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This is a Law Enforcement podcast geared towards police officer's. We discuss police issues, trends, training, assignments, product reviews, books, apps and so much more!

This is a Law Enforcement podcast geared towards police officer's. We discuss police issues, trends, training, assignments, product reviews, books, apps and so much more!
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This is a Law Enforcement podcast geared towards police officer's. We discuss police issues, trends, training, assignments, product reviews, books, apps and so much more!






FBL-15-Role of Chaplain

In this episode we bring on a Chaplain from my department Pastor Bob. Pastor Bob will talk about the traditional Chaplain role in working with citizens and families in crisis. Pastor Bob takes on a unique role and strives to provide support to the officers as well. Pastor Bob rides every Thursday with different officers to talk to them and see if he can help in any way. If you are interested in a specific topic, want to shop our awesome store or contact me you can at my web page...


FBL-14-Technology Final

In this episode we talk to Rich LeCates who worked as an officer for his department and saw a need for more resources. He used his experience in code writing to make some applications to make the officer's jobs easier. Rich eventually left Law Enforcement to work for CentralSquare Technologies to have a far more reaching impact on Law Enforcement than just his department. Listen to this episode to learn what you can expect as the future of Law Enforcement technology. I can be reached at...


FBL-13-Tattoos and Beards in LE

Do you have tattoos? Do you have a beard? This episode we bring an officer form a department in Texas that allows him to have tattoos and a beard. We talk about how it has effected his interactions with his community and how it has helped him. ADMIN IF YOU ARE LISTENING THIS IS THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE! We want to thank our sponsor Pursuit Alert! We can be reached here at the podcast at or through our web page!


FBL-012-5 Stress Triggers

In this interview we will discuss the 5 Stress Triggers with out amazing guest Andi Clark from 911 Lifestyle. Shift work and the life of a Police Officer is not easy. Many of us struggle to fall asleep because we are tired and wired, wake mid sleep, we are exhausted to the point that coffee is the only way to make it through our shift, we become frustrated easier than we were at the start of our career, have digestive issues and fear burnout. It's happening to most of us, so we believe...


FBL-011-Project K-9 Hero

In this episode we will talk with Jason Johnson the founder of Project K-9 Hero. Jason also owns a K-9 company that is getting ready to deploy. Did you know that military and law enforcement K-9's are not covered for any expenses after they retire and are adopted by their handler. The dog owner is responsible for all food and care. Jason spend time in the military and as a police officer. During his time as a police officer he had a K-9 Flash. Jason later left law enforcement and worked...


FBL-010-Enforcing Gun Laws

In this episode we had Loren Culp on from the Republic Police Department. Loren is the Chief of Police and came out against an assault weapons initiative that was passed by the citizens. This forced Chief Culp into the spotlight in the state of Washington and nationally with appearances on Fox News and other major news outlets. Chief Culp then wrote a book American Cop. Chief Culp maintains a Facebook Page Friends of Republic Police. You can see Chief Culp at the Gun and Knife show...


FBL-009-Do you have a plan outside Law Enforcement?

In this episode Ken Morgan who has worked as a patrol officer all the way up to Deputy Chief will discuss life outside Law Enforcement. Ken has worked in Michigan, Colorado and Washington State. Ken currently works as a part-time deputy and works for Pursuit Alert which is a newer company that alerts citizens of a pursuit in their area to avoid collisions with citizens during pursuits. Ken does a great job in this episode we had a small technical problem that you will hear for a short time...


FBL-008-Lt. Randy Sutton

Lt. Randy Sutton graciously came on this episode to discuss the changes in his career which started in 1976 in in Princeton, NJ. Lt. Sutton has been a champion for law enforcement through various interviews with Fox News and other outlets. Lt. Sutton's latest project is The Wounded Blue. This is an organization to help injured officers who we all know get little support from pay to medical expenses when injured on duty. Trailer to upcoming Wounded Blue Documentary Film Keep Lt. Sutton's...


FBL-007-Matt Pearce Shooting

In this episode we interview Matt Pearce from Fort Worth Police Department. Matt was involved in a shooting in 2016 where he was shot 6 times and sustained very serious injuries. Matt will take you through his shooting and recovery in this episode. Matt does a great job of keeping this episode entertaining and informative while talking about a very impactful event in his life. You can watch at amazing interview of Matt and his wife regarding his shooting here Matt's Interview. Thank you...


FBL-006-The Original WY20

We had Shelly Hamel on for this episode. Shelly started the Facebook Page What's your 20. The page has been renamed to The Original WY20 after impersonators tried to take the momentum of the page. The page is for commissioned personnel only. Here is a link to the page. The Original WY20 Look for more episodes from Shelly in the future. Thank you again to our great sponsor 3B Apparel and Design 3B Apparel and Design Facebook Page Give us a review and like...


FBL-005-Working Rural Law Enforcement

Listen to Darryl describe how it is to work in a rural setting. Darryl has experience with a large sheriff's office, a large city and now a small county with limited resources where he is regularly working alone. This episode can enlighten a "big city officer" or speak directly to the rural officer. Thank you again to 3B Apparel and Design for sponsoring this episode. They can be contacted at their e-mail; 3B Facebook Page


FBL-004-Women In Law Enforcement

Listen as we interview and Officer from Washington State and another form Tennessee about their perspectives of being a female in Law Enforcement. These officers will describe how they are treated and if it's different than their male counterparts. Our sponsor for this episode can be reached through their Facebook page 3B Facebook Page or e-mail


TBL-003-Task Force Policing for Law Enforcement Officers

In this episode we will talk with Jason from Tennessee about working in a task force and how a drug task force in that area of the country operates. Jason has 18 years in law enforcement as a SWAT officer, K-9, Patrol officer and task force supervisor. OCDEF Description HIDTA Description


TBL-002-Police Motorcycle Officer-What's it like?

In this episode we will discuss being a motors police officer with Ryan Urlacher a motors officer and fellow podcaster. Ryan has 24 years in law enforcement and has been riding motorcycles since he was 16. Ryan will discuss police motorcycle training, the daily grind, what to expect, training to take and so much more!



This Law Enforcement introductory podcast will cover the goals and direction of this show for the future. This show will also talk about how we will have police officer's on future podcasts. We will have future episodes covering mental health, specific assignments, book review, app reviews, product reviews. Issues affecting the law enforcement community. We will also cover court cases and law that will change policing in America.