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Episode 58: Hopworks Urban Brewery's Justin Miller: The Important Relationship Between Farm and Brewery

There's a lot to like about brewing in Portland, Oregon but for Justin Miller the Head Brewer of Hopworks Urban Brewery having access to terrific hop growers just a short drive away tops the list. On this episode he discusses the important relationship between farm and brewery, why all brewers and drinkers need to be more focused on environmental concerns, and why the Cascadian dark ale is a style with substance.


Episode 57: Triple Crossing's Jeremy Wirtes: Throw Away the Rule Book and Trust Your Tastebuds

Jeremy Wirtes, cofounder and head brewer for Triple Crossing Beer in Richmond, Virginia, may never be completely happy with the beer he makes. “We can always be better, and it’s a constant pursuit of that,” he says. But for this two-location brewery in the burgeoning craft beer city of Richmond, things are going right thanks to a philosophy of constant improvement and experimentation, and smart strategies for using their small scale as an asset rather than a hinderance. In this conversation,...


Episode 56: Founders' Dave Engbers: Is Founders the Last of the One Million Barrel Breweries?

Dave Engbers, the cofounder at Founders Brewing Company has learned a lot about brewing from both the beers he likes to drink, and how it's evolved to the way to keep the lights on. In this podcast he talks about walking back from the brink of bankruptcy to the runaway success of All Day IPA and how at heart, even with foreign investment, the brewery remains craft at heart. Is Founders the last of the one million barrel breweries in the U.S. maybe. And Dave explains why.


Episode 55: Crooked Stave's Chad Yakobson: Geek Out On Sour (and “Clean” Beer)

From his pioneering masters thesis on fermenting with Brettanomyces to his current role running a 10,000 BBL per year brewery and artisan-focused craft distributorship in Denver, Colorado, Chad Yakobson has made his mark on the world of brewing. In this conversation with Jamie Bogner, he discusses his early days of Brett research, myths about mixed culture fermentations, the brewhouse feedback loop with sensory and lab components that work in sync, the importance of water chemistry on beer...


Episode 54: The Best 18 Beers of 2018: A Peek Behind the Curtain on How Beers Are Selected

There's a lot of beer that comes through the Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine office each year, and even more tasted at festivals, breweries, and with friends. Our staff, columnists, reviewers, and readers all got together and selected our picks for the top beers of 2018. In this special edition of the podcast be among the first to hear the breweries who made the list and why, and get a peek behind the curtain on how beers are selected. Read the full story at...


Episode 53: J. Wakefield Brewing: Staying on the Cutting Edge of Brewing

What fruits work best when it comes to brewing a Florida-weisse? J. Wakefield has the answer in this week's podcast. The celebrated homebrewer turned pro also talks about his love of stouts, the art of collaboration and the connection between geek and beer culture.


Episode 52: Aslin Brewing Founders: Outspoken with a No-Holds-Barred Approach

Northern Virginia’s Aslin Brewing are brash and outspoken with a no-holds-barred approach that’s reflected in their progressive take on brewing. They’ve been tinkerers and experimenters from their earliest days brewing on a 2 bbl system, and this year they’re on track to brew over 5,000 barrels of beer on a small 8.5 bbl system, almost all of which is canned and sold from their dock because the brewery doesn’t currently have a taproom. In this conversation with Jamie Bogner, cofounders Kai...


Episode 51: Anderson Valley's Fal Allen: Lessons Learned from Brewing Goses

From the best kinds of salts to use to how it can mess up some brewing equipment, there's no one better to talk about gose than Fal Allen. This week he talks about his new book that focuses on the style, what he's learned brewing them at Anderson Valley Brewing Co. and how gose almost disappeared. This episode brought to you by, home of the most powerful brewery locator in the universe. Whether you’re traveling in a new city or planning your next beer-cation—head to...


Episode 50: Pinthouse Pizza's Joe Mohrfeld: Selecting and Using Hops In Your Brewing

Pinthouse Pizza Director of Brewing Joe Mohrfeld joins Jamie for a hop-centric conversation that touches on everything from hop trends in the 2018 crop year, hot and cold-side hopping methods, their small-scale approach to production brewery-style blending, building relationships with hops growers, using cryo-hops to achieve different flavors, yeast harvesting despite dry-hopping during active fermentation, learning from peer brewers, and more. Beer is agriculture. Listen in.


Episode 49: Stone's Greg Koch: The Challenge of Keeping the Art in Brewing as the Business Grows

Greg Koch, Executive Chairman and co-founder of Stone Brewing, joins Jamie Bogner for a conversation about their challenge in launching a brewery in a difficult market, their experience launching a distribution business to connect their beer with retailers, the importance of lean business practices in helping brewing businesses weather the cyclical storms of the beer business, the challenge of keeping the art in brewing as the business grows, the impact of a death by a thousand cuts that...


Episode 48: Equilibrium's Ricardo Petroni and Peter Oates: Using Mathematics to Get the Most out of Hopping

Equilibrium Brewing's co-owners Ricardo Petroni and Peter Oates talk about using mathematics to get the most out of hopping, the benefits and worries of "Line Life" and what they've learned from homebrewing and measured growth to help strengthen their business today. This episode is brought to you by American Homebrewers Association (


Episode 47: Kane Brewing's Michael Kane: Adventures in Barrel-Aging

When you put quality first in your beer, your employees will follow suit with all the other aspects of the business, says Michael Kane, founder and brewer at Kane Brewing Co. In this week's podcast he talks about a brewers love for lager, why attending festivals around the country helps his New Jersey-only distribution brewery, and adventures in barrel-aging.


Episode 46: Bolero Snort's Bob Olson: The Struggles and Joy of Small Brewery Ownership

Bull puns, flavored IPA, and the challenges of contract brewing at three separate locations are just a few of the ways Bob Olson of Bolero Snort Brewery spends his day. From talking about when the moment was right to go pro and then eventually break ground on his own brewery, to using odd ingredients to achieve dessert flavors in his beers, Olson shares the struggles and joy of small brewery ownership. Subscribe to Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine at


Episode 45: Fifth Hammer's Chris Cuzme: Keeping the Homebrewing Spirit Alive

Keeping the homebrewing spirit and inspiration alive and top of mind is paramount for Chris Cuzme of Fifth Hammer in New York. This week he discusses brewing seasonally and with special ingredients, how music can impact beer, and the benefits and limitations of brewing in a major city.


Episode 44: Bierstadt Lagerhaus Founders: A Methodical Approach to Traditional Techniques

Ashleigh Carter and Bill Eye of Denver’s Bierstadt Lagerhaus are quintessential brewers’ brewers, and their singular focus on lagers along with their exacting and methodical approach to traditional techniques has earned them deep respect from their peers. In this episode of the podcast, they discuss everything from the Weyermann base malt they use in their pale lagers, to the importance of decoction mashing, the value of technique over recipe, their novel glassware and pricing strategies,...


Episode 43: Wallenpaupack Brewery's CJ Penzone: The Brewery's Story in Four Beers

A brewery's story in four beers. CJ Penzone, the head brewer at Wallenpaupack Brewery in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains talks about making beers for locals, responding to seasonal spikes, and how one classic style has captured a new generation of drinkers.