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Episode 38: Personality Types

Hello listeners! This week, were really glad to introduce yet another special guest! Benzy's big sister Bibi joins us today as we talk about something kinda hokey, yet really really interesting: personality types! There are so many iterations of different personality tests: some rely on horoscopes, others on things like shape preference, or the Four Temperaments, Love Languages, the list goes on. In this episode, we focus on the more common Myers-Briggs type of test. We took ours for free on...


Episode 37: Summer Bucket List

Hey all! This week, we have a little challenge for you: We all have bucket lists that we want to accomplish within our lifetimes, or maybe before a certain age or life event. But summer is pretty much upon us, and this week, Wilx and Benzy set their eyes on their summer bucket lists! Living in Orlando has its perks: we have access to plenty of different beaches on either shore, springs, rivers, and lakes, and of course, the multiple theme parks we love visiting! Tune in to hear what our...


Episode 36: Redefining Us- A Simulcast With Millennial Mondays

We at Duhmericana have really grown fond of the podcast community we’re a part of, and a lot of this community-building comes from meeting some really cool podcasters and entrepreneurs who are paving their own paths in media and entertainment. One such group we had the pleasure of connecting with are Kayla and Jiselle, the girls over at Millennial Mondays podcast. A fledging endeavor that’s already made great headway, Millennial Mondays chats with us about what got them podcasting, their...


Episode 35: Top Five

This week on Duhmericana, Wilx is joined by her husband Leo (editor of the show) to give their list of the top 5 Podcast shows to listen to. They also share some insight as to how their interests in podcasts started, and the origin of this show. Wilx’s Top 5: 1. Serial 2. This American Life 3. The Bill Simmons Podcast 4. Sword and Scale 5. Watch what Crappens Leo’s Top 5: 1. ATP - Accidental Tech Podcast 2. The Talk Show with John Gruber 3. 99 Percent Invisible 4. The Bill Simmons Podcast 5....


Episode 34: Streaming Killed the Cable Star

Netflix and chill. Binge watching. Spoiler alert. All phrases that 15 years ago, meant little to nothing to us as consumers of entertainment. Nowadays, however, who DOESN’T have Netflix? A better question might be “who doesn’t have cable anymore?” The dawn of movie and tv show streaming has all but killed cable… Or so it feels, anyway. On this episode we discuss our Netflix obsession as a generation, and whether cable has a shot of making it past this coming decade without going the way of...


Episode 33: Who Really Killed Hannah Baker

Hey Duhmericana Listeners, This week, we embark on a topic that has been buzzing all over the web this past month: “Welcome to your tape.” Netflix released a 13-part series titled “13 Reasons Why,” based off the book of the same title by Jay Asher, released in 2007. Please be warned: this blog post and subsequent podcast episode deals with certain triggers regarding teen suicide and mental health. Wilx read the book when it was released, and Netflix picking up the series brought it once...


Episode 32: Be-You-tiful

This week we speak about something kind of vulnerable... our insecurities! Both individual, and as women in general. Benzy as a single woman struggles with feeling as if others judge her currently single, childless life. Wilx, as a new mom, wants to listen to her intuition but can feel the pressures of others' opinions and advice, well-meaning as they may be. What insecurities do you feel in your life, or as girls in general? Can you relate to any of the ones we mentioned above? Don't forget...


Episode 31: Womanhood - a Simulcast with Morado Lens

Hello again Duhmericana listeners! This is our last week of Women’s Month, where we highlighted some important topics about womanhood near and dear to our hearts. To wrap up the month, we connected with the amazing girls over at Morado Lens podcast, Cindy and Nat, for a simulcast! This means you can hop on over to their podcast and listen to the same content (and if you’re visiting from Morado Lens yourself, welcome!). Cindy and Nat taught us a lot about what it means to embrace your “inner...


Ep 30: Women Role Models

We’ve had such a great time exploring the wonderful world of girl power during the month of March! As podcasters, professionals, and Latinas, we have resonated with so many of the topics we’ve covered this month. We’ve also had the amazing chance to connect with some really cool women doing great things in the arts! This week, we talk about some other women, both past and present, who have made lasting impact in women's history and in the movement as a whole. Wilx shared her admiration for...


Episode 29: Jen and Sam Make a Movie - Interview With Women Filmmakers

Duhmericana listeners, do we have a treat for you! As you know, March is Women’s Month, and in honor of some amazing women we have the pleasure of knowing, we’ve been collaborating with some women in media and entertainment who are doing amazing things. This week we had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Jen Finelli and Samantha Mauney Aiken, the writer and the director/producer of a new indie film “I’m Having An Affair With My Wife!” Almost a year ago to the day, we recorded episode 6...


Episode 28: Inner Goddess (feat. La Charla Podcast)

Hey there and welcome back Duhmericana Listeners!Welcome to March! Can you believe we’re already in the third month of the year? March is a special month because we celebrate all of the women who have paved the way for us. March is officially Women’s History Month! We’re kicking off the month by pairing up with some awesome ladies from the podcast sphere. This week, tune in as we chat all things Woman with another Latina podcast, La Charla Podcast. Any teachers out there? Lili and Isela from...


Episode 27: Throwback Advice

Hello Duhmericana listeners! We’re so glad you’ve tuned in. This week, we’re kicking it off by doing a blast to the past, and speaking to our younger selves: what advice do Adult Benzy and Wilx have for high-school Benzy and Wilx? What would we have loved to have heard that could have made our lives slightly easier, less stressful? Wilx suggests an overhaul in sleep habits, and Benzy suggests a reassessing of priorities, among other great tips. Do you have young girls who need to hear tips...


Episode 26: I Just Spent $6.50 on a Frappuccino

Hey listeners! This week, Benzy and Wilx discuss something that afflicts people from all walks of life: how to manage a work/life balance. Amidst the hustle of our busy days, is it possible to still enjoy fulfilling friendships, relationships and hobbies, or is it all a myth? For our entrepreneur listeners, we have some fabulous tips for you as well regarding how to achieve this balance, remain motivated, and carve out the time and energy to pursue all your passions. How about you? Any tried...


Episode 25: Buyer's Remorse

Hey Duhmericana listeners! Thanks as always for tuning in! This week, Wilx and Benzy discuss one of the most common pitfalls of consumerism culture: buying things that were a waste of money. From subscription services, to high-end yet cheaply made items, to Wilx's insight as a new mommy and what she did and didn't need, we have it all! Inversely, we also recall inexpensive yet super helpful, quality product that surprised us and saved our wallets. Chime in: what have you purchased and...


Episode 24: Real Friends

We've all heard it: making friends in adulthood differs greatly than back when we were kids. Tune in as Wilx and Benzy discuss these differences, and offer some of their own tips and methods that helped them make meaningful life-long friendships in adulthood. #friends #newmom #baby #worklife #girltalk #girlboss #gossip #workfriends #bestfriends #adulting #culture #relationships


Episode 23: New Year, Baby!

Happy New Year listeners! We're back with a new season and a new addition to the Duhmericana family. In this episode we talk about our expectations for 2017, and the new adventures ahead. We can't wait to hear what your looking forward to this year as well. Be sure to reach out on social media! #newyear #girltalk #2017 #newbaby #family #resolution #newmom #girlboss #whyimarch #staynasty #goals #gossip


Episode 22: 2016 in Review

As 2016 comes to an end and we get ready to welcome a new year, we reflect on all that's happened. This year marks the start of exciting challenges that we hope to continue, new goals achieved, and new friends made. Take a trip down memory lane with us while we discuss all the exciting, challenging, and pure nonsense that's happened this year. Hope you all have a happy and prosperous new year! #girltalk #newyear #culture #gossip #milestones #2016 #holidays #friends #holidayseasons...


Episode 21: 'Tis The Season

It's that time of year, when family gets together and share in the joys of the holiday season. Along with the holiday cheer comes some holiday frustrations, and it's ok to admit it. Whether it's dividing your time between all the visiting family members, or the long lines at the mall we've all experienced it. Tune in to this week's podcast to hear us talk about all our frustrations and how we've learned to cope with them, and to make our holiday season bright! #holiday #Christmas #family...


Episode 20: Mini Milestones

Hello Duhmericana listeners and welcome to another milestone episode, the big 2-0! Thanks for sticking around as we maneuver the podcast world. Speaking of which, we thought this would be a great episode in which to update all of you as to where Duhmericana is now. Though each episode might feel slightly similar, us sitting down and taking some time to visualize where we started and where we are now allowed us to see that we've come a long way! From upgrading equipment to tweaking our media,...


Episode 19: Five Things About Us

Hello Duhmericana fans! Benzy and Wilx here with another episode of our podcast. Allow us to introduce ourselves! We have some new followers and listeners to the podcast, and wanted to share with you all a little bit about ourselves! Although we've been friends for a few years now, there were things we didn't know about one another. Did you know we both parláis un peu de francais? Wilx is a snowbird and I'm a sand baby who didn't see snow until very recently? Our Rumor Rundown also touched...