finds clients not only locally but across the globe, and much more. Useful links: Renegade Digital Post (Rachel's company)Rachel's Twitter: @rachelfinder How to Edit Videos That People Want to Watch (Rachel's...


Interview with Twain Richardson : Episode 79

In this episode we bring our friend Twain Richardson on to guest as he tells us all about setting up a career right in the heart of Jamaica. Establishing oneself in a market where production is pretty sparse compared to the likes of LA and NY can be immensely challenging. While most people feel the pressure to move to Hollywood to "go where the work is", there are those who thrive where they are and set themselves as a niche service provider in the TV and commercial industry. If you are...


The Office Life : Episode 78

Nick and Josh reunite to bring you a conversation about Nick’s life-altering, career-changing decision… his move to the office life! Nick recently began a contract that rips him out of his spare bedroom editing bay and thrusts him into the middle of an office in busy Toronto. In this episode Nick and Josh catch up and recap Josh’s recent visit to meet Nick IRL. You’ll learn, as Josh did, that Canadians don’t know this one basic fact about the US. Topic Timecodes: ~12:00 Nick describing...


Screenwriting tools with Luke Guidici : Episode 77

In this episode we chat it up with Luke Guidici, screenwriter and generator of really strange story concepts. He's worked in LA as an extra, grip, PA, camera operator, AD, producer, editor, falconer, writer and director. In our interview he lets loose with some steps to break you out of your funk and into writing stories NOW, plus some techniques that even some larger movies fall short on that you should focus on like "save the cat" and "show, don't tell" (for GOD'S sake, do the latter...


Mistakes Were Made! : Episode 76

Before you press play know that I am truly an unlucky fellow. Some problems arose during recording of this episode that may or may not have had to do with my new webcam that I that Josh could finally see me while we record. Initially the episode was written off and scrapped, but...we decided to put it out as is. I'll explain everything within the episode but it does reach a point where it abruptly ends, the rest was lost to the abyss. But what we did manage to record was...


Editing in Japan and Across the Globe with Norman Hollyn : Episode 75

Our guest today is none other than Norman Hollyn. Norman is a media expert. He is, of course, an editor as well as a professor of Cinematic Arts at USC and travels all around the world as an editing educator. Norman and Josh discuss Norman’s time teaching abroad, different editing styles across the globe, trying to get emotions out of your audience and much more. This episode is brought to you by Studio Network Solutions and their EVO Shared Storage unit. Every EVO includes their...


An Interview with Mae Manning : Episode 74

Mae was bartending and raising a daughter in Atlanta when a producer approached her after seeing her music mashup projects that she continued to work on in her spare time. Self-taught and self-propelled, after seeing a trailer for Zack Snyder's 300 she immediately vowed to become an editor. She's a delightful and talented person to begin with but she's also a real-life example of what you should do if you're passionate about your work but have no doors open to you to the industry. This...


An Interview with David Colantuoni, Senior Director of Product Management at Avid : Episode 73

Josh and special guest David Colantuoni, Senior Director of Product Management at Avid, discuss the upcoming release of Media Composer | First, this year's Avid Connect Conference and what's new and on the horizon for Media Composer. PS: Josh will be doing some training around Media Composer | First once it is released. Jump on his newsletter to find out more here: This episode is brought to you by Studio Network Solutions and their EVO Shared Storage unit. Every...


An Interview with Niel Guilarte : Episode 72

This episode is brought to you by Studio Network Solutions and their EVO Shared Storage unit. Every EVO includes their easy to use media management software for organizing, tagging, and finding your media across all of your storage devices—even external, local, and cloud services. For more info check out In this episode we grab some face time with fellow editor and podcaster Niel Guilarte. He runs the All Things Post podcast, featuring awesome...


Tips for Cutting Short : Episode 71

Working on a 5-minute short? A 2-minute trailer? A 15-second commercial spot? We've got ways you can use to approach that short cut in this episode. Even as short as this episode post! Links Apple Mac Pro Redesign Plans The Unskippable Geico Ad Need Public Domain Footage? Song used in this episode was Codebreaker by Dotted Lined. Get royalty-free stock music from Soundstripe: Use the code COMMANDEDIT for 10% off! Follow us on Twitter:...


Networking Essentials for Video Editors with Rhonda Thain

Josh and special guest Rhonda discuss networking essentials for video editors. They talk about how to make contacts, what kind of contacts to make, how to keep relationships going, how to ask for work, what not to do when you’re networking and so much more. Also, Josh gives a special announcement :) Get royalty-free stock music from Soundstripe: Use the code COMMANDEDIT for 10% off! Follow us on Twitter: Join our...