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Take Back "Movie Night" You spend 115 hours every year JUST LOOKING for a movie to watch. We are here to help with that.

Take Back "Movie Night" You spend 115 hours every year JUST LOOKING for a movie to watch. We are here to help with that.
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Take Back "Movie Night" You spend 115 hours every year JUST LOOKING for a movie to watch. We are here to help with that.






Deepwater Horizon/ A Marky Mark Deep Dive

Marky Mark Wahlberg: Love him? Hate him? Let's talk about it! By this time we all know Rodney can't stand the self-proclaimed "Prince of Boston" but do YOU agree with Rodney that Marky Mark needs to go away? We also take a look at "Deepwater Horizon" which was recommended to us by one of our listeners. You can recommend movies for us to by going to and scrolling down to the bottom of the page. Help us help others "Take Back Movie Night!" Where to find it? HBO Go 2016 -...


Kubo and the Two Strings / Best (Worst) Pranks

Pranks, pranks, and more pranks! Jump in to this one as the guys explain what "Kubo and the Two Strings" is worth your movie night, plus give you a movie to avoid. Also hear the listeners' favorite pranks they have seen as well as plenty of personal stories about pranks from Chet, Rodney, and Lyndon! Where to Find: Netflix 2016 - Adventure, Drama, Animated Starring: Charlize Theron, Matthew McConaughey, Art Parkinson Director; Marc Haimes IMDb: 7.8 Rotten Tomatoes: 97%


"When We First Met" / Interview with the Writer, John Whittington

In a fun and unique episode, the guys bring a "Movie Night Pick" while ALSO getting to interview the writer of said movie! The guys are joined by John Whittington, Writer of the Netflix Original, "When We First Met", as he discusses the inspiration for the film, working with comedy star Adam Devine, and his previous work (LEGO Batman, LEGO Ninjago). Where to Find: Netflix Original 2018 - Romantic Comedy Starring: Adam Devine, Alexandra Daddario, Shelley Hennig Director: Ari Sandel Writer:...


Wind River/ Movie Taboo/ An Item YOU Can't "Survive" Without

Jam-packed. Huh? Oh, I thought you asked me to describe this episode. A movie night pick! A movie to avoid! "Movie Taboo" where Rodney and Lyndon form team "Lyn Diesel"! And YOUR answers to the question, "What is one NON-ESSENTIAL item you could not 'survive' without?" Where to find: Netflix 2017 - R - Action, Drama, Mystery Starring: Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olson Director: Taylor Sheridan iMDB: 7.8 Rotten Tomatoes: 87%


Too Many Sequels!!

Warning....this one went off the rails. Chet and Rodney found themselves in rare form. The Land Before Time, Friday the 13th, Air Bud, and Madea just to name a few! Chet and Rodney (in the absence of Lyndon) take on several examples of movie franchises with far too many sequels. We're sure you will be as surprised as we were to hear how many installments of Home Alone there are! Can you name all of the 9 "Ernest" films?! Plus we read some of YOUR answers to the question, "What is one movie...


Sam Humphrey of "The Greatest Showman" - Suicidal Thoughts, Faith, and a Childhood Hero

Get the tissues ready. We were blessed to be joined by Sam Humphrey who play Tom Thumb in The Greatest Showman. Listen in as Sam opens up about the obstacles he faced on his path towards being an actor which included living with a disability as well as the emotional and mental battles he encountered. An amazing story of faith, positivity, and determination led to Sam acting alongside his childhood hero, Hugh Jackman. Also, does Zac Efron whistle songs from High School Musical on set? You...


Oscar Talk! Let's RANK the 2018 Oscars Best Picture Nominees

So now that the Oscars are here, you heard about all of the Best Picture Nominees but are any of them actually worth seeing?? We still aim to help you save time and "Take Back Movie Night" but this time it is through the lens of ranking the Best Picture Nominees 10-1 (there were 9 but we cheated and added 1....shhh). Also, we asked YOU what your "favorite movie of 2017 was that DID NOT get nominated." In this episode you will hear us reference several interviews we have done including Kurt...


Band of Robbers / Rodney vs Lyndon in "Band Name or Gang Name?" / Hollywood Bromances

Thanks to Jameson from Portland, the guys were able to watch and choose "Band of Robbers" as the Movie Night Pick of the Week! It is a DEEP Netflix find which is what Down the Hall is all about! Also in this episode it's Rodney vs Lyndon in "Band or Gang?" Plus we discuss YOUR answers to "Hollywood Bromances." 2015 - PG-13 - Comedy, Action Starring: Kyle Gallner, Adam Nee, Matthew Gray Gubler, Hannibal Burres Director: The Nee Brothers iMDB: 6.0 Rotten Tomatoes: 77%


Daniel Kraus, Co-Author of "The Shape of Water" with Guillermo Del Toro

In the mood for an interesting story? How about a small idea from a 15-year-old in Iowa followed by an innocent conversation over breakfast ultimately leading to the creation of a film sporting 13 Oscar nominations including Best Picture! Jump on into this conversation with Daniel Kraus, Co-Author of "The Shape of Water" who birthed the idea that became the blockbuster film directed by Guillermo Del Toro. You can find out more about Daniel at


I Love You Man / Chet's Engagement Story and Awful First Date / Celebrity Bridal Party

In this episode the guys talk through "I Love You Man" as the Movie Night pick of the week! It's a quote-driven, hilarious film dealing with the awkwardness of adult friendship. We also give a movie to avoid and ask YOU the question, "Who would be your celebrity groomsmen/bridesmaids?" 2009 - R - Comedy Starring: Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Rashida Jones, Jon Favreau Director: John Hamburg iMDB: 7.0 Rotten Tomatoes: 83%


Me Before You / A Controversial Romantic Drama? / Bane and a Game of Thrones Quiz

What's better than 3 guys discussing a Romantic/Drama that was highly controversial upon its release? 3 guys discussing a Romantic/Drama that was highly controversial upon its release AND partaking in a Game of Thrones themed quiz! Hop on in as the guys help you Take Back Movie Night with "Me Before You" Starring: Emelia Clarke, Sam Claflin Director: Thea Sharrock Where to Find: Amazon Prime iMDB: 7.4 Rotten Tomatoes: 57%


Paul Walter Hauser of "I, Tonya"

In this episode, Paul Walter Hauser who plays Shawn Eckhardt in the Oscar-nominated "I, Tonya" joins the show! Listen in as he talks backstage stories, the challenges of portraying a real-life person, and a story of when he was momentarily Margot Robbie's real-life bodyguard! You can follow Paul on Twitter @PaulWHauser


Mudbound / The Greatest Netflix Original? / Would You Rathers

Join us this week as we talk through the first ever Netflix original film to be discussed for Best Picture. Also, we play “Would you rather” with the listeners! 2017 - R - Historical Drama Starring: Garrett Hedlund, Carey Mulligan, Jason Clarke, Jonathan Banks, Rob Morgan, Mary J. Blige, Jason Mitchell Director: Dee Rees IMDb: 7.5 Rotten Tomatoes: 96%


Free Fire / A Real Life Shootout / Movie-Character-Gun-Fight-Champion

A Movie Night pick, a movie to avoid, and picking a champion for a movie character shootout. A fun, witty, banter-filled film leading to a fun, witty, banter-filled episode! Action, Comedy, Drama - R - 2017 Starring: Armie Hammer, Brie Larson, Sharlto Copley, Cillian Murphy Director: Ben Wheatley Where to Find It: Amazon Prime Jump on in to a quick, spoiler-free discussion about "Free Fire", and action comedy that we think is definitely worth your Movie Night! Also in this episode we get...


My Life as a Zucchini / Most Anticipated Movies of 2018

Trust us! A 98% Rotten Tomatoes score and Rodney's first 10! Animation, Comedy, Drama - PG-13 - 2016 Starring: Nick Offerman, Ellen Page (English version) Director: Claude Barras Where to Find It: Netflix Take back Movie Night with this incredible film, My Life as a Zucchini. Don't let the title chase you away! Take our word for it and give this a try. It has extremely high scores from the critics, the general public, and the guys of Down the Hall! Also in this episode, what are YOUR most...


Bright / Fantasy Buddy Cops / Sir Sean Connery Himself

This episode had Chet in tears laughing as he edited it. Action, Drama, Fantasy - PG-13 - 2017 Starring: Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, Noomie Rapace Director: David Ayers Where to Find: Netflix (Original) In this episode, the guys help you take back Movie Night with this extremely unique film. They also ask the question "Who would YOUR fantasy buddy cop be?" Lots and lots of laughs as Sean Connery himself makes a surprise appearance!


The Holiday / Terrible Christmas Movies / Star Wars Talk

Comedy, Romance - PG-13 - 2006 Starring: Kate Winslett, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Jack Black Director: Nancy Meyers Where to FInd: Amazon Prime We hope your Christmas weekend went well and that you are ready to take on the week leading up to New Years with another festive Movie Night pick! We take a look at "The Holiday" and then go through a list of TERRIBLE Christmas movies to find out which ones Rodney would give a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" to. Lastly, Lyndon and Chet debate Star Wars:...


The Santa Clause / Holiday Movies / A Star Wars Quiz to End All Quizzes

Comedy, Drama, Family - PG - 1994 Starring: Tim Allen Director: John Pasquin Where to Find It? Netflix Let's just jump right in to the Holiday spirit! In this one the guys take a peak at The Santa Clause which they consider to be a Holiday classic. Also, 2 movies to avoid, "Favorite Holiday Movies", and Rodney tries to stump Chet with Star Wars trivia with the help of a listener!


Backstage with Down the Hall - A Year in Review

Year 1 is in the books! Listen in as Chet and Rodney tell the untold truth of the FIASCO that was the Rob Burnett interview. Also, they guys recap all of the movies and many guests from the past year. Make sure you stick around for the end because there is a MAJOR announcement that will impact the future of the show!


Patrick Brice: How a Killer Pig Led to the Creation of a Cult Classic

What do our "Movie Night Pick of the Week" (Creep) and 2016's Best Picture Winner (Moonlight) have in common? Would you believe us if we said it had to do with a killer pig? In this very special episode, the guys interview Patrick Brice, Director and Co-Star of "Creep" which also stars Mark Duplass. Creep is the "Movie Night Pick of the Week" but it almost never happened! Listen in about how not only Creep, but 2016 Best Picture Winner "Moonlight" share roots in a quickly forgotten horror...


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