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Discussing and reviewing science fiction movies and films






Starship Troopers (1997)

This time, we review the fascistic satire war film Starship Troopers and along the way we wonder if it’s right to poach 18-year-olds for your military, is it really a Paul Verhoeven movie if there’s no nudity, and how did this movie spawn an entire direct-to-video franchise? Let’s dive in… Starship Troopers (1997) Cast and Crew Directed by Paul Verhoeven: As Chris remarks during the episode, this may have been the point of Verhoeven’s career where he was fully actualized having directed...


Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

This time, we look at a modern cult classic with our Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow film review and along the way ask, why is Angelina Jolie so prominent in the film’s marketing? How influential was the “digital backlot?” And, was resurrecting Laurence Olivier a smart move? Let’s dive in… Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Cast and Crew Directed by Kerry Conran: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow was Conran’s directorial debut and remains his only credit as a director. Conran...


Pacific Rim

This time, we we look at the 2013 sleeper hit with our Pacific Rim film review, and along the way we ask if the giant Jaegers are actually possible? Does Ron Perlman play the best character in the film? Finally, we examine Pacific Rim’s complicated legacy. Let’s dive in… Pacific Rim Movie Cast and Crew Written and Directed by Guillermo del Toro: Del Toro came into the project almost by accident as he was pitching a different movie, an adaptation of the H.P. Lovecraft story At the Mountain of...



This time, we go over our Waterworld Movie Review, a massively overbudgeted epic of a film. Along the way we ask, how shameless is this film a rip-off of Mad Max, is this a pro-environmental film, and is Dennis Hooper a convincing villain? Let's dive in... Waterworld Movie Cast and Crew Directed by Kevin Reynolds: Reynolds has establish a solid working relationship with Kevin Costner after directing films like Fandango, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and Rapa Nui that all featured Costner....


A Quiet Place

This time, we review the family survival drama film A Quiet Place and ask how did John Krasinski go from office prankster to survivalist farmer, is this a film with social commentary, and why have a baby during the apocalypse? Let’s dive in… A Quiet Place (2018) Cast and Crew Written, directed and starring John Krasinski as Lee Abbott: Krasinski rose to prominence following his starring role as loveable goofball Jim Halpert on the US version of The Office where he gained a reputation as a...

Space Force (Netflix TV Series)

This time, the Force Fed Sci-Fi team binged so we could bring you our own Netflix's Space Force review and rating. While watching the latest Netflix comedy Space Force we asked ourselves how is Mark Naird different from Michael Scott, is John Malkovich the new everyman of Hollywood and did Netflix somehow defeat the US Government? Let’s dive in…. Space Force Cast -Steve Carell as General Mark Naird: Carell has made his career in comedy after a long stint as lead character Michael Scott on...


This time, we discuss yet another Ethan Hawke film with a Daybreakers film review and along the way we ask, how can the Spierig Brothers have major issues with big pharma, why does this film disregard literal centuries of vampire lore, and is Ethan Hawke really half-assing his job as an actor? Let’s dig in…. Daybreakers Movie Cast and Crew Written & Directed by the Spierig Brothers: The Brothers have firmly placed themselves as working exclusively in the horror genre including this film as...


Dredd (2012)

This time, we’re taking a look at the cult film Dredd (2012 movie) and along the way we ask, how does this film compare to the original film from 1995, how can a character thrive with little to no emotional development and just how badass is Ma-Ma? Let’s dive in…. Dredd (2012) Cast and Crew Directed by Pete Travis: Travis’ primary credit before Dredd was the 2008 assassination drama Vantage Point and has not done too much since this film wrapped up with the exception being a History Channel...

The Cell (movie)

This time, we review the Silence of the Lambs rip off The Cell (movie) and along the way we ask just how obvious can the religious symbolism get, did this movie contribute to society’s morbid obsession with serial killers and why is J-Lo’s butt front and center in the frame? Let’s dig in…. The Cell Movie Cast and Crew Directed by Tarsem Singh: Prior to directing The Cell, Singh had built a career in the early 1990’s directing several popular music videos including R.E.M’s “Losing My...


Brazil (Movie)

This time, we’re taking a look at the influential cult classic Brazil (movie) and along the way we ask if George Orwell’s 1984 really played a part in developing the script, asking how influential is this film and is anyone safe from the ire of Terry Gilliam? Let’s dig in…. Brazil (1985) Cast & Crew Directed by Terry Gilliam: We’ve previously covered Gilliam and his “style” in our previous episode about the movie 12 Monkeys but this film was an early example of his talents much earlier in...



This time, we’re ascending a borrowed ladder after watching Gattaca and along the way we wonder if this is really the future, why everyone is dressed like they’re on Mad Men, are genetics the next wave of discrimination, and what’s it like living in a post-sex world? Let’s dig in… Gattaca Movie Cast and Crew Directed by Andrew Niccol: Prior to taking on Gattaca, Niccol had built a career directing television ads and took on the film industry in 1997 in his directorial debut while also...


Ghost in the Shell (2017 film)

This time, we review the robotic crime thriller Ghost in the Shell movie (2017) and in today’s episode we explore if this version of Tokyo exists in an alternate reality, how much does this film borrow from Blade Runner, and did Ghost in the Shell really start the conversation of “whitewashing” in Hollywood? Let’s dig in…. Ghost in the Shell movie cast Directed by Rupert Sanders: Prior to taking on Ghost in the Shell, Sanders was well-known for directing Snow White and the Huntsmen which was...


Corona Diaries: A Status Update on Force Fed Sci-Fi

Join our podcast show's hosts Chris and Sean as they give an update on the status of Force Fed Sci-Fi amidst the Corona Virus (COVID-19) outbreak. Plus, learn a few more personal things about them as they share what they've been doing with their sad little lives (just kidding of course). Stay healthy and stay safe! Enjoy!



This time, we’re going back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in reviewing 2015’s Ant-Man and along the way we question how Paul Rudd manages to look so young, is Ant-Man that integral to the MCU and can we really shrink like they do in the film? Let’s dig in…. Ant-Man Movie Cast & Crew Directed by Peyton Reed: We’ll get to how Reed came into the director’s chair shortly, but he had directed other comedic films like Bring It On and Yes Man. The choice as Reed for director definitely raised...


Back to the Future Part 2

This time, we’re returning to a franchise we covered in the early days of the show with Back to the Future Part 2 and along the way we discuss what the rules for a sequel are, how this film nailed some predictions yet got 2015 so wrong, and how Crispin Glover, the weirdest man in existence, managed to forever change Hollywood. Let’s dig in… Back to the Future Part II Cast and Crew With a couple of exceptions, the entirety of the cast and crew returned to produce Part II. Directed by Robert...


The Signal (2014 film)

This time, we’re taking a look at 2014’s The Signal and along the way we’ll ask what exactly is this film going for? What would you do with bionic appendages? And what are the rules for a successful road trip? Let’s dig in…. The Signal Movie Cast and Crew Directed by William Eubank: Eubank’s first film, a sci-fi Indie feature titled Love, received critical acclaim and was then given a significantly larger budget to create The Signal. Love’s budget was a meager $500,000, while this film was...


Moon (film)

This time, we’re digging into Moon from 2009 and along the way we ask, what is on the Moon that humanity needs so badly, how is cloning simplified in this film and was this the beginning of Sam Rockwell’s prominence in Hollywood? Let’s dig in…. Moon Film Cast and Crew Directed by Duncan Jones: The son of the late musician David Bowie, Moon was Jones’ first foray into major film-making. The success of this low-budget, critically acclaimed Indie film, earned him the opportunity to direct...


The 6th Day (film)

This time, we’re taking a look at one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s unheralded blockbusters with The 6th Day and in this entry we discuss - 1) how Arnold consistently finds himself waiting to do another Terminator film, 2) did this film actually predict the resurgence of the XFL, and 3) what our thoughts are on cloning a beloved pet. Let’s dig in…… The 6th Day (film) Cast and Crew Directed by Roger Spottiswoode: The British director doesn’t have a ton of credits to his name, but he directed the...


Alphaville (film)

This time, we’re diving into French cinema and reviewing the 1965 neo-noir, thriller Alphaville and along the way we ask, is this film just ripping off the works of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley, who exactly is Lemmy Caution, why does he look so haggard, and is there hope for an English language remake? Let’s dig in…. Alphaville Movie Cast and Crew Directed by Jean-Luc Godard: If that name doesn’t sound familiar to you, don’t worry since it wasn’t familiar to us either, but after doing...


Children of Men (film)

This time, we break down a Children of Men movie review, a dystopian modern classic. With this movie, we discuss how this film takes steadi-cam to a whole new level, we wonder why Great Britain is the only country left standing after global catastrophe, and won’t someone think of the children?! Let’s dig in on Force Fed Sci-Fi! Children of Men Cast and Crew Directed by Alfonso Cuaron: Cuaron was beginning to come to the cinematic forefront with his prior film Y Tu Mama Tambien which brought...