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#021 Níall & Josie Ó Murchú - In Cold We Trust

Níall & Josie Ó Murchú were stressed, tired and sick... then they learned the Wim Hof method and their lives were transformed...


#020 Gearóid Ó Briain - What it Takes to Fly the President

Gearoid decided he wanted to join the Irish Air Corps when he was 15. His dream was to be the Presidential Pilot. The first step was to get in... He researched the admission process - the aptitude test, the physical assessment, the interview. He was determined to excel in each area but there was one thing missing... He learned that the interviewers liked to see that you've had some life experience - a project you led or another achievement. He needed a story - something to talk about in the...


#019 Kingsley Aikins - Networking Masterclass

Kingsley Aikins (@kingsleyaikins) is the founder and CEO of Diaspora Matters. He has spent over 30 years working in 6 countries in the areas of trade, investment, philanthropy, education, culture, tourism and sport. As CEO of the Worldwide Ireland Funds, Kingsley helped raise over $250m for philanthropic causes. Kingsley is passionate about networking. His mission is to help individuals and companies become better Networkers. His company, Diaspora Matters does this with online and in-person...


#018 Philip McKernan - The Enlightened Hooligan

A few years ago, I was listening to a podcast called London Real. London Real features interviews with the most interesting people on the planet. One week, the latest episode of London Real comes out and it's this guy Philip McKernan who I had't heard of - I press play and a of a sudden there's an Irish accent. I'm used to hearing American and British accents on London Real and now here's a Dublin accent. "Who is this guy?", I thought. So the accent got me interested. And then I listened to...


#017 Niall Doherty on Travelling The World (Without Planes)

Niall Doherty writes books, build websites, and helps people get started working online. He spent 44 months traveling around the world without flying. He's from Waterford, Ireland but has called dozens of countries his home. Right now he's in Bansko, Bulgaria. Thanks for listening to Everyday People. Please rate, subscribe and review on iTunes, (or wherever you get your podcasts). I'd love to hear from you. Say hello on Twitter (@conorsweets) or Instagram (@conor.sweets).


#016 Patricia Fitzgerald

Earlier this year, Patricia Fitzgerald decided to leave her 27 year career as a Senior Librarian to pursue her passion.


Eric Fitzpatrick On Speaking, Storytelling And Spurs...

If you are afraid of public speaking, it's reassuring to know that every great communicator has been in your shoes. They have felt their chest tighten and their palms sweat. Eric Fitzpatrick was no different. At the start of our conversation tells the story of his first time speaking in public: "I'm pretty sure that no one in the room that day would have encouraged me to write a book about presentations!". But that's exactly what he did. Since then, Eric has dedicated himself to helping...


#014 Andrew Considine (part 2) - On Achievement Verses Fulfillment

#014 Andrew Considine (part 2) - On Achievement Verses Fulfillment by Everyday People podcast by Conor Sweetman


#013 Andrew Considine - Professional Success Coach

If you had told Andrew Considine at age 15 that we would be the first one of his class from school to get a job, he would not have believed you. In fact neither would his teachers, family or friends! And if you had also told them he would join the priesthood at 20, move to Ireland, fall in love and leave the seminary by age 28, they would of thought you were cracked all together... Nowadays Andrew is a personal and professional development coach. He works with businesses and individuals as a...


#012 Dr Edward Kelly On The Third Act

This week's episode in with founder of The Third Act, Dr Edward Kelly. The term, third act refers to the third act in our lives. The first act is childhood and our teenage years. The transition to the second act happens in our twenties. When we get into our fifties and sixties, we move into the third act. But what happens then? Nowadays when people retire, they have a whole new gift of time - twenty or thirty years - that the generation before them never had. Average Life expectancy in the...


#011 Des Mullally On Dublin 8

This week's episode is with Des Mullally. Des runs Facebook page called Dublin 8 where he collects and share stories about Dublin richest historic quarter. Ever since the Vikings first saw its potential, Dublin 8 has been the heartbeat of the city. And there's a lot there! Dublin 8 is home to museums, theaters, monuments, Cathedrals and a world famous brewery; not to mention Ireland's oldest street, pub, library and fish & chip shop. In this episode, Des takes me on a walking tour of Dublin...


#010 Jane Stephenson - Beyond Gurus

Jane Stephenson runs seminars.ie which brings international inspirational speakers to Ireland. She set up the business in 1995. There was a lot happening in Ireland in 1995... boxer Steve Collins became a world champion, Father Ted first appeared on our televisions, and signs of the Celtic Tiger were beginning to show. For Jane, it wasn't such a happy time. She had just returned to Ireland from London after being conned out of her savings. To add to to that, she was a single mother trying to...


#009 Elva Carri on Girl Crew, Entrepreneurship, and Mary Robinson

Elva Carri (@elvacarri) is co-founder of Girl Crew. I love the Girl Crew origin story... Finding all her friends were busy one Friday night when she was keen to go out dancing, Elva changed her settings on Tinder to make sure she’d show up to girls in her area. Using a big pink text graphic as a profile image, she explained she was in fact female and was simply looking for some new friends to head out dancing with. Much to her surprise, Elva accumulated over 100 matches within 24 hours A few...


#008 Keith Burke on Life, Music and Tango Dancing

A few years ago, I played a gig with Keith Burke's band. It was a hot July night. And it was even hotter by the time you had walked the four flights of stairs to get up to the Odessa club in Dublin. You'd cool down quickly though. It was a dark, romantically-lit room. I remember the sound of talking and laughing and clinking glasses getting louder and louder as more people began to arrive. Without saying a word, Keith signaled to me and the other musicians that it was time to start. As we...


#007 Ailbhe Smyth on The F-Word

I first heard Ailbhe Smyth (@ailbhes) speak at a conference in Dublin called Show & Tell. It was one of those moments where I have realised how ignorant I am (and I've had plenty of those moments!). No only did I get a kick in the head and a glimpse into reality, I was overcome by a sense of admiration for Ailbhe and for anyone, anywhere who is campaigning to improve the lives of others. It's their courage that amazes the most. How many of us are afraid to simply be on our own for a short...


#006 Liam O'Brien on Storytelling

"Scene is picture. Picture is memory. It's about imprinting memories and engaging your listener" - Liam O'Brien This week’s guest is Liam O’Brien. Liam O'Brien is the Series Producer of RTE’s Documentary on One, a radio documentary series and podcast Liam started at Doc on one in 2005. Since then, the team has gone on to win over 180 national and international awards - making it the most successful radio documentary unit in the world Liam himself has been involved in over 300 productions....


#005 David Lyttle on Arts and Recreation

This week's guest is David Lyttle (@david_lyttle). A man of many talents, he is a songwriter, jazz drummer, music producer, record label owner, and fellow podcaster. He has been described by Rolling Stone magazine as "one of the best, robust listening experiences you're likely to have all year". I have been a fan of David's work for about ten years now so it was great to finally meet him and chat with him about music, life and everything in between. David started out as a child performer at...


#004 Sean Hillen on Art, Censorship, and UFOs

Born in 1961 in Newry, Northern Ireland, Sean Hillen is an artist and a fascinating character. In this wide-renting conversation, we cover his early life in Northern Ireland, literary influences, censorship, UFOs and his recent diagnosis with Aspergers. As you will hear, Sean is heavily influenced by Ireland's literary greats such as Joyce, Beckett, Kavanagh. After the interview, I text him to ask where is a good place for someone to start with these writers. Not only was it a great answer...


#003 Michael McDermott on Inspiration

This week's episode is with Michael McDemott. Michael runs a really cool website called Just Six Degrees. It's a really simple yet brilliant idea: he reaches out to a person who has inspired him and asks them the question, "who in the world is inspiring you right now?". When he gets an answer, he'll contact that person and ask them the same question. And he continues following the trail of breadcrumbs until he's made six connections. Just Six Degrees is a goldmine. If you are feeling stuck...


#002 Paul Brady on Hope, Passion and Potential

Paul Brady is the general manager of Belvedere Youth Club in Dublin. In this episode, we talk about the social issues in Dublin's north inner city - drugs, unemployment, poverty. We also talk about optimism, potential and hope. Visit the website to find out more: www.everydaypeople.ie