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Episode 15: Friends In High Places

Hey Duhmericana listeners!Thanks so much as always for tuning in. This week’s episode is about Work Relationships. Are they worth the effort?We spend most of our waking hours at work with typically the same people day after day. Friendships, or at least acquaintances, are inevitable. But when do work relationships start crossing the line? Is dating a co-worker ever ok? One interview question Benzy was asked prompted the question about how far is too far even when it comes to platonic...


Episode 14: It Takes a Village

Hello again Duhmericana Nation!Benz and Wilx here… “Where were the parents?” The most common phrase that occurs when something tragic or potentially fatal occurs to a child. On this episode of the podcast, we discuss the new trend of mommy shaming: has “it takes a village to raise a child” been taken too far? Expressing concern for the well-being of a child is necessary and has saved many children from harmful accidents, or from a less-than-ideal home environment. But with media being what...


Episode 12: Vacation Stories

Hey Duhmericana listeners!Thanks for tuning in. These past few weeks have been all about graduations, children prepping for finals, and the weather climbin steadily upwards. You know what that means! Summer is almost upon us, and with the hot weather comes time off and vacations. As much as we love vacationing, we both have had our vacation horror stories that meant our time off turned into a pretty bad time. Have you ever gone on a relaxing, enjoyable trip only to find out it was...


Episode 11: Memory Lane

Hey Duhmericana listeners! As always, thanks so much for tuning in.Rainstorms are a’comin, and with Florida heating up, it brings memories of summertime! We were feeling nostalgic, so together, we took a quick trip down memory lane. From Tamagotchis to Cabbage Patch Kids, from Super Nintendo to Furbies, in this episode we reminisce on our childhoods and how it measures up to kids’ lives today.We have noticed a trend where today’s kids are more interested in STUFF than in good old-fashioned...


Episode 10: The Platonic Myth

Hello Duhmericana listeners! This week we have an extra special episode for you. We mentioned at the end of episode 9 that we had a special surprise for you! Listen in this week so you can get to meet our special surprise (hint: Duhmericana wouldn't be the same without these surprises, for sure!) This week is also extra special because we have hit some pretty exciting milestones! We just got verified on Google Play and Stitcher, so all our android listeners can now tune in from the...


Episode 9: Quarter Life Crisis

Think you're stuck in a midlife crisis? We're here to tell you your best years are yet to come!


Episode 8: The Hunt For Brunch

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Episode 7: Greetings from Orlando

Benzy and Wilx welcome you to their beloved City Beautiful! Orlando is more than just a tourist trap. See what else we love about O Town.


Episode 6: Chick Flicks

Hey duhmericana listeners! Thanks as always for visiting our blog. We've got an interesting topic for this episode, firstly have you ever heard about The Bechtel Test? First created by cartoonist Alison Bechtel, it grades mainstream movies based on three items: Does the movie have two female leads Who are named And speak to one another about something other than a man? For our episode titled "Chick Flick," we analyze if any of our favorite movies pass the Bechdel test, and quickly realize...


Episode 5: Hashtag TBT Lawsuit

Daaaaamn Duhmericana! Back at it again with the podcast episodes! (Is that still a thing? I know how quickly these meme shelf lives can run out.) Anyway, thanks so much for tuning in today! On our most recent episode, we talk about a law that passed in France, where children can sue their parents for photos of them posted without their consent. The idea is that the parent put their child in potential danger, what with geo tags and the like being so readily available. Now, neither of us...


Episode 4: The Other Kind of Breakup

We’ve all had to endure breakups in one form or another. Have you had to go through the “other” kind of break up, the one with a close friend? On this episode of Duhmericana, we explore how it’s different to break up with a friend versus a significant other. So much history, so many memories. Sometimes friends slowly phase out from each other’s lives due to time and distance, but the hard ones are when they are the result of two people no longer seeing eye to eye. Breaking up can be...


Episode 3: Appropriate Appropriation

Is appropriation ever appropriate? On this episode of the podcast we discuss the fine line between admiring another culture and adopting it as your own, without having to face the inherent struggles that the natives of that culture face daily. We see many stars appropriate culture in the name of creativity: Selena Gomez, Gwen Stefani, and the most recent, Beyoncé and ColdPlay. The issue comes when the influence these stars carry doesn’t translate to actually bringing any real attention to...


Episode 2: Social Media Monster

Hello again Duhmericana listeners! Wilx and Benzy here! We got another podcast up for you guys. This time around, it’s about the beast that has integrated itself into almost every corner of our lives: Social Media! We know social media has its ups and downs. Many trend-savvy people have been able to make a career out of their influence and reach, but at what cost? We’ve both experienced that disheartening moment when one of our favorite bloggers or Insta-famous celebrities “sell out” and...


Episode 1: Resolution Revolution

This week’s episode, titled ‘Resolution Revolution’, touches on the (often daunting) task of creating our resolutions for the year. There seems to be an unrealistic, romanticized aura that surrounds the New Year. We get it: it’s the beginning of an entirely new calendar year, and it’s easier to set up goals within such convenient pre-determined parameters such as the beginning and end of a year. But let’s be serious: how personal can those be? Why hasn’t the idea of having a birthday...


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