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Switch Gets Lite, Oculus Gets Cold Feet, & AEW Gets A New Game?

Is AEW getting a wrestling game? We get into that leak. We also talk about the Switch Lite, Ubisoft and their haters, Apex Legends cheaters, and is it the end for VR? All that plus more, this week on the Game Fix Podcast. Thanks for listening! Follow us @GameFixShow


Nintendo Censorship Has Finally Grown Up

Thanks for giving us a listen and thank you to all our weekly listeners. This week we dive into how Nintendo is finally growing up, this is a really good thing for the future of games. Also, World War Z gets and awesome update, Cuphead's DLC is delayed, Gears 5 gots dat hype, and Brucie B is back with a non spoiler review of Spider-Man: Far From Home. All that, plus more on this episode of the Game Fix Podcast. Follow us @GameFixShow


PS4 Gets Access and Everyone Gets Tetris 99

Verlane may get back into battle royale games, while James is upset at Blizzard. The guys discuss whether EA Access is a good addition to PS4 and which console has better July free games. And without spoiling anything, Verlane let's you know if seeing Avengers Endgame again for the new footage is worth it. Follow us: @Gamefixshow


It's A Medical World & Mario Is Your Doctor

How many different Game Fix podcasts are there in the Spider-Verse in this episode we do not figure that out although we do discuss a possible Spider-Verse live action film. Also, could the Nintendo Switch be getting Google Play? As well as the return of Dr. Mario, a character that is currently banned on Overwatch, and a Brucie B review on Toy Story 4! All that plus a lot more, this week on the Game Fix Show. Follow us @GameFixShow


WE Leak All Mortal Kombat DLC

One of our best shows we've ever done! It all starts with an awesome Mortal Kombat 11 leak, its intense you can't miss it for sure. Also, Minecraft is still more popular than Fortnite, Mario Royale is a real things, and new info has emerged for the Gears of War movie. All that plus more, this week on the Game Fix Podcast. Follow us @GameFixShow


It's All About E3 2019

We talk the Electronic Entertainment Expo(E3) this whole episode, so if you are not interested, well, that sucks because we could really use the download numbers. Either way, enjoy this week's show...or don't. Follow us @GameFixShow


Rumors, Reboots, and Russos

Action packed show this week we are both so excited and so bored, you'll hear why. Also, so many rumors, plenty of reboots, and even a new show announced by Netflix where the Russo Brother's are involved. All that plus the huge Mortal Kombat 11 news and more, this week on the Game Fix Show. Follow us @GameFixShow


This Episode Devalues The Other Ones

Fun show this week as this one devalues every show we've ever done...well not really, but it's still a good one. We talk about the new features coming to Overwatch, how the possible tariffs will effect the future of gaming, how Danny Devito may show up in the MCU, and Sonic the Hedgehogs movie release date get pushed back. All that plus so much more, this week on the Game Fix Show. Follow us @GameFixShow


Netflix Goes to E3 & Sony Goes To Microsoft

We start off this week with an interesting merger of Sony and Microsoft. We also talk about the Nintendo announcement of Super Mario Maker 2, Netfilx is going to E3, and Brucie B gives us a great review this week on 3 movies! All that plus more, this week on the Game Fix Show. Follow us @GameFixShow


Happy X-Men Day!

Delirious from the 3 Rivers Comicon in Pittsburgh we are surprisingly invigorated from it. To start off Sony has a new patent for the PSVR that you need to hear. Also, Tetris 99 and Red Dead Redemption 2 is getting updates, Overwatch gets trading cards, and its X-Men Day, REJOICE! All that and more, this week on the Game Fix Show. Follow us @GameFixShow


Master Daniel Pesina & The Untold Story Of Mortal Kombat

Elated to have the original actor of Johnny Cage (and a list others) from the original Mortal Kombat game, Master Daniel Pesina joins us. We get into the history of Master Pesina himself and the origin of Mortal Kombat. Also Spanish defends a Riot and Verlane says refunds for games aren't constitutional. All that and more, this week on the Game Fix Show. Follow Master Pesina... Instagram @masterdpesina Twitter @masterpesina


The Hype Is Right, Right?!

This week's podcast is getting into to meat of Mortal Kombat 11. We also talk Blizzard Entertainment's future, as well as Sony's future, as well as a sneak peak of the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie. All that and more this episode on the Game Fix Show. Follow us @GameFixShow


Mortal Monday 11

IT'S MORTAL MONDAY! Seriously nothing else needs to be said...but we will anyway. Apart from Mortal Kombat 11 being released this week a lot has happened this past week. First we found out the PS5 is real, then Capcom is releasing a plug and play fight stick, and we find out the top 10 highest selling game of all time. Follow us at @GameFixShow


Star Wars Can't Not Be Awesome

Verlane is back this week and it couldn't of been a better week for his return. This week we talk about all the Star Wars news, movie and new video game. We also get into some Apex Legends news, God of War, and Mortal Kombat 11. All that plus way more, this week on the Game Fix Show. Follow us @GameFixShow


Bethesda Lies, Gearbox Cries, & The UK Sighs

Verlane became a new daddy this past week so James fills in for him. On the show this week we get into the UK trying to ban Fortnite, Bethesda straight up lies to us, new MK characters, and Brucie B gives a non-spoiler review for DC's Shazam! All that plus way more on this episode of the Game Fix Show. Follow us @GameFixShow


Fools, Leaks, and Minis

We promise to not "fool" you on April Fools Day, because it's dumb...we'll explain. On top of that Sega announces a mini, Borderlands 3 is coming, and Sony leaks Duelshock 5 controller. That plus Spider-Man is not to be trusted. That's this week on the Game Fix Show. Follow us @GameFixShow


We Are Witnessing The Digital Race

We are chock full this week and we start with the latest on video game streaming services. We also get into Sony's first State of Play which include lots from PSVR, Nintendo releasing new Switch consoles, smell o'vision is finally a thing, and Spanish thinks Verlane is completely insane. Find out why on this episode of the Game Fix Show. Follow us @GameFixShow


This Show Is OP AF

Very fun episode filled with new games, failed games, and canceled games(Oh my!). We also get into Google's new streaming project, the Disney/Fox acquisition, and Halo coming to PC. All that plus Batman Vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this week on the Game Fix Show. Follow us @GameFixShow


E3 Minus PS4 Plus Captain Marvel

Surviving our Wizard World hangover with an awesome show this week. We talk how XBox is soloing E3 this year and how this could be huge for Microsoft. Also Brucie B gives you a non-spoiler review then after Spanish gives you review that completely spoils the movie...fair warning. Not to mention the Fortnite lawsuit, Apex Legends crack down on cheaters, and a never before released NES game is found. All that and more this week on the Game Fix Show. Follow us @GameFixShow


Anthem, Apex, & A Hedgehog

Spanish is back this week and there is a lot to talk about. First, Anthem, this game is getting so blow back so we sift through all the BS. Also we cover all the free games available in March, Nintendo's problem, and we get to see the first image of Sonic the Hedgehog's movie(kinda). All that plus more movie news, this week on the Game Fix Show. Follow us @GameFixShow