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Dial M For Maple is a Riverdale recap podcast with a sly twist. After every episode of Riverdale, we’ll recap what we just saw—as well as what we wish we saw.

Dial M For Maple is a Riverdale recap podcast with a sly twist. After every episode of Riverdale, we’ll recap what we just saw—as well as what we wish we saw.
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Dial M For Maple is a Riverdale recap podcast with a sly twist. After every episode of Riverdale, we’ll recap what we just saw—as well as what we wish we saw.




Law & Order - Riverdale: Recapping “Labor Day” (Chapter 36)

After a loaded sophomore season that unmasked the Black Hood next door and sent the town to the brink of civil war on multiple occasions, how does Riverdale kick off season three? With some sweaty courtroom drama, of course! But while Archie's on trial for murder, Dial M For Maple would like to take him to court for yet another terrible decision. In this episode, hosts Marah and Cameron are on hand to debate the merits of the premiere, ponder the origins of the Gargoyle King, and sing the...


Iconic And Beyond Reproach: Previewing Riverdale’s Third Season

Tie up that ponytail high because Riverdale's third season is just around the corner, and Dial M For Maple is celebrating with a return to form. Hosts Marah Eakin and Cameron Scheetz are back and eager to catch up on all of the Riverdale news they missed over the summer. We recap all the reveals and cliffhangers from season two, preview what's to come in the cult-y third season, and share our hopes for The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina. Plus, we roll out the red carpet for a new segment,...


Along Came Polly: An Interview With Riverdale's Tiera Skovbye!

It's been a long, hot, Riverdale-less summer, but Dial M For Maple returns with an extra-special treat to keep you Bulldogs happy during these Dog Days: An interview with Tiera Skovbye, a.k.a. the mysterious Polly Cooper! Host Cameron Scheetz and Tiera discuss the future of the Cooper clan, the other Riverdale roles she auditioned for, her new movie Summer Of '84, NANA ROSE, and life in "the cult" (oops, did we say "cult"? We definitely meant "farm"... it's just a farm, right?). It's an...


Long Live The Serpent King: Recapping 'Brave New World' (Chapter 35)

With "Brave New World," Riverdale's second season puts on its red leather jacket and rides off into the sunset. And, for once, all looks hunk-dory—until it doesn't! Though our favorite "meddling friends" wrap things up on peaceful terms, trouble is a'brewing in the form of Riverdale's own League Of Doom, which has Dial M For Maple salivating for an even campier season three. This week, Cameron is thrilled to welcome special guest host LaToya Ferguson, The A.V. Club's preeminent Riverdale...


Chaos Reigns: Recapping 'Judgment Night' (Chapter 34)

Murder! Mayhem! Small Fry! All hell breaks loose on this week's Riverdale, season two's thrilling penultimate episode. Yes, it's "Judgment Night," folks, and everyone's got tough decisions to make: Will Jughead play martyr? Can Betty bear to sit through her dad's weird home movies? What color cape should Cheryl wear when hunting a serial killer? On this week's Dial M For Maple, Cameron and guest host Meg Brett parse through it all, praising the women of Riverdale, and bemoaning the town's...


Shots Fired!: Recapping 'Shadow Of A Doubt' (Chapter 33)

As Riverdale reaches its season two endgame, we were tempted to call this episode"the calm before the storm," but then we remembered that "Shadow Of A Doubt" includes a scene where the Black Hood raises hell at Fred and Hermione's mayoral debate. That this week's tense episode feels quiet in comparison is proof that the show operates on an unrivaled level of insanity, which is why Dial M For Maple loves it so much. Special guest host Eric Thurm joins Cameronthis week to discuss the looming...


Who's That Chic?: Recapping 'Prisoners' (Chapter 32)

It's dark, dark days on Riverdale in an episode that starts with a cheerleading squad in mourning, and ends with Betty's realization that the Black Hood could be closer than she ever imagined. Dial M For Maple tries to find the levity in it all, but then that "Lollipop" ringtone brings us back to frightening reality. This week, Cameron is joined by special guest host Gwen Ihnat who helps connect the mysteries of Riverdale to the classic films of Alfred Hitchcock and David Lynch. Plus: Is the...


Am I Directing A Trainwreck?: Recapping 'A Night To Remember' (Chapter 31)

A musical episode chock-full of showstoppers, emotional reconciliations, and a proper whodunnit? What did we do to deserve you, Riverdale? On this week's Dial M For Maple, Marah and Cameron have nearly lost their voices after singing along with—and screaming at—Riverdale High's Carrie: The Musical, but they manage to pull it together to praise the ambitious episode (and KJ Apa's dance moves). Plus, a rundown of our new Black Hood suspects, and a closer look at the town's private prison...


Nana Rose To The Rescue: Recapping 'The Noose Tightens' (Chapter 30)

Breakouts and break-ins abound on this week's Riverdale, a show that's never met a door it couldn't kick through. As the mob puts the heat on Hiram, the Coopers and Joneses deal with Darla, and Toni rallies the troops for a Cheryl rescue mission. And you better believe Nana Rose comes through when we need her most! Plus, Marah and Cameron detail Dial M For Maple's exciting weekend at PaleyFest—red carpet looks, the highs and lows of the cast panel, and a little tease for the upcoming Carrie:...


Varchie Breaks Bad: Recapping 'Primary Colors' (Chapter 29)

Is Archie becoming the villain of his own show? Riverdale seems to be drawing its lines in the sand with not one, but two different "political" races heating up. Marah and Cameron know who they'd endorse, but, frankly, Dial M For Maple has bigger fish to fry. Namely, the shenanigans at the Blossom estate, which leaves the futures of both Cheryl Bombshell and Nana Rose hanging in the balance. And what do we make of Mama Cooper's heart-to-heart with Betty? Or Chic and Kevin's insane milk...


The Curse Of The Blossom Twins: Recapping 'There Will Be Blood' (Chapter 28)

On this week's Riverdale, there will be blood! Or will there? There will, it turns out, even if Marah needs to remind Cameron that he saw it. And that's why Dial M For Maple is here: To help you keep track of every drop. It's an episode full of table-turning and double-crossing, and that's before the arrival of some long-lost relatives (and the return of a beloved butler)! Will the mayoral campaign tear Varchie apart? Are there more Blossoms out there in the world? Is that really all that...


Sex Weekend: Recapping 'The Hills Have Eyes' (Chapter 27)

A new Riverdale finds Bughead & Varchie headed for the hills for a steamy weekend at Lodge Lodge. But this cabin in the woods isn't just a place for the couples to knock boots and knock back some jalapeño margaritas—it's also a powder keg ready to explode! Dial M For Maple is so happy to be back to recap it all, touching on everything from Cher'oni, to Chic's creepy eating habits, to the unexpected Jennifer Garner "cameo." Plus, Marah and Cameron offer up a PSA: It's okay to go see movies on...


Cabin Fever: Wild Speculation For Riverdale's Next Act

When Riverdale returns in March, the Core 4 will be packing their bags for a steamy trip to the secluded Lodge cabin—a trip we've lovingly dubbed the "Sex Weekend." And we're doing some packing of our own, as Marah preps for her move to LA! With so much going on, she & Cameron decided it was time for an extra special episode of Dial M For Maple. To hold you over 'til the show's return, the hosts touch on everything from the tease of new romance for our favorite supporting characters, to...


Welcome To The Family: Recapping 'The Tell-Tale Heart (Chapter 26)

Nothing strengthens a family bond like a good 'ole fashioned murder cover-up, eh? A breakneck Riverdale sees the power balance shift from scene to scene, leaving Marah and Cameron with a little whiplash, and a lot of questions. For example, did the Cooper women really tie up all their loose ends? Just how terrified should the Lodges be of Jughead's "exposé"? And what does the reveal of the town's new HBIC mean for the show moving forward? This one's definitely going to have Dial M For Maple...


The Ballad Of Papa Poutine: Recapping 'The Wicked And The Divine' (Chapter 25)

"As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a poutine-loving gangster." A particularly dynamic Riverdale introduces Archie to the world of crime, "confirms" that Veronica's in over her head, and properly reunites Bughead—and that's all before Hiram's life is threatened for letting Pop Tate serve curd-less poutine! It's a wild one. Dial M For Maple dissects it all, including that shocking final scene, and Chic's suspiciously familiar visitor from the Bijou. Plus, Marah and Cameron...


Pickens A Fight: Recapping 'The Wrestler' (Chapter 24)

As Archie hits the mat in this week's Riverdale, The Town With Pep looks to be gearing up for an even bigger melee between the North and Southside—but who's on what side? Everybody's wrestling with something this week, and Dial M For Maple is here to question every motive. Marah and Cameron also wonder about Betty Cooper's potential new hobby, and again contemplate the show's confusing relationship with "seasons" and "weather." Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Undercover Archie: Recapping 'The Blackboard Jungle' (Chapter 23)

It's been a chilly 2018 so far, but Riverdale is finally here to gently drape a leather Serpent jacket over our shoulders and tell us everything will be alright. After reviewing their #RiverdaleResolutions, hosts Marah and Cameron dive into the show's back-to-basics return, but, in typical Dial M For Maple, find themselves wondering who they can trust—certainly not Agent Adams. Plus, does Chic have dark plans for the Cooper clan? Is Fangs Fogarty Keller-curious? And what's the deal with...


The Blue & Gold: Special Riverdale Winter Break Edition!

Hot off the presses, it's a super-sized edition of "The Blue & Gold," where Dial M For Maple disheson the latest news in the wider Riverdale world. Between the Sabrina casting announcement, the IRL Bughead photos, and some especially tantalizing promo pics, there is much to discuss, and hosts Marah and Cameron just couldn't bear to wait any longer! Help us kick off 2018 with a little Riverdale gossip, gab, and whole lot of gushing over Skeet Ulrich's Instagram. Learn more about your ad...


A Very Black Hood Christmas: Recapping ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’ (Chapter 22)

Riverdale says goodbye to 2017 with a holiday-themed episode that puts the focus on family bonds, and answers the season's biggest question—or does it? As always, Dial M For Maple is here to unwrap it all, stuffing your stockings with new theories about Nana Blossom's sudden (welcome) reappearance, the Lodge family master plan, and "The Warriors Of Faith." And while Marah and Cameron are dreading the month-long wait for new episodes, they've got some recommendations for how to fill the...


Mad World: Recapping ‘House Of The Devil’ (Chapter 21)

'Shippers beware, you're in for a scare: This week's Riverdale puts its couples through the ringer, leaving Dial M For Maple's Marah and Cameron in a state of shock. Thankfully, another triumphant entrance by Alice Cooper helps lift their spirits so that they can gab about FP's new lease on life, the mysteries of the Riverdale Reaper, and the art of the sad Serpent Dance. Plus, our favorite listener-submitted theories! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices