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Your favorite female Shock Jock. Also, the degenerate love child of Dolly Parton & Dr. Ruth.

Your favorite female Shock Jock. Also, the degenerate love child of Dolly Parton & Dr. Ruth.


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Your favorite female Shock Jock. Also, the degenerate love child of Dolly Parton & Dr. Ruth.






Chelcie Lynn Guesses What’s In Paige’s Butt

It's a wild one this week as comedian Chelcie Lynn returns with her best friend Paige to talk with Bunnie about milking prostates, cheating revenge, and viral gender reveals. Paige and Bunnie bond over moles in their holes, and they attempt to play a farting guessing game while catching up about Chelcie's stand up shows, working with her favorite comic Theo Von, her new whip, and when she may get Only Fans. Bunnie: www.dumbblondeunrated.com Chelcie Lynn: IG | Trailer Trash Tammy | Calendar...


Tat2 Barbie Takes Off Her Clothes and Crown

Not only is Tat2 Barbie super hot, but this girl has some credentials. She has been crowned Miss Exotic Nevada, Miss Nude US Newcomer of the Year, and Miss Exotic Illinois Pole Champ. Today, she is on Bunnie's stage and ready to talk about her recent to move to Las Vegas, what she is looking for in a man, and what life is really like in the stripper pageant world. Then, it's a came of crazy f*cking charades like you've never heard before. Bunnie: www.dumbblondeunrated.com Tat2Barbie: IG


Rising From The Ashes, Painted Ladies, and A Rotation of Dudes with AshTattooer

Bunnie always gets questions about where her tattoos come from, and this week you are about to get a glimpse into some of the magic behind the ink. Ash is the Shop Owner/artist of Painted Lady Tattoo Co. in Las Vegas, and she's here to tell all while Bunnie gets a beautiful and badass rose added to her body. Ash opens up about finding a way out of addiction, opening up an all woman tattoo shop, and why you won't see her sweating just one dude ever. Bunnie:...


Flying High and Knocking Down Barriers with Air Force Amy

Some little girls dream of meeting a Care Bear or Barbie doll growing up, but not Bunnie. She dreamt of hanging out with today's guest - the bad ass legend, Air Force Amy. You don't really know Las Vegas until you know Amy, so Bunnie starts with how she went from serving in the Air Force to being a living legend in the industry and the top all-time earner at the Bunny Ranch. She and Amy also talk about the history of legal brothels, how her work has been affected during the pandemic, and the...


Michael Vampire on Sucking the Life Out of Trolls, Dead Girl's Academy, and Making It In Music

Dead Girl's Academy singer and frontman Michael Vampire joins Bunnie this week to talk about embarrassing first band names, knowing your self worth, how having trolls are a sign of success, and building up his new band after Vampire's Everywhere! They also ponder how Brian Austin Green got with Megan Fox, and Michael's sexy girlfriend Maxine joins in on the fun. Bunnie: www.dumbblondeunrated.com Michael: IG | YouTube Dead Girl's Academy: IG "I get trolled all the time. Some days it's...


Kimber Woods Will Take Control and Toss You Around

Chances are you already have watched a video from Bunnie's guest this week, the babealicious Kimber Woods. This spicy Latina talks about how she got into the porn industry, her success on OnlyFans and hustle on TikTok, and how she overcame family trauma to become the empowered strong woman we see today. Bunnie tells the most embar"ass"ing story about her first lap dance, and she and Kimber bond over their love of alpha men and the word "bimbo". Bunnie:...


Spirit Guides, Ouija Boards, and Making Friends with the Voices In Your Head

This week, Bunnie is joined by Psychic Medium and Spiritualist Paige, who uses her superpowers to help others move away from fear and elevate to their highest purpose. Paige and Bunnie talk about their own spiritual encounters, and Bunnie tells a story that will never have you seeing the Easter Bunny the same way. Paige also talks about what to watch out for in a spiritual healer, how to embrace your own psychic gifts, and why you may not want mirrors in your bedroom. Then, Bunnie gets a...


78: ASMR Maddy Performs Magic From Her Mouth

Get ready for a giant ear boner this week, as ASMR Maddy gives us the most smoothing and sensual experience. Maddy has thousands of dedicated fans that tune in to relax, and your ears won’t be the only thing that ends up having a crush on this babe. Maddy talks about her background in psychology, what exactly ASMR is and how she got into it, and then Bunnie joins her for some super hot and (and kind of silly of course) whisper action. Key Takeaways: ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory...


77: Dumb Blonde Unrated - All Access With Savannah Dexter

Savannah Dexter is a singer on her rise to fame, a Southern Belle and strong woman at heart, and most importantly - a guest on Bunnie's game of "Sexy Truth or Dare" this week. Things get wild on the game, and then Savannah joins Bunnie for a deep conversation on getting out of domestic violence, conquering her own demons, and embracing the high road. Savannah also talks about what's really going on with Adam, and what we can expect from her in 2021. Is it possible for a babe to be this hot...


76: Dumb Blonde - Do's & Don'ts Of Relationships

Bunnie and sister wife / bestie MoMo break down all the Do's and Don'ts of love and relationships that we all know, but may be too scared to talk about. The ladies give their real thoughts on cheapskates, dinner dates, and sex on the first date. Follow their advice, and you'll be getting all the chicks (or dicks) you could possibly handle. Say Hi to Bunnie: linktr.ee/Bunniexo MoMo instagram/onlyfans: @missmonicalee www.dumbblondeunrated.com "Men are like stray dogs that you find from...


75: Dumb Blonde - Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

The girls play "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader", which is a fun game but really it's just about getting best friend MoMo naked. Tune in to see who has the brains, and who may have to return back to elementary school, once they put clothes on. Say Hi to Bunnie: linktr.ee/Bunniexo MoMo instagram/onlyfans: @missmonicalee www.dumbblondeunrated.com


74: Dumb Blonde - Sex Toys & Curved Dicks

It's a snowy day outside, and what better activity than to cuddle up with some hot chocolate, best friend MoMo, and some fun sex toys. Bunnie first has a diva moment, Jelly calls in, and then we get a VIP review of some crazy toys that have already been tested and approved. Plus, some dating do's and don't, and explaining to men that it's really not about the "curve". Say hi to Bunnie: https://linktr.ee/Bunniexo Jelly Instagram 'Self Medicated' MoMo instagram/onlyfans:...


#73 Dumb Blonde: Jelly Roll - Threesomes, Tour and Tinder

We loved hearing about Jelly's new album, 'Self Medicated', but now it's time to get to the juicy stuff. Jelly and Bunnie answer fan questions on everything from wildest moments on tour, Jelly's former love of strippers, and what you will NEVER catch him listening to while on the road. Plus, Bunnie talks abut a recent OnlyFans in which she directed Jelly in some pretty hot scenes. Say hi to Bunnie: https://linktr.ee/Bunniexo Jelly Instagram 'Self Medicated' "Women attract to Bunnie....


#72 Dumb Blonde: Jelly Roll - New Album, C*ckstar, & Embarrassing Stories

Welcome to the new Dumb Blonde Unrated, where you can expect things to get even dirtier, raunchier, and all around Bunnie-r. Jelly joins the show this week to talk about his new album 'Self Medicated', and the inspiration behind this quarantine born album. Jelly also gets real about what he really thinks about Bunnie's new fantasy, what his favorite song is currently, and how the collaborations on this new album came to be. Bunnie https://linktr.ee/Bunniexo Jelly Instagram 'Self...


#71 Dumb Blonde: Manager Meme - Mental Health Check

Manager Meme is back and gives us the exciting news of the birth of her beautiful baby boy, Cash Michael! She gives us an update on her mental health and how she is coping with the roller coaster of emotions that come with being a new mother. Meme and Bunnie also talk about spiritual attacks, the benefits of finding a good therapist, and how genetics play a crazy role in how we can feel. Manager Meme Shahan instagram: @Shearly.sinfull Bunnie linker.ee/Bunniexo "It wasn't a piece of...


70: Dumb Blonde - MoMo Spills All The Bunnie Tea

There's not much you can hide in 17 years of friendship, and good thing Bunnie's best friend MoMo is here this week to spill it all. Monica and Bunnie take a trip down memory lane and share how they first met, the crazy night that led to their biggest fight, and what we all want to know - if they've hooked up. MoMo also talks about her newfound sobriety, what she thinks about living in Tennessee, and what it feels like to have a break from the Vegas nightlife...


69: Dumb Blonde: Inked Beauty - Monica gets new eyebrows!

We all know confidence comes from within, but also it definitely can't hurt to start with really great eyebrows. This week, Bunnie welcomes Jesse, a beauty boss babe who is the co-owner of Inked Beauty in Nashville, TN. Jesse has over 12 years of experience in the beauty industry, and is the go-to gal for whether you need the best brows, filler, or freckles on the market. She and Bunnie talk about the different options for eyebrows including microblading, how much it really hurts, and then...


68: Dumb Blonde: Viking Barbie & Keta- Mental Illness & New Music

Bunnie’s favorite girls are back! Keta Musik and Viking Barbie team up for this episode and give all the inside details of what’s on their up and coming album, Borderline. Takeaways: Borderline Quotes: “I’m the black sheep that turned into the goat” – Bunnie “Being crazy is part of who I am” – Viking Barbie “If you can change you, if you can change the outcome…then you are in control” – Keta Mentioned: Keta Musik Instagram | Twitter | OnlyFans | YouTube Viking...


67: Dumb Blonde: Madison Morgan BEAT me at Never Have I Ever!!

Madison Morgan plays Never Have I Ever with Bunnie and talks about her day to day life as a content creator. Takeaways: Quotes: “I try to never set an alarm if I can help it… Hugh Hefner didn’t do that” – Madison “Yeah! Pro Hoe!” – Madison “I couldn’t be with a dude who wasn’t aggressive in bed” – Bunnie “The guy you have the best sex with is the guy who should be in prison” – Madison “I love silver foxes” – Bunnie Mentioned: Madison Morgan Instagram | Twitter |...


66: Dumb Blonde: Pimps & Hoes & Bumping Beavers w/ Rylee Rabbit

Rylee Rabbit and Bunnie discuss common misconceptions about working girls and P&H relationships. Rylee talks about her podcast, Down the Rabbit Hole, and how she balances her background of being in the industry with her dating life. Takeaways: Quotes: “That’s the kind of language that excites me!” – Bunnie “Sex sells. Sex makes the world go ‘round.” – Bunnie “People call us homewreckers. We’re actually the home glue” – Rylee Mentioned: Rylee Rabbit Instagram | Twitter | ...