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S01E19: The Outro(Season Finale)

This week on the Day Ones Podcast, we celebrate our season finale *hits airhorn* We begin by discussing our summer lessons(2:00), which lead to us having conversations around Terrace House, natural hair care, broken theories, cognac, complicit racism, risk vs. investment, and more. Next, we reflect on the first season(23:33) of the podcast and share some outtakes from the archive. Then, we finally tell the story of our experience with "Grandma Death" and a persistent exotic dancer(32:35). To...


S01E18: Keno

This week on Day Ones, we (Justin and the Honored None and Storyteller Tone) check in, and end up giving each other some fairly random Netflix suggestions. Keno joins(14:35) and he shares with us how he began his path as a hip hop artist in Salinas and a member of theZOO, forming the duo The Otherside(29:05) and experiencing 2nd Saturday(36:10). Next, we get the stories behind his Sleeping Giant(47:10) and For Those Who are Still Sleeping projects(53:55), we reflect on memorable tour...


S01E17: Rose Rasmussen

This week on the Day Ones Podcast, we kick the show off by discussing the paradox of choice. Then, HOF Mom/event coordinator Rose Rasmussen joins us(6:59). We talk about her early learning experiences(13:12), containing excitement for an idea while going through the creating process(16:02), and how "failing forward" has been useful in her work(17:30). Next, we talk about navigating through a creative funk(22:32) self care and meditation (27:57), and how to have more gender inclusivity in her...


S01E16: Shakira Hedgpeth

This week on the Day Ones Podcast, we give our quick insight on Drake's new album Scorpion, as only we can. Then, we welcome TV One producer, Shakira Hedgpeth to Day Ones(15:35). We get into the beginning of her journey in media, including her work in radio, field research, sales, and ultimately her path to producing at TV One(20:39). We discuss her role as a producer (35:57), if her position affects how she consumes TV as a casual viewer (38:36), and if the streaming era plays into...


S01E15: DJ J Hernandez

This week on the Day Ones Podcast, we welcome DJ J Hernandez(6:34). We discuss his early background with Djing(12:14), the first time he botched a wedding(14:27) and what it's like spinning at a bad event(20:03). We get into universally enjoyed songs(23:32), the preparation for and feeling after a successful event(25:43), and his influences(31:53). He shares with us his opinion on the effect of technology on DJing(35:10), his pet peeves(37:38), and what it's like experiencing a bad DJ on a...


S01E14: Creators of WakandaCon

This week on The Day Ones Podcast, we sit down with the creators of the first annual WakandaCon(6:24). They share with us how the idea of WakandaCon came about(8:23), the importance of afrofuturism(11:37), and why Chicago was chosen as the home of the convention(15:36). Next, we discuss why and how non POC have an investment in the convention(18:52), how the areas of focus for the convention were selected(21:28), and they share with us the lessons they learned about themselves during the...


S01E13: The Lazy Luchador

This week on The Day Ones Podcast, we're back with a mini episode of sorts. We share some breaking news on the state of the podcast and give a little insight into other projects to come. Then, we share an interview(?) we stumbled upon with "The Lazy Luchador"(6:14). It's a small look at some of the random sh*t that happens when we're recording an episode. With just a few episodes left in season 1, please continue to pass the podcast to your friends and hit us with a rating on whatever...


S01E12: Ru ARE YOU

This week Antonio and Justin check in and share stories of using mindfulness in unexpected places. Then, artist/dancer/martial artist/producer Ru ARE YOU joins us(5:30) to share his background in Taekwondo, using mindfulness across his art forms(9:20), and his eventual transition into music, dancing, and producing(11:24). Next, we discuss having respect for the creative process(27:20), his first tour with LMFAO (32:27), and adjusting to tour life(36:35). He shares about his experience with...


S01E11: Travis Cuellar

On this episode of The Day Ones Podcast, we start with Antonio sharing his new idea to get the YouTube bag. Then, artist Travis Cuellar joins us(3:45) and we discuss the influences on him becoming an artist, attending FIDM for graphic design, and the Bay Area's impact on his artistry(12:12). He shares with us how producing his own music effects his visual art (13:28), how he learned the process of creating(20:15), and the tricky relationship between business and art(22:22), with a JaVale...


S01E10: Myk Blauuw

This week on Day Ones, we start by pausing in a moment of appreciation, and share a story of how Alina Baraz came to be a Day One in spirit. Then, Myk Blauuw joins us(5:26) and we discuss the history behind starting ATF Radio on KDVS(7:30), how Second Saturday influenced his relationship with Sacramento hip hop(13:30), and his favorite music releases from the city(22:57). Next, he shares his memories of ATF’s final episode(32:25), building friendships during the show’s run(35:15) and the...


S01E09: Perry Porter

This week we kick things off on The Day Ones Podcast by looking ahead to the robot takeover, before our guest Perry Porter joins us(5:51). We discuss how he got his start making music and painting(7:01), current music (12:28), and critiquing art as an artist (14:45). The conversation transitions to the business side of art (16:10), Sleep Steady and working on tracks for UFC 2(18:01), and legalized marijuana(23:21). We close by talking conspiracy theories (26:20), his future ventures (31:45),...


S01E08: Pyerse Dandridge

This week on the Day Ones Podcast we welcome Pyerse Dandridge(6:12) where he shares with us the inspiration behind writing his book, Subprime Felon. He tells us about the unfortunate incident that led him to prison(11:28), how this altered his goals and way of life(16:02) and the camaraderie he encountered while serving his time (24:28).We discuss his writing process in prison(32:58), therapy options for inmates (36:12), and if prison is portrayed accurately (43:40) by the media. We end with...


S01E07: Melissa Quinones

This week on Day Ones we welcome Melissa Quinones(6:55). She shares about the inspiration behind her choice to enter the media industry(8:15), her early days working at Fox, BET, and the Wendy Williams Show(16:00), and her personal creative projects (22:15). We ask about her perspective as a Woman of Color in the space(27:15), her experience living in China (32:20), and how to make more space for conscious television(40:59). We end by discussing how men can support women in media(44:48),...


S01E06: Trey Johnson

This week on Day Ones, we talk with former Colorado Springs police officer Trey Johnson (3:38) about when he decided to pursue law enforcement (4:03), if his desire to be a cop was affected by being Black (5:02), and if his view of cops was changed before vs after his experience (6:17). We talk about whether or not academy training was useful (9:39), the perception of him as a black cop by others (12:59) and how cops and communities can better coexist(16:59). He shares with us misconceptions...


S01E05: Ty Hendricks

This week on Day Ones we welcome Kids Club International founder Ty Hendricks. With us she shares about her college experience at Lincoln University(7:15), the inspiration behind starting KCI(13:33) and her first experience overseas (16:46). We ask about the process of starting a non-profit organization and how listeners can get involved(19:04), future plans for KCI(26:50), and she explains the importance of providing aid internationally as well as domestically(29:19). We close by discussing...


B-Sides: Session 1 -"Code-Switching"

We’re back with another episode of Day Ones! We get right into the OJ confession interview, in which he included an absurd amount of references to someone named Charlie? This leads to us discussing the upcoming movie “Sorry to Bother You”, and code switching and its use in our daily lives(9:10). We share our affinity for movie companies Annapurna Films and A24 (27:50) and Antonio tells why he has a problem with a certain deadpan actress (33:05).We end the show by checking in about our...


S01E04: Alexis Small

This week on Day Ones, Antonio and I(Justin and the Honored None) are joined by Alexis Small, creator of the animated series “Judge Khalil” (6:04) for an enlightening episode in which we discuss the inspiration of childhood cartoons and the process of creating an animated show from scratch. Then, Alexis shares how listeners can get involved with the show (15:27), the real life connection to the show's characters, the structure of the series(19:07) and her future plans(27:09). We close by...


S01E03: Jackson Nakanishi

This week on Day Ones Podcast, Antonio(@storytellertone) and I (Justin and the Honored None) welcome hip hop producer Jackson Nakanishi to the show(2:27). We ask him about early inspiration, and the learning curve that comes with being self taught. Next, he drops some gems about creating in spite of the odds and developing his sound(7:09). We discuss his God Shammgod album(11:59), creating around a theme, and how film colors his production(14:56). We speak about the favorite songs he’s...


S01E02: Black Panther

Peace ya’ll, me (Justin and the Honored None) and Antonio (@StorytellerTone) decided to double up this week because of course, we wanted to get our takes off about Black Panther. We’ll be back next week with our first guest of the season(and ever!!), but for now, we chat about the brilliance of Ryan Coogler and the Women of Wakanda(1:23). We get into the film’s fit in the Marvel Universe(10:57), Ludwig’s score and other touches that enhanced the ‘world’ of Wakanda(16:49). From here, we talk...


S01E01: The Intro

This week on the first episode of Day Ones Podcast, Antonio(@storytellertone) and I (Justin and the Honored None), kick things off by discussing the journey of our friendship and how that led us to creating this show. We talk meeting in high school and the role black identity played in our experience(1:50). From there, we discuss how we decided on colleges/career paths, the pressure of being some of the first people to attend(12:01), our run ins with the cops together(23:40) and Antonio...