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111: Episode 111 - Katerina Eichenberger

In this episode, we welcome a very awesome guest - **Katerina Eichenberger**. She's an actor, singer, and an all-around amazing and talented person! Katerina recently starred in the independent movie - **Brief Candle** and she was featured in the 48 Hour Film Festival project - **Wraith** and also played a role in the Fox drama - **Star**. She shares a bit about about her background, her approach to acting, the kind of roles she would love to play in the future, places she has had the...


AWA Interview #3 - Dante Basco

**Dante Basco** has SO many talents that has led to a really impressive career. He's an actor, a voice actor, writer, producer, hip-hop head, B-Boy, and an all-around chill guy. It was a very cool experience getting to sit and talk to him about his past projects and the way he views different stages in his career as a veteran in the industry. Of course we ask him a number of random questions, which he has some great answers for. **Follow Dante on:** Instagram...


AWA Interview #4 - Kira Buckland

For our final **Anime Weekend Atlanta** interview, we got to hang out with **Kira Buckland**. She's best known for her voiceover work as **2B** in **Nier: Automata**, but there are so many other projects that she's been a part of - **Street Fighter V, Sailor Moon Crystal, Blue Exorcist** - just to name a few. She tells us about her experience while working on Nier: Automata and shares some of her favorite music and artists with us. Not forgetting her awesome responses to the random questions...


AWA Interview #1 - Steve Blum

**Anime Weekend Atlanta** welcomed us to interview **Steve Blum** and we have to say it was a very AWESOME experience. Steve is such a crazy talented voice actor and a very genuine person with a great sense of humor. Spike Spiegel, Wolverine, Green Goblin, Toonami's TOM are only a few of the iconic characters he has given life to through his amazing voice work. Be sure to check out [Blumvoxstudios.com](https://www.blumvoxstudios.com), where he offers voiceover training and coaching! Also...


AWA Interview #2 - Matilda Smedius

**Matilda Smedius** is well-known for her amazing voice work as **Brigitte** in the popular video game - **Overwatch**. She's also a talented singer and musician, a super sweet person, and is a master of polite insults. (You'll hear when you listen) It was such a great pleasure talking to her about how she became a part of the Overwatch world, how music influences her life, which video game she would like to create a theme song for, and a bunch of random, fun questions. **Follow Matilda on**...


110: Episode 110 - The Wraith Crew

We welcome three members from the production crew of the movie "Wraith" - Victoria Bostic, Kevan Ward, and Alexandra Petkus. They discuss the organized MADNESS that goes into successfully writing, shooting, and editing a film in only TWO days! The film was created for the 48 Hour Film Festival earlier this year in Atlanta, GA. Shout-outs go to Durrell Lyons, Katerina Eichenberger, Aisha Westbrook, Greg Jackson, Frank Anderson, Michael Harris, Aliya Cooper, Tiffany Brown Rideaux and Amelia...


109: Episode 109 - Dragon Con 2018

The EPIC Dragon Con 2018 wrap-up is HERE! We break down our full con experience this year. From highs to lows and a very cool surprise! All of this, a few tangents, and MORE on your favorite EPIC podcast. Epic Briefs Podcast info: [epicbriefspodcast.com](www.epicbriefspodcast.com) [Instagram.com/epicbriefspodcast](www.Instagram.com/epicbriefspodcast) [Facebook.com/epicbriefspodcast](www.Facebook.com/epicbriefspodcast) Twitter @epicbriefspdcst LISTEN/SUBSCRIBE: [Apple...


108: Episode 108 - The Catch-up!

It's time for The Catch-up! We've been MIA long enough, so we're back with a glob of info on what we've been doing, what we plan on doing, and Dragon Con 2018! All of this, a few tangents, and MORE on your favorite EPIC podcast. Epic Briefs Podcast info: [epicbriefspodcast.com](www.epicbriefspodcast.com) [Instagram.com/epicbriefspodcast](www.Instagram.com/epicbriefspodcast) [Facebook.com/epicbriefspodcast](www.Facebook.com/epicbriefspodcast) Twitter @epicbriefspdcst LISTEN/SUBSCRIBE: [Apple...


Episode 107 - Composer: Michael Noble

For this episode, we welcome composer - Michael Noble. He's known for his work on indie movie and video game soundtracks like Artificer, which is available now on Steam. Michael talks to us about his background, how and why he chose music as a career, his passion for video games, and even goes on a rant about Hans Zimmer! 😆 All of this, a few tangents, and MORE on your favorite EPIC podcast. Michael Noble info: [michaelnoble.bandcamp.com](https://michaelnoble.bandcamp.com/)...


Episode 106 - SFG Expo 2018!

Atlanta's Southern Fried Gaming Expo 2018 has arrived and we get to talk with one of their founders/organizers - the very awesome, Preston Burt. He shares his passion for video games, a bit of the expo's history, what's in store for this year, and some plans for the future! All of this, a few tangents, the infamous unicorn question, and a lot more on your favorite EPIC podcast! Get your SFG Expo Passes and Info: [southernfriedgameroomexpo.com](http://southernfriedgameroomexpo.com) Epic...


Episode 105 - MomoCon 2018

MomoCon 2018 is here and we welcome a special guest - Parson Petchor - who is a convention director. He talks to us about his role in making MomoCon happen, a little bit of history about the con and how he got involved, what you can expect this year, and some awesome details about himself. Thanks to Kate Rhrissorakrai for getting us connected with him. He's definitely a pleasure to talk to! All of this, a few tangents, and a lot more on your favorite EPIC podcast! Get your MomoCon Passes and...


Episode 104 - Free Comic Book Day 2018

In this special extra episode, we celebrate Free Comic Book Day at one of our favorite places the Battlegrounds Games and Comics in Dalton, GA. They're always AWESOME and welcomed us back this year to hang out and talk nerdy with Terry Smith! We discuss ALL of the cool comics that we got to snag, as well as the EPICNESS that is Avengers: Infinity War! All of this, a few tangents, and a lot more on your favorite EPIC podcast! The Battlegrounds Games & Comics info:...


Episode 103 - Artist: Chris Ballard

On this episode, we welcome artist, Chris Ballard. He talks to us about how he got his start in the comic industry and how that allowed him to learn so much about himself as an artist. Rejection, ambition, perseverance, and a little Spidey Sense has taken him a long way. Check out his journey on this episode of your favorite EPIC podcast. Chris Ballard info: graphicasylumweb.com Epic Briefs Podcast info: Soundcloud.com/epic-briefs-podcast iTunes: Epic Briefs Podcast...


Episode 102 - 1Up X E - Sports

We get to hang out with Matt Smith and Chris "Quarters" Eischen from the new and very exciting E-Sporting event - 1Up X E-Sports. They share a bit of their history and love for video games, talk about to us about how 1Up X E-Sports started, and what's in store for June 22-24 in Toledo, Ohio when the event goes live! All of this and of course MORE on your favorite EPIC podcast. Be sure to check out 1Up X E-sports on: 1upxesports.com for more information and passes! Social Media and Streaming...


Episode 101 - Emily Vere Nicoll!

It’s Pi Day 2018 and we are OFFICIALLY BACK with our 101st episode! We’re SUPER delighted to welcome Emily Vere Nicoll to the podcast. She’s a crazy talented actor, voiceover artist, bellydancer, writer, and an all-around AMAZING person! She’s been in so many great projects. Most recently, you can see her on the latest season of Black Mirror - Black Museum and in Chicago Med! (Season 3, Episode 11) Emily talks to us about her life growing up on a farm, what inspired her to choose acting as a...


Episode 100- The Host-off Vol. 2

We made it to our 100th episode! And welcome back a few guests of Epic Briefs past - Ryan Plourd, Erik Erise, Kate Rhrissorrakrai, and Cacey Blankenship to talk to us about the future of the Star Wars franchise after The Last Jedi and the passing of some of our fictional and real-life heroes. Also, the Disney Monopoly - what buying Fox may mean for future Marvel movies and how they can include some fun properties into that universe. Not forgetting, Kate shares her Tsum Tsum comic experience!...


Episode 99- Chris James!

This episode, we welcome Arkansas native, Chris James - playwright, art gallery owner, and Ted Talks speaker. He talks to us about how he got into the industry and gives us insight on his upcoming play, The Odds Against Us. All of this, a few tangents, and a lot more on your favorite EPIC podcast! Be sure to check out Chris James on: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter @chrisjamesjourney. Epic Briefs Podcast info: @epic-briefs-podcast iTunes: Epic Briefs Podcast Instagram.com/epicbriefspodcast...


Episode 98: We Got 9 Inches!

In this episode, your EPIC trio catch up on some movie and convention talk! It's too much to simply put in an episode description, so tune in and enjoy the discussion. :) We also have an update on our soon to happen hiatus AFTER we close out 2017 with our 100th EPISODE! All of this, a few tangents, and a lot more on your favorite EPIC podcast! Epic Briefs Podcast info: @epic-briefs-podcast iTunes: Epic Briefs Podcast Instagram.com/epicbriefspodcast Facebook.com/epicbriefspodcast Twitter...


Episode 97- Cinders!

Our official Cinders episode is HERE and it's filled with SO MUCH EPICNESS! These guys are one of our favorite bands and we have such a blast talking with them. We also get an exclusive early listen to their upcoming single "Treehouse" and they also share the inspiration and creative process behind producing it. All of this, a few tangents, and a lot more on your favorite EPIC podcast! Check out more Cinders at: cindersmusic.com Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: Cindersmusic Epic Briefs Podcast...


Episode 96 - The Battlegrounds 5th Year Anniversary

We had a BLAST hanging with some of our MOST favorite people at our MOST favorite store - The Battlegrounds Games and Comics. They invited us to celebrate their 5th year Anniversary and we HAD to share the experience with all of you, so enjoy! Shout-out to Jason Mathis, Michael Gunter, Terry Smith, and Cody Harris for hanging with us, being on the podcast, and for discussing ALL kinds of nerdy goodness. All of this, a few tangents, and MUCH more on your favorite, EPIC podcast! Thank you for...