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Conscious Effort Podcast Ep. 15 - Serious Conversation

The gang is back and gets down to serious business! There are new things at Conscious Effort to discuss, like Tracy's Record Of The Month Article and the new membership feature the gang is working on. Tyler battles his allergies, Ryan wants to start a cult, Tracy recounts seeing Jukebox The Ghost and meeting up with Tommy Siegel, Justin is cast in a new music video.


Conscious Effort Podcast Ep. 14 - Tommy Siegel Does The Conscious Effort Podcast Against All Good Sense

All the way from Brooklyn, New York, musician and cartoonist Tommy Siegel boldly joins the show to discuss his band, Jukebox The Ghost, and his latest endeavor, Tommy Siegel Is Doing A Cartoon Every Day For A Year Against All Good Sense. The gang talks cursed images, noses, horse collections, and Tracy brings back everyone's favorite game: "Would You Rather…?" • FEATURED Jukebox The Ghost - "Fred Astaire" Off To The Races (2018) ———————– Available on ———————– iTunes | Spotify | Amazon...


Conscious Effort Podcast Ep. 13 - DRA and The NY Times

More WARNING This episode is a departure from the norm. In this raw, unfiltered episode, the gang grapples with the recent NY Times article and allegations against Ryan Adams moments after hearing the news. Tracy is heartbroken. The cast debates art vs. artist and how the present affects our past.


Conscious Effort Podcast Ep. 12 - Not Ryan Barber (Part 2)

Gather 'round for Part 2 where Ryan goes from Indiana, to Arizona, to Nashville. Wait. Isn't that exactly the same thing he did in Part 1? Ryan talks about touring, festivals with Further Seems Forever and Superchick, what he did when Brent Mason personally invited him to a show, Clint Black wanting his guitar pedal, Stanley Jackson musicals, and everything else up to the present day. Interesting story: Did you know... well, you'll just have to listen to find out. REACH OUT! Get in...


Conscious Effort Podcast Ep. 11 - Not Ryan Barber (Part 1)

This episode is (not) all about Ryan Barber. The gang gathers 'round to hear the story of his beginning in music - from Indiana to Arizona to Nashville. Ryan explains what Conscious Effort University is and takes us to the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences where he meets his friend, Bryan. From there, he travels to Dark Horse Recording and finally to Sound Stage where he hangs out in the Groove Room and meets "Porn King". Yes, you heard that right. REACH OUT! Get in touch with...


Conscious Effort Podcast Ep. 10 - (Not Quite) Ladies Night 2

It's Ladies Night again, and Tracy has a special guest! Ever wonder what it's like working behind the curtain in music - working on tours, festivals, and cruises? Whitney does, and she's here to share with the gang her stories of the music life. Tracy allows the boys to sit in for this episode, but ONLY if they play nice. The ladies hold it down while the three am-egos try to butt in. Welcome to (not quite) Ladies Night. REACH OUT! Get in touch with us...


Conscious Effort Podcast Ep. 9 - No Platitudes, Please

The gang tries their best to alienate their entire audience one by one. Tyler's truck get's taken. Justin's truck gets hit. Ryan pimps out his voice for platitudes. And plasma. And platypus. #FakeDuck REACH OUT! If you have something creative for Ryan to read on air, let us know in a DM or email. Instagram @ConsciousEffortCreative Email:


Conscious Effort Podcast Ep. 8 - Fort Itchy (Giraffe in My Loft)

It's 2019! The gang shakes off the rust and looks forward to the new year and some new Conscious Effort endeavors - video, blog writing, a web store - but most importantly: the construction of Fort Itchy. Ryan learns he has an allergy. Justin doesn't see the same colors. It's just like 2018, but different. REACH OUT! If you have an idea for the new year, get in touch with us! Instagram @ConsciousEffortCreative Email:...


Conscious Effort Podcast Ep. 7 - Ladies Night

It's a special ladies night on the Conscious Effort Podcast, and that means no boys allowed! Tracy invites her friends over for mimosas, music, and murder shows. Oh my! The gals order wine, call the Ryan Adams Archive, and discuss their favorite records. And remember: NO BOYS ALLOWED! FEATURED Damian Baker - “Better Place” (Single) Find it now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Google Play. UPCOMING EVENTS Dec 29 - Justin Senne @ Vincennes Brewing Co | Vincennes, IN Dec 31 - Damian...


Conscious Effort Podcast Ep. 6 - Drummer's Inferno

Conscious Effort is back from their extended Thanksgiving break and has new music to debut on the show! The gang explores the role of lyrics in music, Justin knows all the words to “Gangnam Style”, and Tracy plans a special event at Ryan’s expense. Meanwhile, Joel tunes the drums. Tune. T-E-W-N. Tune. FEATURED Damian Baker - “Better Place” (Single) Find it now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Google Play. UPCOMING EVENTS Dec 8 - The Why Store w/ Breathing Rm @ The Astra Theatre |...


Conscious Effort Podcast Ep. 5 - Call The Amberlamps

Longtime friend, Scott Gilley, drops by the studio and hilarity ensues. The gang looks back at 2010 when Scott formed The Amberlamps with Tyler and Ryan - the band that would later become Spectre. Scott recounts meeting Tyler through pro wrestling, Justin reveals how he too almost became an Amberlamp, and the gang phones a friend to get some answers. Meanwhile, Tracy slowly loses her mind from all the improper grammer. It's okay - this is my normal voice! UPCOMING EVENTS Nov 21 - Damian...


Conscious Effort Podcast Ep. 4 - In or Out?

The gang discusses the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and tests their HOF knowledge during a game of "In or Out?" Meanwhile, Ryan and Justin pitch their own show: Nerd S---™. Y' like Popsicles?


Conscious Effort Podcast Ep. 3 - "oh no"

Damian Baker is in the studio! The gang talks about Damian’s upcoming release with Conscious Effort, Justin tries to describe his new project, Breathing Rm, and Tracy leads the boys through a wandering game of “Would You Rather…” where things turn dark. Ohhh nooo! UPCOMING EVENTS Oct 27 - Damian Baker @ The Angle | Washington, IN Nov 03 - Fun Guns @ Loogootee Fireman's Ball | Loogootee, IN Dec 08 - Breathing Rm @ The Astra Theatre | Jasper, IN


Conscious Effort Podcast Ep. 2 - Meat Justin

The gang discusses whether Justin is or isn't becoming a superhero, learns that Tyler can't spell, and continues living in an alternate universe. Yip! Yip! Yeahhh. UPCOMING EVENTS Oct 19 - Justin Senne @ Woopenheimer's | Haysville, IN Oct 23 - Breathing Rm @ The Bluebird | Bloomington, IN Oct 27 - Damian Baker @ The Angle | Washington, IN Nov 03 - Fun Guns @ Loogootee Fireman's Ball | Loogootee, IN Dec 08 - Breathing Rm @ The Astra Theatre | Jasper, IN


Conscious Effort Podcast Ep. 1 - Meet The Gang

Say hello to Tyler, Ryan, Justin and Tracy! The gang talks Butch Walker and the Foo Fighters, checks their science facts, and asks what guests YOU want to see on the show.