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Hosted by Christopher Calloway, the podcast features interviews with comic book writers and artists. Interviews will include new, veteran and living legend creators.

Hosted by Christopher Calloway, the podcast features interviews with comic book writers and artists. Interviews will include new, veteran and living legend creators.
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Hosted by Christopher Calloway, the podcast features interviews with comic book writers and artists. Interviews will include new, veteran and living legend creators.






182 J. K. Woodward in Las Vegas on Star Trek Mirrors & Smoke

Creator Talks podcast host Christopher Calloway sits down with artist J.K. Woodward at his Rio Hotel & Casino suite during the Star Trek Vegas 2019 convention. J.K. discusses working on the upcoming Star Trek Voyager one-shot "Mirrors and Smoke" being published in October through IDW. The book kick-offs a series of monthly Star Trek Mirror Universe comics. Christopher also explores three of J.K.'s favorite subjects: the Star Trek series, Doctor Who and legendary composer/performer David...


181 Carlos Giffoni and John Doe on Strayed (Dark Horse)

Carlos Giffoni is a musician and game producer whose first creator-owned comic Strayed (Dark Horse) hits comic shops on August 21 2019. The artist on the series is Juan Doe (Descendent, Dark Ark) a veteran in the comic book industry. What is Strayed all about? The Diamond solicit reads: In the far future, a military-industrial complex reigns over all humanity and actively destroys distant alien worlds. The galaxy's only hope can be found through an unlikely pair: an astral-projecting...


180 Liana Kangas on She Said Destroy

Liana Kangas is the artist of She Said Destroy (Vault Comics) and Devil’s Dye (Black Mask) Before Liana packed her bags for SDCC, we had a chance to catch up since we last chat. I asked about her invigorating experience at Heroes Con 2019 and her recent book tour. Always on the go, Liana has also moved many times over the years. I ask why that is and what she loves about Memphis, the place she now calls home. One of her first jobs was working in a comic book shop in Florida. I...


179 John Morrow on American Comic Book Chronicals - The 1980s

Special Edition! TwoMorrows Publishing has launched a KickStarter to make a second printing of American Comic Book Chronicles: The 1980s. John Morrow joins Creator Talk's for a Creator Corner feature to explain why the publisher decided to take the Kickstarter route for a second printing of the sold out 1980s volume of the world's greatest comic book history encyclopedia. The 1980s volume covers comics published year by year placing within historical context and does extensive research...


178 Jeremy Lambert on the return of Doom Patrol

As flooring contractors work just outside of Christopher’s studio, writer Jeremy Lambert joins to Creator Talks to discuss Doom Patrol (DC). The first issue of the series Weight of the World was released July 3. So if the series is returning, why a new number#1? Jeremy explains the reason for resetting the numbering and the incredible artist working on the series. He also talks about the success of the DC streaming series, and how it impacted the release of the new comic series. Also,...


177 Cameron DeOrdio Presents: Charlie's Angles vs The Bionic Woman

On this bonus edition of Creator Talks, Cameron DeOrdio joins the show to talk about his latest series Charlie’s Angels vs. The Bionic Woman published through Dynamite Entertainment. In preparation to write his four-part series which launched July 3rd, Cameron re-watched the TV series, reboot of the Bionic Woman and the Charlie’s Angels movie (whew!) Which version did he prefer? Which were episodes are his favorites? What does he think was the charm of the original 1970s-80s...


176 Karl Kesel on Superboy, Section Zero and Impossible Jones

Karl Kesel discusses just some of the indelible marks he has made upon the comic book industry throughout his long and illustrious career. Along with his collaborator Tom Grummet, Karl created Kon-El Superboy, wrote a land mark issue of the Fantastic Four inspired by a Jack Kirby drawing of The Thing and returned Daredevil to being a swashbuckling hero! How did it all begin for Karl? Why did he decide to become an inker and who his favorite inker of all time? What were the first comics...


175 Artist Dean Kotz on Warlord of Mars Attacks!!

Dean Kotz is an artist living in Brooklyn working on a five-part series written by Jeff Parker Warlord of Mars Attacks!! Issue #1 of this Dynamite Entertainment mini-series goes on sale June 19. Dean is big fan Edgar Rice Burroughs work and is excited to share what it is like working on this action-packed cross-over between John Cater Warlord of Mars and Mars Attacks! We begin by discussing Dean’s art education and first paid comic book work. Why are horror and crime-noir his favorite...


174 Grace & Guts: Trekker and Geek-Girl Kickstarters

Two returning guests talk about their action adventure heroes that have grace and guts! First, Ron Randall talks about his third Kickstarter, a graphic novel about Mercy St. Claire entitled Trekker: Battlefields. Ron is well known for his work on DC’s Sgt. Rock, Future Quest, Astro City, and many other characters for publishers over the course of his distinguished career. Did you know he also illustrated Doom Patrol in the late 1990s? I get Ron’s reaction to the new Doom Patrol series...


173 Sean Lewis and Hayden Sherman on Thumbs (Image Comics)

Returning is writer and playwright Sean Lewis who was last on episode #127 talking about his series Coyotes (Image Comics). Sean provides the details behind the ending of that series with issue #8 and looks forward with his new series Thumbs on sale June 5. Making his debut on Creator Talks is artist Hayden Sherman (Cold War, Mary Shelley Monster Hunter / Aftershock). Hayden collaborated with Sean on their series The Few (Image Comics) and team-up again for Thumbs. What is the story of...


172 Caitlin Major & Kelly Bastow - Manfried The Man Saves The Day

Writer Caitlin Major and artist Kelly Bastow are the duo behind Manfried Saves The Day, a graphic novel published through Quirk Books. “Come visit a world where human felines keep cute little humans as pampered pets…and the most spoiled of them all is irascible Manfried the Man. Can a pet man who spends most of his time eating and sleeping take first prize at the Manflower Man Show? If not, the local shelter for stray men will be forced to shut down forever!” Caitlin Major is a writer...


171 Adam Glass and Olivia Cuartero-Briggs creation Mary Shelley: Monster Hunter

Writer Adam Glass (The Normals & Rough Riders) returns along with co-writer Olivia Cuartero-Briggs (Criminal Minds, Peaked in High School) to talk Mary Shelley: Monster Hunter. The story asks what if the Frankenstein Monster was real? According to the Diamond Previews solicitation: “…With the recent discovery of Mary Shelley's secret memoir, the truth is finally revealed: Mary Shelley didn't just write Frankenstein, she lived it.” Hayden Sherman, artist of Cold War, The Few, and Wasted...


170 Rags Morales: Unexpurgated and on Valiant's Bloodshot!

He’s back! Rags Morales returns to Valiant Comics to pencil and ink Bloodshot: Rising Sprit and he’s going to tell us all about it, unfiltered! Join Rags and I with a glass of merlot and learn about the classes he took at the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Art. What did he find so valuable about Joe Kubert’s method? Who were his contemporaries taking classes? Hop in the way back machine with us for a peak between the pages of the early days at Valiant during the...


169 Tom Sacchi on his Belgian-Style Crime Noir Offbeats and 1960s Manga Homage Ultrabot Go Go Go!

My guest is comic book producer and Brooklyn native Tom Sacchi, the mind behind the crime-noir Offbeats and the 1960s manga-style Ultrabot Go Go Go! Both comics are published through Antarctic Press. Tom begins by sharing his memory of the 1960s television cartoon series that introduced him to the world of comics. He also shares his memory of discovering a store, before the days of direct market distribution, which sold new and back issue comics and magazines. He eventually drifted away...


168 Andrea Mutti on DC Vertigo's Untold WWII Story: Six Days

Andrea Mutti, artist of Rebels (Dark Horse) and Port of Earth (Image) returns this week for an interview about living in Italy, what fuels his creative process and a new graphic novel he is illustrating written by Robert Venditti (Green Lantern) and Kevin Maurer (No Easy Day: The First Hand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden) titled Six Days: The Incredible True Story of D-Day’s Lost Chapter (DC Vertigo). The Diamond Preview solicitation for Six Days reads: “D-Day. One...


167 G is for Go-Go and Greg Paprocki

Creator Talks welcomes from America’s heartland prolific artist Greg Paprocki. He comes to highly recommend by my 2 year-old. How is that, you say? Greg has partnered with Gibbs Smith and their BabyLit division to publish his historically themed ABC books. We discovered his wonderful work at our local library and want to share with all of our listens that are young or young at heart. Greg’s simplified retro-style art style harkens back to the advertisements of the 1940 through the...


166 Steam-Punk-O-Rama with Stephanie Cannon & Matt Knowles

This week we're talking steam punk! Undaunted by con crud and travel fatigue is writer Stephanie Cannon (It Came Out on a Wednesday - Alterna Comics) and writer/musician Matt Knowles. Together they are Insymmetry Creations (#INSYM). I find out why they decided it was critical to create the company. First, I catch up with Steph about her half marathon run, then turn my attention to their recent experiences at the 2019 Seattle Emerald City Comics Con! Who were some of the creators they met...


165 Julius Ohta: Dynamite's "Secret Weapon" on Bettie Page

Julius Otha is an artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil who began his comic career as a colorist on Grime Fairly Tales (Zenescope) and Serenity (Dark Horse Comics). His first work on interior art was Sherlock Holmes: The Vanishing Man (Dynamite Entertainment), and now he is the artist of Bettie Page and the upcoming Bettie Page: Unbound. Julius joins Creator Talks to discuss why he wanted to change from colorist to a penciler/inker. How did Julius land his first assignment Sherlock Holmes with...


164 Crom! It's Mahmud Asrar artist of Conan The Barbarian

Know, Oh Prince that in the waning days of winter hither came to Creator Talks Mahmud Anjum Asrar, artist on Conan The Barbarian! Mahmud is also the co-creator along with Jay Faerber of the series Dynamo 5. Mahmud grew up in Turkey and we begin our conversation with what it was like going to school there. We also discuss art school and how studying animation and sculpting helps with his comic art today. Mahmud tells us his favorite Conan artist and how that person influences his approach...


163 Josh Frank on Salvador Dali & The Unmade The Marx Brothers Movie

My guest on today’s show undertook the enormous task of writing a graphic novel version of the strangest movie never made. Writer Josh Frank presents the all signing, all talking Giraffes on Horseback Salad, a graphic novel published by Quirk Books, which is based on the undeveloped screenplay by Salvador Dali for The Marx Brothers. It is the fantastical tale of a businessman named Jimmy who finds himself drawn to the mysterious Surrealistic Woman, a figure whose very presence can...