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Michael Brennan: On NOT KNOWING and Reimagining New Solutions

Michael Brennan is the CEO and Cofounder of Civilla, a design studio dedicated to changework in Detroit. For the last few years, Michael has been on an inspiring journey to follow his own heart, and to pursue the work he most wanted to do in the world. This episode takes you from the childhood experiences that shaped him, to the powerful vows Michael made to himself that ended up launching him from over 30 years of leadership with the United Way, into the work of design and social impact....


Rodney McKenzie: On Shifting The Story and Finding Your Goodness - 11

Rodney McKenzie is the VP of Campaigns and Partnerships for Demos: An Equal Say and An Equal Chance For All. Rodney takes us back to the moment, over a decade ago, that woke him up to his calling. It was a moment that taught him about the power of shifting your perception from "victim" to "victor," and informs his ministry today: "reminding people of their goodness." You can find me at: www.kamararose.com You can find Rodney at: @morelifeinc References: The Science of Mind: A Philosophy, A...


Macky Alston: On Choosing Beauty, Joy as Resistance, and Sacred Truth-Telling

Macky Alston serves as VP of Prophetic and Creative Leadership at Auburn Seminary. He was a senior at Columbia University in NYC when he attended one of the first meetings of ACT UP. Our conversation explores how Macky found life and celebration in the midst of death, as the AIDS crisis raged through his community and the world. We talk about the practice of surrounding yourself with beauty, joy as an act of resistance, and truth-telling as sacred work. References from Macky Alston's blog:...


Art Reyes: On Coming Home, Solidarity, and Shared Fate - 009

Art Reyes III is the founder and executive directer of We The People, an organization working to build multi-racial, working class alliances to contend for power across Michigan. Art grew up in Flint, where he learned early on about class division, the labor struggle, and the power of solidarity. Our conversation goes deep into Art's childhood, and the urgent call that brought him back to Michigan in 2016. The Coming Home guide is at: www.kamararose.com/resources You can find Art at:...


Kristee Paschall: On Giving Birth to a Big Vision, and Midwifing the Leadership of Others - 008

Kristee Paschall is the National Director of Win Justice, a groundbreaking coalition to win key elections in battleground states in 2018. Kristee grew up with missionary parents who taught her to take big risks and to love generously. As an organizer, she's on a mission to radically change our democracy. Our conversation explores how Kristee calls on her wisdom as a mother, and as an informal midwife, to bring out the power we each have inside of us to accomplish things we never thought...


Dr. Marshall Ganz: On Courage, Sources of Hope, and Practicing Leadership - 007

Dr. Marshall Ganz is now a senior lecturer in public policy at Harvard University. But he spent almost 30 years as an organizer with the Civil Rights Movement, United Farmworkers Movement, and more. When Marshall joined the Mississippi Summer Project in 1964, he faced a powerful turning point that called him to find his own courage. We talk about uncovering the hope you need to turn threats into challenges, and about the ongoing practice of leadership, which Marshall defines as: "taking...


Pastor Lisa Asedillo Pratt: On Searching for Signs and Imagining New Worlds, Together

Pastor Lisa Asedillo Pratt is a co-founder and minister at New Day Church in the Bronx, NY. Lisa grew up wanting to belong to "a people," but she didn't think she would find them in the church. Our conversation explores the vision Lisa holds for community, how she "shed" her previous life to make room for her new one, and how she creates spaces for people to dream and imagine the new world, together. Bonus: You can find the Searching For Signs guide at www.kamararose.com/resources You can...


Elisha Fernandes Simpson: On Healing, Self-Care, and Resilience

Elisha Fernandes Simpson is the founder and executive director of The Crossover Yoga Project. Elisha's works supports girls in foster care and juvenile detention centers, state-run residential treatment centers, and social service agencies to overcome trauma through yoga, mindfulness, and expressive arts. Our conversation explores Elisha's personal connection to her work, the positive changes she witnesses in young people who learn these tools, and includes lots of practical techniques you...


Rev. Rashad Moore: On Beloved Community, Letting Go to Grow, and Protecting Joy - 004

Rev. Rashad Moore is a minister at the historic Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem, NYC. He grew up steeped in the Baptist church, and came to Abyssinian inspired by their long legacy of fighting for justice and freedom. We discuss his approach to ministry, from the "everydayness" of beloved community, to the challenge of letting go of what's familiar in order to grow, and the necessity of protecting joy in the face of despair. This episode also includes a musical interlude from the...


Joy Friedman: On Facing Fear, Finding New Beliefs, and Making Change - 003

Joy Friedman is the Director of Organizing for the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism. Our conversation takes a deep dive into Joy's experience feeling like an outsider, first as a Jewish minority in her small Kansas town, then when her parents got divorced. Joy shares how becoming a community organizer gave her an opportunity to confront her fears, claim her own power in relationship to others, and support communities and religious leaders across the country to lean into new...