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Are you ready to open up about all things business!? I’m Crystal Vilkaits, a curious entrepreneur who LOVES talking about business, especially over a glass of wine. I started Crystal Uncorked to share open and honest conversations about my journey, and talk to other entrepreneurs about their experiences. We pull back the curtain and talk about the highs…AND the lows. Wine isn’t required, but is recommended. This is Crystal Uncorked.🍷


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Are you ready to open up about all things business!? I’m Crystal Vilkaits, a curious entrepreneur who LOVES talking about business, especially over a glass of wine. I started Crystal Uncorked to share open and honest conversations about my journey, and talk to other entrepreneurs about their experiences. We pull back the curtain and talk about the highs…AND the lows. Wine isn’t required, but is recommended. This is Crystal Uncorked.🍷






My Speaking “Aha!” Moment - The Mindset Shift that Conquered My Nerves

I've got a juicy story to share. Despite being an experienced speaker, I always got nervous before events. But this summer, I had an “Aha!” moment. I had a mindset shift that made me a more confident speaker, and I'll spill the beans on how it happened and what it is. Plus, I've got a nifty tip from Donald Miller on being entertaining when all else fails in content creation. Enjoy this week’s CU! Mentioned in this episode:


Motivation Magic: The 2-Question Trick and My Personal Drive

Hey there from Lake Tahoe! I just woke up from one of my energizing power naps. Today, I share a neat motivation trick I found on Instagram. It's a game-changer! I'm thinking of using this in my talks, especially for encouraging folks to dive into short-form video content like Reels and TikTok. Remember, motivation is great, but it's all about doing the hard work and setting up your environment for success. So, let's get motivated and chase those goals! See you on the next CU! Mentioned in this Episode:


Peek Into My Writing Journey: Unpacking the Don Miller Workshop Experience

You know they say, “Don’t meet your heroes?” Well, the day before I recorded this, I met mine, and it’s better than I could’ve imagined! So, I'm spilling the beans on my whirlwind adventure at a two-day writer's workshop with none other than Don Miller. Get ready for some creative nuggets, the secret sauce to staying disciplined in writing, and a sneak peek into my upcoming book titled "15 Mile Famous: From Best Kept Secret to Local Celebrity." Cheers to the writer's life! Mentioned in this episode: EVOLVE 2024


Social Media Judgement: Change Your Mindset, Stay in Business

Social media is scary. There, I said it. And with what we’re seeing online about how people react so easily because they’re behind a keyboard, it can be scary not only for personal profiles but also for business accounts to post. And some hide behind the excuse, “I don’t have time to post”. Whether it’s fear of judgment or a lack of time, erase that. Move forward and show up. Mentioned in this episode: EVOLVE 2024 Crystal on Instagram


How is Your Relationship with Money?

At a recent conference on the topic of finances, an AI generated video depicted the “Faces of Wealth” as 100% male. In today’s episode, I’m sharing ideas, tips, and advice to develop a positive relationship with money, especially for my female listeners! Whether you’re looking for ways to invest and grow your portfolio or you just need some seeds to plant for your money mindset, you’ll walk away with value after listening.


Momentum Magic: 3 Things That Helped Me Level Up

Are you feeling stuck personally or professionally? ....or both? I’ve been there! Success is a unique journey for EVERY individual, but I have three tips for building momentum that have done wonders for me and can work for anyone! Tune in to see how I've utilized therapy, put pressure on my goals, and developed a solid routine for even more momentum! Mentioned In This Episode: EVOLVE 2024 in Denver, CO - Crystal Media Crystal Media Crystal on Instagram


You Have to Try: A behind the Scenes Story of Alignment

I wish I could bottle up the feelings of these stories in today’s episode. I share some behind the scenes moments that lead to some pretty exciting announcements, and prove you have to TRY… even if you’re not sure of the answer. And stay tuned till the end for a special lesson on the importance of not hiding those big ideas. Mentioned In This Episode: EVOLVE 2024 in Denver, CO - Crystal Media Crystal Media Crystal on Instagram


Embracing Imperfections: A Commitment to Being Human

I’m coming to you a bit worn out after an especially long travel day and a whirlwind of small mishaps. Despite the fatigue, though, I felt it’s crucial to keep up my commitment to you – which is the topic of today’s episode! See, my promise to you is a unique one: I’m going to mess up. Yes, you heard that right. There may be times when I’ll repeat stories, miss opportunities to delve deeper into a topic, or even fail to fully land a joke. These are just part of being human. But you know what? There’s a liberating freedom in acknowledging this, in accepting our humanity with all its flaws and limitations. This also allows me to uphold the other side of my commitment to you and myself: doing my very best. That’s the true essence, isn’t it? Doing our best, even when things get tough or when we’re feeling like we’re on the edge. To all you business owners who are tuning in: let’s give ourselves a break sometimes. Let’s commit to doing our best and being at peace with our humanity, accepting that we might not always be perfect. This mindset, I promise you, is truly liberating. Look forward to next week’s episode – I’ll be delving into the three momentums that have significantly contributed to my business’s recent success. Until then, have a wonderful week, keep striving, and remember: it’s okay to be human, to make mistakes. What matters is giving it your all, despite everything. Cheers to our shared humanity, making mistakes, and still giving it our all! Thank you for being here, and I’ll see you on the next CU!


Empowering Ourselves Through Permission and Assistance

This episode is all about acknowledging what's working, what isn't, and making changes where they're needed. It's about giving ourselves permission to do what's necessary for our business and ourselves, and not being afraid to ask for help. So come on, let's uncork this topic together! Episode 15 of Rooted in Retail -


The EVOLVE Experience: Trials, Triumphs, and Transformation

In this episode, your host Crystal Vilkaitis walks you through her journey of hosting her first-ever EVOLVE business conference. Crystal navigates the ups and downs of event planning, discussing everything from unexpected logistical hurdles to the pursuit of ticket sales. Despite the challenges, she managed to successfully host the conference at the Gaylord in Denver, Colorado. Crystal shares the joy of reaching the milestone of selling over 100 tickets, affirming that every challenge faced was indeed a stepping stone to this accomplishment. Next, Crystal takes you into the heart of the EVOLVE conference, an event marked by genuine connection and transformation. Despite initial concerns about a smaller crowd, the intimate gathering fostered a nurturing environment that exceeded everyone’s expectations. Listen to her heartfelt recount of the emotional closing of the conference, as well as the inspiring stories of personal growth shared by the attendees. Finally, Crystal reflects on the financial success of EVOLVE and the rewarding outcome of the conference, leading to the exciting announcement of EVOLVE’s return in 2024. Despite initial apprehensions, the overwhelmingly positive feedback and stories of attendee transformation sparked a renewed commitment in Crystal to continue this impactful journey. So, grab a glass and settle in as Crystal uncorks the experience of EVOLVE! So, What Should We Do Next? Get your ticket to EVOLVE 2024 here!!


Wine and Wisdom: Embracing the 'Why Not Me?' Mantra

Podcast Launches, Past Lives, and Personal Growth…oh my!! Hey there, welcome back to Crystal Uncorked! In this episode, Crystal chats about her inspiring trip to a Dallas conference, her struggles and successes, and her surprising interests in past lives and numerology—all over a glass of 2022 Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc. Crystal shares the journey of launching her top-rated podcasts, overcoming self-doubt with the empowering mantra ‘why not me?’, and rediscovering her drive after the challenging 2020 lockdowns. Her reflections on personal growth and success, especially her experience becoming a millionaire at 38, truly show that amazing things happen when you believe in yourself. This episode is also a deep-dive into the risk of comparison and the importance of carving your own path. With funny anecdotes, like her tiny horse picture, and honest conversations about her journey, Crystal reminds us to define success on our own terms and stay in our lane. Join Crystal next week for more uncorked wisdom and a behind-the-scenes look at organizing a conference. Remember to subscribe, share with a friend, and join our lively conversations on social media. Cheers to personal growth and the adventures that await when we say yes! EVOLVE 2024 - Crystal Media - Crystal on Instagram -


Fear, Urgency, and Being Multi-Passionate - Catching Up on Crystal Uncorked

Join me, Crystal Vilkaitis, on this thrilling journey of self-discovery in my podcast, Crystal Uncorked. In this episode, we're exploring some crucial themes like fear, urgency, the beauty of being multi-passionate, and above all, the power of consistency and accountability in achieving our goals. I'll be sharing some exciting updates and a peek into how I'm navigating my own journey. Oh, and did I mention a big commitment? You'll have to listen in to find out what it is. I am thrilled to have you accompany me on this exciting path towards growth and authenticity. So hit play, and let's embark on this adventure together! Mentioned In This Episode: EVOLVE 2024 Crystal Media Crystal on Instagram Crystal Media on Instagram Crystal Media Co - YouTube


My Decision Making Formula

Get ready for a super exciting announcement! But, before I get into that I want to back up and share some behind the scenes on how it all came to be and my formula and process for making decisions, like this. Recently I was taking part in a mastermind call, and the speaker was a producer of a ton of popular TV shows. And if you’re a listener, you know I have a dream to have my own show. After getting my chance to ask some questions, the speaker really dialed in on what it means to have success in a show. Consistent, well-known, audience-anticipated segments! Something your listeners and viewers looks forward to and come back for again and again because they just know they’re gonna get something good. This really got me thinking, and sparked my curiosity…so let's dive into my decision formula: Step 1 - Get curious and ask questions This is where I was really considering the future of the show, what I was looking for, and really what does a successful show look like? Step 2 - Research In my research, I found that podcasts that have the highest engagement are really specific niches….not really the direction I’ve taken with Crystal Uncorked. Step 3 - Niche Okay, if I were to pick a niche…where is my expertise? Where do I have the most potential to make an impact? Step 4 - Find my Perfect Customer Group (PCG!) What does my PCG need? What is their dream outcome? What are their obstacles? What are the solutions to those obstacles? And finally, I got to my decision….and my announcement…I’m launching a new podcast! Rooted in Retail is launching on March 5th with weekly episodes. I’ll be talking about all aspects of retail from marketing, to inventory to customer service AND I'll have guests with tons of experience and value to bring to other retailers! I know I can bring a ton of impact to my retail community with my experience and passion for this industry. I would love your support, so listen, leave a review, and reach out to me on social media! But don’t worry Crystal Uncorked is here to stay too. So….I’ll see you on the next CU. What’s Inside: Mentioned In This Episode: Register for EVOLVE 2023 and use code uncorked to save $400 Crystal Media Crystal on Instagram Crystal Media on Instagram Crystal Media Co - YouTube


Live From the Las Vegas Market: Inside Sales and Relationship Building with Dawn Grooters

We’re live at the Las Vegas Market. Dawn Grooters started her company Broken Vessel Sales in 2020 when she noticed a need between retailers and wholesalers, creating and working with inside sales and making connections. She works with wholesalers, vendors, and rep groups, and even helps retailers. As the expert in all things sales, Dawn offers some great tips for small businesses that might be experiencing slow and small conversions in traffic. All her advice really comes down to what she calls the top business strength of the year, Building Relationships. If you want to see more sales, start asking questions, call top customers, and get to know them. Questions like: What do you need? What's your usual budget? What categories are you drawn to? Can really go a long way. We all know that it's tough out here in this economy. Dawn’s advice? Stay focused on inventory but with a slightly different lens. Don’t let the recession scare you, you just need to tweak and add things by just looking at things with a new perspective. These times are when creativity and innovation can flourish if you let it. Broken Vessel Sales also provides a service of creating sales calls to small retailers for vendors and following up with leads. She has a special mission and drive to hire stay-at-home moms as her sales callers because of its remote and flexible nature. This really was a great chat! If you’re in the industry, be sure to check out Dawn’s podcast Broken Vessel Sales Solutions. See you on the next CU! What’s Inside: Mentioned In This Episode: Broken Vessel Sales Solutions, LLC. Podcast — Broken Vessel Sales Solutions, LLC. Dawn Grooters - Broken Vessel (@dawn_grooters) on Instagram Crystal Media Crystal on Instagram Crystal Media on Instagram Crystal Media Co - YouTube


Part 2: Top Trends and Predictions for Social Media and Digital Marketing in 2023

If you’re wondering where the first 9 trends in this list are…stop and go back to episode 70 to check out part 1! Let’s get to it. 10. ChatGPT (as seen in episode 69): an AI that provides ideas for copy and design, lists, assistance, and leverages technology to save time. 11. Influencer Marketing: becoming more popular among businesses, and it involves increasing usage by partnering with the right influencer in the right way. 12. Streaming Ads: available on TV and movie apps and music services, and they actually allow you to call out to your local community and target your audience with local parameters. 13. Facebook and Instagram Ads: still performing well when targeting a local audience. 14. Youtube: Continuing to be a platform that allows you to connect with your audience and drive traffic to your website. 15. LinkedIn: B2B platform with organic reach, where you can share videos, thought leadership articles, and ideas. 15. Data Privacy and Security: be sure to be abiding by the terms and conditions. 16. Chatbots: automate customer service and social media DMs (such as ManyChat), or check Tolstoy as an example on the Evolve page. 17. SEO in Apps: captions that are more helpful for discovery through the use of keywords and hashtags, as well as better search algorithms. 18. Virtual Reality: businesses can create an immersive experience for their customers with virtual and augmented reality. 19. Automation: using scheduled tools and repurposing content with tools such as DeliverIt or Later. 20. User-Generated Content: Utilize customer-created reviews and content as proof, and many times is more relatable and performs better. 21. Social Listening Tools: use surveys to monitor industry needs and wants. 22. Podcasts: an exploding industry and businesses can use them to build new audiences or even increase exposure by being a guest on shows. Now that I’ve finished my list, I hope you have some ideas for what tools and trends you see your business using this year. Maybe you even have a list running for the years to come! I can’t wait to hear how these work for you! See you on the next CU! What’s Inside: Mentioned In This Episode: ManyChat Tolstoy Register for EVOLVE 2023 Crystal Media Crystal on Instagram Crystal Media on Instagram Crystal Media Co - YouTube


A Whimsical Boutique and Business Wisdom with Grace Kang

After talking with Grace Kang, I can’t wait to check out her boutique Pink Olive at any of the amazing locations she shared about on the show today. Grace opened up Pink Olive at its first location in the East Village of Manhattan, New York 15 years ago. She now has another NYC location, as well as one in Cold Water, New York, and Little Rock, Arkansas. If you tune in, you’ll hear all about how she ended up in the adorable up-and-coming neighborhood of SoMa, Little Rock with her husband Matt. Not only does Grace share about her wonderfully curated stores where she maximizes her Zone of Genius, bringing products to life for its ideal customer, but she also has some pretty great business and life tips too. One of the many things we have in common is the “Brain Dump”, Grace says she uses this to beat the overwhelm and get all her ideas out of her head onto paper. From there she can sort and make sense of everything she's been thinking about instead of keeping it all up in her mind. Another thing I love that Grace recommends is “Happy Tuesday”. This is what she calls her dedicated inspiration day, where she has a special day to be happy, get inspired, and take care of her creative side. You’ll have to listen to the episode for more of her wisdom and the tips we share. Especially a really sweet piece of advice from her late father. You can check out more about Grace Olive and Pink Olive on their website and social media. Also, don’t forget I still have space for you at EVOLVE 2023, use the code UNCORKED when you register to save $400. See you on the next CU! What’s Inside: Mentioned In This Episode: Pink Olive Grace Kang (@pinkolive) on Instagram Pink Olive on Facebook Register for EVOLVE 2023 and use code uncorked to save $400 Crystal Media Crystal on Instagram Crystal Media on Instagram Crystal Media Co - YouTube


Part 1: Top Trends and Predictions for Social Media and Digital Marketing in 2023

In this part 1 episode I am sharing my 9 MUST DOs’ in the social media and digital marketing world. Some you might already be doing, some you might be on your list to try, and some might seem totally crazy… but I promise you businesses who are doing any of these 9 tips are going to see some success this year. So let’s dive in. Increase in video usage: Tiktok:Personalization through segmentation:Prioritizing customer engagement:Personal branding with authenticity:Storytelling:Social commerce:Real-time marketing:Customer Service:Okay, my challenge for you…consider these 9 trends and let me know which one you’re really going to focus on. Send me a DM or email and let me know, I can’t wait to hear about it! I’ll see you soon for part 2. See you on the next CU! What’s Inside: Mentioned In This Episode: Register for EVOLVE 2023 and use code uncorked to save $400 Crystal Media Crystal on Instagram Crystal Media on Instagram Crystal Media Co - YouTube


A Chat AI That Will Help You Save Time and Stand Out

Have you heard about Chat GPT? I am coming to you from Salt Lake City, Utah for an Outdoor Retailer Snow Show. Paula and I are spending some time between the show getting really focused on branding and messaging for this year, and some special goals and projects we’ve got in the works. But I had to come on here and talk to you about this powerful new tool, Chat GPT. Chat GPT is an AI that can answer questions, write essays, articles, blogs, scripts, poems, emails…you name it. It is an incredibly diverse bot that can even narrow and drill down its writing based on various prompts and requests. I’ve seen people have Chat GPT write grocery lists so specific that it plans out diet-specific meals for each day of the week. But how can you use this in business? 1. Emails - Do you have a hard-to-write email at the end of the day that needs to address an employee's behavior? Do you want to send out a mass email about a super exciting event? Give the details to Chat GPT and leave it to them. 2. Blogs- Chat GPT can actually write articles based on topics relevant to your business like the top 10 tips for new dog owners 3. Social Media - In a creative content rut? Have Chat GPT write up your next 10 social posts with a specific content focus. Too long? Ask GPT to shorten them. Need only captions, tell Chat GPT it's for Instagram. 4. Content - The uses are endless: ask for content ideas, generate a script to read on video, and so much more. 5. Procedures and Documents - Chat GPT can write down important information surrounding procedures or other documents for your business. These simple prompts are just ideas but putting them to use can dramatically save time and even help you stand out creatively by utilizing formats you might not feel comfortable with normally. Now I know for a lot of people, AI and technology like this can feel scary…or like the newest thing to learn, and you might not feel ready for it. But I am asking you to keep an open mind because the impact of Chat GPT is going to be incredible. At the time of this recording, I still have some tickets available to Evolve where we are going to be talking all about Chat GPT and so much more! You are not going to want to miss this event, so hurry up before they sell out! See you on the next CU. What’s Inside: Mentioned In This Episode: EVOLVE 2023 in Denver, CO - Crystal Media Crystal Media Crystal on Instagram Crystal Media on Instagram Crystal Media Co - YouTube


A First Class Experience with Texas Charm with Eva Horton

Just outside the city of Austin, Texas sits the beautiful property of Flat Creek Estate. Eva Horton the owner of this winery and entertainment property joins me to share her inspiration and vision for this incredible place. Flat Creek sits on 80 acres of beautiful vineyards, gardens, outdoor patios, and curated spaces. The winery features a tasting room and a 5-star restaurant, with plans to build lodging to extend the visitor's experience. When you hear Eva talk about this place, you can’t help but get swept away. Italian flavors and feelings culminate in the vibe of Flat Creek. The Texas winery scope is growing, but Flat Creek still stands out, with Italian varietals grown on sight and perfectly paired with menu items prepared by a Michelin-starred chef. Whether you’re enjoying a tasting, a fun brunch, a date, or a day out with the family, Eva has curated an experience for you. With a focus on world-class wines and experiences, Flat Creek will have you wanting to come back again and again. Visiting the Butterfly Garden, picking up a picnic basket, listening to live music, or participating in a Sip'N Shop… Flat Creek Estate continues to create unique events to drive traffic and ensure a perfect and lasting experience for every visitor. I hope listening to Eva talk about this amazing destination with first-class experiences and Texas charm has swept you away. I urge you to check out their website and plan your trip. I can’t wait to get there myself! See you on the next CU! What’s Inside: Mentioned In This Episode: About - Flat Creek Estate Super Texan, 2017 2020 Spotlight Pinot Noir EVOLVE 2023 in Denver, CO - Crystal Media Crystal Media Crystal on Instagram Crystal Media on Instagram Crystal Media Co - YouTube


A Ritual for Accountability and Your Best New Year Yet

Happy New Year! It's 2023, and after what felt like a long, long December it is finally the new year! I hope you had a great holiday season with family, and friends, and doing what you love to do! If you're anything like me though, you're ready to start the new year with big goals, and important changes, and ready to see success. I am sharing a few rituals, one old and one new, that are helping me plan and attain my goals for 2023. Annual New Year Ritual: Word of the Year Every year I like to choose a word, it may be aspirational or descriptive, but it explains how I am going to work, live, and reach my goals. This year I chose two! One Professional and one personal. Ease: This year my business hit 10 years and I really feel like we have a strong foundation and our client base and messaging are strong. So why make it complicated? I want everything to feel easy. I want ease to be the lens and filter in which my team and I do all our work this year! Content: I have such an internal hole to fill with content creation. This year for my personal word, I want to create habits and practices that fuel my creativity and allow me to create stellar content. This goes for the podcast, social media, and hopefully some other great stuff. New Habit: Best Year Blue Print If you haven't heard of the Best Year Blue Print from Jenn Gottlieb you need to check it out. I learned about it in a masterclass and kind of did my own take! Step 1: Reflection – Take all of your wins this year…big, small, simple, elaborate. Look back, remember, and write down all of those wins and accomplishments. Step 2: Gratitude – While you're looking back, think of everything you're thankful for...people, moments, events, accomplishments. Find a place of gratitude and abundance for everything you've experienced and shared this past year. Step 3: Create a List – Use these first two steps to help you decide how you want to feel in the new year. Goals, ambitions, feelings, success…what do you want from 2023? Step 4: Letter to Self – Take all of that and write yourself a letter. Fill it with all the things you want to do, the changes you're going to be accountable for making, how you want to feel, the concrete goals…. and the next step is the best part. Step 5: READ IT EVERY DAY — Read your letter every day…morning or night…build it into your routine. Use this letter to inspire you and remind you of the things you need to do to reach your goals. I've already started reading mine and those words… "Dear beautiful badass me…" each day is already proving to be so important… I can't wait to get to the end of next year and say "I did it!". If you're not committing to some kind of accountability or practice to help you reach those goals and ambitions you're setting for the new year, you cannot be frustrated or surprised when you blink and December is over, only to realize daily life got the best of you. So, what are your new year habits? How are you going to reach YOUR goals? Shoot me a DM or an email, I'd love to hear about it! What’s Inside: Happy New Year, 2023! What is the Word of the Year and how can it drive your goals and success? Crystal’s take on Jen Gottlieb’s “Best Year Blue Print”. Reflection and Gratitude on the big and little wins, moments, people, and events from 2022. Habits and rituals to create achievement and success in the New Year. Mentioned In This Episode: EVOLVE 2023 in Denver, CO - Crystal Media Crystal Media Crystal on Instagram Crystal Media on Instagram C