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Lunchbox and Promo Brady talk with local, indie, and unsigned artist about music and whats going on in their lives. New episodes will be posted every Friday.

Lunchbox and Promo Brady talk with local, indie, and unsigned artist about music and whats going on in their lives. New episodes will be posted every Friday.


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Lunchbox and Promo Brady talk with local, indie, and unsigned artist about music and whats going on in their lives. New episodes will be posted every Friday.








DOMKcast with AJ of Fire From The Gods

Great up and coming band with a powerful message. Fire From The Gods is a band out of Austin, TX. Lead vocalist AJ Cammer is the special guest on episode 117 of the DOMKcast. The band has been around since 2015 and released two albums to date. Their first "Narrative" deals with the issues of AJ who sunk into a deep depression at a certain time period in his life with feelings of emptiness and unfulfillment. Finding a purpose in his art and music, AJ tells the continuous journey of one man in...


DOMKcast with Justin of Through Fire

New album from the band Through Fire out now called "All Animal". Lead guitarist Justin McCain is the special guest on episode 117. Hitting the road with Broken Love and Saul next month, see them at a city near you. Hear about the balance between fatherhood and the rockstar life as Justin as two kids of his own. Full conversation with Justin McCain of Through Fire on episode 117 of the DOMKcast. #DOMKRocks


DOMKcast with Promo Dave

An old friend stopped by to hang with Lunchbox and Promo Brady this week. Promo Dave is back in Tulsa and has taken him no time at all to plug back into the local music scene. Dave ventured out to California for a few years and recently moved back to his old stomping grounds. A great conversation about the difference between the two music scenes(Northern California and Oklahoma), the decision to drop "Promo" from his name, and what he has on the horizon with his band The Haters. Dave has...


DOMKcast with Adam Gontier and Mike Mushok of Saint Asonia

The obsession with a "perfect" persona is the overall theme of the new album from called "Flawed Design". Adam Gontier and Mike Mushok are the special guests on episode 115 of the DOMKcast. Social media is king these days and everybody is all in on portraying the "perfect" life. Saint Asonia provides encouragement to not chase after those superficial goals and embrace your flaws. It's what makes you unique. Mike revealed in the conversation that he's one of the few people left on earth...


DOMKcast with Corey Brandon of Norma Jean

New album due out October 25th called "All Hail". Veteran rockers Norma Jean are poised to do big things in 2020. Hitting the road with Devil Wears Prada and going to make their way through the states to finish out the year. The band has undergone several lineup changes over the years. None of the original members in the band are currently in Norma Jean. The most recent lineup change happening with the departure of guitarist Jeff Hickey who has had troubles with alcoholism. Lead vocalist...


DOMKcast with Deryck Whibley of Sum 41

Offering a release to the constant negative news cycle that we've been enindated with for years is crucial in keeping your sanity. It was the goal of Sum 41 to provide that release with their new album "Order In Decline". With songs like "Out For Blood" and "45", this is their loudest and aggressive album yet. Lead vocalist Deryck Whibley is the special guest on episode 113 of the DOMKcast. The band has been around since 2001 emerging onto the rock music scene with their hit "Fat Lip". They...


DOMKcast with Wes Scantlin of Puddle Of Mudd

Wes Scantlin of Puddle Of Mudd is back and making awesome music with his bandmates again. A rocky past which included run-ins with the law, substance abuse, and more are in the rearview mirror. Wes is 2 years sober. He talked about the impact that his sobriety has had on his life and career on the DOMKcast. Wes saying "I'm lucky to be alive".Hear about the new Puddle Of Mudd album "Welcome To Galvania", Puddle of Mudd's first gig playing at a porn party, and getting permantly banned from...


DOMKcast with September of September Mourning

September of the band September Mourning is the special guest on episode 111 of the DOMKcast. New song out "Unholy". Hear it at the end of the episode. Enjoy! #DOMKRocks


DOMKcast with Ronnie Winter of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is back with a new song "Shooting Star". Lead vocalist Ronnie Winter is the special guest on episode 110 of the DOMKcast. Been around since the early 2000's, Ronnie talks about how they've been able to sustain success and build their fanbase. Signed to a major record label in the early part of their career, now do it all on their own. Their fanbase has inspired them to continue on after all of these years. New song out called "Shooting Star" which you'll be able to...


DOMKcast with Matt Bigland of Dinosaur Pile Up

A fun rock record is what Dinosaur Pile Up set out to achieve and ackomplished just that with their latest album "Celebrity Mansions". Lyrically, the album chronicals the bands struggles to break through. Musically, they wanted to make a fun record that you would put on at a party and grab a beer. We all have those vivid memories or living them out right now. An album you can put onto unwind and forget about lifes worries. Matt Bigland, lead vocalist of Dinosaur Pile Up is the special guest...


Josey Scott Unites With His Sister For The First Time

A tremendous story coming from a friend of the DOMKcast. Josey Scott formerly of Saliva has been apart of DOMK in the past. He came up to the KMOD studios to hang out with Lunchbox and Promo Brady to share details about a new family member that he discovered after going through Ironically enough, it required a sample of his "saliva". His discovery was life-changing. The results found that he had a sister that was born in Phoenix years ago. He made contact with his new sibling...


DOMKcast with The Normandys

Continuing to highlight some of the tremendous rock bands in northestern Oklahoma. Hear from The Normandys on episode 107. Opening up for Faster Pussycat August 13th and have a music video out for their song "Forgive and Forget". Hear the full convo with Lunchbox and Promo Brady. #DOMKRocks


DOMKcast with Grind

Highlighting the awesome talent in northeastern Oklahoma this week. Hear the guys from Grind on episode 106. New album out and they will be celebrating the release soon. Hear the full convo with Lunchbox and Promo Brady. #DOMKRocks


DOMKcast with John Cooper Of Skillet

Could you be seeing John Cooper of Skillet at a comic-con near you? Skillet has their first comic book called Eden set to be released at the end of the month. John Cooper is the special guest on the DOMKcast this week. A loyal fan of comic books since he was a kid, John said coming up with his own graphic novel is a bit of a bucket list moment for him. Promo Brady and John dissect the awesomeness and the flaws of the Avengers series. New album out now "Victorious". John has been making the...


DOMKcast with Neil Fallon of Clutch

The writing process is a fascinating thing. Everybody has their own quirks, method, and overall ways to get inspired. Neil Fallon admits that it's not something you can just sit down with a pad and paper and start piecing together a song. Nothing productive comes out of that setting. He says "The majority of the time, I get song ideas when I'm stuck in D.C. traffic." He is the special guest on episode 104 of the DOMKcast. Clutch is an intriguing story-started their own record label in 2008...


DOMKcast with Brian Head Welch Of Korn

If you're stuck in a negative cycle with no sign of anything positive in sight, do you swim with the current or have the courage to go against it? Often we accept our issues as the norm but what if one positive action lead to a new life filled with perspective that pushes you closer to a since of happiness. You'll hear more about the story of Brian Head Welch in episode 103 of the DOMKcast. His inspiring journey was told in the showtime documentary "Loud Crazy Love". Brian quit Korn in 2005,...


DOMKcast with Neal Middleton of Royal Bliss

An amazing story of perserverence in episode 102 of the DOMKcast. Neal Middleton is the lead vocalist of the band Royal Bliss and he has overcome many obstacles in his career. Fell from a building 35 feet in the air and was paralyzed from the waist down. That didn't stop Neal from quiting the band. He taught himself how to walk all over again-convincing his bandmates to weight while he got back into shape and ready to get back out on the road. They're new song "Pain" deals overcoming that...


DOMKcast with Nick Reese Of Joyous Wolf

Nick Reese of the band Joyous Wolf was heavily influenced by classic rock growing up. But what is considered classic rock these days? His definition is Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry. Music from the 50's and 60's when rock n' roll was in it's rawest form. Now-a-days people's perception of classic rock is a little different Nick discusses this with Lunchbox and Promo Brady on episode 101 of the DOMKcast. Joyous Wolf is a young up and coming band from Southern California-currently on the road...


Episode 100: DOMKcast with Henry De Jong of Alien Weaponry

Celebrating episode 100 of the DOMKcast. Thank you for listening and being apart of our ever-growing community of music lovers. Henry De Jong of Alien Weaponry is the special guest this week. On the Rocklahoma lineup this year-these guys have a unique story. The first thrash metal band out of New Zealand. Hear Henry De Jong on episode 100 of the DOMKcast. #DOMKRocks


DOMKcast with Blake Bedsaul of SAUL

Episode 99 of the DOMKcast with Blake Bedsaul of the band SAUL.