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Party with Nelson Lugo and Schaffer the Darklord! One of them is a super-talented artist, beloved by thousands of fans, and the other is a magician. EPIC PIEcast is a monthly show where every corner of pop culture is discussed, debated and deconstructed with all the snark and witty banter that these nerdy pie fanatics can muster.

Party with Nelson Lugo and Schaffer the Darklord! One of them is a super-talented artist, beloved by thousands of fans, and the other is a magician. EPIC PIEcast is a monthly show where every corner of pop culture is discussed, debated and deconstructed with all the snark and witty banter that these nerdy pie fanatics can muster.


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Party with Nelson Lugo and Schaffer the Darklord! One of them is a super-talented artist, beloved by thousands of fans, and the other is a magician. EPIC PIEcast is a monthly show where every corner of pop culture is discussed, debated and deconstructed with all the snark and witty banter that these nerdy pie fanatics can muster.








Cyborg Ralph Nader 2020

Hello Pie-Eaters and prepare to chow down on a piping hot episode of the EPC. This month, we talk about all that we miss doing during these challenging pandemic times. Then after the break we get political as the boys stumble through this thing called the American experiment. How horrible is Schaffer as a house guest? Will Lugo finally get a handle on being a dog owner? Would RoboCop be a good president? All or none of these questions will be answered in this fresh serving of the EPIC...


The Resocialization

The Snarksters return - two months after its last "remote" episode and an astonishing seven months since its last "in-studio" episode. After both testing negative for Covid-19, hosts Nelson Lugo and Schaffer the Darklord reunite in the beautiful and spacious studio #6C to survey the damage done to our political discourse. Is Schaffer clinging to problematic language? Is Lugo harboring a secret addiction? Is anybody going to see the year 2021? These questions will be sent to the lab as we...


The Remote Showbiz Vanguard

After an astonishing five month absence, the EPIC PIEcast returns in the midst of a global pandemic as hosts Nelson Lugo and Schaffer the Darklord link up remotely from their respective quarantine bunkers. Is Lugo tempting death with a newly adopted murder beast? Is Schaffer's loneliness a textbook example of "be careful what you wish for?" Are both of the show's listeners still alive? These questions will be asked, though this modern era's charming technological jankiness may make the...


The Rise of Guy Talkers

Indulge in a heap’n help’n bowl-full of PIEcast goodness! In this episode, Schaffer gets all political - but then what isn’t these days? Then Nelson laments the trials and tribulations of holiday gift giving. After the break the boys talk all the Star Wars... All... The... Star... Wars! Will Schaffer finally get some Christmas vengeance? Will Nelson get that Red Ryder BB Gun? How many Chewbaccas could chew baccas if Chewbaccas could chew baccas? All or or none of these questions will be...


The Newlywed & the Troubadour

HOLY HIATUS, BATMAN! The boys are finally back. Wedding bells, road trip shenanigans, and Internet bullies are on the menu and BOY HOWDIE do the snarkcasters have a heap’n help’n of slice-of-life goodness to fill your ear holes. Does Nelson cry at weddings? Will Schaffer ever Internet again? Does MC Chris rap all the good raps? Some or none of these questions will be answered in this long-awaited installment of EPIC PIEcast! For links and more info, head to the main episode...



In this very sexy 69th episode the boys drop Batman to sing the praises of another comic book superhero before they get into the nitty-gritty of Walking Dead shenanigans. Then after the break they interview a woman who has a whole lot of answers to a whole lot of questions: the renaissance woman, Essence Revealed. She joins the boys in the snarktastic Studio 6C for an honest talk about how we are living our lives. How much does Schaffer hate high-fantasy? How wrong is Nelson living his life...


Broadly Entertaining

The questions come in hot and heavy in this episode as the boys discuss the trials and tribulations of New York City landmarks. Then the power house duo of Jamie and Giana of Broadly Entertaining stop by to talk about how pub trivia (or drunken Jenga) will change the world while also hitting the snarkcasters with quizzes in the form of limericks. It gets crazy when the mini cattle-prod comes out. How awful is Coney Island? How many times has Schaffer been arrested? Does Nelson really know...


Damage Report

Our cranky co-hosts finally return to explain the technical difficulties behind their two-month absence before sharing updates on Nelson Lugo's upcoming wedding and Schaffer the Darklord's recent unemployment. Will Lugo adopt a lethal creature? Will Schaffer escape a nest of vampires? Are those aforementioned technical difficulties really resolved? In hindsight, we deem these questions far more hyperbolic than they should have been in this month's episode. See acast.com/privacy for...


Killy Dwyer Doesn't Sleep

The middle aged curmudgeons you love to love have returned from a light siesta with a juicy podcast for your ever-loving ear holes. This month they tackle such irreverent and timely topics as: hating your day job, New York weddings, and horrible comedians who do horrible jokes. Also, they’ve got the rambunctious and effervescent Killy “Mockstar” Dwyer in the hot seat for all kinds of crazy. How often does Schaffer cry on the subway? Is Nelson’s giggle infectious? Will Killy’s parents...


It's a Wonderful 2018

After a two month absence of adventures and year-end mania, the boys return to wrap up the year. Schaffer the Darklord shares tales from the fall Mt. Nerdcore Tour, and Nelson Lugo regales us with stories of shacking up in his new Manhattan apartment before both hosts pay ham-fisted tribute to the greatest non-Christmas Christmas movie of all time. Will George throw everything away? Will Clarence get his wings? Is anyone a failure if they have friends? These questions will be answered by...


Episode 64 :: Death and Darkness

This month, your favorite snarkcasters are exhausted. Nelson relives the agony and the ecstasy of producing and performing his solo show off-off Broadway. Schaffer climbs a mountain of new merch to not only talk about his upcoming tour, but also announce a new album with a new music collective: The Department of Darkness. Does Nelson really like magic tricks? Is Schaffer abandoning his black and purple color scheme? How Batman is Spider-Man? None or all of these questions will be answered in...


Episode 63 :: Ultimate Best Friend Test

After taking a mental health month in July, the hosts catch us up on their respective goings-on. Nelson Lugo sings the praises of an anime hero with severely suppressed emotions, and Schaffer the Darklord details the 30+ hours he's spent hunting down Montana-based religious zealots "for work." Then, Schaffer challenges Lugo to a bad idea: a trivia contest about one another conducted by the boys' partners! Indeed, Bunny Buxom and Lisa arrive in Studio #6C to quiz our hosts in the "Ultimate...


Episode 62 :: Lux Alptraum Handles the Truth

This month, Schaffer takes a break from producing burlesque wrestling promo videos to catch up with Nelson who reminds him why they started this podcast years ago. (That reason is Batman.) Later, former Fleshbot editor LUX ALPTRAUM drops by to discuss her upcoming book Faking It: The Lies Women Tell About Sex--And the Truths They Reveal. Why are women held to impossible expectations of honesty by men who will not accept their truths? Which trick has Lugo given a fresh spin? Has Schaffer...


Episode 61 :: Raging With That L.E.X.

This month your rapidly aging co-grumps celebrate the kickoff of summer movie season with a painstakingly thorough analysis of May's biggest releases, before they jump ship to get to the good stuff. The "good stuff" in question is an interview with Oakland-based rapper Lex the Lexicon Artist who drops by Studio #6C to dish on her new full-length album Raging Ego and walk us through the impressive musical history that led her to becoming 2018's hottest new nerdcore act. Is Schaffer's...


Episode 60 :: Payback

In this rousing round of Piecasting, Nelson books a burlesque gig where people don't hate him, and Schaffer follows up on his Wrestlemania predictions (see Episode 59) before both boys dig into their long-neglected mail bag. Does Lugo really want to launch a second podcast? Will Schaffer have to make good on last month's embarrassing wager? Do our fans just want to listen to us watch television? The answers to these questions are found within. So just listen; it's only 83 minutes. You've...


Episode 59 :: Knockout

This month, EPIC PIECAST stages a comeback - though we ask that you please not describe it as such. Tower of power NELSON LUGO details his progress as a padawan DJ before maniac psycho SCHAFFER THE DARKLORD reports on his 9th trip to SXSW and the future of nerdcore hip-hop. Will Lugo cancel a guest if they are outed as a garbage person? Will Schaffer gamble the reveal of his most embarrassing work on Wrestlemania predictions? Will the jammy go "blaw?" We knock out answers to these questions...


Episode 58 :: Wakanda Forver

What did we do on our January vacation? Well! Nelson Lugo spent January expanding his horizons and exploring Denmark, while Schaffer the Darklord attended a WWE show and thought about death. Fun! But now that we're back to the same ol' nerd podcast game, the boys leap claws-first into Wakanda and share their thoughts just minutes following a screening of Black Panther. How did Lugo find utopia in a convenience store chain? How did Schaffer get tricked into playing an RPG? How long do we...


Episode 57 :: The Good the Bad and the Ugh

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, but for real, IT WAS THE WORST OF TIMES. This month on the EPIC PIEcast, Lugo and Schaffer look back on 2017 - a year that roared in like a lion and blorted out like a Porg - as they unpack and then furiously re-pack the year's highs and lows before stuffing them deep into the rental storage units of their minds forever. From hurricanes to lawsuits, the boys scavenge the debris field for silver linings in this month's episode. Auld lang...


Episode 56 :: Schaffer, Riley, and the Double Ice Backfire

This month, the boys struggle with talking. SCHAFFER THE DARKLORD doesn't want to talk because he's hoarse from screaming into the abyss for weeks. NELSON LUGO can't talk because [REDACTED]. As a solution for their compromised voices, the former airs a prerecorded segment in which he sits down with chiptune/indie rock troubadours Shael Riley and Ty Guenley to discuss and dissect their new collaborative album: Schaffer, Riley, and the Double Ice Backfire - Hold Person. Did Schaffer know what...


Episode 55 :: Uncut

HELLO PARTY PEOPLES! [Lugo: we can't open episode description like this.] Schaffer has decided to not lift a single solitary finger to edit this podcast in anyway shape or form to prove a point to Lugo. Hell, he's not even going to edit these show notes. Lugo, on the other hand, doesn’t care at all except to tell you that Were back at it with another heapn helpn serving of PIEcast goodness. This moth we catch up with rap tour shenanigans, Red Room Fundraisers, and [Schaffer: we need a third...