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The podcast with crazy challenges, big questions, and lively discussions all from people who love entertainment. We look back at history to choose what films go in our movie vault, as well as challenging ourselves, and our guests to the ever fun end-game! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

The podcast with crazy challenges, big questions, and lively discussions all from people who love entertainment. We look back at history to choose what films go in our movie vault, as well as challenging ourselves, and our guests to the ever fun end-game! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


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The podcast with crazy challenges, big questions, and lively discussions all from people who love entertainment. We look back at history to choose what films go in our movie vault, as well as challenging ourselves, and our guests to the ever fun end-game! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.




Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde (1971) with Mary Muñoz

In this week's episode, we jump back into the world of horror with the Hammer classic- Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde! We ask whether it should make it into our Movie Vault with this week's guest, writer and podcaster Mary Muñoz! And of course, we also have our usual Endgame fun as Mary and Dave face off in guessing what books certain films are based on! How will you do? See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


Your Name (2016) with Sarah Cook

On this week's episode, we delve back into anime by talking about the highly celebrated 2016 film- Your Name. A firm favourite of our guest Sarah Cook, we talk all about her writing, along with the amazing visuals, story, and music of Your Name! Craig also challenges Dave and Sarah to try and guess what characters he's combined together through their inner thoughts in this week's Endgame challenge! #YourName #animay #ani-may #toho #movies #filmfans #filmhistory See acast.com/privacy for...


Akira (1988) with Stefanos Florakis and Christopher Maxwell

This week we look at another piece of animation history by delving into the world of anime with one of the most celebrated sci-fi animes of all time. Joined by film buffs Stefanos Florakis and Christopher Maxwell we ask if anime can work in live-action, and why Akira has created such a legacy? We also look at facts surrounding the film, consider it for the movie vault, and play our ever fun endgame by trying to guess films from their weird Japanese variations! #Akira #Anime #Animation...


A Town Called Panic (2009) with Sam Summers and Niall Glynn

In this very fun episode, we're joined once again by Dr Sam Summers, lecturer and host on the Disniversity Podcast, as well as friend of the show, writer and director Niall Glynn. We deep dive into the beauty of animation by asking why it works so well for storytelling, and why it's not taken more seriously, especially when looking at our chosen film this week, the crazy french stop motion classic- A Town Called Panic! Craig also puts our guests through their paces as he asks them to make...


The Dark Knight (2008) with Paul Hunt and Kelechi Ehenulo

We look back at a film previously placed in The Movie Vault in our Joker special- The Dark Knight (2008). This time we get the chance to dive into the film as a whole from its characters, story, and direction. We have the privilege of being joined by fantastic guests Kelechi Ehenulo and Paul Hunt who talk all about the importance of representation, empathy, and their love for The Dark Knight. We also return to a previous Endgame with DC or Not DC (That is the Question?) to decide what film...


The Italian Job (1969) with Luke Davies

You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off! This week we discuss the British classic that is The Italian Job, to ask why it is so iconic and see whether it still holds up today? Joined by welsh TV Presenter and film buff Luke Davies we discuss this 60s/70s classic and the moments that make it memorable. Should we have found out what happens at the end? Is the remake any good? And can we avoid the seemingly dark topics that keep creeping up during this discussion? Find out and enjoy...


Snatch (2000) with Reo's Positive POV and Paul Klein

Don't mention the euphemism! This week we are joined by social media and YouTube film reviewer Reo's Positive POV (Reece Beaumont) and film journalist Paul Klein to discuss the film challenged to us last week- Snatch. We use the chance to discuss the state of British cinema, Guy Ritchie movies, and our favourite moments from this cult classic, all in build-up to ask whether it deserves to go in our Movie Vault?! We also take a visit to VHS corner, and challenge our guests to this week's...


Sherlock Holmes (2009) with Rob Ayling and Laura Filmer

We're back with a new format and some brand new guests as we discuss 2009's Sherlock Holmes directed by Guy Ritchie! Join Dave and Craig with brand new guests, film blogger Laura Filmer, and filmmaker Rob Ayling, as we deep dive into our thoughts on this adaptation of the classic detective and whether it deserves to go into the Movie Vault! We also take a trip to our new segment VHS corner, along with our ever fun endgame to decide what we'll be discussing in our next episode! See...


Ed and Alex Takeover! - The Room (2003)

This week Ed Mason and Alexandra McCreadie takeover Well Good Movies after winning the End-game Champions' Cut! With both of them on hosting duties, it means Dave and Craig are the guests for once as we are given the task of discussing 'the Citizen Kane of bad movies' - The Room. With fun discussions about bad movies, The Razzies, and the legacy of this iconic film (including The Disaster Artist) we delve into the weird and wacky of this cult film. But of-course an episode wouldn't be...


The First Annual Movie Vault Update!

In this New Year's bonus episode, Craig and Dave break down all the films logged and collected in the movie vault after over 50 episodes. But there's one catch... With a need for a refresh and clean up, the pair decide it's time to make their final list of entrees after some time for reflection on certain titles. We also use this chance to catch up on the evolution of the podcast over the last two and a half years, along with our favourite movies of 2021, and give a glimpse of what...


Boxing Day Movies- Which is the Best?

This year we decided to put up our feet, enjoy some leftover turkey, along with the usual fun, games, and guests that the festive period brings by talking about Boxing Day Movies- the perfect films to watch after Christmas! Joined by Dai Hill and Liv Mackender we must choose one film to go in the Movie Vault out of Mary Poppins (1964), Bridge on the River Kwai (1964), Zulu (1964), and Chicken Run (2000)! We also play this week's Endgame where Craig brings up a very different type of Boxing...


James Bond- Dr. No (1962) to Casino Royale (2006)

This week we bring about our planned James Bond celebration! After over a year of delays and uncertainty fans finally got to see No Time to Die from September 2021, so we decided to gather together some of the biggest Bond fans we know to discuss the franchise, and what makes it so special. Aled Griffiths, Niall Glynn, and Stephen Jones all talk about their experiences with James Bond, as well as help Craig and Dave break down three eras of Bond with Dr. No, Goldeneye, and Casino Royale! We...


The Champions' Cut - Endgame Special!

It's here. After three endgame specials that saw various teams of former guests battle it out in film-related challenges, we finally crown an overall winning team! Featuring Dai Hill and Stefanos Florakis, Ed Mason and Alexandra McCreadie, and Lucy Fur and Paul Hunt, all in uniquely named teams, they go through several trials and tribulations set by the master of the Endgame- Craig McDonald! Facing the horrors of Scooby-Doo movies, double feature conundrums, and of course, our spin on...


Halloween Special- Van Helsing (2004)

We're back for a later than planned Halloween special! This year we thought rather than talking about several monster movies, we'd talk about one that includes them all! So cue 2004 gothic adventure- Van Helsing, from Mummy director Stephen Sommers! Joined by WGM regulars Kyle Shaun Thomas, and Christopher Maxwell, we weigh up whether this and other film's like it, are a good sub-genre of horror and adventures... #Halloween2021 #VanHelsing #HughJackman #Dracula #Frankenstein See...


50th Episode Mayhem!

In our 50th official episode, we decide to invite some of our favourite ever guests to join us in talking about a film long built up over our episodes - Pudsey the Dog: the Movie. Why you may ask? You'll have to listen to find out! Featuring loads of questions, trivia, secrets, and hilarity, we break down this terrible film, as well as decide if it deserves a place in our Movie Vault! So what are you waiting for?! Check out Dave, Craig, Lucy Fur, Christopher Maxwell, Ed Mason, and Paul...


King Arthur (2004) and Excalibur (1981)

We're back! After an extended summer break, Dave and Craig are back to look back at the mad world of movies with our good friends Dai Hill and Mat Troy. This week, to coincide with the release of The Green Knight, we delve into films based on Arthurian legends! As always with fantasy movies of this type there's a lot of good, and a whole lot of bad, so join us as we deep dive into the history of Arthur, The Green Knight, as well as 1981's Excalibur, and 2004's King Arthur! #Arthur...


Captain Marvel (2019) and Black Widow (2021)

This week Dave, Craig, Stef, and Laura get together to talk all about Marvel's highs and lows when it comes to female characters. Why has it taken so long to make a Black Widow film? Is Captain Marvel a good start? And are Nebula and Scarlett Witch good role models? We discuss these great characters and review Captain Marvel to decide if it deserves a spot in our Movie Vault, along with playing our ever fun "endgame" challenge all based on the famous lines of Black Widow! Don't forget to...


50 Years of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!

In this week's episode, Dave and Craig are joined by Kyle Shaun Thomas and Liv MacKender to talk all about the classic Roald Dahl adaptation Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory which is celebrating its 50th anniversary! We talk all about our memories of Roald Dahl, Gene Wilder, along with the history, nostalgia, and notable differences with the 1971 film. We also visit the Movie Vault to decide if Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory deserves to go in, as well as playing another crazy...


15 Years of Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

In our latest episode, we talk about the feel-good indie classic- Little Miss Sunshine from 2006. Celebrating 15 years since its release this year, as well as being challenged to watch it by WGM team member Shelley, we go through the legacy, importance, and personal connections we have to this film that started the careers of many of its cast and crew. We of course make a visit to the Movie Vault, to ask if Little Miss Sunshine should be entered, and also challenge Kelly and Shelley to one...


X-Men- Celebrating 10 Years of the Beginnings Trilogy!

The latest episode of Well Good Movies goes back through the X-citing and turbulent movies that belonged to the "X-Men Beginnings Trilogy" that covers X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and X-Men: Apocalypse. We are once again joined by comic lover and host of the Capes, Cowls, and Masks Podcast- Jake Hart who helps us to break down and give our overall thoughts to each of these superhero blockbusters! Will any make it in the Movie Vault? Which film was our personal favourite?...