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Ep47- The Case of the Critical

To be critical is to understand all events, experiences and phenomenon by examining their relationship with the social world. One who is critical accepts the social world as a series of interconnecting systems ...usually enacted to maintain current distributions of power. In this episode, the hosts considers how two seemingly similar people can have different comfort levels with critical theory. In short, she attempts to answer the question, what actually makes one critical? In talking...


Ep46- The Case of Role Reversal

In this episode, the informant talks about three levels of power shifting: the power shift that happens at the classroom level when whiteness is de-centered in the literature read by black and brown students; at the local level when gentrification takes over black and brown communities; and at the global level when white Americans must confront their relevance (or lack thereof) in a global economy.


Ep45- The Case of White Male Privilege and Identity

In this episode, four ESH returns come back to talk about a common theme they share: being white, male and privileged. In this conversation is Chris Thinnes from Ep03 (The Case of Allyship in Context); Peter Anderson from Ep09 (The Case of Gradelessness); Dr. Paul Thomas from Ep10 (The Case of Critical Literacy) and Justin Schleider from Ep24 (The Case of Learning and Moving).


Ep44- The Case of the Awkward White Feminist

In this episode, the informant models what it means to be unapologetic around issues relating to women. She talks boldly about birth control, about abortions as a reproductive right, about being child-free, and about her relationship with women of color and queer women. Also in this conversation, you will learn that it is quite difficult to talk about gender without talking about race. For more details and resources mentioned in this conversation, visit our webpage.


Ep43- The Case of Social Class

In this episode, the host talks about property, power and prestige as conditions of social class; about class inconsistency and class stratification; and about the consequences of a social class system. To access detailed notes for this episode along with a list of the resources mentioned, click here.


Ep42- The Case of Being Black at School

In this episode, the informant talks about being black at school as a psychosocial phenomenon impacting black students and families, black educators, and black community stakeholders. She also talks about the nonprofit and for-profit organization that fuels her work and the dynamic challenges of monetizing social justice and providing services to schools for a fee. To access more notes and resources discussed in this episode, please visit:...


Ep41- The Case of Standardized Tests

In this episode, Dr. Marachi offers a critique on standardized testing as part of a larger phenomenon of big data and predictive analytics. She talks about testing as relating to resource distribution and data mining; about power holders as test makers and the design and coding of tests to keep them secure as power holders; and about social justice and 21st century learning promises as marketing tools and distractions to the real agenda for social maintenance—not social change. To access...


Ep40- The Case of Rejecting the Middle

In this episode, the informant talks about individualism versus collectivism (in terms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness); about traditionalism versus innovation (in terms of critical pedagogy and rejecting the middle as the naming of the case); and about the English language as a power tool of culture and privilege (in terms of intrapersonal power as culpable in creating a dominant mindset and universal standard in education). To access more notes and resources mentioned in...


Ep39- The Case of Judge Kavanaugh

This case explores three themes extracted from Senate hearings around the Supreme Court vacancy and the allegations levied against Judge Kavanaugh: body and space; power-over; and the contested nature of the invisible. In this episode, the conversation is more academic (ish) than newsworthy. Whereas other programs have discussed Judge Kavanaugh in terms of upper-case P Politics (rule of law, advice and consent, and FBI investigations), this episode explores lower-case p (interpersonal...


Ep38- The Case of Giftedness

In this episode, we spend a good chunk of time talking politically about giftedness, about the federal definition provided for gifted and talented programming, and about the ways in which capitalism and commercialism make space for some gifts while ignoring/invalidating others. To access show notes and resources discussed in the episode, please visit the show's webpage.


Ep37- The Case of Bioethics and Race

In this episode, the informant talks about medicine and the health profession in terms of how prepared it is (or not) in dealing with communities of color. To access show notes and resources mentioned in the episode, visit the webpage.


Ep36- The Case of Low-income Black Fathers

In this episode, the informant talks about socioeconomic conditions of fathering and challenges faced by black, low-income dads (unemployment, housing and mental health). In the closeout, the host talks about the physiological impact of children (even adult children) when neglected by a parent during childhood. To access show notes and resources mentioned in the episode, please click here.


Ep35-The Case of Social Change from the Margins

When you have multiple access points to powerlessness, the work of social change can seem impossible—even secondary to the work of survival. But nonetheless, there are those of us fighting for our wholeness, fighting for our humanness, all while trying to pursue a vision for a better tomorrow for us all. This episode talks intimately about the work social change from the margins. Please visit our webpage to access more information about this case as well as the resources mentioned in the...


Ep34- (Part 2) The Case of Self and the Resistance

In this eisode, the host focuses on the social world as relating to the power and privilege afforded to specific cognitive functions (within Meyers Briggs personality theory). She also brings attention to the challenges that exist when certain functions are embodied by women of color. This is the second part where Part I (Episode 33) focused on details of personality theory and argues why such a theory is an important tool in disrupting social margins. To access the resources mentioned in...


Ep33- The Case of Self and the Resistance

The final case is being presented over two episodes allowing for an adequate representation of two related yet distinct discussions. In the first episode (Ep33), the host provides an argument for why knowing the landscape of one's internal world is essential to disrupting margins. The case was inspired by six informants (in Ep20, Ep22, Ep25, Ep27, Ep30, and Ep32) from Season 2 in their willingness to share their struggles with intrapersonal power. While people in the social justice community...


Ep32- The Case of Critical Race Feminism

In this episode, the informant talks about self-love and self-care as liberatory practices. She provides a five-part construct on critical race feminism. She also talks about the bleeding nature of the subthemes within critical race theory: critical feminism, feminism, jurisprudence, and critical legal studies. For a complete list of the key points discussed along with resources mentioned in the episode, please visit our webpage.


Ep31- The Case of the Academy and Women of Color

In this episode, the informant explores racism and sexism in higher education. To get more of a description and access resources mentioned in the conversation, please visit our webpage: https://empowermentstartshere.net/2018/05/16/the-case-of-the-academy-and-women-of-color/


Ep30- The Case of Race and Dignity

In this episode, the informant talked about dignity as a sense of mutual self-worth within the human race and race and gender as social constructs that serve to disrupt our overall sense of oneness with each other. She also talked about blackness within global white supremacy, about multiple community membership versus single community membership, and about identity as a contested concept. To access more information and resources shared in the episode, please visit our show notes here:...


Ep29-The Case of Student Power

In this episode, the host talks about student power as a practice of teaching and learning. She makes a case that it is an essential element of student empowerment... specifically relating to learners who are disenfranchised from the learning process. Visit the webpage to access the show notes where resources mentioned in the episode are listed: https://empowermentstartshere.net/2018/05/02/the-case-of-student-power-ep29/


Ep28- The Case of Integrity and Its Price

In this episode, the informant talks about what happens when your life becomes the place of protest impacting your body, your home and your reputation. In it, you will learn how she handled attacks on her character, her reputation, and her inside access to local change efforts happening in her city– all as the price paid for walking in her integrity. For more information on this episode, along with the resources mentioned, please go to the webpage dedicated to this conversation.