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Episode 14: Ties that Bind

Family: can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em, but sometimes you can choose your own. We pick apart found family dynamics in our latest episode, where we are joined by podcast aficionado (and husband of return guest Sarah Caputo) Joe Caputo! After talking enthusiastically about what's stuck in our heads this week, we get into the nitty, gritty, and bodily horror of some found family stories. The homework for the episode: Runaways, vol. 1 by Brian K. Vaughn and Adrian Alphona, the 1988...


Episode 13: Don't Show Your ClASSism

Did Martha want an excuse to talk about Sorry to Bother You for a solid hour? Possibly! Luckily she has a patient cohost and a good natured guest to join her. We break down classism in media (specifically from American and British perspectives) by looking at Boots Riley's debut film, Jeeves & Wooster, and the Mark Millar graphic something Kingsman: The Secret Service with guest (and fellow librarian!) Hannah Rapp.


Episode 12: DID We Love the 90's?

We've read all the listicles and seen the TV specials, but the question remains - for those of us who were there, DID we love the 90's? Return guest and 90's expert Josh Brown (from 40 Going on 14) joins us to get into it. Leave your nostalgia at the door, because we do not have time for it today. The homework: Scream (1996, dir. Wes Craven), The Maxx (1993, wri. Sam Kieth), Boy Meets World (1993, ABC).


Episode 11: Investigating True Crime

We are not a true crime podcast, but we are discussing it thoroughly in today's episode. Return guest Sarah Caputo joins us in our deep dive on why we can't get enough of true crime. Homework includes In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, Zodiac by David Fincher, and the Onion's satirical podcast, A Very Fatal Murder.


Episode 10: Nostalgia

Friend of the podcast and return guest Maren joins us to dig into nostalgia - specifically, media ABOUT nostalgia. We talk about rose colored glasses, lampooning "the good old days," and why Pete and Martha don't get that excited about musicals. The homework: Meet Me the 1944 film In St. Louis, the Hold Steady album Boys & Girls in America, and the 1998 seminal film Pleasantville.


Sick Day

Hey guys! No real episode this week, and for that we apologize - Martha was sick and had no voice, which doesn't make for a very good recording experience. In absentia, please enjoy us gabbing about His Dark Materials with Sarah Shaw, and we will be back with our real episode next time!


Episode 9: Coming of Age

New guest Kim joins us to discuss coming of age stories: their appeal, universality, and sneaking diverse experiences into stories easily consumable by white people. We discuss Call Me By Your Name, Persepolis, and The House on Mango Street.


Episode 8: Hypocrisy

Happy New Year! Today we discuss something not at all relevant to our current world situation, oh no, not at all, who would even think that: Hypocrisy. Starting the new year off on a positive, optimistic foot, eh? Return guest Sara Shaw also helps us share some of the good, positive things in our lives, like video games and Philip Pullman.


Episode 7: Top Ten 0f 2018

Pete and Martha go guestless to discuss their Top Ten pieces of pop culture from 2018. They also throw a lot of shade about their favorite and least favorite homework assignments from this year, and reiterate A LOT about how LONG 2018 has been. See you guys next year!


Episode 6: Showing Vs. Telling

Friend of the pod and return guest Dan Karlin (of SooL Radio fame) joins us to discuss Showing vs. Telling in storytelling. Our homework: The Sopranos, The Hunger Games, and Asterios Polyp.


Episode 5: Environmentalism

We're revisiting the question of conservation and environmentalism in our episode this week, where we're joined by friend of the show and repeat guest Caitlin. Some of the topics addressed: the responsibility humanity has towards caring for our world, the roles of ecoterrorism and legal loopholes in defending the environment, and really cute robots and owls. What's stuck in our heads this week: Pete: #GrittyABook > The Gritty & the Gritty > The City & the City BBC Martha: Damsel by Elana...


Episode 4: The Ghosts of Memory

Mark Rhomberg is back on to talk about memory, time, and how it makes fools of us all (not really, but you get the idea). We dig into how memories and time paradoxes mess up some characters and how they play with story, and we all only fight a little about Interstellar. Our homework: The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix show), Here by Richard McGuire, and Interstellar, from director Christopher Nolan. Follow us on Twitter @DYDYHpodcast!


Episode 3: Halloween Spooktacular

We're bumping up our episode schedule just a bit to make sure you get our Halloween Spooktacular in a timely fashion! Friend of the show Michelle joins us to talk about what media scares us and why (and also why we kind of like it). The homework for the episode: The Exorcist (film), The Shining (book), and season 3 episode 5 of Community, "Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps." Our next episode will be focused on ghosts, but not the spooky kind (well, not really....). Mark Rhomberg returns...


Episode 2: Problematic Faves

We're joined by Joel from 40 Going on 14 to discuss something that's been in the news a lot lately - Problematic Faves. How do we deal with our favorite pop culture when the creators turn out to be trash? We discuss The Cosby Show, JK Rowling, The Breakfast, and more. Our next episode is our Halloween Spooktacular, and will be coming to you one week early! Your homework for next ep: the film version of The Exorcist, the book version of The Shining, and Community 3.05, "Horror Fiction in...


Episode 1: America to Me

We're back! We have returned from our hiatus with a fully packed episode, starting with what's stuck in our heads this week and a deep dive on the Starz documentary America to Me, which happens to be the high school we all went to. Return guest Bill joins us to talk about the documentary, our experiences, and our feelings re: our hometown Next episode we're joined by friend of the show Joel from 40 Going on 14 to discuss problematic faves. The homework for next episode will be: Harry Potter...


Book Reports #3

Thank you for bearing with us! Here's the last of this round of book reports before we head into our second season of regular shows. Martha has a lot of feelings about Moana and also Twilight (she swears it's related), and also about female teen characters in YA lit. Pete would like to talk to you about problematic podcast phenomena in the context of Serial and S-Town, and also Big Red Machine, PEOPLE music platform, and collaborations in music.


Book Reports #2

It's our second round of hiatus book reports! In this ep, Martha talks about the now-outdated Achievement in Popular Cinema award floated by the Academy, which has been "postponed" because that idea was dumb and bad. She also gets into why Teen Rom Coms are Good, Actually and the importance of movies like Love, Simon and To All the Boys I've Loved Before. Pete talks the role of history books in pop culture, and also his experience with Slice ("that pizza delivery/werewolf/horror-comedy...


Book Reports #1

Welcome to Episode 1 of our hiatus episodes! As you may remember from last ep, Pete and Martha are taking a few weeks to get the podcast organized and line up some great guests for you. In the meantime, we're sending you some shorty individual discussions on what we're enjoying right now. Included in this episode: Free! and cultural norms reflected in pop culture, Crazy Rich Asians and good storytelling,the board game Codename and the Broken Earth trilogy by N.K. Jemison.


Episode 39: Reality TV

Friend of the podcast Lizzie is back to dig into reality tv - we made Pete watch the season finale of The Bachelorette, and we have no regrets. Homework was ostensibly The Bachelorette, Great British Bake Off, and The Great Food Truck Race, but we talk about a TON of stuff. Also: an announcement about the next couple of episodes!


Episode 38: Summer Blockbusters

In this one, we talk about summer blockbusters, what makes a movie a blockbuster, and how unfair it is that people tend to think poorly of big budget action movies that come out in the summer. We both have a lot of feelings about superheroes and Steven Spielberg.