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Discussing and reviewing sci-fi movies and films

Discussing and reviewing sci-fi movies and films
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Discussing and reviewing sci-fi movies and films






12 Monkeys

Step inside to this edition of our podcast and article by looking into a not-so-happy future as the film 12 Monkeys predicts for us while we discuss our 12 Monkeys Review, take a look at the 12 Monkeys Movie Cast, would we want to see a 12 Monkeys remake, and more! Where Did the Idea for the Film 12 Monkeys Come From? In short, the idea came from the French short-film La Jetée. Does that sum it up for all of you? Probably not as I'm sure most of you have not heard of that film. However, 12...


Back to the Future

This week, we travel back in time and talk about Back to the Future including topics like Eric Stoltz being cast as Marty McFly originally, some of our favorite Back to the Future quotes, the obstacles the film had to endure to get its feet going underneath, and much more! Difficulties Getting Back to the Future off the ground... While Back to the Future turned out to be a great film, some of you out there may not know that it was difficult to get this story and movie moving forward. Studios...



Back in 2010, the film Inception was released and became a Christopher Nolan classic! However, it forced audiences to really have to think about the movie; contemplating the importance of the Inception totem, coming up with an Inception ending explanation for themselves, how the heck did they film that hallway seen, and much more to consider. Listen to this episode of Force Fed Sci-Fi as Chris and Sean discuss these Inception topics and more (or read our show notes)! How long did it take...


Force Fed Sci-Fi Introduction

 Welcome to Force Fed Sci-Fi! Meet The Force Fed Sci-Fi Team... Chris I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and developed a love for science fiction from marathons of The Twilight Zone with my dad and numerous viewings of Predator with his friends. I think sci-fi allows us to tell relevant and entertaining stories that are appreciated by everyone. Some of my current favorites include Black Mirror, Stranger Things and Blade Runner 2049. I'm also a fan of craft beer, Chicago sports, especially the...