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Romeo and Juliet (1996)

Alex is back off holidayband is defending Baz Lurmans Romeo and Juliet. is it a fun and novel way to tell such an iconic story or is this just a nonsensical piece of hipster shit? obviously there is also the usual news, jokes, impressions and wittisisms . plus a quiz of shakespeare verses or rap verses Special Guest: Ausy.



This week the Machinist is on trial. Arguably Christian Bale's greatest ever dramatic performance but is it overshadowed by the dramatic physical transformation that he undertook to play the role? There's also some star trek news, a quiz about actors undertaking physical transformations for their roles "transformers: more than eating pies" and as ever, there is the caption contest for a listener to win a freddo. Special Guest: Ausy.


Hacksaw Ridge

Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge is on trial this week. Can Joel convince Gav that this is a tasteful retelling of a true story that manages to capture the essence of the war and deliver real context and compassion for the horrors of war? Can Alex persuade Gav that this is an extension of the directors views and is just an excuse to show gratuitous violence and explosions while feeding into the stereotypes created during the WW2 propaganda regime. There's news about the reboot of Charlie's...


The Meg

We took a trip to the cinema to put a new film on trial this week. Joel is the judge, as Gav and Dave try to convince him about which list The Meg belongs on. Can Gav turn up the charm and prove that this film has an enormous bite, or will Dave show that cinema has sunk deeper than we ever thought possible... remember, this is Joel judging, anything could happen. Ausy turns up ill-prepared and forgets that it was his turn to do the quiz and does a terrible attempt at making one up on the...


The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman is on trial this week, with Dave defending this hugely popular musical and Gav prosecuting. Should it be judged as an inaccurate biopic of a controversial figure or is it a fun family musical with a crowd-pleasing soundtrack?


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

It's the first martial arts films to be put on trial and one that causes a fair bit of disagreement. Is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon long, boring with ridiculous wire work or is it a visual feast that bridges the gap between east and west? Joel is prosecuting this week with Alex defending while Gav does his best to sort through the arguments and reach the correct verdict. Dave takes over quiz duties this week with a film about tigers and dragons in cinema. Let us know how well you do...


Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2 is on trial this week. Ausy is in the defence chair justifying why this sequel should be placed in the hit list whole Joel has the honour of prosecuting. All presided over by this weeks judge, Alex. Can Alex remain impartial after his previous dealings with Austin in the judges role or, will the pain from the judgements of Donnie Darko and most of Gattaca prove too much to handle? Gav and Ausy give a heartfelt review of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's Skyscraper; Alex asks "what...


Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko is up on trial this week with Alex trying to articulate his rage enough to give a decent prosecution and Gav trying to get it a place on the hit list. Ausy is in the role of judge this week, with Dave and Joel giving their genuine opinions as character witnesses. There's also news about Idris Elba taking on the role of a villain in the Fast and Furious spin-off and that Shane Black has ordered reshoots to the upcoming Predator film. The crew also think about which action movie...



It's the turn of Prometheus to be put on trial this week with Joel defending and Dave prosecuting. Does it leave too many questions unanswered or is it an intriguing and beautiful look into how the Alien story began? Gav is in the role of judge with Alex and Ausy lending their opinions as character witnesses. There's also news about Laura Dern and Sam Neill possibly having a role in the next Jurassic World film, a proposed Sonic the Hedgehog movie starring Jim Carey as Dr Robotnik and a...



This week the gang put Gravity on Trial. Is it interstellar or lost in space? Alex is defending this week, and trying his best to get it placed on the Hit List, whilst Gav prosecutes. Ausy and Captain Dave are the character witnesses, whilst Joel has the difficult task of Judge. The gang discuss (forgotten the news), and in this week’s Film Feels, Alex asks what our favourite movie twists are. Dave is in charge of this week’s quiz, in which he asks the gang to separate movie astronauts...


Magic Mike

This week we put Magic Mike on trial. Is it magic? Or just tragic? Joel will be trying his best to defend the film, whilst Gav is prosecuting. Alex and Austin will lend their genuine opinions to the proceedings as the character witnesses, and Dave will be acting as the judge. Additionally, the gang discuss the trailer for the Suspiria remake, and in ‘Film Feels’, Alex asks “What’s the saddest film you’ve ever watched”? There’s also a quiz about the exotic dancing industry, and a lot of of...


Shadow of a Vampire



Jurassic World 2

We had a group outing to watch Jurassic World 2. Then we put it on trial. There are definitely spoilers in here so don't listen to this if you are worried about any spoilers. Is it another gigantic smash hit or is it finally time to let this franchise die and fossilise?



The much-loved Avatar is on trial this week with Alex defending and Gav prosecuting. There's also news about another Sherlock Holmes movie and what this means for Robert Downey Junior regarding his role as Iron man, mixed enthusiasm about Rambo V and how the gang feel about GI Joe III. All this and a quiz that asks the million dollar question: in hours, how long did the animators spend on the Smurf movie?


Solo: A Star Wars Story

Gav and Ausy went to watch Solo this week. Captain Dave is this week's judge while they put it on trial. Is this going to be the best origin story in the galaxy or is Dave right to have a bad feeling about it? This episode definitely contains spoilers for Solo but it also contains a no spoiler review of Deadpool 2, an apology for our surreptitious lack of use of the "explicit" marker that led to us being removed from iTunes, and plenty of other aural treats for your listening pleasure.



This week Joel is prosecuting Watchmen and Dave is trying to get it on the Hit List. The crew also discuss the trailer for Jurassic World 2, the upcoming Tommyknockers remake with James Wan directing and who the guys believe are the most naturally menacing actors of all time. All this and a quiz invented by Alex this week with mixed results.


Suicide Squad

Gav is ready to rip Suicide Squad apart this week, with Joel trying to put it back to gather on put it on the Hit List. The crew also discuss what the most rented movie was of 2017, the recently announced Toy Story 4 and there's some Rock news about an upcoming film he is producing called 'Fighting With My Family'. All this and a quiz called 'Squad or Quad?'. Does a famous movie gang have exactly four members or not? You will have to listen to find out.


Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is on trial this week, with Alex desperately trying to get it a place on the Hit List and Dave determined to get it on the Shit List. The crew also discuss the recently released Ready Player One as well as the all important Rock news for this week. Also a quiz called "Kree or Tree?"; is "Dogwood" the name of a tree or the name of a character from an advanced militaristic alien race called the Kree? Listen to find out!


Avengers: Infinity War

It's probably the biggest blockbuster release in recent memory and the guys are wasting no time in putting Avengers: Infinity War on trial. Is it a cynical corporate grab for our wallets with no real flair or is it the action movie to end all action movies? There is also discussion about the new trailer for Venom, a quiz and general merriment.


Hateful 8

This week is “The Hateful Eight”! Is it a worthy homage to classic westerns or is it as welcome as poisoned coffee at a tea party? There’s also more Rock news, some boring non-Rock news and a game of Hateful or Grateful: can you work out which Quentin Tarantino contemporaries he owes a debt to and which ones he’d gladly shoot in the nuts from beneath the floor?