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Episode 13 : Season's favorites and GIVEAWAY!

Christmas Mubaarak to all our listeners! This holiday season, we want to share our season’s favourites with you and also treat you to pretty things. So do stick around till the end of the episode to find out how to enter our special end of season GIVEAWAY. We hope you find our list of favourites interesting, and we’re looking forward to announcing the winner of this giveaway in next week’s episode. Here are the links to some of the things we mention in the episode.: [The Legend of Lakshmi...


Episode 12 : 'From Engineering to Journalism' with Abhishyant Kidangoor

This week we chat with a fellow Desi Outsider, Abhishyant on his radical change of career choice during his final year of Mechanical Engineering. Abhishyant chose to complete his studies in Engineering, only to make the switch to Journalism immediately after his graduation. We discuss his journey from VIT to CNN-IBN to Columbia School of Journalism in New York. We absolutely loved speaking to him, and hope that you enjoy listening to our conversation. You can find Abhishyanth on twitter...


Episode 10 : Female, Male and Sexual Hygiene

In our final episode on period, sex and reproduction, we come to you with a discussion on hygiene - female, male and even sexual hygiene. We round off our series on sexual health with an insight into the importance of maintaining proper hygiene, and stressing on the impact it can have on your body if this is neglected. If you know anyone who you feel may benefit from this, please do share this episode with them - it may just help them more than you think.


Episode 3 : The untold story of the younger Indian daughter

This week, we discuss the untold story of the younger Indian daughter. Being a younger Indian daughter who has been left behind in a household that has suffered the loss of an eloping child is not an easy situation to be stuck in. We reflect upon the root causes of all treatments in a setting like this. Image Credit:


Episode 1 : What Marriage Now?

This week, we discuss the biggest business transaction in India - marriage. Ankita shares her personal story of introducing her parents to a guy of her choice while Meenal gives Ankita the shock of her life when she tells the story of an Indian family in Europe. But they don’t stop there.



Ankita and Meenal give a brief introduction into their lives as they explore their journey from where they started off as two girls with big ideas to how they ended up grabbing their mics and sharing their stories. The two girls tell us about the biggest, yet most significant change in their life which brought them to where they are now. They introduce their vision of the Desi Outsiders community, a safe place for all 'Desis' to come together in order to be a part of many meaningful...