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A podcast that takes a look at TV shows that didn't get the ending they deserved because they lasted just one season.

A podcast that takes a look at TV shows that didn't get the ending they deserved because they lasted just one season.
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A podcast that takes a look at TV shows that didn't get the ending they deserved because they lasted just one season.






Episode 58 - Wonderfalls: Part 1

Episode Notes We're back with another duet, but this time it's Andy and Evin! The lovebirds get all lovey dovey before we go "bobbin' along in our barrels" over the edge of Wonder Falls! We chat about this very weird show and what makes it good (spoilers: it's Lee Pace's face...Lee Face). Special thanks to Trans Artist of the Day for sponsoring this episode. Follow them on twitter @TransArtists. Also follow @pastalbird, @juniibug, and @jamscandraw for such good art! Thanks to Lunar Light...


Episode 57 - The TV Shows of Disney+

Episode Notes Ronnie and Andy have a duet episode and take a break from one season shows to discuss all that Disney+ has to offer.


Episode 56 - The Black Donnellys: Part 4

Episode Notes We've been waiting weeks for this! The epic conclusion of The Black Donnellys! And was it epic? Well... it depends on who you ask I guess. We get a big battle, lots of murder, a descent into madness, and a lot of unanswered questions. All of which is just fine by Andy. But don't you DARE mention Big Bang Theory around them! A bajillion thanks to Lunar Light Studio for being our warm and safe podcast home in these trying podcast times. Be sure to check out (and donate to) the...


Episode 55 - Emerald City: Full Series

Episode Notes Welcome to a totally normal and not at all out of the ordinary episode of Ending Pending. This one definitely has the regular hosts. You might ask: Why did Ending Pending start a new show when they haven't finished talking about the old show? to which we would respond: What's with all these questions? Are you some kinda cop? If you're a cop you have to tell us! Take a listen to some friends discuss NBC's Emerald City, a twist on the legend of The Wizard of Oz. It's all...


Episode 54 - The Black Donnellys: Part 3

We all know Andy LOVES The Black Donnellys, but is it more than just their cup of tea? More Ending Pending hosts jump on the bandwagon! We discuss the best episode of the series so far and break down exactly when a person abandons their dreams. We talk about how Kevin sucks and Joey Ice Cream rules (from heaven beyond????). Thank you so much to Trans Artist of the Day for supporting this episode of ending pending. Follow them on twitter along with our featured artists: @CharlieArlet,...


Episode 53 - The Black Donnellys: Part 2

Let Joey Ice Cream lead you through The Black Donnellys, a magical tale of four multiplicity looking boys with similar names! We talk about our perfect themed bars, the growing political drama of the show, and how Kevin is a perfect child who's never done anything wrong! (This is a lie perpetrated by the Andy council) Thank you so much to Lunar Light Studio for being just THE BEST! Follow more shows on lunarlightstudio.com and get in on our patreon at patreon.com/LunarLightHQ.


Episode 52: The Black Donnellys - Part 1

We take a look at the seedy underbelly of New York organized crime with our new show "The Black Donnellys". The Irish hate the Italians. The Italians hate the Irish. Everyone hates Kevin Donnelly and everyone loves Joey Ice Cream. There's a bit of conflict over whether or not this is a good show but we can all come together to decide that Shaun is totally a party dude! Thanks a BAJILLION AND 5 to our podcast parents over at Lunar Light Studio. Please go check out our patreon at...


Episode 51 - Cryptids of Constantine (with Alex Flanigan)

From coblynau to kuchisake onna to random demons, Constantine is chock full of monsters, folklore, and cryptids. How could we possible learn about all these creatures and keep track of them?! We are proud to welcome Alex Flanigan of The Cryptid Keeper podcast to help us make sense of all these good, good mythical friends. Alex gives us all the background on the cryptids of constantine, the cryptid that is John Constantine himself, and the cryptid that is Keanu Reeves. Thank you so much to...


Episode 50 - Constantine: Part 3

After the terror of Christian Ghouls and Baby Flesh Pears, we thought we were maybe in for a bit of lighter fare. BUT NOOO WAY! Really what we got was some boring episodes mixed with some disturbing antagonists and interesting twists. And it's our 50th Episode! Which we don't even recognize until half way through. Woooo. Thanks to Lunar Light Studio for being the best podcast host anyone has could ever ask for. Go to www.lunarlightstudio.com to see all the rest of our shows and go give a...


BONUS EPISODE: Drunk Dragon Age: Redemption Part 2

I know what you're thinking...how could this possibly be the FINAL episode of Drunk Dragon Age: Redemption?! Well we're sorry to say this is all we've got. We only spoke for 3 hours about this 50ish minute web series, and for that we apologize. But this is a good one! We asked you for questions and you sure did ask them! Not necessily about Dragon Age: Redemption, but definitely about Dragon Age. SOO MUCH ABOUT DRAGON AGE. Ronnie writes these descriptions and he feels like he knows all...


Episode 49 - Constantine: Part 2

Hope you've been lifting weights, because these episodes get heavy! Our good, good magic boy, Johnnie Connie is back and ready to get his ass handed to him in basically every episode. He gets punched and sleep powdered and locked up and he still makes it home in time for tea! Just make sure the fruit you're serving up with that tea isn't flesh pears! Thank you so much to Lunar Light Studio for having us as part of their network. Check out their patreon if you want to support our show and...


Episode 48 - Constantine: Part 1

We head back to the world of fantasy! Only this time...the fantasy is a nightmare, and it's in our very own world! Seriously. This show too spooky! Hear us share what kind of magic we want to do while trying to figure out what kind of magical boy we have on our hands with this John Constantine fellow. We also share a bit of backstory on the "Hellblazer" comic series as well as our connection to the IP. That's how you know we're serious business types...cuz we say things like "IP". Our...


BONUS EPISODE: Drunk Dragon Age: Redemption Part 1

Are you ready for this? We dive deep into the world of Dragon Age to enjoy a tale of...people who don't really understand Dragon Age. I guess 'enjoy' is a big word. Andy, Evin, Ronnie, and special guest Kim try to make sense of this 2011 web series starring Felicia Day and Doug Jones. The costumes are foam, the title cards are expository, the blood is CG, and all of the nouns are confusing as all get out. Special thanks to Kim for being our "Mage Level" Dragon Age expert to balance out...


Ending Pending Year in Review - 2018

It's time to take a look back at the long and storied history of Ending Pending. From "The River" to "Rise", we talk about the good and the bad of what we've watched. We reflect on how we felt at the time and if we feel differently now. Do we still love Kings? Is Dresden Files still the pits? Will Andy and Evin come around on Selfie? (no) Listen to know more! As always, check out LunarLightStudio.com for more podcasts like ours. We're so happy to be a part of this super cool network!


Episode 47 - Rise: Part 4

It's Opening Night! And also Closing Night! What a paradox! We finish our watch of Rise. This ended up being a tremendous show, and we are so sad to see it pass us by. Hopefully there will be a network who decides to give it a Season 2 someday, which means we will delete all of these episodes along with your memories of them. But at least we came up with some awesome pitches for season 2! A very very berry special thanks to our podcast home Lunar Light Studio. Check out...


Episode 46 - Rise: Part 3 (With Ellie Desautels!)

We continue discussing 'Rise' as we're joined by actor Ellie Desautels to give us some behind the scenes info. We're still feeling really good about this show! Even Evin is high on it! We end off by talking about our "Lou", the teacher that made the most difference in our life. Thanks so much to Lunar Light Studio for having us as part of their network. You can learn more about the network and see all of the other shows at LunarLightStudio.com.


Episode 45 - Rise: Part 2

For the second episode of our Rise watch, we all get a little punchy. This is a late watch and everyone is tired...so we proceeded to record our longest episode to date. We are good at this podcasting thing. Listen for great things like: Ronnie gets ready to get defensive. Evin just HATES Lou/Ted Moseby. Andy Solves the holiday cryptid sex riddle. Thanks so much to one of our favorite podcast moms, Lillie Blue for sharing a bit of her knowledge about Spring Awakening. To hear more from...


Episode 44 - Rise: Part 1

We head back to high school as we cover NBC's Rise! This show is based on Ronnie's High School Theatre Program and so you know he's excited about watching this show with friends. But how are Andy and Evin going to feel about this new show? Will they love it and make Ronnie happy? Or hate it and make him very sad. And what about you? You don't want to make Ronnie sad do you? ...do you? Thanks so much to LunarLightStudio.com for having us as a part of their newtwork!


Episode 43 - Roar: Part 4

We say goodbye to Heath Ledger, Fergus, our good good baby druid king, and all the rest of the characters from Roar. We debate whether or not the show worked and give our pitches for Season 2! We discuss the movies that these episodes remind us of and talk for a REAL LONG time about which Pokemon we would eat. Special thanks to Lunar Light Studio for having us as a part of their tremendous podcast network!


Episode 42 - Roar: Part 3

We're back and better than ever with our new episode covering the not so great parts of Heath Ledger's Roar. On this episode, we talk about how Fergus is no longer cool, Connor playing spear catch with a god, and a very good website made by very good German friends. This is our first episode as a part of a new podcast family! Special thanks to Lunar Light Studio for having us as a part of their network. To learn more, and to hear more of their podcasts, visit LunarLightStudio.com.