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Dual Pixels Radio SpoilerCast: Avengers: Endgame

We kickoff our first movie podcast with one of the biggest movies of...well EVER. We talk about all things Avengers: Endgame and roundly praised its ability to be nearly exactly what you could ever want after 22 movies and 10 years. Sure there were some scenes we wished were slightly changed, but Endgame deserves the billions of pennies it is earning. Sit back, get your popcorn ready and enjoy our Avengers: Endgame discussion!


Dual Pixels Radio #37: Next Gen Playstation 5 News Appears!

On this weeks episode Next Gen Playstation 5 news has finally been revealed and we go over the details on what we can expect from what Sony has in store. Capcom getting into retro console making with their own arcade stick release and Resident Evil 3 Remake coming soon? Plus much more. Enjoy episode #37 of Dual Pixels Radio.


Dual Pixels Radio #36: Battle of The Wastelands

Back-to-back podcasts…say what?! While Jose took the day off, Rob and Joey held down the fort with some serious gaming talk. As usual we discussed what we’ve been playing and quickly dove into the Rage 2 and Borderlands 3 trailers. The talk then takes a serious note as we discuss the future of Gamestop after its massive net loss, and the dire straits Bioware (and EA to an extent) is attempting to navigate after kotaku authored a piece about Anthem’s tumultuous development.


Dual Pixels Radio #35: Apple, Stadia, State of Play

The full gang is back, yes, Joey is finally joining in on the fun once again. We discuss what we’ve been playing, from Dead or Alive to Dark Souls and everything in between. Then, we delve into the two biggest tech companies gaming offerings (Apple w/ Apple Arcade, Google with Stadia) and explain why we are hopeful, yet ready for some major disappointment. We briefly touch on the rumored Nintendo updates to the Switch and round out the episode with our thoughts on Sony’s State of Play and...


Dual Pixels Radio #34: Revolution

We're back this week discussing the potential new Sonic cycle just beginning again with the first look at Sonic's Design for the movie. Shen-mue returns with a new trailer for the upcoming sequel. Mar10 day, Switch 2 year anniversary and much more. So sit back and enjoy the show!


Dual Pixels Radio #33: It's a Pokemon Day

And we are back! We discuss what we’ve been playing during our long hiatus, Pokemon Day, Pokemon Sword and Shield, and Microsoft and Nintendo forming a relationship plus much more ! So sit back and enjoy the show.


Dual Pixels Radio: Spider-Man Spoilercast

Dual Pixels Spoilercast is back with GOTY contender, Marvel’s Spider-Man. We discuss all things Spider-Man and spoil pretty much everything. So, if you have yet to play/finish Spider-Man, start making better decisions with your life, go finish it and then enjoy our spoiler-filled discussion. We heap heavy price on what is easily one of the top five games of 2018. So hit the play button and enjoy.


Dual Pixels Radio #32: Binded By Light

Back to your regularly scheduled programming! We discuss what we’ve been playing, how two out of three of us aren’t all in on Red Dead 2 (guess who loves it?!), our overall shock to how great the Detective Pikachu trailer actually looks and various other tangents along the way. Sit back and enjoy the show as we inch closer and closer to GOTY time.


Dual Pixels Radio #31: Let's Rock

Hello and welcome to Dual Pixels Radio Episode 31! We delve into old games coming to new consoles (New Super Mario Bros U (remastered) and Spyro trilogy being delayed), some Gamescom news, Vice’s puzzling article about Street Fighter V and our thoughts on the Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer. Enjoy!


Dual Pixels Radio #30: Web Slinging Shenanigans

Hello and welcome to the 30th episode of Dual Pixels Radio! We hit everything from Sony’s massive milestone of 500 million consoles sold, to some SDCC and Spider-Man talk and round out the fully-featured episode with some fighting thought and some esports tidbits sprinkled in. Enjoy!


Dual Pixel Radio #29: Name Switch Success

Welcome back to Dual Pixels Radio! On this weeks episode we talk a bit about the latest Soul Calibur VI, Overwatch and it's New Hero, and the Successor of the Nintendo 3DS. Plus The usual what we been playing and much more, so sit back and enjoy.


Dual Pixels Radio #28: The On-Demand Challenge

We're back this week with E3 out the way, We delve deeper into Microsoft and Sony’s On Demand services. The Pros, The Cons, and maybe Nintendo will arise to the Challenge. Plus The usual what we been playing, Mega-Man naming woes, May NPD, and much more. So sit back and enjoy and you can now check out Dual Pixels Radio on Spotify and every other major streaming service.


Dual Pixels Radio #27: The E3 Recap

It’s our E3 recap show! This episode is all about our thoughts on the E3 press conferences. Some were great, others were EA. The one thing we did decide on is that Ubisoft had a surprisingly great conference, and Sony tried to do a bit too much. Seriously, we don’t need intermissions. All in all, it’s another great E3 in the books. Sit back and enjoy.


Dual Pixels Radio #26: Pre E3 Spectacular

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year! No. It’s not Christmas. It’s E3! Joey, Jose and Rob delve deep into each publisher’s rumored (or wished for) offerings. As it has in the entire gaming industry, Battle Royale permeated throughout every aspect of the show. Sit back and listen to what we hope and think will be shown during E3 2018.


Dual Pixels Radio #25: The Battle of All Royales

Welcome to another edition of Dual Pixels Radio! As usual we go over games we’ve played, with newcomers being Detorit: Become Human and Dark Souls Remastered (yeah, it counts.) We then get shooter happy as we discuss ours thoughts on the reveals for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Battlefield V. After pulling ourselves out of the war talk, we touch on Resident Evil’s cloud version, some Kingdom Hearts news and banter about NPDs and the somewhat odd staying power of MLB The Show. Enjoy.


Dual Pixels Radio #24: Nintendo's Deep Dive

Our streak of podcasts is alive and well! Sadly, Boss Key’s fate has gone in the opposite direction. We discuss the closure of Boss Key Studios and where Cliffy B goes from here. We also touch on the Rage 2 announcement that hardly was, Monster Hunter coming to the Switch and dip our toes into what we expect from Sony’s new E3 conference structure. Enjoy!


Dual Pixels Radio SpoilerCast: God of War

We go all in on what might be the GOTY, God of War! We give our thoughts on the reinvention of the character and the series itself. From the combat changes to the new camera style, we touch on just about everything. But beware, heavy spoilers follow. So, if you haven’t finished the game yet, GO NOW. If you have finished, or don’t care about spoilers (yes, those people exist), sit back and enjoy an hour of more God of War talk.


Dual Pixels Radio #23- Return of The God of War

Hey! We’re back...again! But, this time, it’s for good! We come in hot with loot box talk and how Belgium and Hawaii are our only saviors. We touch a bit on God of War (just touched on it because a spoiler cast is in the not-so-distant future). Our final conversation dealt with what Microsoft can and should be doing to foster talent from within. Spoiler alert: We didn’t necessarily agree and things got heated. Get that, and a bit more in between, with Dual Pixels Radio #22.


Dual Pixels Radio: Hearthstone Jason Chayes Interview

We spoke with Hearthstone's Production Director, Jason Chayes, about all things Hearthstone including the new expansion Knights of the Frozen Throne. Listen to the interview, or read the transcription at dualpixels.com


DPR The After Party: Injustice 2

Helllloooooo everyone, we're back with a new episode of Dual Pixels Radio. This episode will be the first of many where we deep dive into a single game, and that game this week was none other than injustice 2. Rob has been on baby duty, so Jose and Joey hold down the fort for this episode on all things Injustice 2.