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The recently released Rampage is on trial this week. Gav is defending his hero Dwayne Johnson and trying to get this film a place on the Hit List with Alex prosecuting. There's also news about the sad passing of Milos Forman, known for directing One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, and a mini-review of 'A Quiet Place' by Jon Krazinski. This weeks quiz sets out to test the team on whether a quote is from Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Arnold 'The Austrian Oak' Schwarznegger or Freddy Kruger in a quiz...


Death of Stalin

Gav is in the role of defence this week with Ausy trying to get The Death of Stalin a place on the Shit List. There's also news about an upcoming film based on the life of Shia LeBeouf, produced by Shia LeBeouf. Will this add insight and personal touches to the film or could it make it difficult to get an accurate portrayal of his life? We also find out what Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been cooking up lately and what the crew would choose as their perfect Sunday afternoon film.


The Dark Knight

The caped crusader is in the dock this week. Does The Dark Knight shine brightly or is it just about a man running around with his underpants on the outside? Gav defends this week, with Alex desperately trying to get it a spot on the Shit List. There's the usual news, songs and a quiz that finds out if a name is from a Batman villains or a heavy metal band, entitled "Bat's Entertainment!"



The 90s action blockbuster Face/Off is on trial this week with Dave trying to get it a place on the Hit List and Alex doing his best to stop him. News this week is based on the winners and losers of the Oscars 2018 with everyone happy to see Jordan Peele getting a win for his original screenplay in Get Out, but division over The Shape of Water getting Best Picture. In other award season news, The Rock has been awarded a special prize for his performance in Baywatch. Listen to find out!


Tomb Raider (2018)

This episode contains spoilers Did Tomb Raider bag the treasure or did it fall into a trap? Special Guest: Ausy.


Breakfast Club

This week we have the breakfast club on trial. Ausy steps in, and has another go at prosecuting. Can he convince the Judge that this film is overrated and should be condemned to the Shit list? As ever this week's episode is filled with news, banter and there's another novelty quiz. Special Guest: Ausy.


Blood Diamond

Yes, this week Leonardo Di Caprio is back in the dock as we put Blood Diamond on trial. This film explores the diamond industry in a war torn Sierra Leone and tries to shed light on some of the abhorrent practices and conditions facing the people caught up in the diamond trade. We try to determine if it is a cinematic triumph truly shining bright like a diamond worthy of the Hit List or, if it falls short of movie greatness and should reside on the Shit List. As ever, there is a short take...



Is Leon a professional hitman of a film? On the face of it Leon has all the makings of a great film but, does it fall short in some areas? Can a film truly be a hit when it has such an uncomfortable behind the scenes story? We try to decipher whether Leon has stood the test of time especially now that we know so much more about the Director and his personal relationships. We've tried to stay as light as possible while giving the topics the respect they deserve but it can be difficult when...


Field of Dreams

This week we have Field of Dreams on trial. Does this film hit it out of the park or should it be sent back to the dugout for striking out?


Episode 33: Bronx Tale

This week's movie is "A Bronx Tale". This coming of age story was Robert De Niro's first directorial role. Did he manage to stop A Bronx Tale being just another gangster picture that we've all seen before and bring something new to the table? Is this a true hit of a movie? We discuss: the plans for a Pokémon movie with Ryan Reynolds as the star; a new Tomb Raider trailer has been released and it looks like it might have some real promise as a video game/movie cross over; Russia bans one of...


Masters of the Universe

We put Heman Masters of the Universe on trial. This 1987 film tried to cash in on the successful cartoon series and the popular toy franchise but, did it do them justice? Gav and Dave discuss the Razzies and Alex tries to drum up interest for a film nobody has heard of. While Joel stays true to form and brings up news that baffles everyone; Empires list of the greatest movie villains. Maybe we're showing our age but villains these days just aren't what they used to be... As always Gave...


Episode 31: Super Mario Brothers

Super Mario Brothers is on trial. Did this 1993 movie do the addictive computer game justice, or should we flush it down the toilet and leave it in the sewers. We discuss the golden globes, are we about to see rise in female leading roles for blockbuster films and this weeks quiz: Nintendo, Nintendont - Have these Computer games been turned into movies?


Episode 29: Pulp Fiction

Happy 2018 everyone! We are back in court this week and we've got Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction in the dock. Will it be worthy to go on the hit list or should it be stuck next to where Walken keeps his watches? We discuss the new Alex Garland film Annihilation, the most anticipated films of 2018, the turbulent production of the Queen biopic and a newly released image of the new X-men film. All this and a quiz called "Pulp Fact or Pulp Fiction?"


Episode 28: Jingle all the way

This week sees the last of the Christmas specials as Gav puts his favorite festive film on trial. Acting as prosecution and trying to condemn it to the shit list is Joel, whilst Dave will be playing the role of character witness. Alex is taking on the difficult role of the judge, as he has to decide if it’s a Christmas classic, or a festive turkey?! The gang also talk about the trailer for Deadpool 2, Woody Harrelson possibly joining the Venom movie, and reactions from Star Wars: The Last...


Episode 27: Gremlins

With two of the crews films on the shit list, the Christmas spirit is low. Will Gremlins make it onto the hit list, or will it end up being put through the blender? Dave will be doing his best to defend his choice with Gav prosecuting. There's also news of the Golden Globes nominations passing over female directors, a recent survey of favourite Star Wars characters, hope for either Oldman or Defoe to get an Oscar (at last), discussion of the trailer for Alita: Battle Angel and a segue...


Episode 26: Trading Places

It's week 2 of Christmas Month! Also, its our Christmas day out, so because we have guests with us. this week is also a Jury special! Trading Places is on trial. This film launched Eddie Murphy's career, but is it a Christmas classic or does it need to trade places with a better movie. There's the usual witty lines, a biffy quiz, some songs and a quick round up of latest news: Joel talks about dinosaurs again, as the Jurassic Park trailer has released Another one bites the dust...Bohemian...


Episode 25: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

This week is the start of the Christmas season. Normally the films are picked at random but this week each member gets to pick a film to defend. The rest of the roles are still picked at random. This week Joel defend's National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Alex is the prosecution and Dave is the all important judge. Gav acts as the character witness to lend his opinion to the arguments presented to the court. Is this a wholesome Christmas comedy, or is this Turkey dry and overdone? Also...


Episode 24: Jurassic World

Gav and Joel have been debating this film for a long time. Finally they put it to the ultimate test and put it on trial. Can Joel secure it on the hit list or will Gav convince Alex as judge that it should have never been brought back to life? There's also news about a possible Community film, Sacha Baron Cohen recently helping out his fans, that Ben Affleck might bow out of playing Batman and discussion of a three second teaser teaser clip for Jurassic World 2. All this and a quiz called...


Episode 23: Titanic

The FoT guys put the 1997 blockbuster Titanic on trial this week. Should this movie be hailed as one of cinema's great voyages or should we have let go. Dave has another week off to continue with building his scale model of the Titanic ship he was going to use to prove that James Cameron had taken massive liberties with the inaccuracies of the movie. This leaves Austin to step in again and try and fashion a prosecution in his absence. Alex has been building a reputation for successfully...


Episode 20: Rec

It's the turn of Rec to go on trial this week with Gav prosecuting and Joel trying to defend his choice in the last of our horror season. Should it be on the hit list or put under quarantine? There's also news about the Beetlejuice remake, the new trailer for Black Panther, excitement about season 2 of Stranger Things and some frightening statistics on the amount of women in top jobs in Hollywood. All this and a very unique quiz this week which tests the crew on whether a name is of a...


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