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Daniel Suh – PhD student in developmental psychology at NYU

Dan Suh is the one you’d ask probably one too many questions about his thoughts on raising kids. His expertise is on the correlations between spatial skills/language and STEM abilities. In other words, what helps your kids become better at calculating/critical thinking? There were literally too many directions to take the conversation that I ended up back tracking a few times. But I’m glad I did. Dan gives tremendous insight that is very accessible, and shares his thoughts on topics ranging...


Conversations with Caleb Lee (#5) – Ben Arnoux – Postman Superman

en Arnoux is a postman for the US Postal service. He’s also making a RV schoolbus and has worked on video jobs for businesses. Ben shares his life experiences from overcoming stuttering, being raised by a single mother, then to have a scary stepfather, and to raising kids now. Join me in my conversation with Ben as he shares on all facets of his life, from work, projects, his 4 kids, and his beliefs. You can watch the interview here: 6:56 – the introverted mailman 9:52 – what if you were...


Conversations with Caleb Lee #4 – Dr. Randy Gao

After having dedicated pretty much his entire 20’s to studying and hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans, Randy Gao is finally at the finish line of his studying career. In his last year of his fellowship (extended residency specialty), Randy has been prepped by the best of the medical system to become a gastroenterologist. The process of becoming a doctor, including grueling residency, tons of debt, and nearly a decade of studying, is a journey that only doctors can understand. Randy...


Conversations with Caleb Lee (CWC) #3 – Rich Adofo – From Ghana to UK to USA. Pure Hustle. Pure Humility.

“You are going to suffer…” These are the words Rich’s father said to him the day he dropped his son off at the airport and left him in the US, with nothing but a cash paying job at a restaurant. In today’s interview, Rich redefined for me what rock bottom looks like. I invite you to hear the story of not just his, but countless immigrants who arrive to a country with nothing but his parent’s hopes, grit, and passion. Rich Adofo started by living in a commercial office space illegally to...


Conversations with Caleb Lee (CWC) – #2 Soo An – NYC Public School Teacher

I can confidently say each and everyone one of us has had that one teacher who we will always remember. That teacher that actually saw something in us, or actually cared. It’s quite powerful to think that just one person can have such a strong impact on our lives. This made me think of the question of what makes a good teacher? Who are the people who are spending more time with our kids than we do? Soo An is a teacher at a new charter school in NYC. Her day starts at 5AM to get to school and...


Conversations with Caleb Lee (CWC) – Dayhanna Vieda – Vet Tech & The Transition to Becoming a Christian

Dayhanna Vieda is a rare breed of human being. Her laughter is infectious, and there’s depth to her eyes that is backed by deeper stories. Her perspective on being a vet-tech, and the sudden transition from completely changing her life of bad company and drugs to the complete opposite is one that is both refreshing and inspiring. In this conversation, we go into topics ranging from what a vet-tech’s life looks like, how one distinguishes being an animal lover on instagram versus actually...


The Unofficial Introduction

Every intro to podcasting says to start with a short intro…something about ranking higher on itunes by adding more than one post when launching. But it’s also to allow listeners who may chance upon a new podcast to know what they’re getting into. Making this intro to me was more than just telling a listener about what I will be doing. It was introducing you to my voice, to my style, to my cadence. It was fun thinking about how I sounded. When was the last time you listened to yourself talk?...