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Episode 78: La Cumbre's Jeff Erway: Another Way to Think About Hops

With six GABF medals and four World Beer Cup medals under his belt (in categories ranging from Pilsner to stout to IPA), La Cumbre Brewing Company’s Jeff Erway has built a reputation as a perfectionist and outspoken proponent of brewing quality. He’s both a traditionalist and an iconoclast, depending on the style, occasion, or issue—not afraid to break a few eggs, but deeply respectful of the history and tradition of brewing. In this conversation, he discusses building a malt base for IPAs,...


Episode 77: Adam Avery: Laying a Foundation for the Future and Focusing on Quality and Innovation

Adam Avery of Avery Brewing has seen a lot of cycles in craft beer over his past 26 years in business, and is bullish on the future. “There’s still a lot of blue sky out there.” Still, the best he can do is react to where he is and what the market is, right now. “Who would have thought that there would be 7500 breweries. If you had told me that five years ago, would I have built this brewery? I don’t know. I can’t go back in time. My crystal ball was cloudy on that aspect.” In this...


Episode 76: BraufactuM's Marc Rauschmann: Think You Know German Beer? This Conversation Might Challenge Those Notions

We’re catching up with Marc Rauschmann the brewmaster of Germany’s BraufactuM, talking about the misconceptions of and pushing the boundaries of the Reinheitsgebot. The craft beer renaissance was late coming to Bavaria, but now brewers are mixing old traditions with new ones and the results are surprising. There’s even the novel concept (in Germany at least) of putting IPA in a can. Think you know German beer? This conversation might challenge those notions. This episode is brought to you...


Episode 75: Odd13 Brewing’s Ryan and Kristin Scott: Iterating and Improving the Hazy Hops-Forward Pale Ale, IPA, and Double IPA

Lafayette, Colorado’s Odd13 was one of the first breweries west of the Mississippi to take hazy IPAs into the world of production and distribution, launching Codename Superfan in 2015. In the years since, they’ve continued to experiment with variations on the style, and have learned much in the process. In this episode, they discuss effective ways of using cryohops, controlling polyphenol burn from high dry hopping loads, the impacts of certain hops varieties on the expression of burn, the...


Episode 74: Deschutes Brewery's Veronica Vega: Creation, Trial, Error, and Eventual Completion of New Beers

When it comes to making a low calorie beer that will appeal to the craft beer drinker, there's a lot to consider. Veronica Vega, the head brewer at Dechutes Brewing Co. in Bend, Oregon walks us through the creation, trial, error, and eventual completion of the brewery's new light pilsner. The low numbers matter, but so do the hops and marketing. This episode is brought to you by: BSG ( Great beers are made from select ingredients. With BSG, you’ll bring the world...


Episode 73: Lazy Magnolia’s Leslie Henderson: Brewing the Flavor of the South

Even with all the progress craft beer has made over the decades there are still boundaries to break and stigmas to change. Lazy Magnolia Brewery in Mississippi has been on the forefront of those fights in the south since it first opened. Cofounder and brewer Leslie Henderson talks about changing perspectives, brewing with nuts, and how harnessing rain water might be one of the next big advancements in beer. This episode is brought to you by: BSG ( Great beers are...


Episode 72: Cerebral Brewing’s Sean Buchan: Building a Traditional Foundation for Constant Progression

Cerebral Brewing’s Sean Buchan knows what he likes to brew, and isn’t afraid to say it. The Denver, Colorado brewer’s approach to progressive styles like hazy and sour IPA, fruited kettle sour, and pastry stout would seem purely trendy if it weren’t for their equal love of Brettanomyces-fermented saison and wood-aged lager. In this episode, he discusses everything from designing processes around hops creep to the rise of Sabro hops to fermenting lagers in foeders and their embrace of the...


Episode 71: Other Half Brewing’s Sam Richardson: Building Exciting Beers that Delight Drinkers

Tucked away in an industrial corner of Brooklyn, New York’s Other Half Brewing has become known as a leader of the brewing new-school with intensely flavorful and creative beers that crowds turn out for on a weekly basis. But cofounder Sam Richardson takes a methodical approach to these genre-bending flavor explorations, employing a discipline learned from years of paying his dues at production breweries from West coast to East. In this conversation about everything from hazy IPAs to pastry...


Episode 70: Hudson Valley Brewing's Jason Synan and Mike Renganeschi: Acidity, Hops, and Botanicals

Thinking about most of their beers as a triangle, Jason Synan and Mike Renganeschi the brewers behind Hudson Valley Brewery, want to focus on acidity, hops, and botanicals. However, each characteristic doesn’t play the traditional role in their beers that one might expect, and that’s exactly how the brewers want it. Here they discuss their IPAs and how they blend down from an acidic beer base, going strong with botanicals, and using hops that convey more than just bitterness. This episode is...


Episode 69: Boston Beer’s Jennifer Glanville: From Utopias to Sam 76, the Secret is in the Blend

Every two years beer lovers get excited for the release of Samuel Adams Utopias. As the 2019 edition gets closer to our glasses, Jennifer Glanville, the director of brewing operations for Boston Beer sits down to talk about what goes into making a beer so boozy it might as well be a spirit. Plus, scaling up recipes for a full production run isn't always easy. Hear what has worked for Sam Adams and what she wishes she could do over. This episode is brought to you by: BSG...


Episode 68: Fonta Flora Brewery’s Todd Boera: Getting Creative With Ingredients While Staying Grounded

Fonta Flora Brewery’s Todd Boera is known for creative yet grounded mixed culture botanical beers, and their new production brewery out on a farm 30 minutes from Morganton, North Carolina puts an even finer point on the connection between the brewery and the agriculture that supports it. In this conversation, he opens up about the way they think about and brew with offbeat ingredients, how they apply an ingredient focus to more conventional beers like IPAs, the challenge of opening a...


Episode 67: Mikerphone's Mike Pallen: Using Unconventional Ingredients to Maximize Flavor

Mike Pallen paid his dues as a homebrewer and after helping some other breweries get off the ground all while working on his own recipes, he's busted out onto the national beer scene. The owner and head brewer of Mikerphone talks about collaborations, finding ways to use unconventional ingredients to maximize flavor, and why a healthy work and life balance is more important than ever before. This episode is brought to you by: G&D Chillers ( As the brewing...


Episode 66: Dogfish Head’s Bryan Selders: Innovating With Beers Both Big and Small

The Delaware craft stalwart’s “Brewing Ambassador” and former head brewer talks through everything from the process of innovation to brewhouse key performance indicators, building beers from the simplest Pilsner to giant high-gravity beers, evaluating ingredients, reducing diacetyl, his career foray into graphic design and back to brewing, overlooked considerations while brewing, and more. This episode is brought to you by: G&D Chillers ( As the brewing industry’s...


Episode 65: Highland Park's Bob Kunz: Building Unique Beers That Are True to Your Environment

Just because Bob Kunz has moved his Highland Park Brewery into a larger space doesn't mean he plans to max it out capacity wise. The Los Angeles brewer talks about his plan for modest growth, how he looks for international inspiration beyond just Germany and the Czech Republic when it comes to pilsner, and shares his advice for creating a wild yeast culture that will develop overtime ensuring your beers can only taste like your beers. This episode is brought to you by: G&D Chillers...


Episode 64: Fort George's Dave Coyne: The Constant Evolution of Recipes

Dave Coyne of Fort George Brewery holds the title of “Barrel Baron,” and manages everything from R&D brewing to the barrel program of the powerhouse Pacific Northwest brewery. In this conversation, he talks about recipes and considerations for their annual collaborative 3-Way IPA, building barrel-aged beers and adjunction them, barleywines, the constantly evolving nature of their recipes, and more. This episode is brought to you by: * G&D Chillers ( As the brewing...


Episode 63: Three Weavers Brewing's Alexandra Nowell: An Appreciation for Ingredients

Alexandra Nowell, the brewmaster at Three Weavers in Los Angeles talks about what she learned as she worked her way up the brewing career ladder, especially an appreciation for ingredients. Part of the fun of being a brewer, she says, is the chance to experiment with not only new styles and recipes, but existing ones. From how to cultivate a relationship with farmers for the best ingredients, to getting your hands messy by processing them yourself, she shares tips for creating vibrant beers...


Episode 62: Falling Rock's Chris Black: Blurring the Lines of the Three-Tier System

Falling Rock Taphouse cofounder Chris Black is known for his strong opinions and bombastic style—befitting for one of America’s most influential publicans. In this conversation, Black expounds upon his recent fiery blog post taking to task breweries who expand taprooms and retail locations in ways that blur the lines of the three-tier systems. Host Jamie Bogner plays devil’s advocate in a spirited debate about the increasing direct-to-consumer nature of the beer business and how deeper...


Episode 61: Trillium's JC Tetreault: Owning It and Moving Forward

It’s been three weeks since an internet post where issues of wages, beer service, and recipes were leveled against Trillium Brewing Co. Co-owner and founder JC Tetreault sits down to discuss his reaction, response, and what the brewery is doing to preserve and evolve its culture. This podcast is brought to you by


Episode 60: Neighborhood Restaurant Group's Greg Engert: Building the Best Drinking Experience

There’s more to running a successful beer bar than just having a killer tap list. This week on the podcast is Greg Engert, the beer director and managing partner for Neighborhood Restaurant Group in Washington D.C. which includes The Sovereign, Churchkey, and Birch and Barley, among others. From proper care and respect for cask ale, to what bars need to do to adapt to a brewery taproom dominated market, to why commitment is more than just talking the talk. This episode is brought to you by...


Episode 59: Jack’s Abby Brewing's Jack Hendler: The Ins and Outs of Their Lager Brewing Techniques

When he and his two brothers founded Jack’s Abby Brewing in Framingham, Massachusetts in 2011, Jack Hendler thought their craft brewery making only lagers might grow to brew 3000 bbl of beer per year in the first decade. Fast forward to 2018, where they’ll finish the year around the 50,000 bbl mark, and lagers are a bona fide trend with Jack’s Abby as one of the leaders of the charge. In this episode, Jack discusses the ins and outs of their lager brewing techniques, from yeast management to...