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Lifelong fans of Doctor Who, Rob and Liam discuss their favourite TV sci-fi show and a few other things of interest.


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Lifelong fans of Doctor Who, Rob and Liam discuss their favourite TV sci-fi show and a few other things of interest.




138: Destination: Skaro (2023 Children in Need Special)

This week Rob and Liam discuss the start of the 60th Anniversary specials, the Children in Need short Destination: Skaro.


137: Partners In Crime

This week Liam and Rob are rejoined with Matt to revisit one of the very first Doctor and Donna stories – Partners in Crime from Series Four. We read out some fabulous listener feedback and curious questions as well as performing a dramatic reading of Doctor Who and the Stalkery Spectacle. It’s all here on Cloister Bell podcast. Explore more at For early access and bonus episodes visit


136: Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Roundtable

Celebrating 60 years of Doctor Who we host our very first roundtable discussion. Joining us around the table today all the way from Romania is our very good friend Matt from Neither the Time Nor the Space podcast. We have a long overdue catch-up and bring a bunch of questions to the table about Doctor Who such as best stories, favourite props, best era and the secret to its success. Enjoy! Matt will also be joining us on the next podcast discussing the Tenth Doctor story ‘Partners in Crime’.


135: Arc Of Infinity

This week Liam and Rob discuss the Whoniverse and the season 20 Peter Davison adventure Arc of Infinity.


134: Asylum Of The Daleks

In this one Liam and Rob ponder whose hair smells better – Tennant or Smith, and then we discuss an EGGcelent Eleventh Doctor story called ‘Asylum of the Daleks’.


133: The Claws Of Axos

This week Rob and Liam discuss depressing drama, good personal news, eating frogs and snails, "exciting" political research and the Jon Pertwee adventure "The Claws of Axos".


132: The Fires Of Vulcan

This return to Pompeii from a different perspective this week as we check out a great old audio drama from Big Finish called The Fires of Vulcan featuring Sylvester's Seventh Doctor and Bonnie's Mel. Is it better than the Tenth Doctor's Pompeii outing? Tune in to find out!


131: Planet of Giants

In this week's podcast Rob and Liam discuss Halloween, the horror that is Bob Ross, David Beckham, rubbish documentary styles and the Dr. Who adventure Planet of Giants. We also discuss An Unearthly Child. The podcast was recorded before all the recent controversies surrounding that story. Liam makes a slip and says it was written by Waris Hussein when he meant to say he directed it.


130: The Fires Of Pompeii

The lads are in Pompeii – and it’s Volcano Day. Yay, we’re back! We kick off our relaunch with a good old Doctor/Donna story – The Fires of Pompeii. We have a catch up and we read out some of your feedback from our polling station. Enjoy! Support us on Patreon for early access | POLL 'The Fires of Pompeii | More from us at


Cloister Bell 129: Logopolis

It’s the end. But the moment has been prepared for. Join us on this special day celebrating Rob’s birthday as well as our arrival at the final story of Doctor Who’s 18th season – Logopolis. A nice lad called Mark Cockram joins us today too so do have a listen!


Cloister Bell 128: Doctor Who and The Star Beast

Before David Tennant’s Fourteenth Doctor encounters ‘The Star Beast’ we explore the original comic book story which inspired it! Today we read the Fourth Doctor comic story Doctor Who and the Star Beast, the effects of adapting existing stories and discuss our recent meet up. Meep meep!


Cloister Bell 127: Watchers

In this podcast Rob and Liam discuss dreams, Popeye, films, novelisations, the podcast's website and the Big Finishaudio novel Watchers.


Cloister Bell 126: The Celestial Toymaker

Today Liam and I reminisce on our childhood toys, geeky shops in Newcastle, at some point someone starts the hoovering, then in anticipation of Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary we revisit the First Doctor story The Celestial Toymaker and read out some divisive listener feedback.


Cloister Bell 125: The Keeper Of Traken

In this week's podcast Rob and Liam discuss Black Mirror, ice-cream, drinks explode, spoons are dropped, and we also work in a discussion on Indiana Jones, Nazis and somehow find time for Tom Baker's penultimate adventure The Keeper of Traken.


Cloister Bell 124: Midnight

With the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who almost upon us and the welcome return of David Tennant and Catherine Tate – we’ve asked our patrons to vote for a Doctor/Donna story for us to discuss… This week we return to the new era of Doctor Who as we rewatch the Tenth Doctor story Midnight. I copy Liam and he gets annoyed – and then we read out some great listener feedback. Thanks to our patrons Sonia, Grant, Mark and Harry for choosing this one. Enjoy! Get bonus episodes at Find out more at


Cloister Bell 123: Warriors' Gate

In this week's podcast Rob and Liam talk about Peter Gabriel, Blackadder, AI, The Beatles, Avatar, memory and the end of the E-space saga Warriors' Gate.


Cloister Bell 122: The Daleks Master Plan

Today on Cloister Bell we’re exploring a particular First Doctor story as chosen by our patron Mark Cockram – The Daleks’ Master Plan. We discuss each of the 12 episodes and reveal our favourite moments. Stay tuned after the end credits as we have a spoilery chat about Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary and beyond. If you’d like to support us on Patreon you can access all our bonus episodes such as our recent commentary on Mission to the Unknown!


Cloister Bell 121: The Planet Of Witches & The Quest Of The Engineer

This week Rob and Liam discuss questionably flavoured drinks and two Big Finish adventures, The Planet Of Witches and The Quest Of The Engineer. There is also discussion on recent Who-news and the Fast and Furious films.


Cloister Bell 120: TORCHWOOD Cyberwoman

This week Liam and Rob are walking the streets of Cardiff in their Cyber-heels to reminisce about that old episode of Torchwood all about Ianto’s nothing-but-trouble girlfriend Lisa. Yes we’re back to the HUB this week as we revisit episode three of Torchwood’s first series, ‘Cyberwoman’. We also discus Picard, Doctor Who news, the Alien novels and more! Visit for more podcasts and also some TORCHWOOD games too!


Cloister Bell 119: Purgatory 12 & Chase The Night

In this podcast Rob and Liam discuss the Evil Dead, Sam Raimi and two Big Finish stories from the Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 09 Volume 01, Purgatory 12 and Chase The Night. There is also an extra chat at the end where we talk about Star Trek and some items of interest about the 60th Anniversary of Doctor Who.