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Humanity is facing the sixth extinction. Climate change is unyielding and most species are disappearing from the planet. As if answering a call, hidden creatures, we thought only existed in tales, are suddenly rising around the world. Created by Special Agents Hadrien Royo & Danielle Trussoni. Find us on Discord: []


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Humanity is facing the sixth extinction. Climate change is unyielding and most species are disappearing from the planet. As if answering a call, hidden creatures, we thought only existed in tales, are suddenly rising around the world. Created by Special Agents Hadrien Royo & Danielle Trussoni. Find us on Discord: []




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Web3.0 is our opportunity to tell a new story – with Vivek Singh | Co-founder of Gitcoin & Kernel

A Web 3.0 deep dive – finance, story, metaverse, open source, and philosophy – with one of the most important leader in the space – Vivek Singh. Vivek is behind Kernel Community and Crypto-Z's first ever web 3.0 mentor and advisor! His vision and thinking around Web3.0 is an inspiration to us and the entire Crypto-Z community. I hope you enjoy the conversation.Kernel: – Twitter: – Crypto-Z Discord: –...


NFTs – Why they might change everything about how we interact?

NFTs are becoming popular but they are still vastly misunderstood. They might completely change the way we identify and interact.This is another high level view (or beginner's guide) on Web3 but this time through the lense of NFTsIn this episode we talk about: Bored Ape Yacht Club – – – our Discord – start the conversation on:Twitter: – @cryptozagency –...


$AGENCY– What is a social and governance token?

Social and governance tokens are the life and blood of DAOs and web3 communities. Learn more about $AGENCY: the Crypto-Z Agency token. This is a beginner's guide to DAO and tokens. In short, fungible tokens are the irrevocable proof that you have an ownership stake in a community and therefor grants membership benefits to the person that holds them. $AGENCY is both a reward and your access card into the Crypto-Z Agency.Thanks for listenning!Audio Drama Season 1 is here: – Binge! AMA on...


Crypto-Z is coming to Web 3.0!

Crypto-Z is going full "crypto"! What does that mean? Hadrien Royo explains the Web 3.0 revolution and how Crypto-Z can become the first fictional world entirely owned by its community and "governed" by the Crypto-Z Agency. A DAO that will blur the boundaries between playing and creating, between being a fan and having real ownership. This is an unique opportunity to join the adventure. Season 1 is here: – Binge! It starts on Discord: – – @cryptozagency...


[Listener Feedback] Episodes 6 to 10 Are The Best & We Need A Season 2! – with Jonathan Winstead

We meet with Jonathan Winstead, a devoted fan of radio plays and audio dramas. Jon is a fan in the most meaningful sense. He helps creators by contributing and offering candid and constructive criticism of their work. His passion for audio drama has even lead him to create his own fan projects: The Shadow Remake and Uncharted The Hidden Kingdom.You can find them here: – – If you haven't already listened to the entire season one of Crypto-Z, you...


[Listener feedback] Happy Holidays, Happy Gaming, and Happy Crypto-Z – with Anneliese Olbrich

Happy Holidays! 2020 is almost over and that is worth celebrating (safely)!Before the end of the year, we are featuring Crypto-Z listeners to set our intentions and learn how we can make 2021 better!In this episode, we are featuring a prime member of our community, Anneliese Olbrich. She studies Geosciences in the great state of Texas, and she explains why Crypto-Z is so relevant to the climate and natural challenges we are all facing.We thought this conversion was a great way to start...


[Listener’s Feedback] Why joining Crypto-Z? – with Matt Smenos

This week I meet with Matt Smenos, one of Crypto-Z very first champion, to ask him why for the first time ever, he decided to become an early fan. It is also an opportunity for us to discuss what he loves about the show and his long term vision for the Crypto-Z universe!Discover Crypto-Z Premium on


[learn] Be Your Best-Self | Workshop — with Prof. Abigail Zealey Bess

This episode is sponsored by euphonie. We are (pre)-launching our first workshop to help you thrive in your remote & broadcasting life!The New Normal is an opportunity to discover your communication skills and gain confidence on Zoom or while creating content onlineFind your voice and become the communicator you've always wanted to beThis a pre-launch and we only have 6 seats available for sessions so go now on And learn from NYU and Columbia University, Prof. Abigail Zealey Bess...


[binge] It is happening… now!

All ten episodes of season one are available now on euphonie.mediaRegister as a Crypto-Z Agent and access all of season one in your favorite podcatcher (or in your private area website).The Crypto-Z Cool Line (646)-229-3423 remains open to join our Live events!Thank You & Welcome To


[Crypto-Z Live] This Sunday Join Us For Ep 06

Just a couple more days before our Episode 06 Live Event – Sunday 11th @ 4h30pm (EST)–Register by TEXT (646)-229-3423If you like to stay to be in touch, text us or subscribe to our newsletter(646)


[learn] Avoid Zombies And Create A 200 Million Download Franchise That Lives Forever – with Kc Wayland

Would you like to be the first know when to binge all the upcoming episodes of Crypto-Z? Text (646)-229-3423Our guest this week is Kc Wayland @waylandprodKc is the creator of the hit podcast We're Alive, @WereAlive. He is also the founder of Wayland Productions and the co-director of Bronzeville with Laurence Fishburne starring Laurence Fishburne and Larenz Tate. He also teaches storytelling and audio drama at Chapman University and USC School of Dramatic Arts.You can find his book, Bombs...


[Interview] A Voice For Diversity In Audio Fiction – with Elena Fernández Collins

Would you like to be the first know when to binge all the upcoming episodes of Crypto-Z? Text (646)-229-3423Our guest this week is Elena Fernández Collins (@ShoMarq)Elyis a genderfluid podcast critic and reporter and a forensic sociolinguist living in Portland. She curates a biweekly newsletter about audio fiction, Audio Dramatic, where she reviews episodes and provides essays and news for the community. She also covers the audio fiction podcast beat for The Bello Collective, an indie online...


[Interview] How To Gain 1000 True Fans In Fiction Podcasting – with Travis Vengroff

Want to support Euphonie and Crypto-Z? Fill out this survey: guest is Travis Vengroff (@VenTravis)He is the award winning sound designer, editor, and producer of The White Vault, Liberty, VAST Horizon, and Dark Dice podcasts. As a two person creative team, Fool & Scholar Productions, these shows have gathered millions of downloads and most recently have won 14 Audio Verse Awards, and a second Webby Honoree for Sound Design. He is a full-time podcaster, supported by...


[Interview] Creating A World of Sound For Crypto-Z – with R. Hollis Smith

Why is Crypto-Z on a hiatus?Hollis is an award-nominated audio engineer and sound designer. He is behind the documentary Netflix hit, Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich and the series My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman. Hollis and Hadrien discuss the process of constructing the audio world of Crypto-Z and how it has become the most complex sound adventure they have ever committed to. Crypto-Z is coming back soon as the last episodes of the season are being completed. Want to...


[Interview] Composing Music For Crypto-Z – with Jordan Plotner

Want to help support Euphonie? Fill out this survey: Composer Jordan Plotner and Hadrien Royo discuss creating the music for Crypto-Z and finding the iconic "Iceman Theme". They also discuss the creative process, how to talk about music, and how to navigate the sometimes tumultuous relationship between a composer and a directorJordan Plotner is a British/American award-winning composer and writer based in LA. His music has appeared in over 50 films, tv shows and...


[Interview] What Does Success Mean In Audio Fiction – with Sean Howard

Want to help support Euphonie? Fill out this survey: fiction pioneer Sean Howard (Fable & Folly) and Hadrien Royo (euphonie) share their thoughts on the true rewards of creating an audio fiction podcast, and how to survive, thrive, and win over the long game.Sean Howard is the founder of The Fable & Folly Network that represents more than fifteen audio fiction podcasts. He started as a creator and went on to launch three successful series. Sean has documented his...


[Interview] Acting & Directing In The Age of Covid-19 – with Abigail Zealey Bess

Professor Abigail Zealey (NYU Tisch Film & TV Graduate Program) shares her approach to effectively use Zoom to work with actors and directors. In short, it involves Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Black Mirror, and even improvisation.In business, and in art, mindset dictates all outcomes. So how can we stay positive and find opportunities to create with the tools we have access to. We don't have all the answers but we hope it will inspire you to keep exploring.Do you use Zoom in your...


[Interview] How To Start Your Career In Voice Acting – with Jamieson Price

Do you hate hearing your own voice? Everyone does! But those who decide to get over it will find a world of opportunity waiting for them.With more than 20 years of experience as an actor and voice actor for the biggest franchises in anime, video games, and animation, Jamieson Price helps us understand how one could start a career today or find new opportunities.TEXT your comments: (646)-229-3423www.euphonie.mediaTWITTER @cryptoZpodcast, @JamiesonPrice


[Interview] Why do we care? – How To Successfully Start Any Story – with Danielle Trussoni

Why audio drama podcast is the most exciting innovation in storytelling right now and why you should absolutely jump in! Danielle Trussoni shares writing tips and the 5 questions she must absolutely answer before she starts any narrative project.Join the conversation with Hadrien Royo and Danielle Trussoni about their creative process in making Crypto-Z.TEXT your comments: (646)-229-3423Sign up for our newsletter www.euphonie.mediaFollow Danielle on Twitter @DaniTrussoniFollow Crypto-Z...


[Interview] How To Become A Great Voice Actor – with Fiona Sheehan

Learn about voice acting, how is it different from Stage or Film and TV? Fiona Sheehan shares career tips, acting secrets, her audition processes, drama school advice, and what you should absolutely not say during a flirtatious scene with Ralph Fiennes.Join the conversation with Hadrien Royo and Fiona Sheehan (Jane Silver) about their creative process in making Crypto-Z.Questions/Comments: TEXT +1(646)-229-3423COURSES–WORKSHOPSSign up for our newsletter www.euphonie.mediaFollow Fiona on...