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Two Asian-American girls navigating their way through post-grad life in the Bay Area, with a little help from our friends. Tune in during your lousy commute to laugh and chat with your hosts Crystal and Jeesoo as we ramble about tech, culture, family, and everything in between. If you can relate, feel free to visit us at or reach out to us @eatyourcrustpod on insta, twitter, facebook, or email us at!

Two Asian-American girls navigating their way through post-grad life in the Bay Area, with a little help from our friends. Tune in during your lousy commute to laugh and chat with your hosts Crystal and Jeesoo as we ramble about tech, culture, family, and everything in between. If you can relate, feel free to visit us at or reach out to us @eatyourcrustpod on insta, twitter, facebook, or email us at!


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Two Asian-American girls navigating their way through post-grad life in the Bay Area, with a little help from our friends. Tune in during your lousy commute to laugh and chat with your hosts Crystal and Jeesoo as we ramble about tech, culture, family, and everything in between. If you can relate, feel free to visit us at or reach out to us @eatyourcrustpod on insta, twitter, facebook, or email us at!




Our Beef With Cooking

Since we’ve both started cooking more for ourselves in the past few years, there’s a few gripes we have about cooking. First of all, we’re spending more and more time (and money!) thinking about, prepping for, and cleaning up after cooking. Second of all, why does it take 10+ hours of careful love and coddling for us to make some decent bone broth at home?! Join us for our little rant session today to see if any of your cooking pet peeves come up! Follow us on IG! @eatyourcrustpod


Growing Up As A Third Culture Kid

As you know, we love to dive into the Asian American experience (and Asian Canadian experience), since both of us grew up in North America. But the Asian experience extends beyond the US & Canada, so today we bring on our friend Niu-Niu to hear about what it was like growing up in Hungary, especially as someone who is ethnically Chinese! Niu-Niu shares her experience as a Third Culture Kid, debunks some International School myths, and shares her mindset approaching the job hunt as a...


I Moved to NYC

New York City, say hello to your newest resident! One of us is moving to New York City, can you guess who? As suburban girls at heart, a cross-country move into the Big Apple is hugely exciting, but also a little bit intimidating. We dive into the decision-making process, the logistics (hint: a combination of spreadsheets & YOLO energy), and the emotional aspect of moving away from the hometown. --- How to help the victims of the Atlanta...


DTR - Let's Define the Relationship

Hey... We need to talk. What are we? You guessed it - today's episode is a (semi-morally questionable) guide to navigating the CONFUSING maze that is defining the relationship! We go over any personal rules we bring to our approach of DTRing, our least favorite stages of relationship development, and even act out a few examples (!!!) so you have some references you can look back on the next time you have to have *the talk * ;) Proceed at your own risk... but this is a fun one! Follow...


An Ode to Our Big Friendships

It’s no secret that friendships are a big part of our lives - from our close high school group chats, to our long distance friends we truly miss, to the friends who are always down to do absolutely nothing together, our friendships mean just as much to us as our relationships! But does the amount of effort, vulnerability, and transparency we bring to friendships match the level of internal appreciation we have? Are we as willing to work on our Big Friendships as we are on our relationships?...


I’m Not On Thirst Trap TikTok (ft. Brian Xu)

From data scientist to TikTok star, and everything in between - Brian Xu joins us today to chat about how his data storytelling & height guessing videos went viral, how he makes sense of the various Asian-American spaces on the #fyp, and the neat little features & community aspects that make TikTok a unique platform. Don’t miss this episode where Brian guesses OUR heights and reveals whether he’s on Thirst Trap TikTok or not 👀 Follow Brian on TikTok @bri_xu Follow Brian on IG...



Awkward moments are truly the spicy parts of everyday life. They're difficult are to avoid, impossible to forget, and frequent enough to keep us on our toes! Today we'll be sharing some of the awkward moments we've experienced that keep us up at night, and dissect whether we've learned or gained anything from them. Follow us on IG! @eatyourcrustpod


Real News, Fake News, Asian News (ft. Terry Nguyen)

Behind the articles that pop up on our news feed, there’s a reporter staying up late at night typing up a storm on their dimly lit laptop. Terry Nguyen is a reporter for The Goods at Vox, covering internet & consumer trends. Not only do her articles cover on-trend topics that fly under the radar of mainstream media, they’re also imbued with a sense of cultural understanding that fosters constructive discussion and empathy. In today’s episode, Terry shares what it’s like to be a reporter,...


Undiagnosed ADHD

TW: This episode contains stories of depression, suicide, and self-harm. National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255 ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a neurodevelopmental disorder, commonly portrayed as an inability to sit still and concentrate. While that isn’t completely off base, the reality of ADHD, especially when undiagnosed, is much more complex. Our friend Carissa joins us today to share her experience with ADHD - she opens up about living with undiagnosed...


The Gen Z Cutoff (ft. Moving Oolong)

There seems to be a lot of contention about exactly what year the cutoff is between Gen Z and Millenials... so we brought on some 1998 friends to confirm! Today we're excited to have Sally, Linda, and Ming from Moving Oolong come on to discuss whether they identify as Gen Z, what it was like to graduate on Zoom, and starting adulthood amidst a global pandemic. Sally, Linda, and Ming started Moving Oolong Podcast to share their stories and growing pains as recent college graduates from class...


My Very Own Condo

Having your own space is something we’ve dreamed about since we were young. Being a homeowner just means you get to decorate it the way you like……right? This week we invited our friend to walk us through the fun stuff, and not-so-fun stuff she’s experienced in the last few years of owning her own space. Put on your construction hats and get your mops ready for some drywall mishaps, cleaning tips, and other maintenance stories! Follow Laney on IG! @mu.laneydoodle Follow us on IG!...


Manifesting Your Dream Life (ft. Lillian So)

Is your current life the "dream life" you've always envisioned for yourself? What's stopping you from becoming the "dream" you? We don't have these answers for we brought on a very qualified friend to do so! Today we are so stoked to have on Lillian So - a life coach, personal trainer, and yoga therapist currently based in San Francisco. Not only does she explain the importance of identifying your most important intentions, she also walks us through how to make the dream life...


Cheers to 2021!

Happy New Year, and welcome to Season 3 of Eat Your Crust!!! Catch up with us in our episode on what we've been up to over our holiday break! We also share what we're excited for in 2021 (fair warning: some of them are a total nostalgia trip) and give you a sneak peek of what we have planned for Eat Your Crust this year ;) Follow us on IG! @eatyourcrustpod


Christmas With My Asian Family

Happy Holidays from ours to yours! This week we’re cozying up to talk about how our families celebrate the holidays. This will be our final episode for season 2! We will return in January 13th, 2021, well-rested and well-prepped for season 3. Thank you all so so much for supporting and spending time with us in 2020. Every message, follow, and listen means the world to us. See you soon ♡


Heart On My Digital Sleeve (ft. Joelle Park)

We kind of grow up alongside the content creators that we love. And for some of us, our favorite content creators are the ones who wear their heart on their sleeve. YouTuber Joelle Park has videos spanning over 7 years of her life. Her channel features everything from high school/college advice videos, heartfelt videos addressing important topics like racism and internalized misogyny, and goofy vlogs with her friends and family. Not only do we love her fun content, we love her for her raw,...


Making Time for Joy and Gratitude

When life feels like it’s running a million miles per hour, taking care of the big things feels much more urgent than the little things. But often times, it’s the little things that bring the most joy! Inspired by Ingrid Joy Fetell Lee’s Joyful Planner, which encourages us to actively plan for joy rather than expect it to spontaneously stumble into our lives, we express our gratitude about the little things we’ve been doing in the past few months that have brought us joy. Wishing everyone...


All About Birth Control

Birth control can be intimidating. There’s so many different shapes, sizes, and forms of use, not to mention the horror stories you hear through WebMD or your friends. Whether you see them as a pesky chore or a form of empowerment, it’s an essential part of many of our lives. Today we tackle our experiences with different types of birth control, any side effects we’ve experienced, and the involvement of our male partners in our BC journey! Follow us on IG @eatyourcrustpod


What Asian TV Taught Us About Gender Expression

Gender expression is often taught to us through things like TV shows, school uniform rules, or conversation with our parents. But when you grow up in between two different cultures, it can mean you’re exposed to double the stereotypes and expectations! Today we take a blast to the past to observe the various gender roles we’ve picked up through our favorite Asian dramas and celebrities, and explore how these portrayals translate to female empowerment and LGBTQ acceptance in society and our...


Tech Culture: Breaking Barriers (ft. Mayuko)

Silicon Valley is the pinnacle of technology - so much so that you can’t go anywhere without being reminded of it! Whether it’s the tech company logos on everyone’s laptops or the constant conversations on which start-up will IPO next, tech culture imbues both work and personal life in the Bay Area. Today we are delighted to feature Mayuko Inoue, a Content Creator and Software Engineer who is breaking down barriers in tech culture. Not only does she demystify the world of tech in her...


Taking Care of my Well-Being

When we think about our well-being, we often think of our physical health. But wellness isn’t restricted to just exercise - it’s a combination of factors including your mental health, your social life, and many other aspects you wouldn’t have expected! Tune in to catch our chat about the 8 dimensions of wellness and our current health goals! Follow Krezia's wellbean account @growing.wellbean Follow us on insta @eatyourcrustpod