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325: Doctor Who Reviewed: The Ghost Monument

Christian Cawley and James McLean are fresh from a viewing of The Ghost Monument, the second episode of Doctor Who Series 11. How did they take to the TARDIS? Is Yaz ever going to do anything? And just how popular is Bradley Walsh? Shownotes: * [New TARDIS behind the scenes video with Arwel Jones]( * [Lovarzi's Doctor Who Scarf collection](


324: Doctor Who: The Woman Who Fell To Earth Reviewed

What did you think of the return of Doctor Who? Did Jodie Whittaker press your timey-wimey buttons? Missed the TARDIS? Or were you _enraged_ by the poor Yorkshire accent of one of the supporting cast? Perhaps the theme tune ticked you off… or the odd roll call of future guest stars. Either way, your thoughts are mirrored by at least one of our podcast team this week. Click play to hear what Christian Cawley and James McLean thought about The Woman Who Fell to Earth…


323: Doctor Who Series 11 Preview: Spoilers Don't Really Hurt

Christian Cawley and James Baldock look forward to Doctor Who Series 11, and wonder if spoilers are really all that bad. Listen out for some thoughts about the BBC news website's opinion of Peter Capaldi, and just what was going on in Steven Moffat's head when he invented the Dalek Parliament? Head to our website for the [shownotes](


322: Doctor Who Memoirs, Interviews, and Badgers

We're back with a chat about the current Doctor Who news, covering Christopher Eccleson's memoir, Chris Chibnall's recent SFX interview, and the release of the title of Doctor Who Series 11 Episode 2... Your host this week is Christian Cawley, accompanied by James Baldock, and Simon Danes.


321: Live at VworpCon: Boxsets, Sundays, and Speed Viewing Doctor Who

We're pleased to present to you our very first Doctor Who podcast with a live audience! Prepare yourselves for audience-interactive discussions about Doctor Who's move to a Sunday, whether the Season 19 Blu-ray boxset is more intriguing than the Season 12 boxset, a chat about Doctor Who video games, and even 1.5 speed commentary of Pyramid of Mars part 3. There has never been a podcast like it!


320: When Is Doctor Who Series 11 Airing on TV?

The date has been named for Doctor Who's return to TV: but are we happy about the show moving to Sundays? Christian Cawley, James Baldock, and Simon Danes discuss the recent news, and the potential ramifications of Doctor Who's return on October 7th. **Shownotes** * [Doctor Who Series 11 airdate confirmed]( * [Cultbox explain why story...


319: VworpCon Doctor Who Convention Preview with Gareth Kavanagh

On September 9th 2018 at the Manchester Printworks, the VworpCon Doctor Who convention features guests such as Paul McGann, Peter Davison, Katy Manning, Sophie Aldred, and many more. And the podKast with a K will be there, with a live show at 11am, and recording other material throughout the day. On this week's show, Gareth Kavanagh, part of the organizing team for the event, joins Christian Cawley and James McLean to take a look at what panels and talks he's personally looking forward to....


318: Doctor Who Series 11 Wraps, Chibnall Blocks Spoilers PLUS: We're at VworpCon!

Doctor Who Series 11 has finished shooting, and Chris Chibnall has a refreshing take on spoilers. Yes, it's the podKast with a K, and while all that important TV show-related stuff is important, there's something equally pressing to discuss: VworpCon. Taking place on September 9th, the star-studded Manchester event will feature the core podKast teaming of Christian Cawley and James McLean podcasting live from the event, with an audience! Hit play to find out more...


316: Doctor Who Infinity with Tiny Rebel Games

A brand new Doctor Who video game is out today, and to celebrate, Susan and Lee Cummings of Tiny Rebel Games, and writers George Mann, Scott Handcock, and Gary Russell join Christian Cawley and James McLean to discuss how it came about, some of the process, and how it differs from the previous title, Doctor Who Legacy. [Buy Doctor Who Infinity on Steam](


315: What Does a Female Doctor Mean for Doctor Who?

Modern young people running the DWM Time Team, a female Doctor, a new showrunner, with some very different ideas to his predecessor... just what is going on? Why are these things happening? Well, of course, it's the next iteration of Doctor Who! But what does having a female Doctor really mean for the show's future? After all, it's not up to us, or the BBC, or Chris Chibnall, or even the Doctor herself. It's up to the viewers... Christian Cawley, James Baldock and Simon Danes discuss how...


314: The Doctor Who Series 11 SDCC Trailer Is Here! But What Did We Think?

Doctor Who is hitting the panels at #SanDiegoComicCon (aka #SDCC) this weekend, and fresh from absorbing the new trailers and promo images, Christian Cawley and James McLean give you their thoughts about this latest look at Doctor Who Series 11. PLUS: Does the Sonic Screwdriver look even more like a sex toy or not?


313: Doctor Who News: Twitch, Jodie Whittaker at SDCC, Season 12 on Blu-ray

Christian Cawley, James Baldock, and Simon Danes bring you their thoughts about the latest Doctor Who news, including thoughts about the Doctor Who Season 12 Blu-ray, Jodie Whittaker's forthcoming San Diego Comic Con appearances, and Simon's memories of Bedford Who Charity Con 3. Oh, and there's some Doctor Who on Twitch chat, not to mention a few words about a recent Star Wars casting announcement.


312: Jodie Whittaker Doctor Who Scene Leaked, New Composer Announced!

Following the leaking of a scene from #DoctorWho Series 11 and news of a new composer, Christian Cawley and James McLean discuss: what's the best scene in A Bit of Fry & Laurie season 1, episode 2…? Plus some #sdcc annoyances. Shownotes * [San Diego Comic Con]( * [New Doctor Who composer is Segun Akinola]( * [Doctor Who on Twitch...


311: Why You Should Be Watching Doctor Who on

An incredible new phenomenon within the world of Doctor Who has occurred. Fans around the planet are watching the show online via free streaming service Known more widely as a platform for esports streaming, the Amazon-owned service, more colloquially known simply as Twitch, is streaming Doctor Who's first 26 years, from 100,000 BC to episode 4 of Survival. Fans can simply visit the site and start watching! Better still, this streaming service offers live text chat. What this adds...


310: Doctor Who Illustrator Anthony Dry Discusses Target Books and More

How does a Doctor Who illustrator get spotted and end up working on DVDs, murals, magazine features, and book covers? To find out, Christian Cawley chatted to Anthony Dry, and recapped the artist's career since 2005, from his start on with Christian, right up to date with the recent Target book signing at Forbidden Planet's London Megastore with Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat. Along the way, listen out for mentions of work with Abba, Iron Maiden, and Simple Minds, as...


309: What Is Wrong with Modern Dalek Stories?

As an adjunct to our recent look at the best Dalek stories of each era of Doctor Who, Gareth Kavanagh joins us to look at the candidates, and discuss some of his favorite Dalek adventures, and move the conversation towards the most recent. What went wrong with The Magician's Apprentice/The Witch's Familiar? Listen out also for definitive decisions from James and Christian on their all-time favourite Dalek stories.


308: RTD Responds to Eccleston Doctor Who Departure Recollections

This week's podcast looks at recent #DoctorWho news, including the sale of a William Hartnell script, the audio reunion of Torchwood, new location shoots in Sheffield, and Russell T Davies' reaction to Christopher Eccleston's recent comments concerning his departure from Doctor Who in 2005\. PLUS a look at the controversy surrounding the new DWM Time Team... With James Baldock and Christian Cawley.


307: What's Your Favourite Multi-Doctor Adventure?

Presenting stories with multiple incarnations of #DoctorWho is always a treat... but it sometimes doesn't quite work out. Christian Cawley and James McLean put their heads together to work out just which of these stories is the best. Is it the one you're expecting, or do they have a surprise for you? Featuring discussion of: The Three Doctors; The Five Doctors; The Two Doctors; Dimensions in Time; Time Crash; Day of the Doctor; Twice Upon a Time; countless novels and Big Finish adventures....


306: Doctor Who News: Odds and Socks, Lego and a Children's Show

Peter Capaldi, Russell T Davies, Star Wars: The Last Jedi; we're covering everything in this week's news-centric podKast with a K, starring Christian Cawley and James Baldock! Should you be concerned about the "William Hartnell script" that is coming up for auction? Is Doctor Who really a children's show after all? Is Russell T Davies happy with the idea of a female Doctor at last? And why isn't Peter Capaldi on Twitter? Click "play" to hear all this and more… Shownotes...


305: What Is the Best Dalek Story in Doctor Who?

We've had years of debate over who is the best Doctor, or what is the best adventure... but what about the real stars of Doctor Who? It's about time we discussed the true importance of the Daleks, and their adventures. Which Dalek story is the greatest? Christian Cawley and James McLean consider... but will they end up dressed as Robomen by the end? Probably not, but with 25 true "Dalek stories" since 1963, it's probably time we talked about them in depth.