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Our Podcast is Everything Horror. From films, books, games, figurines and music.

Our Podcast is Everything Horror. From films, books, games, figurines and music.
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Our Podcast is Everything Horror. From films, books, games, figurines and music.






Interview: Christopher Zięba | Halls Of Horror Board Game

Trapped inside a house built by the insane Master of the Ceremony, you are challenged to a deadly game in which the prize is your survival. Your goal is to find the Exit, hidden among the various rooms of this labyrinth, and the two Keys you need to open it. Keys can be found by exploring the Halls, but if all else fails, there’s always the option to take one out of… other participants! Each of you has a Key sewn into your body while you were sleeping, the macabre detail courtesy of the...


Interview: JP Willie | Blood In the Woods Part 2

The long awaited return of JP Willie has finally arrived. Cari talks with Joe about Blood In the Woods, the latest book covering over real life experiences and some fiction to add the scary elements of what was going on within the woods of good ol Louisiana. Paul also talks with Joe about the finished product of his upcoming film, Crybaby Bridge. Also the bit about the audio book is full on real, no it's not looking for anything at this moment since it has now came out. However we do elude...


Interview: Seth Breedlove | On the Trail of Bigfoot

Setting out to document the entire history of the Bigfoot phenomenon as well as the ongoing search to find the creature, the six episodes of "On the Trail of Bigfoot" promises to take audiences deeper into the subject than they've ever gone before. From mysterious reports of ape-like beasts in newspapers in the late 1800s to modern day encounters with the legendary creature, accounts of run-ins with an unknown being in the forests of North America have existed for centuries. But what does...


Interview: Jason Lorefice | Vermont Bigfoot Encounters and Beyond (Part 1)

What's hiding in the woods of Vermont? Paranormal researcher and former private investigator Jason Lorefice has spent over 10 years investigating the strange, the bizarre, and the unexplained. Not widely acknowledged, the Green Mountain state has been home to a population of large hairy hominids we most commonly refer to today as "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch." In his quest, Lorefice has investigated and documented several dozen cases of eyewitness accounts of mysterious hairy bipedal creatures...


Round Table: The Many Lives of The Evil Dead (Part 2)

This round table of "The Many Lives of The Evil Dead" takes hold talking with André Loiselle, Stefan Hall, and Helen Shin. We discuss the embarrassments of musicals and theatrical approaches of the franchise, the outcome of how the films turned to games, Ron shares the outcome of the event we last talked about, and Helen shares her thoughts about the Possessions within the films. This round table is jammed packed with lots of cool information, and make sure you grab a book for...


Interview: Christopher Wells | The Luring

From all the way from Brooklyn, NY. Christopher Wells, known for tons of shorts well maybe like a few, but it's still all shorts. The Luring is Christopher's first full length debut film. Filmed in our home state, Vermont. I chat with Christopher about the struggles, learning how to get the right amount of cuts for a film, the film festival route, will the film see a VOD or DVD release and more. The Luring is about a man named Garrett who tries to recover a lost memory that took place...


Special: Celebrating 100th Episodes | Horror Is Healthy

As much as we are happy to celebrate our 100th Episode, however I think the discussion is what really makes this Episode important. As everyone should have heard, Instagram has censored off #Horror by a warning, telling us that any type of posts with the tagline can lead to self harm or even death. Many small names have spoken out, however Instagram doesn't give a shit about us people. What we need to make a dent are big names speaking out against this, but who will? What happens if things...


Interview: Douglas Ewen | Bi-Polaroid

From the mind behind the short film. Bi-Polaroid comes Douglas Ewen, we talk about dealing with bi-polar. How Horror is a outlet to express ourselves, and so much more with our Canadian friend. Unfortunately for those wanting to possibly see BI POLAROID either have to attend a film festival or wait until the Festival run is over with and Douglas releases it to the public. Either way, it's a nice short narrative story under five minutes with a strong message. Read our review at...


Interview: Tony Wash & Ben Lewandowski | The Rake | Skeletons In the Closest

On this episode, Paul and Tessa chat with Tony Wash (Director, Writer, Producer) and Ben Lewandowski (Director, Editor) about The Rake (2018) and finishes with there Skeletons In the Closest (2018). Get ready to learn a lot, between what would have been The Rake to what we actually got. Ben explaining how he doesn't care for the film, anxious of moving into Skeletons In the Closest chat will be known, but could you blame him? However, for someone that thinks there "an idiot" to start...


Friday the 13th (2009) | 10th Anniversary

In honor of Friday the 13th (Saturday) I know when this is released. But ten years ago we had to look at Friday the 13th reboot, did it actually hold potential or did it fail like 99.9% remakes do. What does the remake do better or worse from the classic 1980? Also for the 10th Anniversary NECA has confirmed and shown there upcoming release for the film as well, you can pre-order the figure now for an expecting release date of Q2 2019....


Interview: Rocky Gray | 10/31 Part 2

Rocky Gray. Former Drummer of Evanescence (yes I said Former Guitarist in the introduction). Has joined Paul to discuss creating music. Producing 10/31 first time around and now trying to raise funds for 10/31 Part 2. Gather around and witness the spooks. Rocky also talks about what he's currently working on music and film wise. If you'd like, since I forgot one question to ask contact Rocky and see if he'll produce your music for film or game . *Music as the Introduction Courtesy of ROCKY...


Round Table: The Many Lives of The Evil Dead (Part 1)

This round table of "The Many Lives of The Evil Dead" takes us into the Cult Classic Movie, in book form. Edited by Ron Riekki and Jeff Sartain. Separated into three chapters and crossing around 200+ pages. We talk about our love for Evil Dead, Betsy shines in on her experience and how lucky we are to see "The Evil Dead" today. Betsy, Ron and Jeff will be attending a event in California known as Dark Delicacies. FREE of charge and support these independent authors and say hi to Betsy who...


Interview: Nicholas Jacobs | NIGHT

Paul chats with the writer, director and actor of NIGHT. We discuss the idea behind this found footage live stream bizarre film, the challenges faced and what was intended and experimental of how people like myself included thought were missed opportunities. This is Nicholas Jacobs debut film. Our Review: https://ehpodcasts.com/2019/03/19/night-new-indie-thriller-movie-review/ KEEP UP WITH NIGHT ON SOCIAL...


Monsters Or Legends: Sea Monsters | Episode 01

Creatures are among us. We have Aliens in space, Bigfoot in the local forests but one region of the world we still haven't discovered is the sea. Ask yourself one question, what's really lurking in the deepest part of the sea? In this Premiere of our new series, Monsters Or Legends. We will discuss what could be real or fiction, and could they possibly be alive today? But only way down deep. We discuss Sirens, Dagon, Kraken, and share folklore tales. Which ones could we see or not see?...


Interview: John Russo | The Living Dead Legend

We had the pleasure to talking with John Russo, co-writer of Night of the Living Dead. We talked how he got into writing, the headaches of being in the business. And how what John has put out recently, like his latest film "My Uncle John Is a Zombie", and "Rise of the Dead" book. Song courtesy from John Russo. From the My Uncle John is a Zombie soundtrack . For more information regarding My Uncle Is a Zombie visit http://myunclejohnisazombie.com To purchase Rise of the Dead check it out...


Interview: Ben Scrivens | Fright-Rags

This interview features Ben Scrivens, founder and owner of Fright-Rags. Paul chats with Ben about starting the business, the hard times of starting. Licensing the products and moving into a bigger space, also Ben shares his top 5 films and what to expect to see for future releases. Note: Quality seems to have some static noise going on without even my knowledge of knowing. Right now Ben is offering a 10% off promo code for there site using EPHORRORPODCAST10 at checkout. Offer expires...


PS5 Console Gaming Service? | Trailer Reactions: Episode 1

Tristan, Paul and Tessa discuss this interesting topic. When PS5 comes out, rumor has it that it'll feature a new way of gaming. Where the console acts like a subscription. Are you excited about this? How would you feel having to spend money on a brand new console, PS Plus and possibly PS Now? Depending on the amount you choose it could get pricey. Also within this Episode, we debut our first shot at doing our own Trailer Reactions. Here is the list of trailers from movies and games we...


Interview: Mike Schiff | The History of Metal and Horror Documentary

In this latest Interview we talk with Mike Schiff, creator of the upcoming The History of Metal and Horror Documentary. Set for a TBD release, Mike has gotten the privilege of interviewing big names. Whether you know them as the actors or bands, this 90 min or so documentary takes a sink, dive? Into the realms of both Metal and Horror of how they work so well. Wanna learn more? Head over to MetalHorror.com or if you wanna really help out, donate to there Indiegogo. KEEP UP WITH MIKE SCHIFF...


St. Patrick's Day Special: Leprechaun

Happy St. Patrick's Day and 26th Anniversary for Leprechaun, released on January 8th 1993. Starring Jennifer Aniston,Warwick Davis. We discuss how the original film will be the best one out of all the others, our least and favorites and how the franchise could be better. Don't get caught with his gold or else you may be in a world full of hurt. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MUSIC CREATED...


Interview: Courtney Akbar | Circus Road

Please pardon the shortness of this Interview with Courtney Akbar. Between both Paul and Courtney being sick, however we learn about Courtney's start of acting, favorite horror film and more. We also talk about the upcoming film, Circus Road. Coming Halloween 2019, and right now you can help the film by Indiegogo. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MUSIC CREATED BY http://whitebataudio.com KEEP UP WITH THE...