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A new initiative & podcast with Kimberly Warner featuring outstanding female leaders & inspiring content to empower you, wherever you may be in life.


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A new initiative & podcast with Kimberly Warner featuring outstanding female leaders & inspiring content to empower you, wherever you may be in life.




Did I make the right decision?

In a world that continues to make decisions for us, we’ve lost our ability to confidently make decisions for ourselves. Our indecisiveness is a direct cause for our anxieties, depression, and unmanageable levels of stress. And yet, every day, life presents us with a choice: stay on the current path or brave the possibilities of a new one. Kimberly sits down with Author Kristy Jean to discuss her new book, Decision Permission. Buy a copy


How To Maximize Your Brand With Digital Marketing

Lori Highby is the founder and CEO of digital marketing agency Keystone Click. But, what is digital marketing? Kimberly is about to find out. Show Notes: Keystone Click Bamboo Reach Grattitude App Apple Watch Episode Sponsor: Repourd Candle Factory


The Importance of Authenticity as an Influencer

Lauren Sturycz is a powerhouse local influencer and shares her story on how she has built trust with her followers by staying true herself. Kimberly and Lauren discuss some of the pitfalls they have experienced on social media as well as a few tips on how to keep your children safe online. Instagram @theprettybrokeblonde Facebook @lsturycz Episode Sponsor: Repourd Candle Factory


If you're looking to break into acting, this is what you should know.

TV, Movies, Theater, Music, and Business. Quite a resume' for this rising star. Emily Keefe shares a few stories and talks business and inspiration in this episode of Fearlessly Authentique. Find Emily's work here: https://www.emily-keefe.com Show Notes: https://actorsaccess.com https://www.backstage.com Lisa Vanderpump


Lifting the "brain fog" and living a healthier life.

Chef and Health & Wellness Coach Amy Sichmiller was forgetting simple things, like how to sign her own name, and knew she needed a change. Through her own wellness journey Amy has been able to help others transform their lives by "meeting them where they are". Wellmade Restoritve Facebook Instagram Milaeger's Amys Favorite Knives: Shun Miyabi


Yoga saved my life!

Meet Beauty Queen, Lawyer, Yogi, and Entrepreneur Joya Santarelli. This Girl Boss doesn't let anything stop her. Even after being diagnosed with MS she took charge of her health, and through that work found her life's purpose.


Learning to trust your brilliance more than your doubts

As an educator, consultant and ‘activation’ speaker, Kate Martin’s vision is to help others tap into their full capacity by learning to trust their brilliance more than their doubts. Kate’s work is aligned with those who have learned that our thoughts direct our lives, and as we learn techniques to replace worry and doubt with thoughts of love and creativity, we will move with ease to our passion and purpose. www.katemartinmbestthoughts.com https://www.facebook.com/katemartinbestthoughts Kate's Favorite Thing Esther Hicks


Julie and Jenna

Mother's Day is in May and it is also Military Appreciation Month. So Kimberly invited two Mighty Military Mom's to stop by Fearless Studios for a mimosa and some conversation about what it means to be a Mom in the Military.


Tracy is a Mom, and she's got it going on...

Been through it, and doing it. Tracy Johnson talks fast and runs faster. She became Kimberly's BFF inside of 5 min and the way these two power houses talk you'd think they had been friends for a decade.


Behind the Microphone: Dan O'Donnell

Dan O'Donnell is the host of the Dan O'Donnell show on 1130 WISN in Milwaukee, WI. He is a rising star in the talk radio world and his view points are regularly sought after by other national radio, TV, and print outlets. Kimberly had the opportunity to speak with Dan and learn about how it all started, how his law degree impacts his show, and the secret to his success. The Dan O'Donnell Show Episode Sponsor: Prophet Wealth Management


One Day At A Time

Sometimes when we think about a big goal or a situation that presents itself it can seem overwhelming to the point that we give up before we even start. Episode Sponsors: Prophet Wealth Management Salon Nova


F*ck the Glass Ceiling

Mandy Cavanaugh's passion for leadership, entrepreneurship, and helping people thrive has fueled her roles as CEO, consultant, and facilitator. Kimberly recently spoke with Mandy about her background, why she was inspired to write her new book "F*ck the Glass Ceiling", and what is next for this inspirational Girl Boss. Buy the Book Visit this weeks episode sponsor: Prophet Wealth Management For sponsorship opportunities email us at fearless@fearlesslyauthentique.com


Trauma to Triumph

Author Byrdy Lynn joins Kimberly on the Fearlessly Authentique podcast and describes how she had to stop running from her past so that she could open her eyes to an amazing new future. https://byrdylynn.com Through the Storm of Early Trauma Episode Sponsor Prophet Wealth Management


Opoien's Opinion

Jessie Opoien is the Opinion Editor for The Cap Times in Madison, WI. Kimberly talks to her about her internship at CNN and Master's Thesis on polerization in journalism. The Cap Times Mentioned this episode: Bad Dog Frida Daughter of Erietown Episode Sponsor: Prophet Wealth Management



Jennifer Harper runs one of the most successful addiction programs in the United States. Kimberly speaks with her about the program, how it has helped so many suffering with addiction, and what you can do if someone you know needs help. Great Lakes Adult & Teen Challenge Super Thrift Books mentioned in this episode... Keep Your Love On Attitude is Everything Our Sponsor... Prophet Wealth Management


From Wellness to Wealth - Carilu Robinson Part 2

Kimberly takes you back to the original conversation that prompted Carilu Part 1. Listen in as Kimberly talks to her about how the challenges of her past have prepared her for an exciting new future. Prophet Wealth Management


More To The Story - Carilu Robinson Part 1

Kimberly sits down at Fearless Studios with Carilu Robinson to dive a little deeper into her background. We learn how he she became a Wellness Coach in Nashville and why she has now moved into Financial wellness. Episode 18 kicks off with a very raw moment between Carilu and Kimberly that was captured just after the taping of this episode.


Authentic Kimberly - Kicking Off Season 2

Always striving to be Fearlessly Authentique, Kimberly talks about re-investing in herself and how inspiration seems to show up right when you need it most. Suggested Reading: Sarah Young


Season 1 Rewind

16 Episodes, we can hardly believe it! For the last episode of Season 1 Kimberly is going back to the beginning with the very first episode. To move forward you have to know where you have been and we have all been through a lot. Kimberly is so excited to share all of the new guests and topics starting next week with the launch of Fearlessly Authentique Season 2.


A Mother's Fight

Kimberly sits down at Fearless Studios with Sally Schaeffer. Sally led the fight for epilepsy patients to have access to CBD oil for controlling seizures. The bill became known as Lydia's Law. Show Links: Epilepsy Foundation Salon Nova