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Water and North Minneapolis

With more than 10,000 lakes and more shoreline than Florida, Hawaii, and California combined, it’s difficult to travel anywhere in Minnesota without crossing a lake, waterfall or river. The name Minneapolis even comes from a combination of the Dakota Sioux word "mini," meaning water and the Greek word "apolis" meaning city. Despite its abundance and the profound connection between Minnesotans and their water, some families in North Minneapolis have been cut off from the river for...


The Artist Life in MSP

Artist density in Minnesota is 150% greater than the national average, Minnesota is second to only New York City in theatre employment, and Minnesotans lay claim to icons like Bob Dylan, The Replacements, and Rhyme sayers record label. Despite overwhelming participation in the arts, Minnesota artists receive limited national and international attention. So, if artists remain in Minneapolis/St. Paul, can they make a living? On this episode, we speak with people creating and ask how...


84 Neighborhoods

Within Minneapolis and St. Paul there are 84 neighborhoods. Unique enclaves scattered with shops, parks, museums, and Universities. Boundaries are blurry but when meandering from one to another, distinct identities emerge. On this show, we stroll through one of the 84 neighborhoods that, in it’s odd uniqueness, represents one of the many eclectic corners of MSP. Music by Enjoy the Cat, the Limozine Group, and Zack Baltich, To hear plans for season 2 and beyond, visit...


Winter Markets: How we gather

It’s cold here. Embracing it instills community in very different ways. In this episode we visit the spaces shifting the paradigm of what it means to gather during winter. Music by Enjoy the Cat, the Limozine Group, Zack Baltich, This episode marks the halfway point of Season 1. To hear plans for season 2 and beyond, visit, and subscribe to the email list. Places, people, and businesses featured: European Christmas MarketHmong VillageWunder wafersNamakan FurTC...


Skyway Schism: Beyond the binary

This week on Deep North: the climate controlled hallways that elevate Minneapolis and St. Paul humans to the second floor. The value of these skyways is a contentious issue. Some say they kill street life and hurt small business. Others see the skyways as an asset for less mobile populations, and a comfortable way to get out of the office. But for this show, we’re going to set the debate aside and take a walk through these elevated hallways. With professional place maker, Max Musicant,...


Artists in Disguise: A Creative Enterprise

An old factory on the Minneapolis St. Paul border has forgone it’s 20th century widgets for much different wares. Today coffee roasts, beer brews, drills grind, and golf clubs putt. The building’s new tenants embody the potential of creative enterprise and inspire the artist in all of us. Music by Enjoy the Cat, the Limozine Group, Zack Baltich, and Chad (the Tipsy Kangaroo naughty puppet review keyboardist) Do you think MN is more than just an uninhabited chunk of land? Leave a review...


Why Minneapolis St. Paul?

Jay Walljasper (author of The Great Neighborhood Book) and Alexandra Connett (Minneapolis transplant) make a case for a city beyond cows, cold, and camp snoopy. Before moving to Minneapolis, Alexandra had no expectations for Minnesota, "Everyone was asking me why I was moving to the middle of nowhere." Since arriving, her experience has been much different than she had imagined. Walljasper says Alexandra isn't a unique case and that this perception is partially Minnesotans fault. In the...


Introducing Deep North

Welcome to the Deep North. Dispelling the myths of Minnesota nice for the urbane side of cities that the world, country, and even some Minnesotans haven’t experienced. In each episode we explore the food scene, the art scene, the sidewalk scene, meeting the people you’ve never known, standing right outside your door. Music by Enjoy the Cat and the Limozine Group