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A gathering place for POC to share the stories, inspiration, and humanity that make us who we are. Hosted by Storyteller Tone and Justin and the Honored None.

A gathering place for POC to share the stories, inspiration, and humanity that make us who we are. Hosted by Storyteller Tone and Justin and the Honored None.


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A gathering place for POC to share the stories, inspiration, and humanity that make us who we are. Hosted by Storyteller Tone and Justin and the Honored None.




S03E04: Dr. Jah

On this episode of Day Ones, we are grateful to be able to talk with Dr. Jalaal Hayes, applied chemist and entrepreneur. We hear the amazing story of his young college career, which included getting a PhD at the age of 22. He takes us on his journey and along the way we discuss the components of STEAM, how this can be integrated into communities in an accessible way, and details of his experience from the lens of a Black chemist. Then we get into the importance of having representation in...


S03E03: Jonathan Saunders(The Bachelorette)

On this episode of Day Ones, we chat with Jonathan Saunders(Bachelorette 15). He shares with us what his experience was like as a contestant on The Bachelorette and we break down our Bachelor Nation Starting 5. Next, we transition to some hoop talk! Jonathan explains how he fell in love with the game and the importance of Kobe Bryant on him and the city of LA. Then, we get to talking about the Last Dance and Michael Jordan’s greatness, the current state of the NBA, and how Jonathan ended up...


S03E02: Brandon Leake

This episode on the Day Ones Podcast, we connect with poet & artist Brandon Leake. On this one, we get the origins of Brandon's career in poetry and an in depth look at his creative process. He shares with us the inspirations for his work, what writer's block really means, and how he balances being an artist, husband, and a new father. We also get the magical story of how he ended up on America's Got Talent! I promise you, this description does not do this episode justice. A lot of gems in...


S03E01: Season Premiere

Storyteller Tone and Justin and the Honored None return for Season 3! In this episode, we break down our perspectives on the Uprising, the movement to abolish the police, Black Solidarity, and performance allyship. We also have an honest and open conversation on the role that black men play in committing violence towards Black women and Black trans people. If you aren’t apart of our Instagram community, please follow us! @dayonespodcast @storytellertone @justinandthehonorednone --- This...


S02E04: It's Homecoming Charlie Brown

Hey. There's an extra seat. Wanna roll with me to Homecoming? Original air date:unknown. Corrupted during multiverse transfer. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.


Captain Save a Rose: A Bachelor Podcast-Episode 8: “Black Roses”

On what is maybe one of the few(or only) Black History Month inspired pieces of Bachelor content, Storyteller Tone joins Justin to celebrate Blackness by honoring the dope, strong Black women from this season. We run through our favorite highlights from them, extend copious amounts of love and good vibes, and recognize these contestants by raising their dresses to the rafters. Recap episode coming later this week! FYI: “Retiring a jersey is an honor a team bestows upon a player, usually...


Captain Save a Rose: A Bachelor Podcast-Episode 7: “Challenge Accepted”

Whoever thought it was a good idea to take us along to Hometowns needs a raise. On this episode of Captain Save a Rose, Storyteller Tone returns for a very important recap episode. We meet four wholesome ass families, and along the way end up stumbling upon Peter’s dark secret. Will Peter just do everything people ask him not to do? What happens if the crab rangoon was not delicious? And where were the cookies we were promised?! Did Bruce Pearl send Madison’s father the game footage? Will...


S02E11: Inclusivity in Sacramento's Nightlife Scene

On this episode, we begin by discussing the incredible film, The Last Black Man in San Francisco, and some of its themes of gentrification and displacement. Then, we have a conversation with Keith Jouganatos and Mike Diamond about the consequences of keeping culture out of venues and night clubs, how to work toward inclusivity in the Sacramento community, the Goldfield Trading Post incident, and much more. Original air date: unknown. Corrupted during multiverse transfer. @mikediamond...


Captain Save a Rose: A Bachelor Podcast- Episode 6: "Cry For Me"

A mega episode. Been away for a bit but resurrected in full effect. All three episodes we missed are recapped here! In Pedals and Thorns, we review Tyler C’s acting debut and the remnants of another podcast’s obsession with him. We start the recap way back in Cleveland with Peter continuing to be indecisive with Alayah and getting rid of basically all of the Black contestants. We head to Costa Rica and analyze the symbolism of Peter’s golf cart accident, whether or not Sydney is mysterious,...


B-Sides: Session 3- If Black Love Could Talk

This week on the Day Ones Podcast, we kick off by giving love to Barry Jenkins’ latest masterpiece, If Beale Street Could Talk. We share our thoughts on the film artistically and thematically, which leads to a discussion on the endurance of black people searching for love. We end up diving into our own personal experiences as black men navigating through relationships, and our own obstacles we've had to sort through to become healthy humans. We analyze our views of love growing up versus how...


S02E03: Jasmine Baxter, ESPN Editor & Producer

We’re running back some standout episodes for Black History Month! This week on Day Ones Podcast, we begin by talking about our favorite athletes to “hate watch.” You’ll have to listen to see where the conversation ends up. Sorry Russ. Then, Jasmine Baxter, ESPN lead editor and producer, stops by(8:00) to discuss her journey to Bristol. We talk editing programs(11:00), she walks us through a day at work and the content she creates at Sportscenter(13:36), followed by what the creative control...


Captain Save a Rose: A Bachelor Podcast- Episode 5: "Who You Gonna Believeland?"

We made it to episode 5, and from the way he looked in his last episode, maybe longer than Peter’s sanity. On this one, Lili Avila is the guest(check out the Day Ones episode we did with her back at S02E06). In Pedals and Thorns, we discuss the recent KenJoe split and the quality of other Bachelor Nation relationships. Then, we do our best to sort through the most recent episode of The Bachelor. Including: Oh, like Cleveland forreal? Did Victoria F executive produce for Chase Rice? + That...


Captain Save a Rose: A Bachelor Podcast- Episode 4: "You Remind Me"

Episode 4! In Pedals & Thorns, we discuss the tragic death of Bachelorette contestant Tyler G. Then, former Bachelor Colton is writing a book! Will we read it? We get into his controversial past, and debate if his book will contain anything that will be damaging to his brand. To end, we get closer to determining the reason for the rift between the Rodgers family Next we recap episode 3 including: -Champagnegate ends, and the torch is passed to Alayah. -Victoria P is Clark Kent. Is Peter...


Captain Save a Rose: A Bachelor Podcast- Episode 3: "Champagne Wishes, 30 White Women"

On this episode of Captain Save a Rose, @storytellertone joins us to check in about his first Bachelor season experienc. In Pedals & Thorns, Hannah B got jacked and a diss song written about her, and Madison thinks she’s KD with the burner. Then we recap the episode including: The final Hannah B and Peter showdown The Mykenna x Kelsey Beef. The Hannah Ann x Kelsey Beef. Is this Iowa Caucus Champagne? Champagnegate We debate about Victoria F and wonder who REALLY won the fashion show....


S02E14: Antonio DePina(Netflix's The Circle)

On this week’s episode of Day Ones Podcast, we sit down with Antonio DePina of Netflix’s The Circle/Entrepreneur/International Basketball Player. A forreal triple double. We get the story of how he entered The Circle, what production was like in such a unique space, and if he feels that he was represented fairly. Of course, we ask if the smoke with Joey was real and check on the current status of the homies of the show. Next, we ask about his career playing basketball overseas, who inspired...


Captain Save a Rose: A Bachelor Podcast-Episode 2: “I Got That Water”

The first recap episode! A very special guest joins @justinandthehonorednone on Captain Save a Rose. We’ll run down Bachelor related news in Pedals & Thorns which includes sending some well wishes to the homie Blake, and how the Tolbert family may have finessed a million dollars from DraftKings. Then we recap highlights from the premiere including: Peter’s ethnic and his family is low key scary. We love Tammy(so far!) Eunice accurately compares introductions to Greek Serenades. Victoria F...


Captain Save A Rose: A Bachelor Podcast- Episode 1: "Who Gonna Be Sza?"

On the premiere of Captain Save a Rose, @storytellertone joins @justinandthehonorednone to wax poetic re: The Bachelor. We talk Charlize and Peter, and the evolution of celebrity x Bachelor Fam relationships. Then we preview the contestants, choose Captain Save a Rose All-Stars, and make predictions for our final 4. We wonder: who has the aux cord in the mansion, why so many mission trips to Africa, and who gonna be Sza this season? Apologies if we pronounced any names wrong, blame the...


S02E13: Culese Lee, Cultivation Facilities Manager

This episode we sit down with Culese Lee to talk about the untold side of the cannabis industry. We hear about his path in the field, the ins and outs of the business, as well as get a few tips from Culese about how to potentially set up a career in cannabis. @dayonespodcast @storytellertone @justinandthehonorednone Originally dropped 9/26/19. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.


S02E12: The Jungle

On this episode, we link with funk/soul artist Troy Jagan aka The Jungle, to talk his latest EP WATT+KARL. He shares his early musical inspirations with us, how he transitioned from studying law to releasing music, and the consequences of being "boxed in." We also learn how WATT+KARL came together, along with the inspiration, process, and team behind it. WATT+KARL on Spotify @the_jungle_deep @storytellertone @justinandthehonorednone --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way...


S02E10: One at a Time Part 2: Super Emily

In a continuation of the previous episode, we spend time with "Super Emily" as she takes her last dose of chemotherapy. Be sure to subscribe, rate and follow us! @dayonespodcast @storytellertone @justinandthehonorednone @campaignoaat --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.